Wow! Not All Ohio Voters Are White Guys In Diners! | Full Frontal on TBS

Ohio used to be a swing
state that Democrats had a shot at winning. But unlike “Silicon Valley”
star Thomas Middleditch, Ohio has stopped swinging. Is there a way Democrats
can win Ohio in 2020? I sent Allana Harkin
to the Buckeye State to talk to a community
of undervalued voters. ALLANA HARKIN (VOICEOVER):
Last Tuesday, the Democrats met for the 438th debate
in the heartlandiest, blue-collariest battleground
state in the nation Ohio. And the next morning,
our media got instant, on-the-ground
insight from the only places that matter. TJ’s Country Place
at St. Columbus. Live from Franks
Family Restaurant. REPORTER: Mom’s Diner. Who here is
supporting Donald Trump? REPORTER: Your take on the crew
at the debate stage last night? You mean the clown show? REPORTER: That’s
one way to put it. ALLANA HARKIN (VOICEOVER):
Yes, the American diner, where white voices
can finally be heard. And anything less than 10
eggs means you’re a socialist. So I headed to a
Columbus diner to chat up some rust belt heroes about
the last democratic dust-up. On Tuesday’s debate,
did the candidates speak to your heartland values? You must really relate
to hillbilly elegy. What is hill– I don’t understand. Are you so sick
and tired of people thinking your racist just
because you’re from Ohio? I don’t think– I’m– I’m black. ALLANA HARKIN (VOICEOVER):
Turns out I was at Global Mall, a hub for Columbus’s
Somali-American community, a thriving population
comprised originally of refugees who arrived after
their country’s civil war in the 1980s. Sorry about the pickup truck. Our producers heard
that we were talking to heartland voters, so yeah. This is– This is it. This is how they
thought it happens here. People that don’t
live in Ohio, this is the image that
they often get. ALLANA HARKIN (VOICEOVER):
This is Ishmael Mohammed, who immigrated 14 years
ago and is one of the first Somali attorneys in
the state and one of the first to run for office here. Classic overachiever. OK, so I’m going to
ask you a question, and I’m going to take
a giant sip of water. OK. What has Trump meant
for the Somali community? Trump might actually be the
best thing that ever happened to our community in the way of,
like, activating the community to be more politically-engaged. We’re organizing. So Trump is right. There is a Muslim uprising. Yes. [LAUGHS] Someone in higher
power telling us we don’t belong here. I am a local. I’m a taxpayer. I’m a US citizen. What more do you want me? To turn into white person? Yeah, I think that’s actually
exactly what he’s telling you. Maybe he should call
my mom and tell her, you know, backwards 31
years and marry white guy. ALLANA HARKIN
(VOICEOVER): Luckily, they’ve got a better plan– voting. How many votes are
we talking about here? We are almost 65,000
people living in just Ohio. ALLANA HARKIN (VOICEOVER):
And get this– they’re not as sick of the
news cycle as everyone else. We love politics. Every morning when we wake
up, we don’t listen to music. We listen to our politics. Give it time. ALLANA HARKIN
(VOICEOVER): So let’s get this straight–
a sizable population, politically-engaged,
somewhat motivated. You’d think candidates
would be all over Columbus like melted chili
cheese on spaghetti. Oh, I’m cramping. So how many candidates
have come to Columbus, Ohio, to speak to the
Somali community? Let me count– none.
– None. None. Maybe they don’t
know you vote. They just assume that
they’re going to have our vote, I guess.
– Yeah. They assume they’re
going to get your vote. Yeah. It’s like you’re the parent,
and the Democratic candidate is the kid coming home from
university for the weekend with the laundry. Give at least a hug. You know? Just at least a hug. We are a subgroup
that represents a lot of different people– Africans, black people,
women, men, Muslims. We have our very productive
members of society, but also we’re just
like regular Americans. You don’t have to highlight
the most extraordinary members of us in order for us
to be recognized as part of being the fabric of America. But you also don’t have to
be racist to be American. You haven’t been around
for the past few years? ALLANA HARKIN (VOICEOVER):
Oh, so much hope. I would love for a candidate
to come to Global Mall and sit down with us. I’ll be your Joe Biden– All right. –showing up. Tell me what you
need, young man. I looked at my
paycheck the other day, and took a very sizable
amount for Ohio state tax. You know that I was– I worked with Obama? Yeah, you worked with Obama. I don’t know
what more you want. ALLANA HARKIN (VOICEOVER):
So if Joe’s not their guy, who can deliver on
issues like immigration, jobs, free money? Elizabeth Warren. I love Bernie Sanders. Kamala Harris. Hey, Bernie. What’s up, man? It’s global. We’re your biggest fans. ALLANA HARKIN (VOICEOVER):
See, Democrats, this is your kind of town. You’ll rack it up here if you– Trump did a good job,
to be honest with you. He is the only one
who’s telling the truth. ALLANA HARKIN
(VOICEOVER): Oh, god. Time for my Trump resting face. Just smile. Hold it. Hold it. American people
don’t like losers. ALLANA HARKIN
(VOICEOVER): When’s lunch? Look– there are hundreds
of communities like this with thousands of voters
ready to be pandered to all over the country. And if Democrats actually
want to win the heartland, they better start listening. If you could say one thing to
the candidates that are running right now, what would you say? Focus more about immigration,
gun law, and no segregation. We all American, and
we love this country. You know what? I have something to say
to the candidates as well. You know, why don’t
[BLEEP] be so hard. [BLEEP] you care.

