Would election by popular vote be better than the Electoral College?

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  1. Ban hamburgers???? Pahahhahahahhahah

    If you get your news exclusively from fox, CNN, or nbc you’re out of touch with reality.

    No one wants to ban hamburgers hahah

  2. The United States is a union of sovereign states. Every midwest and southern state would either defect from the Union or bring it to a civil war. This democrats don't care about the wellbeing of our union nor the rule of law, they only care about immediate gratification and power.

    The US would be ruled by California, New York, and Florida.

  3. no, that would be unfair to states with smaller populations. isn't that why the electoral college was created? so-called direct democracy is not democracy. it is tyranny with a handsome face.

  4. like the John Williams Show says this is why we have the electoral votes so that you have to campaign all over the USA you can't just go to a couple liberal states and then Figueroa got more popular vote no that's ridiculous, you have to go everywhere to campaign to make it fair that's why the electoral vote is there they look like toriel vote indicates people by state and if you don't make that state,? And obviously you got more people it's not just by what he's more popular or whatever no, it's by State which you still have better number that means you still have more millions of both then the person on the other side when you have the electorial you have more millions of votes cuz you have that actual state

  5. Hell no on votes ! I sure don't want California nut jobs deciding our fate . That also includes New York , and a few other nutty states .

  6. It takes a special sort of IGNORANCE to even ask this stupid question!!! Leave the Constitution alone!!! When the Demofacist get in trouble, this is their lame game. Dems are losing so many voters, they are in PANIC MODE. This type of lunacy will probably continue for quite some time.

  7. Disenfranchise the red states. Give authoritarian control to the blue states on the coastlines… if this goes through, prepare for a split in the country, resulting in civil war and likely establishment of multiple countries formed of previous states.

  8. LOL!!! We keep hearing Hillary won the popular vote, but what we are hearing is inaccurate skewed information. There is one big difference that democrats don't look at………The popular vote they are talking about doesn't include the counties in every state. They are only talking about a few heavily populated counties in a couple of blue states. Like always they have a twisted way of looking at things.




    Eliminating the Electoral College eliminates fair elections. It would give democrats
    a huge advantage in future elections. It would only take 5 counties for them to win elections. They see the political advantage. When it comes to elections, democrats can't be trusted at all

  9. Absolutely NOT!
    The electoral college was established that ALL NATION STATES shall have equal representation regardless of population.

  10. The republicans have won the popular vote once in the last 41 years, the democrats have won it 6 times. Thats why the GOP dont want the popular vote, because they know they cannot beat the democrats in a majority.

  11. Ammend the US Constitution to elect future Presidents by direct popular vote. End the electoral college system that gave us Putin's puppets Trump and Pence.

  12. Would anyone tolerate a sport where the loser is declared winner 9% of the time? The electoral college appoints the election looser as President.

  13. Changing one thing in the constitution will open the gates for them to SHRED the constitution!!!! USE YOUR HEAD!!!!

  14. Liberal bastions like Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City will be electing every President for now on.


  16. Ending the Electoral College can only happen when fraud-proof voter ID is adopted. Only legal American citizens of the right age must then be given voter registration. Note ID, no vote.

  17. Evidence that popular vote does not work is in France. The Yellow Vests have been up in arms for weeks and rightly so. France is one of only 3 countries in the West that has direct democracy. The other 2 being Iceland and Finland, which have small populations so its not so much of a big deal. However France has a large population and it is failing them. Large populations where there is uneven distribution needs electoral colleges or something similar in order to ensure participation of all interest groups (Agriculture, Industry, Services etc).

  18. Ppl change their minds too much but this is wat I'm saying they have never cared wat we think till now they relies

  19. Facts republicans lost the last 4/5 popular votes 👀 and their scared because they know their ideas will never be the majority again 🥳

  20. I'll discuss it once it can be proved that liberal teachers are no longer indoctrinating our young.

    Or as Pelosi put it (capture) them young!

  21. If we eliminate the electoral college, then why not eliminate the Senate as well.  Why should States with smaller populations have the same number of senators as larger states?  This is another scheme by the Democrats to tip elections in their favor.

