Young Kim becomes first Korean-American woman elected to Congress

history was made during the 2018 u.s.
midterm elections as young Kim was elected to the US House of
Representatives becoming the first Korean American woman to win a coveted
spot in Congress he sanjay reports a historic day at the 2018 u.s. midterm
elections as California’s 39th congressional district election s saw
Republican Yong Kim beat Democrat Gilson arrows garnering 51.3% of devotes kim
becomes the first Korean American women to be elected into Congress and the
first korean-american in 20 years to be elected it was an emotional victory for
the self-made woman who won the tight race we cannot by ourselves Edie Royce the chairman of the House
Foreign Affairs Committee announced his retirement from California’s 39th
district seat in January and had endorsed Kim since then yang Kim worked
for Royce for two decades first when he was a state senator and then in Congress
Kim let the Korean community in her district know she will take care of them
even though it may take time there may be times when I cannot work for the
Korean community because I have to succeed in mainstream society so I can
give back to the Korean community leader she will now represent the district
which includes parts of Los Angeles Orange and San Bernardino counties which
is two-thirds Asian and Latino Eason J Arirang news

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  1. Why do Koreans, Chinese and other Asians always marry white men, become fanatic Christians and join fsscist white cons? Dumb women.

  2. Omg. Americans dont give a damn about nationality if youre an AMERICAN first. And we don't care about "1st's" either. Just do your job & stop acting like just because you're Korean or a woman it's a huge advance in FREE & EQUAL OPPORTUNITY AMERICA.

  3. She did not win. She. Did. Not. Win. At least not yet and honestly at best this race is still a complete toss-up. If you think this race is over you don't know California politics, period. This video is completely irresponsible, there are still at least 30,000-40,000 ballots left to count in this race.

  4. So sad this was not in the news in America just because she is not a bloody democrat, and FYI democrats is the opposite meaning of the word democracy in America.

  5. Where is all the democrat activist celebrating her victory? I thought they were all about supporting women and "diversity"🤔

  6. I live in Socal but i'm a Ohioan i'm not Asian but I was happy to see Asian Lady win and get elected to congress Kim is hot Congrats to her!

  7. She is better than Trump and Pence for sure….hopefully…Congrats Kim!

    Go truly represent we the people regardless which party, and make America great again fast. We will monitor and see.

    We have majors issues such huge war spending)over 50 billions allocated (reduced healthcare, education, social services as results), healthcare, economy crisis, public education, jobs, environment, green energy, infrastructure, modernized mass transit system, climate, and dysfunctional government on 2-party system controlled by corporate(corporate state).

  8. Whoops. You guys jumped the gun. She was so smug thinking she won that she went to the freshmen congress event in DC even though the race hadn’t been called. Wait til all the votes are counted!

    Update: The AP called the race. She lost.

  9. You guys need to learn more about CA elections, and not put out results before they've been certified. CA allows for voting by mail, day-of registration, and mail in votes of people who registered that day, and some voting districts are very populous. So that means it can take days, or even weeks, to count all the votes.In this district where the full votes will lead to her being defeated by the Dem. Which she has good company, as all Repubs were in the OC were defeated. Blue is the new Orange, after all. 🙂

  10. Didn’t vote for Kim because she spam her ad so hard on YouTube. I probably watch more than 10 times of her ads everyday during 2-3 hours of YouTubing. You know they will want to make those $$$ back once they get elected.

  11. The Democrats later stole the election from Kim. California has very corrupt elections with many illegal votes. The FBI needs to investigate. There will probably have to be a new election because of all the fraud.

  12. She was up 14 points on election night and ended up losing. The left has no moral conscience. This state has descended to the level of a third world country.

  13. How convenient that they "found" just enough votes at 99% reporting to flip and call the election for Stinkneros! Almost as if election fraud tipped the scales in favor of the Dems…

  14. Commie-Fornia Dems must be so proud of their election rigging and fraud. What a great job liberal Democrats have done destroying the once great state of California. 😡

  15. As a Korean-American rep it's great to see some diversity in the political spectrum. The media always post a picture how minorities are always on the left. Unknown to most people Koreans were always more conservative seeing it is mostly influenced from our culture and our experiences first hand from it's past.

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