Zuckerberg expects legal fight if Warren gets elected: Report

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  1. Ha ha ha ha ha! The establishment has just declared war on the Democrats and the Russians can go on a much needed vacation.

  2. Honestly for the sake of privacy, thinking Facebook should along be responsible for our big data is silly. I don't trust the government with a record of gun owners so why should I Facebook.

  3. Trump Bible thumpers are in for a shock. Elizebeth Warren is going to get the nomination. Then she will choose Richard Ojeda as her running mate. The public and press will love it when Ojeda calls out the lying yellow bellied coward draft dodger Trump. Richard Ojeda in attack mode is excitement personified.

  4. Alot of Russian's and Chinese's trolls in the comment section trying to change your mind against Facebook. Americans, Russia and China only cares for your total destruction so be aware of trolls trying to change your opinion discussing as a normal American with English names. Don't fall for that trap.

  5. I am on MARKS TEAM! 🌎🌍🌏 I cant wait to start using my true powers against the opposition mark. I want to thank everybody everything involved in this battle. Lets have fun and experience

  6. That pompous kid knows nothing about growing up with politics. Life teaches things when you've lived long enough!

  7. That's probably the only thing that Warren has ever said that I agree with. Hope she includes google and Twitter as well.

  8. Facebook is a monopoly that: Hires J1 workers, Hides Taxes overseas, Pays low wages to employees who are not programers enineers, like many. coms is responsible for rent inflation of the local area they are in, Doesnt pay taxes, should pay taxes to help with traffic and housing inflation they create! and also the money they have as you just heard is a shield to protect their monopoly of marketing and brainwashing, Same can be said about google and others. Rent burdened people are the result of this and with it homeless or welfare and the american dream. True american democracy will not allow this. Where is the American justice!

  9. I don't know why Eric Schmidt lets Mark Zuckerberg run Facebook. I've even done more math than Zuckerberg because he's a college dropout. Just because I come up with a fun idea means that Bill Gates is supposed to give me billions of dollars to create web servers I don't know how to secure because I'm a dropout?

  10. Warren sees the suppression that Facebook, YouTube & Google are doing to conservatives & realizes that it will eventually reach to suppressing ALL free speech

  11. It be nice if facebook, twitter, and all the other garbage media went away. These platforms alloy stupid people a large uniformed audience to spout garbage information all day long.

  12. let's be very clear the fight is going to be over her taking his money the fight isn't going to be over him spying on Americans and invading our privacy

  13. This is what happens when you censor the right. The left will come for you and no one on the right will care Zuck

  14. No worries there Mr. Suckerberg. Warren is to stupid to dupe the majority anymore. Your time is coming from a different direction. KAG PATRIOTS!

  15. YOU stupid bastards it's you humans fault for putting up personal info. Ever since MySpace i saw the potential of what "social media" could be used for.

  16. Facebook is free so who cares. A monopoly overcharging consumers needs to be looked at, but a monopoly who is free to use is hardly a concern. If someone doesn't like facebook, then don't join

  17. You think Mark Zuckerberg wants what's best for him or our country? All this Russia crap is squarely due to the F-up's of Facebook and Mark doing what's best for Mark. Think about it…

  18. This nitwit doesn't have to worry about Fakeahontas getting elected, he needs to worry about Trump getting re-elected. Forget the imbeciles screaming "Peachfoatyfive!" they're done. After January 2021 Suckerberg and his ilk are next.

  19. Hmmm I think warren is a clear sleeper for the patriots now her stance on fracking is ridiculous but I think she is actually possibly a patriot

  20. All those Facebook games are full of subliminal messages. They are running a gigantic subliminal mental emotional campaign with those share videos that make and cause you to become emotional in order to get you to respond to the video's message. then the video tells you how you should feel and what your response should be. If you are on Facebook you have shared these videos because they say if you like this video pass it on. They have you passing on their subliminal message like a bad virus. When you are under emotional stress you tend to do things based on your emotions like believing American detention centers are concentration camps and voting for a creepy old man who can't keep his hands to himself and his teeth in his mouth.

  21. Warren doesn't know anything about social media, nor any kind of tech. She's just at that age. There is no way a woman as stupid as her is getting elected. She wants to break up companies, which is not within the right of the government. She's just salty for no reason. I'm with Zuckerberg.

  22. Oh look, it’s the head of the word Nazis. Those who take away Freedoms from others deserve NONE. Two can play their game. I find the term “Hate Speech” Offensive. It allows censuring by an unknown entity.

  23. Lizzie will be licking up the poop from her State. She will NEVER see the presidency. Career LIARS with no respect for a sitting President don't qualify for the presidency. SOCIALIST SOW

  24. Why is his site more important than the government?
    His site should be broken up and disbanded if he sells personal data

  25. Elizabeth Warren doesn't stand a change of getting elected. She's looks like a pluck chicken, waving her arms in all directions. She don't even know how to dress. She could take lessons from the Trump Women. She looks like a scare crow.

