Young People Gravitate To Socialism As Capitalism Keeps Failing Them

An interesting new poll came out this week
from Gallup showing that among millennials and generation Z, socialism is just as popular,
just as acceptable as capitalism. Now, this is the only age group where those
two things are roughly equal and capitalism has as much favoribility as socialism. The other age groups, the boomers, the gen
excers, they view capitalism far more favorably. Then they view socialism. Now, this is not the first poll to show this,
certainly not in the last three or four years. We have seen this trend among the youth in
this country where they look at socialism and I’m not talking about you know, what’s
happening or happened in communist countries. We’re not talking communism. We’re talking about what’s going on in European
democratic socialist countries. That’s what they’re gravitating to and here’s
why, and here’s also why the older generations aren’t necessarily on board with that yet. For the millennials, for the people, 38 37
I think it is in younger capitalism’s basically been a failure for our entire lives. We were born into a world, and I know this
because I’m one of them. At the top end of that age group, but I’m
still in it. Technically. We were born into a country in the early 1980s
that was busting up the unions left and right, and when that happened, the middle class died
off. The gap between worker pay and CEOs exploded
and it continues to explode. To this day, workers are getting less, they’re
getting fewer benefits. Health insurance costs have risen, pharmaceutical
costs have risen astronomically. We have been through three different recessions. Those of us born in the early 1980s we went
through the great recession. We have seen the capitalistic system fail
repeatedly, and every time there’s a so-called recovery, we somehow don’t get any part of
that. The top 1% do the big businesses do. The stock market gets a huge rebound. We’re bailing out billion dollar corporations
were subsidizing billion dollar corporations with a few more billion dollars. Capitalism has failed us for our entire lives. So yeah, it is a little bit more attractive
to look over at these democratic socialist countries and say, wow, you guys don’t have
to pay at the point of service for healthcare at all. Okay. Yeah, we want that. Oh, you guys don’t have to pay for college
either. Even though I’m pushing 40 and still have
tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt, that’s preventing me from being able
to do more meaningful things in my life. Yeah, I want that too. Now the genexers and the baby boomers, they
don’t feel that way. Do you know why capitalism hasn’t been a failure
for their entire lives? The boomers grew up at a time when capitalism
was fantastic and the new deal helped along with that too, and that was also a little
bit of democratic socialism, but they don’t view it as that. They just see it was capitalism doing what
capitalism does, but capitalism don’t do that no more and it can’t because of what our politicians
have done to it. Capitalism can work phenomenally with proper
regulations and safeguards in place, but over the years we have destroyed those safeguards. We have destroyed those regulations, most
of which came at the hands of the Republicans. We have destroyed the labor unions, killing
the voice of the American workers. And once you destroy all that and you just
let capitalism have added, it can’t succeed. And the last 40 years have proven that you
can’t argue that it did succeed because it hasn’t, at least not for our generation. And that’s why we’re gravitating toward these
other bold, big ideas where the government comes in and says, Hey, guess what? Corporations? You can’t do that. Hey, guess what? American citizens, you can have this. We’re going to take care of you because that’s
what we want. Because we’re tired of watching this same
capitalistic economic system fail repeatedly while we’re being told that we’re somehow
responsible for that. No, no boomers, that’s you. You did this to us. We will never return to the glory days of
capitalism here in the United States, not without a big Hardy injection of some democratic

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  1. Still using 'democratic socialism', right? I live in an European country. We have a social democracy! Socialism has always been connected with fascism. Like the U.S. Administration and the GOP of today!

  2. I'm a 'boomer' just barely, and I appreciate socialism in an 'eclectic' situation. Let's use what works for each and every situation. Don't write off all of us. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer, after all! Some of us get it, so grow some hope! I do understand and try to spread the news. I've been a union organizer, so I know, and I want a future where my kids survive. I don't support the bad guys. Keep up the great work my man. I support you and always will! By the way, I married the most beautiful muslim woman you have ever seen and have two incredibly beautiful sons. Not all of us 'boomers' support Trump. I am voting for Bernie.

  3. While canvassing for Bernie in NH today, I talked to a gentleman in his fifties who volunteered that we need young people in government. Some people are intelligent.
    (I guess I am an early boomer, born in 1943, with the attitude of Generation AA – post Millennial. I am fed up with the kow-towing spavined superannuated regressives running this country. I have hated them for the last 60 years.)

