Why You Don’t Need To Vote

We can save the day. We will stand our ground. We will be brave. Brave. Brave [again] We will be heard. We will matter. Matter. Matter [again] Vote [6 times] Nyeh If you want to alienate almost anyone, no
matter their politics, just say three little words: Your friends will gasp, celebrities will judge
you, your mother might still love you, but only
grudgingly. Tell the world that you care about what happens
to it. You have an obligation. For America. For America [repeated] For America [tearing up] Don’t you care about America? You not voting changes your life. You are dishonoring your family. If you don’t vote, then you’re an idiot. Don’t buy the guilt trip. Not voting can be an equally legitimate and
moral choice. Here are four of the most common myths used
to shame non voters. We gotta stop thinking one vote. We can’t say one vote doesn’t matter. Your vote matters. It effects everything. First thing’s first, you’re not going to sway
a major election. A single vote has decided precisely zero federal
races in US history. And vanishingly few at the state level. Voting is like playing the power ball, punch your ticket or don’t, your life is going
to stay the same. The last presidential election turned on fewer
than a hundred thousand votes. I know, but this is about you ans whether
or not you cast your one vote. It simply won’t effect the outcome, not if
you live in a swing state, not if the electoral college were abolished, not even if you’re in Florida and your chad
is hung like a moose. You can’t complain if you didn’t vote. Well he’s gonna suck, well you didn’t do anything
about it. Only about half the voting age population
makes it to the polls and groups including young people, the poor
and the disabled are underrepresented on voter rolls. Do they not deserve a voice? The act of voting does not a good citizen
make and it’s actually one of the least effective
ways you can contribute to the American experiment. Most social and cultural change happens outside
the political sphere and that’s a good thing. Rather than follow the latest horse race, you might spend your scarce time developing
a new vaccine, exposing corruption or microwaving a burrito. Any of these things can have a greater tangible
impact on the world than your vote. I vote because it’s all of our civic duty. People died for that right. I vote because I’m not a motherfucking communist. Generations of brave Americans have fought
for your right to vote and for your right not to. In fact, you might choose not to vote because
you love your country. Maybe you don’t feel educated or at least not enough to cancel out the vote
of your well informed neighbor. That’s ok and really quite moral. Besides, even the most knowledgeable voters can’t predict what a candidate will do once
in office. Look, a lot of our elected officials are uninformed. Remember when Obama was going to reign in
W’s foreign adventuring? It was about 10 years and one drone kill list
ago. They should just vote because it matters you
know. Your employer can’t tell you that you don’t
have time. Just get out and vote. A principled citizen might actively avoid
a two party system that systemically silences alternative voices. You might decide that it doesn’t represent
your interests by design. That by voting for the lesser of two evils, you’re only helping the fat cats in Washington
maintain their smokescreen of legitimacy. Why on earth wouldn’t you want to vote? I think voting is great, I just didn’t care
this time because it was between a giant douche and
a turd sandwich. But Stan don’t you know? It’s always between a giant douche and a turd
sandwich. If that’s the case, you should feel free to
wash your hands of the whole rotten mess. At the end of the day, you might want to vote. Maybe to give your grand-daughter an up close
look at the machinery of American government. Maybe to get that fashion-forward sticker
selfie that proves to all your instafriends how woke
or uncucked you are. I’m afraid I’m turning out because I wanna
impress my friends. Maybe you just really love middle school gyms. So this Tuesday, go ahead and rock the vote
if it makes you happy. But if you decide that it’s a symbolic gesture that’s unlikely to tangibly help your family
or community, it’s ok to spend your time and resources doing
something more impactful. This Tuesday, it’s ok not to vote.

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  1. Even when your choices are rubbish, choose the less cunty of them and then go about changing something.

    Says the guy who has lived in another country for 27 years and never bothered to become a citizen…

  2. To this I would disagree. If you want to take a stand or show that you’re against the current system or the ‘choice’ your given in an election, go to the polling booth and spoil your vote. You can spoil your vote by writing something on it or going against the instructions so the answer you chose isn’t clear. In this way your vote counts towards something at least and is noted in the system. If you want to make a protest with others maybe you could agree to all spoil it in the same way e.g all write the same thing in solidarity. It’s a more active form of protest than just doing nothing.

