Winners and losers from the 2018 midterm elections

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  1. The only winners are THE BIG $ controlling both parties

    The only losers are all the Americans, humanity and the planet that will get destroyed by the number one polluters on the planet: the Americans

    Blue Congress
    Will always get blocked by Red Senate
    And NOTHING will ever get accomplished

    Agolf Twhittler won't get impeached
    And continue to lie 1000 times a month

    The world will continue to laugh at Trumputin and AmeriKKKa…
    … Until it gets destroyed by the 9500 Nuclear Weapons controlled by Dikkktator Trump


    It is now the Disunited States of America


    DSA has failed

    The world is doomed


  2. If the Democrats don't choose someone other than Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, then they will lose in 2020. She has to go.


  4. This was a win, win, win for Dems. Remember the first thing had to happen was to get a check on Trump craziness. Two was to get more women elected. Three was to help allow Mueller to do his job.

  5. Wonder what would have happened if we didn’t have the voter purge, and the native vote….there were a good amount of people blocked from voting.

  6. America was the winner. We bought it back from the 1% . We have hope again and we WILL fight to defeat the DC corruption.

  7. Americans just want free stuff handed to them. They think it is their "right". Meanwhile, the rest of the world is falling apart.

  8. So it's interesting to note that, President Obama faced a bigger backlash in the 2010 midterm than President Trump did in the 2018 midterm. In the midterm election of 2018, President Trump lost 26 House seats previously held by Republicans, and 1 Senate seat previously held by a Republican. In the midterm election of 2010, President Obama lost 63 HOUSE SEATS previously held by Democrats, and 6 SENATE SEATS previously held by Democrats. So amazingly, despite the historic unpopularity and hatred of Donald Trump, his predecessor Barack Obama suffered a much more scathing rebuke when comparing the first midterms of both Presidents.

  9. Unprecedented win for republicans in the current political climate. Bush repubs lost both, Obama dems lost both, Trump repubs looking strong going into 2020 elections. Dems can only obstruct in the house so much without losing constituents, will have to balance looking weak and hurting the country.

  10. First two Native American women in Congress? I guess people are finally realizing that Elizabeth Warren is not Native American.

  11. Losers: Beto, Gillum, Mccaskill, Abrams, Hollywood endorsement candidates, dumbass Dems
    Winners: Cruz, Blackburn, Kemp, Hawley, Trump

  12. I don’t think this elections will affect 2020 because Obama and dems lost the house majority to the GOP in 2010 and he was reelected in 2012 .
    The white house race in 2020 will depend on who will be running against Trump and what is his promises .

  13. It doesn't matter … Red or Blue. Are you ready to put differences aside , put your opinions in your pockets, and move on to making this country a nation under the ONE TRUE LIVING GOD AGAIN. The choice is yours. Our Father in Heaven wants you to make the right one.

  14. It's amazing how many Russians "care" about the rigged outcome of US elections. It's unsurprising how many American trolls remain racist, bigoted, and ignorant.

  15. Can't anyone see? The house is a big old nasty TRAP for the dems.. Eyes on them! If they don't do the right thing and focus on getting real stuff done and instead choose to put all their effort into obstructing trumps agendas, 2020 and DONE! RED will be pouring from the seats of the house and senate The government will be RED! I am a republican through and through. But as an American that just loves the country and the constitution PLEASE TELL me you guys see that truth.

  16. Let's see if the Democrats are as inclusive as they claim to be.
    I think they should begin by making Auntie Maxine the new Speaker of The House.
    That would be bridging the race gap by example.
    And, it would give Nancy Pelosi the opportunity to show that she really is the magnanimous progressive she claims to be. Skeletor has already had her day in the sun and I doubt that she would have a problem with Maxine becoming the new SOTH. It's time for the Democraps to lead by example.


  17. Democratic presidential elections clean sweep Your all remember congratulations democratic Hillary Clinton USA today

  18. Pelosi colluded with North Korea, her and Mad Maxine met with Kim Jong and hacked the elections ,this investigation will prove Lil Kim ,Mad Max , and have you taken your Pillslosi are siblings of Hitler and have forgone reassignment surgeries to fool the American people, hail Putin 🇷🇺🤖

  19. No, in the whole picture- they lost that race but the NATION won by their example. IT CAN BE DONE!
    John 12:24
    "Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds."

  20. Lordy Lord, the US have elected an aggressive Pakistani girl and a red Indian .
    You'll end up in a few years like the Brazilians, mid brown,half caste, bankrupt.
    There's a hole in my teepee,dear George Washington. L O L

  21. Is sad some of the people of the us are so brain dead they vote demorats at lest the majority keep the most important thing the senate

  22. hello from what used to be Nevada. dead people. unions and morons killed Nevada, guess they will do away with the state
    border. We should have had a civil war when we had the chance. now we march to the EU agenda, make America a brown border less shite hole with no Constitution. slow, slow death by stupidity (infectous californious).7 November 2018
    all part of the EU agenda

  23. first i was shocked as i read the news that trump lost, yet after some research it can be said that he actually won. keeping the senate is quiet an achievement. how news react to the midterms shows how biased they are.