  26. Anybody who believes this is a leak and not deliberately said and put out is nieve and borderline…. Well you know. They are hoping people will say "Oh, well then lets vote for Warren because she is going to go against the big tech, etc. " Mark doesnt think it sucks, he is playing people. He wants people to vote Warren. She couldn't do anything to a private company anyways even if she wanted, so whatever you do, dont vote for ANY DEMOCRAT. Vote for Tr…mp

  27. Warren, speaking about corruption, you were filmed, coming out off Soros' office, while Gabbard and Stein were at Standing Rock!

  28. how is warren even a leader in a country of ppl accusing the sitting president of lying, without proof, meanwhile we HAVE proof of warrens lies. really guys? this is our country?

  29. Democrats are just trying to shake him down. Warren won’t be elected but If she did, she will end up buying a mansion at Martha’s Vineyard like that filth Obama.

  30. I'm a Republican and Trump supporter, but I agree with Warren. Time to use anti trust laws and bust up all these monopolies, including Wal Mart and Amazon.

  31. Zuckerberg censored Republican comments and promoted Democrats. I wonder if he's going to continue doing this which will help Warren? The little twerp will probably start censoring Democrats now and promoting Republicans, instead of remaining neutral and not censoring anyone. I'm republican, but am against censorship for everyone.

  32. He knows people hate him, so he said he afraid of Warren so people vote for her. Cheap scheme but always work on simple-mind American.

  33. Why not Zuckerberg sue legally Elizabeth Warren before her election's? What's stop's Zuckerberg? China stealing USA military intellectual property?

    Both Warren and Zuckerberg will be legally prosecuted for violating privacy and stealing data, identity theft and stealing banking credentials.

    NO phone manufacturer mist cell smartphone with preinstalled apps other than manufacturer owner and operating system.
    The Google android monopoly involves in stealing data with social media applications and telecom provider's.

    Sue Google and social media applications for MALA function and corruption involved with their IT programing, algorithm's.

  34. cultural misappropriation=Elizabeth Warren="White" dominant culture appropriate from disadvantaged minority cultures 'Native Americans'

  35. I love the fact that Soros and Zuckerberg waste their Globalist $ on loser candidates who don't have a chance. I left FB years ago because of all this crap. Go TRUMP 2020 !!

  36. Pure propaganda. Elizabeth Warren would never attempt to take down an arm of the Democratic Party. This is the trying to trick people into believing Elizabeth warren will stand up to censorship.

  37. Zuck: "I'll SUE YOU! I Will! I Will! I Will! Just try me! Then I'll hold my breath 'til I turn BLUE! Bah! Waa! Waa!"

  38. Jesus 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  39. Zuckerberg is speaking loud and clear for a "leaked" recording.

    It is obvious that Warren and Zuckerberg are playing a role to make it look like Warren will take on Facebook when she is in cahoots with Zuckerberg.
    It is all a stunt. Elizabeth Warren is getting paid in advance to create the delusion that she is against Big Tech. Elizabeth Warren is selling the American people out, and the 1st Amendment.

    Same tactic Tulsi Gabbard did when she "went against" Google.

  40. Zuckerberg is speaking loud and clear for a "leaked" recording.

    It is obvious that Warren and Zuckerberg are playing a role to make it look like Warren will take on Facebook when she is in cahoots with Zuckerberg.
    It is all a stunt. Elizabeth Warren is getting paid in advance to create the delusion that she is against Big Tech. Elizabeth Warren is selling the American people out, and the 1st Amendment.

    Same tactic Tulsi Gabbard did when she "went against" Google.

    What is more interesting are the comments in all the videos online of this "supposed" leak, with an unusual number of "people" (volunteers on Elizabeth Warren's campaign) saying that "This is the reason why we should vote for Elizabeth Warren".

    These people are so transparent right now, it is a joke.

  41. Uh oh – the wittle miwennial gonna have a wittle tantrum – oh dear! Sorry Facebook and Google but the world is going to eat you guys alive.

    Haha he totally choked after he said they were going to win. LOL.

  42. It's fooking INSANE & DISGRACEFUL that this heavily leftwards-biased 35 year is allowed to control the free speech of over 2.41 BILLION people worldwide. Facebook needs to be smashed into a million pieces and then scattered to the wind.

  43. Silicon Valley is dangerous..to freedom..warren is dangerous to freedom..zuckerbergsilicon valley institute in ca training chinese in ca -they have usa technology thanks to pelosi. Willy brown..newsome..brennan.hilda beast.. o bum.. and silicon valley finestein..biden.. China wants to take over usa..they own most of the pharmaceutical companies..been buying usa farm land for more then a decade…DEMOCRATS rats sold usa out to china…

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