  3. My U.S. congressman, Andy Biggs, won his election in 2016 by 27 votes. TWENTY-SEVEN votes. So, yes, your one vote does mean something.

  4. The 2018 midterm election ended one-party rule in Washington. It finally made Trump accountable to someone, and is going to force greater transparency. They're going to subpoena his tax returns. That would happen without me, but why would I want it to happen without me? Fuck this smug edgelord and ironic "flag pin".

  5. I Don't understand how people can be against this video, they are just promoting choice, which is the main idea of liberty. Everyone is being told they have to vote, and ReasonTV is just reminding people that they have a choice. At the end of the day a politician should have to earn your vote, not be handed it out of fear of the other guy/girl. This way politicians are actually rewarded for appealing to people who don't usually vote, which usually means they talk about a problem no one is currently talking about and, hell, they might actually fix it, that's a long shot though.

  6. Yeah but what about propositions? Like we wouldn't have legalized weed if people didn't vote on it. It's not perfect but voting does effect laws

  7. Voting is violence. By voting you are engaging in mob rule (democracy). 51 percent using the force of government to boss around 49 percent. You can't have freedom and be governed.

  8. Sorry, but "Nah!" Altho thr's a pt. to b made tht not voting IS A VOTE or a Protest, I thnk I'll stick w makin my one 'Meaningless' vote along w all my Friends &, lk, um, ACTUALLY MK A DIFFRNCE, despte ur nihilistc cynical Un'Reality!

  9. In my honest opinion, if all 55,766 views on this video were adults, and if they all didn't vote because they saw their vote as being just 1 vote, then there would be 55,766 votes lost in a Presidential or Midterm election. The more views this video gets, the more it becomes an oxymoron of itself.

  10. "Reason Foundation's projects include NewEnvironmentalism.org and Privatization.org, as well as Reason Magazine It is part of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation network. The Reason Foundation is funded, in part, by what are known as the Koch Family Foundations and David Koch serves as a Reason trustee.Jun 29, 2017"

    Propaganda to convince the typically Democrat demographic to not show up.

  11. Virginia decides tied election by drawing name from bowl
    That tied election determined the balance of power between Democrats and Republicans in the Virginia House of Delegates.

  12. Local referendums, local offices. Not to mention that even at the federal level, yes, there are major differences between the two parties.

    But if people who made this dumb video don't vote: Meh.

  13. you're all forgetting the real reason why you shouldn't vote. Because both parties are owned by rich people who manipulate everything. Democrat or Republican? Who cares, they're both gonna drive the country into the ground.

  14. Votes are in numbers, that's why volunteering is more impactful than just voting. One cent won't help you. However if you collect more and more the more it affects you.

  15. I didn't vote because I didn't see any Libertarian or Independent on the ballot. I wanted Rick Scott to win in the Senate because I know he will be a good senator. As an independent, I can do and think this way.

  16. Objections with your points. (1) It is true that one person's vote doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. However, if enough people decide that that is a legitimate reason to not vote, then that actually might affect the outcome. (2) You can try to contribute to your society by things outside of political activity, but politics can decide if those contributions will be effective (like putting up bureaucratic roadblocks to prevent the approval of that new vaccine). (3) Ignorance of every issue or of whether so and so candidate will actually do if in office doesn't mean that you can't vote based off of available info and use common sense judgement to figure out if certain promises will be a big priority. (4) If you don't vote because you think that both candidates are bad and don't support a "lesser of two evils" choice, then you may end up with the worse of the two. That will mean that your principled abstinence was against your best interest.

  17. These people shouldn't dictate us about our values of voting whatever you have a different opinion. To be honest here, most of the ads here are run by democrats to tell us to vote that because we agree on them. My head shakes side to side to say no.

  18. Today is November 28th 2018 and at this moment the balance of the Alaska legislature resides with a tie vote that's determined by Atty election that's determined by one vote.
    This entire video is absolute bullshit and verifiably false.