  24. Im actually happy with the results; altgough i am pro trump and Republican, this outcome makes a good balance with Democrates and Republicans. We no longer have rageful liberals and not turning away from positive moral. Neither a red wave, or blue wave, but a calm ocean. Its like a soft cream swirl of politics!

  25. 9% of Florida voters are felons! NICE! 2 Muslim women join racist, antisemitic separatist Muslim, Keith Ellsion, a friend fo notroius antisemite, Louis Farrakhan, who last week in IRan lead chante "Death to America". This Farrakhan from Chincago got an award from Obama's pastor GOD DAMN AMERICA…great bunch of evil losers…

  26. I love how democrats acting like this was some big victory. Look at the historical numbers and you'll quickly see this was more of a blue splash than a wave. Ie: Obamas first midterm the GOP won a bigger senate majority and dominated the house vote taking over both chambers of congress (they were something like +35 in the house iirc) , not only that but the gubernatorial races went heavily republican. Now look at this mid term Dems took the house, but it was by a lesser majority than was projected, and the GOP gained atleast 3 if not 4 senate seats giving them atleast a 53 seat majority in the senate, and the gubernatorial races were pretty similar to obamas year except flipped where dems ended up about +9 iirc.

    Either way republicans own the senate by a WIDE MARGIN. Which alot of uneducated democrats dont understand the reason thats a big deal. The house of Reps is effectively useless without the senate. Impeach trump? Nope gotta get a majority senate vote, introduce a bill? Cool but the senate gets final say before it goes to the president. the house literally cant do anything unless they work with the senate and trump. Which is a good thing. Hopefully it will create some real bipartisanship, when the GOP controlled all of congress under obama there was no bipartisanship. Obama refused to negotiate and he hated all of congresses proposed bills. thus he illegally issued executive orders non-stop thus superseding the power of congress and effectively acting like a dictator. Hopefully that wont happen this time under trump now that congress is split. But if the gridlock is like it was in 2010 then expect trump to start using obamas old tactics of using his dictatorial power (executive orders) to pass whatever he wants.

  27. biggest losers —-voters hoping to get healthcare for all —the corporate dems will leverage the issue to extract big bucks from the insurance industry —so all that gets done is minor tinkering with obamacare

  28. Wonder how many dead people, and illegal criminals voted for the demoRats.?? In my opinion it should be recounted, just like they wanted recount when Trump won the Presidency…. My Opinion

  29. As an O'Rourke voter, I knew that he wouldn't win the office.

    But people, we came *close*. Closer than you would expect a Democrat to come in Texas, of all places.

    We have set something in motion, and we have sent a message. Cruz and his base shall rest easy, but the rest of us have only just begun- the next O'Rourke election will have been six years in the making.

  30. Trump's immigration policy: quick all the brown immigrants out of America but keep only the whites ones. Pure and simple racism from a POTUS. Never seen before in America.


  32. Democrats with more identity politics, emotional blackmail, and protected by the MSM. Yep, there are two camps within the party – they are going to in fight like no other time in history.

  33. So the next generation of dems lost and Nancy Pelosi and Diane Fienstein are still in charge. Bad new for dems in 2020.

  34. I can't understand why hispanic people are getting the job and they don't even speak in english!!! A mexican one? They can't even with their own country….what's happening America?

  35. 9% Of voting population are convicted felons??? I think criminals should spend more time working in politics instead of committing more crimes.

  36. Waited on my surfboard for the bluewave that never came 😂😂.

    Republicans have the Senate, Supreme Court, Governors and the Presidency 😂😂😂

    Stay triggered my Libturd friends

  37. Really? The Dems have a slim house majority, and gained seats in the senate. That’s a huge win for the republicans. Look at history, Obama, Bush and Clinton lost 60 house seats in the midterms, and several senate seats. Trump lost 35 seats and gained senate seats. Dems May have control of the house, but lost the election overall. They are a lame duck since the gop controls the senate and therefore control of the legislative process.

  38. As a european i am glad Trump and the GOP are in power in America. It's democrats fault with all their wars that shittons of people migrated to europe.

  39. Chinese forces will invade U.S.. Russians to Europeans. Prepare your AR rifles.

  40. One small propaganda point, they blame the loss of the house on Trump's immigration policy without drawing any clear connection

  41. I personally think GOP is the winner in general! GOP now hold the presidency, the Senate and 5 of 9 Justices seat! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
    The Dem win the House with just a narrow majority!

  42. not sure I'd say Beto/Gillum are losers. Beto was in an almost unwinnable position and did well to get the votes that he did. He's not going anywhere.

  43. Need to recount on DemocRATS dead people hand written votes,dead people mail in votes, illegal immigrants votes,out of state illegal residents votes and one voter whose name are showing up on > 10 voting offices.

  44. Mitch McConnell will become a Minority Leader as a Republican Senator of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. And Chuck Schumer as a Democratic Senator of New York will become a Majority Leader as the first Jewish Senate Majority Leader. Democrats wins control in the United States Senate.

  45. Merry Christmas!

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