  22. This is exactly the type of blatant bias I expected. You have someone who served a president elected by the EC without the popular vote speaking in its favor. Of course Karl Rove thinks the EC is the way to go. No one is saying lower voting age to 16. Maybe two people. Notion that popular vote means a few large cities decide elections is garbage. 1/6 of population lives in cities, 1/6 in rural areas, 2/3 in suburbs. Your argument lacks data. DEMOCRACY is the way, not your system stacked in favor or your party, stacked for the white vote over the minority vote (yes, bc most minorities live in bigger states and smaller states are whiter). There is liberal bias at stations like MSNBC but they don't come near the level of blatant bias that Fox presents so shamelessly. DEMOCRACY is not a radical, extreme idea. It's a wonderful idea. You right wingers dominating the country against most people's will is not the way. The popular vote would be the vote that brings in the whole country, not a system that leaves it to a handful of swing states.

  23. The Electoral College is out dated for Democrats because it's not a slam dunk for them! Sorry, but all the cuckoos in California and New York don't get to elect the president for the rest of us!
    The Democrats would have 5 year olds voting next, passing out bags of candy around the voting polls in the parking lot…
    Income inequality? Another term for redistributing your money to people who are enormous under achievers that put zero into their lives, but think working at McDonald's or Burger King should entitle them to the middle class standard of living in America.
    Guess what? $20 hamburgers=your job is history! Now you have zero wages, but don't dispare! Here comes socialism to the rescue!
    You'll work sun up to sun down, stand in line fighting others to get 2 week old bread and get your monthly $30 government allowance checks! While you watch all the Democrat socialist politicians ride around in limousines with guards to their mansions with 30 foot walls to protect them from you! You can never vote out socialists once they're in power! Kiss fair elections goodbye! Don't think so? Cough, cough Venezuela…
    That paridise Dung hole democrat socialists admire so much!
    If you actually think socialism is a good thing, then you have the mentality of AOC whose an incredible FLAKE! Oh another New York fake politician who only cares about her bottom $line$!

  24. Colorado recently joined 11 other states plus D.C. as part of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC), pledging their votes to the winner of the national popular vote if/when enough states to equal 270 Electoral votes sign on. So there are now 181 Electoral votes committed to direct democracy in the presidential election, indicating we're just a few million well-placed illegals from becoming a socialist totalitarian paradise of misery and poverty. If you don't think living under socialism is miserable, just visit an Indian reservation.

  25. Two thirds of the entire US population lives in the counties Trump carried in 2016 and the Republicans won more then 40% of the vote in the majority of the metropolitan areas in Texas and Florida which is why they're still red states despite the demographics. Only reason Trump didn't get over 50% of the popular vote was because you had right leaning candidates like the former Republican governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson siphoning of several million right leaning votes away from the Republican candidate Trump. You liberals should be very careful for what u wish for because you might end up getting it in the form of a Republican winning the national popular vote and the presidency even if a democrat does gets 270 electoral votes. Colorado might be a prime example of this in 2020 since they're voting to now award their electoral votes to whoever wins the popular vote.

  26. Contrary to popular belief, the electoral college does not give small states more voting power, and it does not make politicians focus more on them. These are misconceptions. The electoral college simply makes politicians pay more attention to "purple" states. These are the states that are not really red, nor blue, but which are close to the middle. These are the “battleground” states that can go either way, and that’s what politicians focus their energy on.

    The electoral college actually makes politicians focus less on states that are mostly red, or mostly blue. So, a state with a small population like Wyoming will still be ignored because it's a very red state. That state will vote red no matter what, and so politicians won't pay attention to it. Similarly, states like Alabama, Georgia, California, New York, and South Carolina, will also be ignored because they are also very red or very blue.

    However, states that can easily flip colors will get extra attention, like Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, and so on. These states can go either blue or red, and so politicians mainly focus on them. So, it really has nothing to do with smaller states, or the size of state populations. Delegates are also given in direct proportion to total population, and so small states don’t have any advantage over larger ones.

    When it comes to the Senate, smaller states indeed have an advantage, because each state gets exactly two senators regardless of population, but that has nothing to do with the electoral college. California with 40 million people, gets only 2 senators for all 40 million people. Wyoming with 577,000 people also gets 2 senators, even though they have 69 times less people. California should have 138 senators if it was fairly based on population. Because of this, small states already have an absurd amount of power, way beyond what the founding fathers ever imagined, because they never thought any of the states would have such extreme population differences.

    So. the electoral college does not help small states at all. It just makes presidential candidates focus more on the few purple “battleground” states. However, that is not why it was created. The electoral college was implemented to appease Southern slave states. At that time, the South would have lost every presidential election with a direct election system, because a huge percentage of their population was black slaves, and slaves couldn't vote. But the Electoral College system allowed the southern states to count slaves as three-fifths of a person in terms of their population, even though they couldn’t vote.