  19. Y'know what?

    1) "Your Vote Matters": If you sincerely think that the only reason to vote is for you, personally, to "sway a major election", you are seriously self-centered and kind of a prick. You've no serious investment or knowledge, and no concern, and there's a lot more wrong with your life than "not voting". You, personally, one vote, is probably not gonna matter. But you, personally, are not the only asshole refusing to vote. A few dozen assholes like you in each city or county adds up to hundreds or thousands–and those numbers DO swing elections.

    2) "Can't Complain If You Didn't Vote": Here, you whinge about how some people are disenfranchised and suppressed. So the reasonable and civil thing to do is, if you don't have feelings one way or another, find out what those people who want to vote but can't want, and be their voice. Plus, you realize "voting" is more than just for politicians, right? Local amendments, propositions, judges, sherrifs, taxes, and more–all that shit affects you, personally. And if you're unwilling to do any of that, then yeah, you can complain, but no one's gonna give a shit and they're gonna get pissed that you think you have a say after refusing to do so.

    3) "It's Your Civic Duty": It's a right denied millions of people for decades, has been fought for for women and minorities, and you think it's "moral" to not do so? Also, you yet again bitch about "not knowing the details"–see point 2. If you don't give a shit one way or another, why not use your voice and your vote to represent someone who can't? Oh, and then there's this: One particular party actively tries to dissuade voting, then gerrymander to maintain power, then use that power to disenfranchise even more people. "Not voting" is doing exactly what they want, and that's not in any way "moral" or "sensible". It literally is "Use it or lose it".

    4) "If You Don't Vote, You're Just Lazy": Yeah, this one is bullshit. Because, again, some people can't, some people are prevented from it, some people can't find babysitters or get off of work, especially in some precincts that have so few polls that it takes hours or all day, if at all, some states expunge voter registrations days or weeks before. If you're one of those poeple, no, not voting isn't lazy. But if you don't have an excuse? Yeah, you're being lazy.

    Sorry, but nothing you said here makes a lick of sense, and it just makes us Millenials actually appear as entitled and self-centered as we've been portrayed to be by so many. If you're reading someone else's screed, they're an asshole. If this is what you personally believe, you're an asshole, and you're trying to come up with hollow excuses for your own apathy or self-centered nature.

  20. I have never voted because I am not an American I was just born here and I don't care what you do with your country

  21. I wonder if the people who watch this channel realize its intent after this video. This channel is funded by Koch money, they don't care about what's good for America or for you. They only care about what's good for Koch industries. Please go to a legitimate news source.

  22. I think I threw up a little in my mouth watching this video. Let’s vote to make this bearded idiot a little brown smug on the road of life.

  23. The U.S. federal government does not put any value on the lives of their citizens. Think about those poor fools who died in the World Trade Center during 9/11. How many of them voted do you think?

  24. I'll bet a dollar this asshole votes, and that he voted for President Cheeto! The tactic of the right has always been to discourage "certain groups" from participating in elections – minorities, the poor, college students – those most likely to vote for Democrats. And when they're not discouraging voting, they're actively working to disenfranchise these same groups. It's insidious and un-American.

  25. The problem is when you say “your vote doesn’t matter” your saying it to everyone who sees the video, so if half the people that watch the video decide to stop voting, then you can potentially make all those people stop voting

  26. Elections: If your candidate wins; the State imposes your views on others. If your candidate loses, the State imposes others views on you.

    Insanity: The notion of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results = voting.

    Voting: Ideas so good, they have to be mandatory.

    No victim no crime, no masters no slaves. Free your mind from the statist elite and promote true liberty; volunteerism.

  27. Voting age should be 30 and up .. just watch Mark Dice ask basic questions to average american voters…. things that everyone use to know… shameful

  28. I voted in the last election, but will never do so again. The game is rigged, and really I just don't give a shit about American society as I have no stake in it. America could burn around me and as long as it doesn't effect me I don't care.

