Young Parkland Voters Had Their Ballots Thrown Out At Alarming Rate In Midterms

More and more evidence is beginning to emerge. That shows that the elections in Florida during
the 2018 midterms may have in fact been stolen by the Republicans. According to a new report, thousands of ballots
in the city of Parkland, Florida were thrown out. They were thrown out at a much higher rate
than ballots were thrown out all throughout the rest of the state and voters in Parkland,
Florida between the ages of 18 to 21 saw their ballots thrown out at a rate of slightly more
than 15%. Wow. Can you imagine that 15% of the young people
in Parkland, Florida had their midterm ballots in 2018 thrown out. Now, according to the Republicans who run
our elections down there, they said it was either because the signature didn’t match,
which is total nonsense crap. Or, oh, the ballot got here too late. Darn it. We can’t, we can’t count it as a mail in ballot
by the way. Um, here’s the thing. Both of those are complete lies. They’re complete lies. The signature match nonsense has already been
challenged in court successfully, and that was actually prior to the 2018 midterms. So they’re lying about that for sure. But 15% of voters between 18 and 21 in the
city of Parkland, Florida had their ballots thrown out. Thousands of ballots were thrown out. Keep in mind, some of the big races in the
state were decided by only a few thousand votes. So yes, it is likely that the number of ballots
thrown out in Parkland could have swayed some major elections one way or the other. Maybe we wouldn’t have Ron Desantis as our
governor. Maybe we wouldn’t have Rick Scott as our freshman
senator. We’ll never know because the Republicans throw
away the ballots. Now why would they do it in Parkland? Well, because that is one of the biggest areas
of the state where young voters are energized. We’re young voters are tired of Republican
sitting around not doing anything to address the issues, issues that these kids directly
had to deal with. These young voters saw horrors take place
that I pray nobody else in this country ever has to go through. And we’re still seeing the ramifications of
it. And it’s sickening and it’s disgusting. But that’s what happens when you have politicians
who don’t take these issues seriously, but instead only offer their thoughts and prayers. So these, these young Americans, the, they
were, they’re energized. They were ready to go. They were ready to vote, and they did. And then Republicans threw away ballots. This has to change. Republicans know that the only way they can
win elections is to cheat. That’s the bottom line. So many problems emerging from the 2018 midterms
alone, and every single one of them happens to be at the hands of Republicans. That’s not a coincidence, folks. It’s how they operate.

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  1. So what is going to be done about this if they stole the election and it is proven how can they still remain in office why aren’t they being challenged in court to give up their seat to the democrat this is unbelievable so we can identify the problem but who is working in the solution who is there in Florida fighting this

  2. By throwing out the ballots from Parkland, those cheaters have declared that they don't give a damn about the shooting victims. The victims' blood might as well be on the hands of the parasites who threw away the ballots.

  3. I hate this country. And republicans MADE ME hate it! I'm unamerican? No, neoliberals and republicans are fucking unamerican. This isn't supposed to be the United corporations of America. This needs to end either by force or by peace… Peace doesn't seem to be working.

  4. The Gerrymandering Obstructionist Plutocrats will do anything in the name of holding onto wealth and power. They don't care about any of the shooting victims or victims of pollution or victims or corporations. People are slowly but surely catching onto this, especially the younger generations who are the biggest victims of RethuglieKKKlans. And that's why the Greedy Old Pricks will do everything they can to keep anyone they can't brainwash from voting.

  5. Let's just declare Bernie POTUS and get Venezuela to recognize him as POTUS and its done. Isn't that how the US meddles in other countries elections?

    At least Venezuela had honest elections unlike the US.

  6. I think the USA is shot and about to crumble. I always thought this would happen but I thought it would happen after I was a old man and dead. Not so sure about that anymore. This POS state of Florida has voted 2 times to put the white collar corrupt crook Scott in power as a Gov and now elected him a third time as a senator. He spent millions of his own money during his campaign for a job that pays less that 200 K a yr. Why would any one who isn't corrupt and working the laws to better themselves do that ?We are doomed.

  7. What a shame!! Too disgusting to even think about.. Yeah, they were stolen by the reptilians that came out of the Everglades…

  8. How do those guys keep getting away with this crap? I know I'm going to sound like a bad person, but I would not mind seeing those corrupt politicians get executed or at least be thrown in jail for a long period of time.

  9. The stuffy old republicans are trying to hang on to dying ideals, soon they will all be gone. It's time for the younger ones to bat, sit down skeletor.

  10. If all the things happening in the US right now would happen in another non-nuke armed country anywhere on this planet, the US would be 1000% all in for a regime change war, but republicans rigging the hell out of every election…. noooooo, thats fine…
    But voter fraud done by all the illegal aliens…. watch out!!!