  4. A great Facebook post: While you were so worried that socialism would take your freedoms, Capitalism stole your pension, took your savings, sent your jobs overseas, robbed you of healthcare, dismantled the educational system and put you in debt leaving only your racism, xenophobia, hate and guns.

  5. Farron… This was a very needed subject! People are not understanding the word socialism it needs to be explained and talked about much more. Thanks.

  6. 👏👏👏👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍✊👊✌😊😁🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊Bernie 2020

  7. Farron, I love your educational YouTube videos. Americans have been abused and lied to for the last 40 years. I am at a point where I have to reign in my rage about all the greedy liars who have abused their seats of power. I’m wondering if we can get real change or if we are going to burn the whole place down. It’s been a horrible and sickening 😷 three years.

  8. Capitalism keeps failing? 😂😂😂 Ok. Enjoy sitting on your fat lazy asses watching your 70 inch tv's, playing with your $1000 phones. We live like kings you self entitled fucks.

  9. it's tough, but democrats are supporting too much evil. God's plan will go on, no matter what…just be good, and He will destroy the wicked, and the meek shall inherit the Earth, and dwell in the land forever.

  10. sad but, our world has evolved to a point where it HAS to be this way. You work a job where you live paycheck to paycheck. Do you want to, most likely not. Do you have to? yes, because you need income. You are at the bottom of the corporate food chain. The current model, is that if you are one of the corporates pulling in billions of dollars, with i don't know, another 1 dollars commission per person? They are the ones that have the say, they are the ones that can influence decisions, because they have money, and they are up there.

     Amazon for example has grown so huge it is literally gobbling up everything and killed countless numbers of small businesses. The big guys all established themselves as the "provider" or the top of the chain and is firmly rooted. You now either try to start your own business and try to go big, or stay constant with paycheck to paycheck. To be fair, you can't expect to strike it rich by just keeping one job with P2P, or find another way to generate income(starting something and try to go big). Jack Ma from Ali Baba(Chinese version of Amazon) made that very clear.

  11. 50 plus Gen-X I say hell yes to Socialism and Hell No to Capitalism!!!! Capitalism have taken a very quick death in
    the early 80's under Ronald Reagan…

  12. Socialism is being replaced with equalism, where everyone has the same chances and opportunities. there are no socialist in the country, don't socialist believe the government should own everything Wow!! that's not the definition of a socialist that the definition of a(Republican) stealing elections, tax cuts for the wealthy which are permanent, voter suppression, equal rights, that's capitalism didn't work out for the Indians

  13. Capitalism has been a complete disaster for the last four decades. Democratic socialism is our only way out of this mess the GOP has placed us into the entire time. I'm 46 and want to go along with the program to help make America a better place for all. The establishment has done more than enough damage to this nation, so it's way past time for them to get out of the way.

  14. Oh, please. It's not capitalism against socialism. They always exist together.
    In REAL capitalism a company wouldn't get money from the government. Specially not when they are getting weak.
    That's a socialism thing: The government has literally become a health care insurance for companies.

  15. Hey, us tail-end GenXers tend to prefer democratic socialism too. Those of us born in the last half if the 70s grew up with that collapse too.

  16. I'm a Gen Xer and I completely love and support socially democratic policies and I hate the attempt and sometimes negligence of those with good intentions, to not make a distinct and direct contract between actual socialism and a healthy socially democratic system of economics. I disagree that my generation didn't also suffer from the extreme flaws of capitalism and the middle class slowly dying. Maybe because I didn't embrace the drive for greed and material wealth. When I finally did attempt to have a life of security and financial opportunity it was not working out any longer. I mean the start of the 80's is when capitalism became this unbalanced disgusting extremely unjust system that created this huge gap of income inequality and living in Seattle I saw first-hand the inability to live and function in a time when wages are staggeringly lower than the cost of living. The only positive thing we've experienced is strong unions that actually pay a good living wage due to the growth surge in our stste. I'm actually scared of the time when that ends and I have no idea how it is going to both effect and possibly leave people in horrible circumstances. We need Bernie Sanders! We need a future that isn't filled with constant anxiety and dependence upon large employee like Amazon, Microsoft, and Boeing. The last being less impactful than it once was. I geew up during the height of Boeing's growth and job market. A huge part of the population either worked for them, a subsidiary of them, or wanted to work there. Now the options are much wider but the tech industry has to reach it's threshold too.