    Because the electoral college was based upon total population, they were able to get an extra 3/5 of a vote for every slave, and then apply that vote to whatever the majority of the state voted for. This gave Southern states a much stronger voice in presidential elections. This is why we have an electoral college system, and this is why the 3/5 vote was implemented at the exact same time.

    Since we don’t even have slavery anymore, the electoral college system is very outdated. Furthermore, the electoral college wasn’t very ethical or fair in the first place, because it stole votes from black slaves and appropriated those votes to whatever the majority of the white population decided. It’s a system that really should never have existed in the first place, and it certainly should not be in place today.

    It is also very undemocratic because it goes against the popular vote of the country as a whole. Large segments of the population also have no voice in the presidential election. If you live in a state that is mostly red or blue, then your vote doesn't really matter because all the delegates are going to go either all red, or all blue, no matter how you vote. But in a direct election system, every vote literally counts. A single vote in the reddest state will affect the entire election.

    With the electoral college, single votes don't matter in the reddest and bluest states, which means you discourage voters, and you get less voter turnout. The electoral college is a terrible system. With a regular direct election, you give everyone in the country maximum incentive to actually go out and vote, because they know that every vote will count.

    Finally, presidential candidates wouldn't have to cater to states or cities at all if there was no electoral college. It's not supposed to be mainly about the purple states, or any states at all. It's supposed to be about the country as a whole. So, politicians could just go on TV and speak to America without visiting any local places. This would make politicians focus on the entire country, and allow them to focus on presenting their actual policies. It would be a lot like how the Presidential debates are done. It would have nothing to do with the states – you would just go on national TV and present your policies, and then America as a whole would decide who they like, based solely on those policies.

  27. A vote should be a vote. Whomever wins the popular vote is the truest representation of what america is and want.

  28. Another way the socialists are trying to overthrow our republic. You want a simple explanation of why a popular vote is a bad idea? New York and California will run the country. Period. And look at what a mess those two states finances are. A democracy is, simply put, seven wolves voting to eat the six sheep. The electoral college was a stroke of brilliance by our founding fathers.

  29. The sheer amount of hatred and disdain people have for other Americans is indicative of just how screwed this nation is. You lot wish to blame the Republican or the Democrat and some how think you yourself are of the good. It's sickening, sad, and absurd. Until this nation learns how to reconcile differences, drop unjust judgmental attitudes, and try to lift one another up instead of bringing them down, it is headed straight for hell. Perhaps that is its fate, but it doesn't have to be yours.

  30. I have a better idea!! Let's do away with socialist Democrats!! They would make for good compost fertilizer

  31. In my lifetime, the 9 presidents have been 4 DEM and 5 GOP
    As a New Yorker and Swing voter I feel it’s actually still serving its purpose. Keep It!
    The country seems to swing back and forth, and after 8 yrs of Trump I’d bet that a Democrat is elected.
    Johnson Dem
    Nixon GOP
    Ford GOP (not elected via the College)
    Carter Dem
    Reagan GOP
    bush GOP
    Clinton DEM
    Bush GOP
    Obama Dem
    Trump GOP

  32. Of course…let's end the gov't of those ole "whiteys"…except that those whiteys really tapped into the most special form of gov't yet created..and that form of gov't requires an educated electorate-at least one that appreciates FREEDOM. But when you have, as you do today, a dumbed down populace esp. millennials, then of course they want a democratic form where the popular vote wins..yea!!! Boooo…bad choice…it failed ultimately in Ancient Greece …just as Socialism has failed horribly in the USSR, China, Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela, and on and on. The Electoral College is so that small states also have an equal say in gov't. But Beeeeetooooow and Fauxcahontas and all of the other leftist authoritarians hate it – they want to be able to tell the people what to do and what they should think. Eric Fromm, the Psychiatrist who fled Hitler's Germany, wrote "Escape From Freedom" and in it he stated that people basically don't want freedom..they want to be told. We see this now. The Left is nuts!

  33. States don't vote, people do and the electoral college was actually designed to be useful on a period of time where they could not physically count all of the votes, now that has changed and the electoral college needs to go.


    2020 VOTS DEMS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. No for one the US is a republic and the electoral college exists so presidents cannot ignore states if they got rid of the college everything that isn't the east or west coast would be completely forgotten

  36. The Electoral College is no longer necessary because of the advancement of the technological age. Everyone is now better and more equally informed. Hence, considerations or allowances for populations and/or status should now be deemed irrelevant and inapplicable.