    Maybe you should consider no longer singing "land of the free" but "land of the corupt" or "land of the hypocrats".
    Maybe you see now why all the countries reject the democracy, you were claming to bring the.

    Trump delivered on MAGA….
    The world is laughing at the US the most….
    Make america worlds greatest joke again….

  11. Voter tampering should be a federal offense. If it's a poor man kick his door in if it's a rich man kick his door in

  12. In that case what Can be done ? If people don't vote and if they the vote republicans cheat . There is no democracy here , is all a joke …

  13. The Trump Abomination has demonstrated that the Constitution is nothing more than a big sheet of toilet paper until someone gets the balls to enforce it.

  14. Who cares? They are just stupid kids who don't know anything. Right? Like AOC! Just a stupid bartender. NOT! Young voters of America, rise up! The boomer generation has screwed the pooch. Only you can fix this mess. My generation has become our parents!

  15. We could totally put these people in gulags and our kids would totally understand. Hell. They would probably appreciate it.

  16. Election fraud by Republicans in Florida should be regarded as a national disgrace and those officials perpetrating it must be prosecuted by the full force if the law. It is an established fact now that Republicans can only win in some areas by blatantly cheating so in future elections all efforts must be made then implemented to ensure it doesn't happen again.

  17. Actually there is another problem in Florida involving democrats. Debbie Wasserman Schultz also cheated. She was neck in neck in the polls against a progressive. But the progressive got 5% of the vote. When investigated, it was exactly 5% in every district. He sued and the judge agreed that fraud occurred and ordered Brenda Snipes to release the paper backups from voting machine. Instead, she had every single one shredded. All the proof is destroyed, so the case can't move forward. In 22 states, the voting machines have a bug called "magic fraction," in which if you vote for a particular candidate that the powers that be don't like, your vote is counted as fraction of a vote.

    Brenda Snipes and Debbie Wasserman Schultz should both be in jail, but they go free. Yet, a woman in Texas is sentenced to five years in prison because she didn't realize it was illegal for her to cast a PROVISIONAL ballot in Texas.

  18. Why doesnt America have impartial election commissions? There shooed be an independent arbiter that has no party affiliation. That is what we have in Australia. And judges shooed not be appointed by politicians. Of course your system is do corrupted!

  19. a party so popular with Americans that they have to steal, cheat, murder and threaten people like a mob of gangsters to get what they want

  20. Republicans and defenders of the 2nd Amendment always argue "original intent" when ever something is Constitutional or not and when it come to the 2nd Amendment and I couldn`t agree more with "original intent"! The original intent theory, holds that interpretation of the constitution is or should be consistent with what was meant by those who drafted and ratified it. Soooo in the spirit of "original intent" here`s your flint lock pistol and flint lock rifle, now quit your bitching about Liberals trying to take your guns! All non-flint lock`s are now illegal and unconstitutional!

  21. Signatures don't match??? Just search for some paperwork since you where 18.. I did it right now and my signature changed on every paper i've just pulled out.. It's unbelieveble..
    Say it again and again and again:

    Your country is weird!!!

  22. And, as this news comes out, it'll likely result in a greater number of young voters not bothering to vote at all as Republicans reinforce the notion that voting makes no difference.

    Sorry, my American friends… democracy does not exist in the USA.

  23. I am a Florida voter. Whether the votes count or not. We still allow the corruption to take place. Scott takes money from farmers to kill the environment. Come down to Florida to see our great red tide!! For you Republicans I suggest a swim. What, you dont want to swim in waters that kill manatees and others? But this is a tourist state of swimmers? Florida still wants to be at the bottom of the toilet bowl. Been there since the war. I just dont know why the state chooses such disrespect and shame. Ah, I guess we come in full circle. Florida doesnt choose.. Its fixed!

  24. Just like the Florida ballots thrown away by republican because they were about to lose. And does that not violate the constitution? Which would require serious reprimanding?

  25. The voting machines are outdated and easily hacked.  Mail-in ballots are just tossed.  There needs to be a NATIONWIDE vote verification system you can confirm your vote on. There needs to be a paper trail for every vote in a voting machine. This is so simple the reason they do not fix the voting machines or create a simple website where you can go to make sure your vote was registered and correct, is they are liars and con men.  Just like Trump and his henchmen. Voting is a lie.  The Electoral College is a scam used to easily manipulate a few people with cash incentives to change the outcome of elections. It's much easier to pay off those who are part of the shady electoral college than to try to bribe millions of voters.   Trump was elected by this corrupt entity. Just like the FED, and OPEC and many other entities – these entities exist only to allow the elite an easy way to manipulate the USA.  Look at the college scam.  Pay to play. He who has the most $$ runs america.  And it will NEVER END until we get RID of the Electoral College, the FED and OPEC. Buy electric cars. Put the big oil companies out of business. Saudi Arabia creates terrorists and will always create terrorists.  Why are we selling them nuclear weapons? This president is a threat to the world, not just America.