  17. Fuck you, Bernie Sanders. Blacks will never be financially successful as others groups. We are owed reparations. Your people get them….

  18. Not just young people, all intelligent people that are sick and tired of wealth hoarders and their puppet politicians…. have had enough of Capitalism.

  19. Capitalists are also not really understanding that some form of socialism can be benefecting them. For example, if you have universal healthcare mandated by the state, like here in germany, you not only can go to the doctor without any problems, you also can buy more stuff because your more financial safe. The amount of wealth isnt really the reason why people buy stuff, its financial security. If i know, i dont need to worry about unexpected expenses, im more likely to buy stuff. To be fair, America is running far more on credit card then germany, but that is also more a symptom of running amok capitalism. Capitalist politics are thinking that if you help companies, you help the workers, Socialists think if you help the workers, you help companies. And i will be honest, here, helping 99% to get positive ripple effects on the 1% is a far safer bet then the reverse.

  20. It is wrong to blame a generation or generations for almost anything. Having been born after WWII we never lived in luxury and even keeping a home going was grinding work. Most of us did not not have it easy because of capitalism, it was the exploitation of the working/middle class workers that enabled capitalism to thrive, just as it does today.

    It is hypocricy to keep complaining that millenials are accused of things and then go on to blame us for your situation without any evidence. I know what it is like to work eighteen hour shifts because of people not turning up for work. I know what it is like to go over a week without a proper meal because wages were so poor. Unlike Biden I do have empathy for the younger generations but you have to accept that as working people we never had it easy. How many young people get up in the morning and have ice half an inch thick on the inside of their windows. How many young people have to go to work or school and not being able to see three feet in front of you because of the usual smog. How many young women are being or have been in an education system that thought educating girls was a waste of money.

    Yes young people have a hard time today but so did every generation before you.When you have gone a mile in my wheelchair you can then tell me how bad you have it, or to be more precise, tell me how good I have it.

  21. Nawl bro. I'm a Gen X. Capitalism hasn't worked for me and mine either. We are all carrying student loans. They told us to get more education to get better jobs. Welp! That didn't work! All me and my sisters have is 500k in student loans. Worked out well for my parents though. Democratic socialism please!!! I'd gladly pay a little more in taxes if it means someone doesn't have to go through what we're going through.

  22. Who is this dumb ass speaking…Tell him nt to order from Amazon Are we subsidizing Amazon.Silly ass You do nt know what you are talking about. Cpitalism produces jobs.

  23. And that is because they are brainwashed in schools by liberal and socialist teachers. If anything ever brings down America it will be schools and a corrupt news media.

  24. If the Boomers and their parents (the greatest generation) wanted their children to embrace capitalism they did a terrible job. Literally every indicator for them is worse than their parents from health to economics to standards of living.

    House politicians against pushing false conspiracy theories that minimise Russia’s meddling in US elections — because the Motherland is planning to do so again in 2020.
    “We are running out of time to stop them.
    “The impact of the successful 2016 Russian campaign remains evident today. Our nation is being torn apart. Truth is questioned. Our highly professional and expert career foreign service is being undermined. US support for Ukraine — which continues to face armed Russian aggression — has been politicised.
    “The Russian Government’s goal is to weaken our country — to diminish America’s global role and to neutralise a perceived US threat to Russian interests. President Putin and the Russian security services aim to counter US foreign policy objectives in Europe, including in Ukraine, where Moscow wishes to reassert political and economic dominance.

  26. Capitalism = bribed US representatives, outsourced US jobs, rich people sheltering billion $ accounts overseas, rich people never doing jail time, grandmothers being ditched outside of hospitals at a bus stop at 2 am, and you even you personally being called lazy after you've worked your whole life

  27. Hi, Gen Xer here. WE were the first generation saddled with insurmountable student debt, WE had to witness the death of the middle class and worship of Ronnie Raygun, WE saw skid row form, WE demanded being taught economics beyond traditional Keynesian and/or Miltonian Capitalism, WE are stuck taking care of two generations thanks to the vagaries of capitalism, and YES, WE were the first ones to suggest there may be a better way of doing things. Yes, millennials rule this brave new world, and like Prince Charles, Gen X will never rule because the boomers won't let go and millennials have erased us, but do NOT paint us with the "older generation" brush bullshit.