  29. This is what they are supposed to be afraid of, a boycott against voting. This is how to reject being governed by psychopaths that are the U.S. Corporation called the Federal government. The constitution has been run over enough by these federal reserve bankers who have incorporated every birth certificate, ss security treasury, and all the states politicians representatives, call everyone “public and subjects”, in order to make “we the ppl” subservient to their corporate constitution, statutes and irs unlawful outrageous taxation on income. W/o the white males secret society’s who take bribes to secure the wealth and or blood money their forefathers have passed down to them, we would have long since been able to throw this banking cartel out of the Americas. They are all linked to the British monarchy and Jesuit order of zionist and the catholic churches Vatican secret societies of super elite hierarchies. These are are colonialist powers whom split themselves up into different sub groups to deceive the populace and make them hard to detect and pinpoint the system unseen and undocumented perpetrators. Bill Gates and Zuckerberg for instance, are just the faces they put as public representatives and front men. But these ppl have real power. “They are apart of a super elite club and we’re not in.”-George Carlin. To boycott the voting system which has been rigged for a while now, is a form of asserting the ppls god given rights against tyranny which is another constitutional remedy for a deceptive, deceitful, self interested, rogue, fascist, corrupt, dangerous and unlawful oppressing government and illegally enforcing and adding in the tyranny, Military. The white majority are evidently too privileged and dumbed down to do this with most blacks who usually do this anyway bc we have figured out that its a no win situation after the peaceful civil right movement that many of our black ppl suffered an increased unaccountable police brutality and assassinations. The white classified migrating majority of unconstitutional U.S. corporate citizens are the reason the govt gets worse and gains more power and gets more evil. Woodrow Wilson sold his birthright and the birthright of his white settlers offspring out for ten pieces of silver from the federal reserve. The military followed orders instead of listened to the ppl as it always should first. Geo engineering of weather and eugenics of human throughout Vaccinations have overtaken our reality and its not only an insult to our species but seems to be the end game when you mess with nature. Vaccines have already been ruled in a court with thousands of experts to be inhumane and toxic to the human body. They have release so much cancer and immune and brain causing deficiencies through vaccines that it has to be considered a crime against humanity to not only mandate them, but for a doctor to actually agree to inject ppl with those shots in the first place. Their medical school training is garbage. So this is a good idea, but white America and its many immigrant and migrators of European, Asian, Arab, Indian, and a minimal of Africa foreigns are for the majority runners, not fighters. They came to squat and gain from other ppls ancestors achievement and left all responsibility to their nations of birth and or grandmothers lineage behind them. They left their own ppl to fend for themselves. So wth do we think they are going to do in this country that had become a melting pot and use them as fodder when they are forced to actually learn the real supreme republic law of the constitution and the going get rough? They are hoarding up property that they actually think belongs to them as a U.S. citizen, as we speak, right now. Catering to the wealth for a spot on their hamster wheel. They will run quickly back to their countries or become preppers who won’t bother or barely learn English and hide underground and take bribes by the elites that will run out of options with more n more white ppl waking up to the evil powers that shouldn’t be. The European powers whom they have literally fostered out of a delusion of white supremacy and ignorance to evil. Evil does not care about race, color or even money, evil cares about self and making as many ppl think the same way.

  30. When you vote you are giving consent through your corporate strawman they rely on consent. Unregister to vote if people did that in mass you would see the so-called powers that be really freak out.

  31. I believe that voting is an obligation as an American Citizen. Therefore it is your duty to the nation to vote.

  32. Let's go deeper….

    'People died for that right.'
    assumes I'm entitled to a vote to begin with

    'You have a moral obligation to vote'
    assumes a morality which is not subjective– also same society that cries "dont force your morality on others"

    'If you don't vote, you're an idiot'
    I can use an ad hominem too. –"If you vote you're an idiot."