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  1. This is why the governors of all the red states don't want any refugees anymore, it's turned from a humanitarian issue into being a political move in the wrong direction for them. And those states that already have real diversity are doing their best to Gerrymander them out of their votes, I believe Ohio can turn blue, stay strong Buckeyes.

  2. I wonder why FOX News never seems to go to diners like this to hear from the opinions of people of color? Oh wait, the answer is in the question, so never mind.

  3. All but twice in the past century Ohio went to the candidate who became President. After Hillary Clinton pretty much ignored this part of the country in 2016, the democratic nominee this time should be sure to campaign extra hard in these states!

  4. 2:20 to 2:37. While this was a joke between the 2 of them, in reality I'm pretty sure that Conservative Caucasian men think this about every minority group that isn't like them since it doesn't matter how much you assimilate if you aren't exactly the same as them you aren't their equals in their minds.

  5. There's a whole bunch of Ohio red hats who just sent a hundred emails about Columbus' "Overnight invasion" of Somalians.

  6. I’m really proud to see you come to an area in my city such as this one. Sometimes I feel like Columbus is in a bubble and we forget how backwards and ignorant the rest of the state can be (of course there are exceptions).

  7. Bill Johnson's got to go. This is why:

    Ohio elections for Representatives: Elections for the office of Ohio House of Representatives will take place in 2020. The general election will be held on November 3, 2020. A primary is scheduled for March 17, 2020. The filing deadline is December 11, 2019.

    Verify this information yourself and check the dates frequently. Also verify often and especially just before the election that you have not been removed from the voter rolls.,_2020

  8. This is deeply brilliant, & utterly timely.

    The actual folks interviewed are… beautiful. Thank you for sharing their actual hope, enthusiasm, & legitimate leadership. It's so, so refreshing.

  9. Muslims are the only religion who try to make the world and everyone of their skin color feel like their religion is an ethnicity. It is not. So I'm supposed to be OK with my daughters seeing women acting like subjugation and enslavement of women is a kewl choice and religious freedom statement if I want you liberals to let me a climate scientist save you from the climate change you are equally causing… great world I'm saving…

  10. So beautiful and sad at the same time – only people who have had real oppression or war in their life or their parents life seem to understand the importance of democracy. White people in the US feeling oppressed by blacks or immigrants is just laughable

  11. At least you visited but I wouldn't be judging the candidates for not caring about Somali immigrants when your reason for interviewing these people and getting them on TV was largely about "winning Ohio" rather than giving them a voice.

  12. If Allana hadn't covered this, then I wouldn't have known there's a sizeable politically engaged community that could turn the tide in Ohio. This gives me hope. Thank you!

  13. I'm fine with most of the potential Democratic nominees, or with a benign head of broccoli for that matter, as long as the grotesque kakistocracy currently in power goes away, preferably relegated to a Federal medium security prison.

  14. The problem is they are centered in places like Columbus, which are already overwhelmingly blue. It's not going to affect the overall outcome of the election, unfortunately.

  15. The problem with Ohio is everywhere outside the cities. I'm from Gallipolis (Southeast village on the river), and there's nothing but Trump signs for miles. Its surprising, considering how dead the area is economically.

  16. No Ismael this is NOT what Americans think Ohio looks like 😹
    This is what Californians and New Yorkers think the Midwest is like.

  17. 1:15 I love the video but black people can also be racist the world is not only black and white and I saw a black guy say and do some really offensive things at a Chinese restaurant in New York once.
    We should stop pretending that only white people have biases sadly no one is immune from that.

  18. I know this is controversial but there's some brown people that hate other ethnicities I know some and again emphasis on the Some Indians who viscerally hate Jewish people and Muslims

  19. CNN has been caught interviewing the same panel of republican activists and falsely calling them “moderates” to give viewers the impression that the base position is center right. My guess is news outlets intentionally go to diners frequented by republicans for the same reason.