  28. We have been socialist for the last 50 years. What are these great tax breaks given to the rich? Too big to fail buyouts! Capitalism is an economic system to exploit the poor for the benefit of the rich elite! But Ronald Reagan to Donald Hog Trump the US government is corporate socialist! The funny part is GOP and DNC both yell about how socialism is bad!

  29. To an extent capitalism has failed millennials, but haven’t their parents as well? Haven’t they failed themselves? Student loan debt didn’t just fall in your lap. You can read right? You agreed to pay it back right? Now you support politicians who are offering to buy your votes with stolen money 🙄. You want to force people who didn’t co-sign for you to pay it back. That’s called stealing. I know at this point you are assuming I’m a republican because you are incapable of thinking outside of your bubble. You know, like most republicans. I’m not a republican. I just think you are responsible for your stupid decisions. If you can afford to pay off student loans then you can afford to save that money and avoid the ridiculous interest rates. If you disagree then you never intended to pay back your loans. If you haven’t taken out any student loans avoid them like cancer or blame yourself. It’s the equivalent of a guy having to wait a week to get his drivers license trading his Mercedes Benz for a bicycle so he doesn’t have to wait, and agreeing to still make payments on the car. When this somehow doesn’t work out he spends his life blaming politicians and trying to shake down his neighbors who had nothing to do with it for the money. Speaking of cars the most driven car by millennials are brand new Honda Accords. They cost about $24,000 which doesn’t matter because they aren’t buying them. They are leasing them which is even more expensive. If you don’t believe it you can do your own homework between checking to see how many Facebook likes your lunch got on your $1200 device and spending $10 a day at Starbucks for a product you can make at home for pennies. Oh they can’t take the bus to class like I had to from the ghetto. That would be unfortunate. If they did that they may have to get a pretend service dog for the anxiety that it may cause. They can’t buy a $1000 car like I couldn’t afford. They got participation trophies growing up so they are better than that. No, the self proclaimed victim generation is entitled to everything. Look, I’m all for free healthcare. I’m all for free college. I’m against the argument that self responsibility is to much to ask of you. Get off your ass and make better decisions. Here’s a thought. If you aren’t capable of 3rd grade math maybe college isn’t for you. I know that none of you are going to understand this because most millennials have no sense of perspective, and probably didn’t read all of this because they have short attention spans, but a successful society requires a combination of capitalism and socialism. We don’t need rich republican business criminals, and we don’t need you spoiled brats. I’m not perfect. I made the same stupid decisions when I was 20. I went to school off financial aid, and took out student loans that weren’t necessary and were harmful. The difference is I owned my mistakes, and after that was willing to remain broke for a while to pay them off. That’s the ethical thing to do. I borrowed it. That’s why I have to reject the argument that you aren’t responsible for your choices. Grow up, get your priorities in order, pay your bills, and own your decisions. It isn’t easy, but it is simple. Stop being a victim of yourself.

  30. 2:25 The sad thing is, such policies ARE socialist. Just not for the general public. It's called "corporate socialism", and it's one of the more openly insidious aspects of late-stage capitalism.

  31. 3:40 EXACTLY. NO system works without balance, without restraint, without accountability. Capitalism, as is, unfettered, is DISASTROUS, and can ONLY ever work even the tiniest bit with rules and regulations that are made with the general public in mind.

  32. Short list of socialism:
    Fire departments
    School K thru 12
    Insurance products
    Social security

    None of it is "free"
    Don't let the dummies control the conversation or equate democratic socialism with communism or any totalitarianism
    Fight back against ignorance

  33. Capitalism is super-whickity-whack. It is a BS system based upon the exploitation of the working-poor who cannot escape their status. I am a Boomer and I have been waiting all my life for these millennials. I love them, and theyre going to change this BS nations politics. #Bernie2020

  34. All those -lism/-nism, first of all the terms originate from a more dark past, when ideologies ruled and cost millions of lifes.
    Communism, originates from late 1800'th, the way it was practised .. a kind af capitalistic socialism … we all share, and the top 1% take it all and opress the rest
    Capitalism .. the top 1% takes it all and don't care about the rest
    Socialism as you see it in Cuba or Venezuela .. the top 1% steal all in the name of the rest
    Socialism as you see it many European / Scandinavia countries .. the democratic elected (no voter suppresion) politicans redistribute (via taxes) the growth in wealth to take care of everybody
    In the society … sure you have problems, but at least they try to get the 1% trying to destroy the society pay their fair share
    You pay high taxes, not as high as the right wing in US says (fox news) though, in return everybody has free of charge …
    Public schools
    Health care for ALL
    Highschools, College and University with no tuition fees
    Student support (student get paid to study)
    Social security
    Unemployment insurance (with a little monthly payment though)
    Pension for all
    Housing support for the low income groups
    Children support payments for children 0-16 year (for all)
    Low cost Kindergarten and pre-school
    …. okay I realize the list is longer than the comments allowed.
    When working in US, my taxburden was app. 37% – working in Denmark my tax burden is app. 43% … maybe this socialist country isn't that bad as Fox News and republican right wants you to believe