  33. this video has the dumbest arguments I have ever heard. Precisely the people that don't blindly follow the right or the left are the ones that need to vote the most, since they are the voice of reason, telling them not to vote is the most stupid thing you can say, specially with the argument of 1 vote will not affect the result. This argument would aply to 1 person throwing his trash on the streets, after all just one person doing it wont change anything, right. Guys, you don't need to pay your taxes, after all, one less tax payer won't bankrupt the country.
    Edit: Holly fuck the next arguments are even worse. Is this a joke video? Voting for the least corrupt politician creates competition, if we do it right (and we are not because of retards like tbhe guy in this video) this will slowly improve the candidates, sin they will be forced to be at least a little bit less corrupt than the oposition.
    Also, if you really think that you don't want the civil duty to vote you should leave to a country without a voting system. You really need to understand what a state of law is, the benefits come with obligations.
    And what are you going to teach with this extra hour every some years you have by not voting? Really? Ultimately since you live in a fucking democratic State after all those years of educating people they will need to fucking vote to make their ideals reality. Holly fuck, leaving the democratic system for the sheep people is exactly why you americans are so fucked (and so most societies). Your laws are made by this crazy voters, do you really think you can make changes in your country by not voting? you would only change it by letting the others voting for you, making desitions for you.
    At least use some reason to honor de misleading title of your channel.

  34. It is true that a single vote doesn't mean much, that's why low voter turnout is a problem and the need for more people to vote in elections

  35. I absolutely do not want people to vote if they are not informed… I get so sick of seeing celebs repeating the same word or phrase several times in a row.

    Also, shut your mouth Mark Ruffalo… you disgraceful douchebag

  36. Everyone in my family's a war vet (mom too)…
    We were all lied to. The bankers are Sovereign.
    ANYTHING ELSE IS impotent

  37. The Zionist Jew's decide who will be president. Electoral votes are nothing. They don't mean anything. They only want people to vote to see who the sheep are. Sheep being gullible people who believe in the corrupt Zionist Jew system. Wakey, wakey, wakey…people. You are being deceived in this video. Our votes do not count. The Rothschild's, DuPont's, Rockeheller's, etc (Zionist Jew's) decide who gets in the oval office. Same goes for all governments throughout the world.

  38. if you have to have some media celebrity or news anchor tell you who to vote for rather than do your own research then you shouldn't vote.

  39. Write in The3DShow,im not running,but if i get it my laws will be put in place asap.1 Build a federal voting site were everyone votes on everything.2 Instate a maximum wage of $100,000,000 a year.all over will go to the gov for infrastructure,homeless,medical,and school.this includes duel citizenships.if your russian or israeli making more then that,thx for your donation.if you refuse you loose your american citizenship.3 We have the right of self medication,no one has the right to force there drugs or ban drugs from you.including vaccines and herbals and food.

  40. I don't mean to be that guy but notice how all the pro-votong videos are all liberal biased. Where's the conservatives you leftists claim are so fake (which they are) begging you to vote Red in the fall?

  41. If 2 crooks are running for office and you voted for one of them, you are responsible for putting a crook in office.

  42. nonvoters is the majority:
    European Parliament election turnout:

    Romania: 49%

    Ireland: 49%

    Hungary: 43%

    Poland: 43%

    Netherlands: 42%

    Finland: 41%

    UK: 37%

    Portugal: 31%

    Bulgaria: 31%

    Croatia: 30%
    so the real democracy is not the current system

  43. Why vote for pre-determined candidates that don't stand for the right things? If I were to vote for someone I believed would be the best candidate, my vote would be binned. Democracy means we all get a voice, but only if that voice is one of the two voices that they allow you to have…

  44. When I was in middle school we had one of those faux election things. I told my teacher that I didnt want to vote. She guilt tripped/forced me into it by saying things like "people have fought and died for the right to vote." So I just circled a random party and handed in the slip.

  45. no we dont have an oblagation woman hahaha and no mrs. winfree hahaha we aint dishonourin no 1 hahaha so if u wanna vote then have at it din hahaha but dont tell us wat to do celebs ugh

  46. i disagree with the claim that it doesn't matter if you vote.

    you should "vote your conscience", even if that means not voting.

  47. 2:06 what does communism have to do with it? voting is communal. you could vote for communism. communism could be achieved or implemented democratically. i'm not a communist.

  48. I wonder if any of the salty pro voters in the comments here that are deflecting and complaining can actually formulate an argument against this video?

    I so makes me wonder if they can prove their fraudulent system of voting to have any legitimacy? Or that anybody's vote means anything? Don't get your hopes up people.

  49. Fuck voting! If I was paid $100 or more then I'd consider it. I'd put a blindfold on and pull any knob in the voting machine. I could care less about the party systems. It all sucks and is pointless

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