  26. Can you imagine the uproar if the repubs thought the votes that could be for repubs were thrown out … all hell would break loose.

  27. Is it possible to perform a recall on these state-wide offices, only with oversight from every single state AND federal government?

  28. I mean this is a joke site with a joke comment section right?

    Satire or something?

    There can't be this many stupid people commenting at one place, at one time.

  29. So if they don’t mail their ballots on time they should still be counted? How does that even work? If there is no cut off then the election essentially would never end. It’s too bad for them but how is it a conspiracy if they’re the ones who failed to mail the ballots. Are you suggesting the USPS was also in league with the GOP and NRA to deny just these young people? I get the feeling you’re the Rush Limbaugh of the left, only on YouTube and I’ve never heard of you before just now.

  30. US democracy is like one wolf and two sheep voting on what will be for dinner. And because the wolf runs the elections, the votes of the sheep don't count.

  31. Progressives keep harping on policy and voter turnout. This is good, but you have to prepare now for what the Republicans are planning to do during the 2020 election to give Trump a second term. Register early American voters. Take photo evidence of all your particulars with your smartphones. Confirm your voter registration. Make sure your voter I.D. corresponds with what's on the voter rolls. The U.S. is not the greatest democracy in the world. It cheats at the ballot box like other corrupt leaders/countries do.

  32. I was born in this once great country and it makes me want to cry because of what this once great country is turning into. If the founding fathers could see what this once great country had turned into they would be turning over in their graves. I am living through the rise and fall of the United States of America.

  33. .
    These voices are being silenced!!! There is NOTHING… LESS…DEMOCRATIC!!!
    Take a stand… Call or email your State Senator and let them know how you feel!

  34. Does the United Nations need to step in to ensure there are free and fair elections in America? It sounds more and more like a rigged election to me…


  36. That doesn't surprise me at all, they know they can't win on there bigoted ideology, and when you got old white money backing them up, and when you get people who don't care about policy but like what is coming out of somebody's mouth it's a sure win

  37. Changing the system is nascent to any political or social progress.
    To which I add the electoral college has also been a tool of corrupt Republicans far too long .

  38. that is what republicans do..
    they cant win on their own,
    so they cheat their way in..
    just ask Al Gore about it..

  39. Maria Butina’s guilty plea could tie the Trump campaign closer to Russia. By Heather TimmonsDecember 11, 2018 (share)

    The NRA and its affiliates spent over $31 million in ads to boost Trump during the 2016 election, Republicans that got the biggest boost from NRA cash.

    *Donald Trump $31.19 million

    Richard Burr, NC 6.3
    Marco Rubio, FL 3.3
    Roy Blunt, MO 3.10

    Todd Young, IN 2.89

    Joe Heck, NV 2.53

    Rob Portman, OH 2.
    *(Florida school shooting survivor tells Trump: 'shame on you' for NRA money)

    The table used data from PoliticalMoneyLine and the Center for Responsive

    Politics to tally donations the National Rifle Association's political action committee

    has made to the campaigns of current Ohio members of Congress. How much money

    did your Ohio Congress member get from the NRA?

  40. Having their votes tossed aside will spur the young Parkland voters to come out in full force to vote against the Republicans which cheated. That bing the case, these students could keep watch on such activites during voting season. Trump did not side with the students because the NRA had given him over $31 million to boost his 2016 elections. He has no integrity, and therefore will not go against the NRA wishes.

  41. Both the governor and senator of Floriduh are lying ,thieving,cockroach, cheats no surprise to us here in Floriduh


    Venezuela is in a state of accelerating collapse. We don't want to witness human suffering, and we pray for those victims of socialism and fascism who are starving to death there, yet at the same time we have much to learn by observing what's happening in Venezuela. Venezuela was a very prosperous nation.

    This is really important because collapse is coming to Australia, America and the rest of the world, too. Turkey's economy is now staring to decline and the US of A will not be able to bail them out. England must leave the EU unconditionally or England also will face collapse. We are now in the phase of the collapse of "complex societies." It's only going to get worse for all nations and all people.

    Wikipedia is exposed as a total scam to protect the wealthy elite while defaming everyone who stands up against the propaganda of the globalists.

    Voting for Socialist or Fascists will cause total mismanagement. Australia was always a semi-planned economy and it prospered until the socialists and the fascists took control.
    Beware of phoney, so called independents who will support the Moslem Mohammedans, Greens, the leftists and the Fascists, UN supporters. Stay conservative and to the right.

  43. I believe that we only have a one party system, the other party (Dems) are just an illusion, to make you believe that you have a saying in the election of candidates, but the reality is totally different..

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