  37. What people forget is that the president is not elected based on the results of ONE election. There are actually 51 elections. One for each state and the DC. You have to win the popular vote in the majority of these elections to be elected president. Each of these elections is population weighted. The more population the state has, the more electoral votes it gets. It has never been, and should never be, based on the TOTAL RAW bote nationwide.

  38. I am not california. I am a citizen of this country living in california and my vote should count just like yours! Just because i live here my vote cancels out? Makes no sense that the loser of the presidential candidate gets bumped to first place.

  39. If all voters were required to identify themselves, then there could be some argument for a popular vote. However, in the absence of this, only the electoral college system limits the amount of benefit a state can get from cheating.

  40. Get rid of the electoral college! Make every vote count. That was put in place so that crazies couldn't make it in office.

  41. What's wrong with jobs for all? I believe 18 year olds should be able to drink. They can go and fight wars and loose their lives so what can't they drink? F…. The electoral college.

  42. Absolutely NOT. Most of these brain-dead knuckleheads that mistakenly assert that we're a "Democracy" (best described as two wolves and a sheep 'discussing' dinner) have no concept of Federalism nor the system of checks and balances, not only between the three branches of the Federal Government, but also between the Federal Government and the Several states, they and the People at large, and between competing interests of the various states, and not due to relative populations alone. We already had in our history ONE grossly-misnamed "Civil" War (which wasn't conducted in a very "civil" manner to the Confederacy and its citizens, a more precise term would be the War of Confederate Independence, or Second American Revolution, which obviously failed) due to onerous oppression by one group of states on another.

    If one actually stayed awake and paid attention during their American history courses, then they'd have learned about the issues that the delegates to the Constitutional Convention of 1787 faced. It's often forgotten that by no means was the adoption of the new constitution unanimous. However, there was virtually universal agreement that the President and Vice-President were to be elected by the states, that SOME used a popular election to pick their electors was solely their discretion, and despite FIVE amendments regarding the Presidency, still IS. The Electoral College, its numbers being based on the several states' respective delegations to the Congress, was heavily weighted in favor of the large states. Hence why there's not ONE nationwide election for President, but FIFTY-ONE (the "District of Criminals" being brought into the fray in 1961 with the 23rd Amendment). And I don't hear of any griping about the E.C. when a Dummycrat President gains the White House without a majority of the popular vote, as Bill Clinton did in both 1992 and 1996, and his frumpy Frau nearly did likewise in 2016.

    Folks whom advocate a national popular election for POTUS are welcome to attempt to amend the Constitution. I thank "Gawd" it's not that easy, thanks to these "pesky" 'small' states, else just imagine what the Dummycrats would get away with, and Scooby, "Raggy" (Shaggy) and the rest of the gang riding the Mystery Machine wouldn't be able to put things right.

  43. They just want the Electoral College abolished, because they want to win. Screw the Democrats, they're like the British during the Colonial era.

  44. Without the Electoral College, we would become a one party system. Democrats would always win the election with California and New York alone. We would be like Mexico who had a one party rule for 70 years.

  45. There just sore losers Hillary lost get over it instead of bitching about his whole term use that time to plan your win in 2020

  46. I'm a Brit living in the UK and even I know rural America would get well and truly screwed by entitled liberals if the Electoral College was scrapped.

    Maybe you should get one vote for every square foot of land you have to keep compliant, that's just as fair as the popular vote…

  47. Wtf…. trump packed the courts and they don’t criticize

    Trump criticized the electoral college and they ignore it.

    Wtf with a person from Nebraska getting three times the voting power as a bigger state even though the bigger state has more people.

    They criticize everyone moving far to the left yet you see no one complaining about everyone moving far to the right….

    If they say court packing one more time, a judge of trump must be impeached.

  48. This kind of thinking is simple, backwards, and naive. You really think a simple popular vote is the best way to elect a leader of s country of 150 million people diversely speed across 3.8 million square miles?

    You really think that's what's best for everyone?

    Well the founders didn't think so and they had far few land and far fewer people in America back in 1788! Heck, there were only 2.5 million Americans total back then!

    Alaska is very different from Florida, Maine is very different from Maine, California is very different from Rhode Island! Etc.

    Every state is unique, their people are unique, their economy is unique, their way of life and culture is unique (lobster fishing isn't very profitable in Kansas and there aren't many big tech companies in Rhode Island) and that's a big reason we have the electoral college! That way a regional candidate can't get 70% of the vote in one reason (Hillary did this in New England and the West Coast which is why she one the popular vote) can't win. You have to be popular in all the reason across America before you can become President

  49. The founding fathers created the Electoral College so that a few population centers wouldn't always determine the election outcome. Let's face it, the realities and priorities of people living in rural or urban areas can be very different. I think states should split their electoral votes in direct proportion to the popular vote in each state. This would be the most fair way to adhere to the original intention of the Electoral College.