    Sam's hypocrisy is showing again

  21. Compared to Somalia the USA is paradise. For Somalian people coming from a horrendously FAILED STATE, American politics seem great. It seems to us that the USA is horrible in some ways, but to these people this is heaven, their voices can be heard instead of killed.

  22. It's funny how the supposedly (white) "working class" is always shown by the media shoving food in their faces instead of working.

  23. People only give atention to this communities when they need their vote, after the election no-one will remember them until maybe the next, and that's if it is going to be a thight race. This happens even to communities that tend to vote conservative.

  24. Bizarre to do a whole segment on Ohio and not mention that one Dem candidate actually beats Trump in Ohio in polling. Bernie gets 51% there.

  25. Everyone's mind is already made up. So, the only thing that matters is getting out the vote for your side and discouraging the other side. So, go ahead and throw out some good red meat for your base and don't be a complete wing nut. That's the key to winning in swing states.

    Also… you can just ignore half the country during presidential elections as only the swing states matter.

  26. Democrats really need to tout what their policies can do for African-American citizens: ending the War on Drugs, ending private prisons, police reform. Those three things attack poor people and African-Americans and Latinos specifically. Fix them and you'll have more Americans who will believe that the people they voted for are actually on their side.

  27. They seem amazing (especially the woman with the hijab at the end with her thumbs up XD). If was going to Ohio at some point in my life, for holiday or so, I'd totally like to meet and talk to those open-minded, intelligent and grateful people, not the Don Jr. (and Sr. ^^'') fans.
    I was born in East Germany as in the GDR and am still grateful for the opportunity to vote and to chose where I want to go and what I want to do. (yes there was voting in the GDR, but with one party only… sweet :-P)

  28. I'm actually glad they showed the trump supporter.  To not do so would be to engage in the fallacy of discarding your negative results, and that's just bad science.

  29. Dems & GOP be careful otherwise this beautiful community they will vote for Jill Stein and split the vote. Bernie/Liz/Kamala – get down there, now!

  30. Reason #6 why Democrats need to approach 2020 as a team rather than 20 would-be MVPs! Failing to visit places like Columbus because you think you’ve got their votes regardless misses the bigger picture. Going to Columbus -> news media on your trip -> changing the public’s image of Ohioans. (Or Kentuckians. Or Pennsylvanians.) It challenges the fond fiction that the entire center of the country is homogeneous, or that it belongs to a certain type of “real” American. And again, outlets can only cover so much content in a day. Make the unexpected, impactful news, and the Democratic Party will shove Donald Trump into a tiny corner of the spotlight he requires. Pull together, team.

  31. So the dems are fighting for you, but you want them to take their limited time and instead of trying to talk to swing voters/independents, they need to come talk to you—-because that is the best use of their time. So they will lose, but hey…at least you feel heard (sigh).

  32. “Focus on immigration, gun laws, and no segregation.”
    Sorry, but Hillary’s platform already lost. Welcome to America, but we need to focus on what affects all Americans rather than just Somalians.

  33. Why most of democrats don’t go some places like these, people would like to welcome them but they will never go their, i am afraid that President trump will win again with electoral college if there is no enthusiasm and higher turnover of democrats all over the country and i wish we all nominate senator Bernie Sanders otherwise we will loose like 2016 .

  34. Oh Ohio. Anecdote: My friend Ed is from rural Ohio. So, one day a few of us were eating at a hamburger joint. And, Frank asked him, "Dude where did you get all that hair." Frank was talking about the hair in Ed's arms and chest. Ed replied, "Probably from my mother. She's the hairy one in the family. My father is totally smooth." 😇

  35. It's so wrong that votes from certain states carry more weight than votes from other states.

    It should be one vote per citizen with all votes being equal.

  36. Amazingly, the one thing GWB recognized is that instead of alienating muslims by just dumping them all with terrorists is that integrating them is far more powerful. During the 2004 election, just 3 years after 9/11 most muslims in America considered themselves conservatives (Islam is socially conservative) and were largely sympathetic to republicans! Remember that GWB called Islam 'a religion of peace!'
    Now they are again marginalized, and while still considering themselves largely conservative, they are gravitating towards democrats for survival and despite social differences with many liberal values at least they don't feel threatened by them.
    Democrats in turn need to recognize that they can't just take votes for granted because they are less threateningly racist against a community. It is still racist to ignore a whole ethnic community. Not overtly threatening, but still, they could show more overt support.

  37. Bernie listening? He's too busy talking (yelling) down to everyone how he invented democracy. I literally haven't seen a recent clip of him listening to anyone!

  38. Oh my god I forgot how much I love Somali sense of humor. The lady whose mom needs a time machine, the guy pretending to count his fingers… fantastic!

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