  35. Yes.
    Problem is just as capitalism fails, so will socialism. It too treats symptoms, and does not solve the root problem, which is frailty relative to environmental pressures and nociception regulated by pain and suffering states. The other fundamental problem is death.

  36. europe is tired of being labeled as socialist.its not socialist u get to keep your money.they have lots of welfare programs.

  37. I love the way that so many of you Americans constantly go on about how great you are despite the fact that you fail miserably at so many things that the rest of the developed world have been successful at for DECADES. We don't need to constantly go on about our social democracies because we simply take them for granted and enjoy the benefits of living in such MIXED economies, i.e. private businesses with guardrails for the entire population and freely available services that are paid for out of our taxes.

    You really don't need to have ridiculous political slogans such ' Make America Great Again ' ( which obviously implies that it was never great in the first place, doesn't it? ), ' Keep America Great ' or ' America First ' etc all of which shows all of the right-wing up for what they are, doesn't it? Stuck in the past and incapable of living in the 21st Century or looking forward to the future without greed or threats towards the rest of the world to try to prove your non-existent 'superiority' in all things. They simply don't know how to admit failure because they see it as a weakness on their part. As I say whenever we fail at something outside of the U.S. we just discover alternatives and succeed at them in an understated and quiet way.

    Fortunately for you your younger generation don't have the fear that their parents or grandparents have had for far too long and they have a sense of adventure and optimism under a system that works for everyone and not just for a few members of American society, that's quite encouraging, isn't it, Farron? After all it's going to be their world eventually and they want to inherit a country that they're all proud of and not one where monsters such as your current POTUS and his gang of criminals rule with an iron fist or with corruption! Bernie for POTUS and Nina Turner for V.P. in 2020.

  38. THE RICH CONTROLL EVERY THING we the working poor are INSLAVED buy the establishment and the FILTHY RICH soon will CONTROLL US?



  41. Spot on, Hubby & I are in our mid 50's and have seen everything go downhill, hubby worked and has a union and every time the contract comes up we lose a bit more, because the union and the company are joined at the hip…we need major change in this country. Yang 2020…or Bernie or Warren .. please – Vote Blue no matter who….

  42. Most Americans don't know what socialism is. It is not socialism they gravitate towards. It is social-democratic ideas such as Scandinavia. That is not socialism in any sense of the word. Scandinavian countries are very much capitalistic. The only difference between Scandinavian countries and USA is simply that the people in Scandinavia understands the advantages of having a system with free access to higher education for all and free healthcare. You simply get a better population that way. Now, the big scare for Americans is that these things of course do not come for free. You will have to agree to pay more in tax so the weakest will also have access to the help they need. Scandinavians understand that and even though they always complain about the taxes, they refuse to entertain the idea of lower taxes in place for an American style system.
    This type of system works in countries where people actually care about each other.
    But real socialism it is definitely not. Americans should sit down and lean the difference between real socialism like in Venezuela and real social-democratic systems like in most of Northern Europe.

  43. As a genX'er, yeah that's what I have seen. My generation and boomers have had our hands in the cookie jar, running up the national debt since Reagan. Then we blame the younger generations as wanting crap for free when we ran up the credit card and saddle them with the debt. The younger generations were nowhere near voting age or alive for most of this.

  44. We can blame the idiotic Ronald Reagan and his policies for all of our social woes.  His tax policy took from the middle class and gave to the rich, and the Bushes and Donald Trump just jumped on board with this "strategy".  Fuck you all, and hope that you rot in HELL.

  45. No system is perpetually valid.
    Capitalism is incapable of adaptation in the face of climate change, AI, global industry and resources and digital networking.
    On the other hand there's forms of socialism that are specifically designed for such a technological phase in human development.