  50. We'll trade ya'. We get rid of the electoral college, and in return we repeal the two-term limit. Trump 2024!

  51. California and New York would be choosing the president for the whole united states. That's how you start civil war 🤡

  52. everyone's vote should count the same. the increase in electoral votes to population that smaller states get does not influence the amount of attention they get from candidates. big cities only count for about 7.9% of the population and still get the most coverage. the electoral college doesn't make smaller states' votes equal to big states, it makes them superior. winning the popular vote in a state means you win the votes that represent the entire state. every person's vote should directly affect the outcome of an election and people need to be the ones choosing the president, not states. in a country where all people are supposed to be treated equally, every citizen's vote should be equal.

  53. The democratic power grab is so obvious if your paying attention. Abolish the electoral college, let illegal immigrants flood across our open borders, grant them all citizenship and the right to vote, and Democrats will have absolute power forever. They pander to the poor and uneducated offering them free this and free that and $1,000 a month in the mail to get their vote, and without an electoral college the sheer numbers of those groups will push this country into a complete communist state and give a few people absolute power.

  54. Did you vote? If yes, then your voice was heard. Sometimes your beliefs are not what the majority believes. DEAL WITH IT.
    I'm not going to give votes to people that don't exist and take away votes from people that DO exist just to even things out. That's bonkers.

  55. If you're in any state other than California or New York, you've gotta be insane to cede your Electoral power… even if you're a Democrat in Ohio or Michigan, you might not want your future to be totally steered by the extremist socialists in California. What works in one state may not work for the infrastructure in another, and frankly, California has the biggest divide between super-rich and extreme-poor. It has this because they are progressive and supposedly support the middle class. Everything the Democrats "say" has the exact opposite effect in reality, just like the Affordable Care Act caused a tripling in the costs associated with Health Care.

  56. Great , say GOOD Bye to Democracy, the candidates won't even bother to go to most of the state's because they don't have enough popular votes to overcome the rest of the state's! Our Framers of the Constitution knew that as the population grew, the voters in the smaller states probably would never even see the candidates because even all together there weren't enough of them to overcome those REALLY BIG state populations!

  57. Of course Trump changes his mind about the Electoral College when it’s the only thing that saves his idiotic self from being put in prison.

  58. There is a dangerous minority in America that benefits from affirmative action…Republicans. The affirmative action presidents George W. Bush and Trump only got in because of the Electoral College they lost the popular vote.

  59. There are some good reasons to abolish the electoral college:

    1) The way the votes are distributed per state is not representative of the amount of people living in each state. You see, each state, regardless of population, gets three votes each. Next, the rest of the votes get distributed and tweaked according to population. The amount of people per electoral vote works out to about 500,000 people, if we divide the amount of people by 538, the amount of electoral votes. However, because of the way the electoral college is set up, votes go through a tweaking process that makes it seem like less people live where they do and more people live where they don’t. For example, California has 10 less votes than what it would actually have gotten if the electoral college really did distribute fairly by population. Where do those votes go? Well, they go to smaller states like New Hampshire, who gets one extra vote in the electoral college.

    2) The people don’t actually vote for the president, delegates do. The people elect their delegates to D.C. who vote in December to see who picks the president. Now, it would be fine if they were required to pick the candidate they were elected to choose, but that isn’t the case. Many states do not require their delegates to pick the candidate their voters chose them to pick. Now, this has not swung an election, but there are countless times that delegates have voted against the will of the people and voted in favor of the candidate they personally prefer. To add to that, many people don’t know who their delegates are.

    3) The electoral college does not make candidates care about small states. Usually candidates spend their money on rallying in states with considerably large populations like Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. You can find many instances in which states with small populations either got paid one, or no, visits from presidential candidates over the past few election cycles.

    4) You only need to win over 22 percent of the popular vote to win the electoral college. Take Wyoming, which consists of 0.56% of the electoral college vote but only has 0.18% of the population. Now because of the electoral college, you don’t need everyone to like you, just half of the population plus 1. Do that for the next 5 least populated states and you can see the disparity between population and vote distribution. Eventually, if you keep adding up the next least populated states’ electoral votes, you get a majority of electoral votes even though less than 25% of the people actually voted for the candidate who got the most electoral college votes.

    This is indefensible, also, these problems would be non-existent if we simply had a popular vote.

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