Your Very Personal Michigan Ballot Tour

Can I show you something? Something really special? It’s kind of private. So it’s not something I can text you, or
even Snapchat. In fact, it’s for your eyes only. And I want to show it to you … up close,
so you don’t miss a thing. It’s your 2018 Michigan mid-term ballot. Isn’t it beautiful? And it doesn’t just have a pretty face, it
also has an attractive backside. So just sit back, relax, and let me give you
a very personal tour, from head … to toe. Let’s start at the very top. This is what’s called the “partisan section.” It’s where you’ll find your choices for
Governor, Senator, and Congressperson. Of course, you can do it any way you like,
but if there’s a particular party you think is … hot, you can find the candidates’
party affiliations right below their names. And it’s not just Federal elections here,
there are also State, County, and Local offices you can vote for. But now I want to show you something really
amazing. Take a look at the “Nonpartisan” section
on the righthand side. In Michigan, you get to vote for your own
Judges. How sexy is that? And we’ve even got our own Supreme
Court. I know what you’re saying: “I don’t
know who any of these people are. How am I supposed to choose?” Well, it’s not actually that hard. Just go to and find information
on all the candidates, and where they stand on the issues. It’s kind of like Tinder, but for candidates. Well, maybe not exactly. Just type in your address and you can get
info on any race you want, right away. You can even print out the information and
bring it with you when you go to vote. That’s actually better than Tinder! But you know what really gets me excited? Ballot proposals! Come on over and check out this beautiful
back side. There are three big statewide proposals this
election. Proposal 1 is an effort to legalize marijuana. Proposal 2 would create a commission of citizens
to draw boundaries for voting districts. Proposal 3 is a series of reforms aimed at
making voting easier. And, of course, there’s lots of other great
stuff on the ballot, school board elections, library elections, park proposals … You
don’t have to vote on everything for your vote to be counted, but if you want more information, go to, or if you’re in the Ann Arbor area, I hope to see you at the polls, and remember,
voting is sexy — and it’s even more fun, when you do it with someone else.

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