  46. Socialism is accepting you into the Emergency Room. Capitalism is you paying for using the Emergency Room.

  47. A lot of boomers in the comments be like "I don't support any of this crony capitalist garbage, socialism ftw." You know, there's "OK, boomer," and then theres the okay boomers. You guys are totally okay in my book. X3

  48. USA bans Alcohol – Smuggling raised, because People wanted to drink alcohol; ban lifted
    USA fights Drugs – Smuggling raised, because People want Drugs (without other proper Fun, people tend to drugs); Drugs partially accepted
    USA fights "Socialism" (wrong term, its social-democracy) – People get more and more interested in it….

    When will the USA learn that fighting/banning Stuff dont really helps? "The charm of the forbidden" is a strong psychological Effect.
    Republicans hard "law and order" policy is worthless.

  49. Truth is , if u ever called the police,fire dpt, used the library, entered the military then you ARE A COMMUNIST/SOCIALIST..period..

  50. We need to fully replace capitalism.
    When regulated it uses the political and economic clout of the top class to not only reverse the regulations but to eliminate those who passed the regulations.
    As evidence I present every time a fascist was put into power in response to a left leaning democratic will and the response to the new deal.
    A response we now know that it involved the robber barons, including the grandfather of George Bush, initially attempting to have a coup happen in the US and side with the nazis only to be stopped because the general happened to be a socialist and the McCarthy prosecution of everyone who was to the left of a moderate right winger.

    Capitalism is like the Terminator, you can't reason with it, you can't negotiate with it, it will attempt to maximize profits at the expense of everything and everyone and can only be stopped by not existing.

  51. you don't have to be a capitalist in order to be aware that historically socialism has created it's own variations of tyranny, that cost the lives of hundreds of millions. anything you do, learn from past mistakes.

  52. People are really fucking confused about what socialism is and don't realize many of our systems are already socialist programs. And honestly, people don't understand communism either. The countries that call themselves communist countries have next to nothing to do with actual communism. It's just pure ignorance on the subject matter.

  53. Capitalism without regulations fails, but socialism without regulation is worse. If you think socialism is going to save you, you're drinking too much koolaid..

  54. Socialism = Society is important and capital is just a tool / Capitalism = Capital is important and society is just a tool

  55. That's because the Academia is brainwashing them! Capitalism raises other nations out of poverty! Socialism puts them IN it!
    Jeez at least do some research on the subject! ( Like HISTORY ☝️)

  56. I'm a Gen Xer myself and I believe the system that works best is one that mixes capitalism and socialism: socialism in the areas that works best under socialism, capitalism in areas that works best under capitalism.

    I guess to summarize: capitalism for what we want, socialism for what we need.

  57. It's not "capitalism" that's failing them, but the governmental version of a "free market" and "free populace" that's failing them.

    If you (yeah you, "government") force people from the time they're 4 or 5 until 18 into government indoctrination camps, drop a lattice of control and regulation onto human value transactions, including forcing a specific currency onto them that you control, require special licensing and regulation for many many occupations and professions, control how much money a buyer can pay a seller, and extract an enormous amount of value from them at the point of a gun to pay for services that takes away their choice, then guess what?

    You've infantilized an entire populace! Yup, they're all slaves now, who think they're free. The govt control of them is so interwoven into their lives they don't even feel it – it's just "the way things are". And Daddy Government is who they expect to solve all their problems outside of the personal realm. They're irresponsible because they are steeped in a society that EXPECTS them to be that way, and in fact RAISED them to be exactly that. A people like this can't handle actual capitalism – they've had the capacity bred completely OUT of them

    Enjoy the "socialist utopia" that's gradually coming, folks. Here, let me just… tighten those shackles for ya! Feel good? I KNEW you'd think so.

  58. I am 36 years old and I have never felt successful in this capitalistic country. Struggling paycheck to paycheck. Working shit jobs that pay shit. But oh wait we can go to college and gather thousands of dollars of debt just so we can find a job that still doesn't pay shit.

  59. In this respect, Socialism in a democratic Europe is the best solution! I live in Europe and at the moment I feel we are doing well.

  60. I am not a millennial but I do live in a socialistic country and I have long seen that the planet cannot sustain capitalism. Do we really want to live in a country in which every last resource and bit of land is privately owned? Water has already been commodified, and yet it is something we require to survive. Capitalism is just not a nice way to live unless, as you say, you're the one on top, but then you have to build really big walls to keep the desperate people out. Charming.

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