Why this British town voted to leave the EU

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  1. Pretty good to see none biased journalism! Just lookin at the whole picture, you dont see that very often with news media now a days!!!

  2. This decision was made mainly by residents of nursing homes and senior citizens, they do not care, they have their monthly pensions

  3. why would you regret it, it was the best decision. only those dicks in london and scotland thought everything was great, .. as far as the immigrants are concerned, who cares what they fear?

  4. can't explain it, but there is a force doing this, it's a negative force, it plays with your worst fears, I was here thinking the American election race has no bearing on England, how wrong I was, it's like a domino effect , what happens in America it effects England it effects europe it effect the world, Donald trump is a moderate in the Republican party and his views are questionably extreme, world is in a mess and the timing it's the worst timing ever, with the middle East crisis, refugee crisis

  5. of course they don't regret, because they are poor anyway.
    When you have nothing you have nothing to lose……….
    Isn't that ironic……

  6. An independent Britain should focus on domestic production with natural materials, as well as subsidized vocational schooling to ensure the availability of jobs and intellectual well-being of future generations.

  7. CNN just can't accept that the people have been ass screwed by the Elites and are sick of it! CNN wants to call it Xenophobia and Racism. They actually had Polish Immigrants on one show trying to make it look like they were discriminated, the reality is that there is an invasion going on and it isn't Poles, it is Sinister and much Darker no pun intended. Care to wear a mandatory Burhka ladies?

  8. Immigrants/foreigners have no right to vote it's not there country if they ain't British then they shouldn't be aloud vote

  9. I don't understand, how can a port city w busy traffic to/fro EU has so little development, the opportunity should have brisk. Not enough entrepreneurship?

  10. Most of those people are losers of fair competition with little skills to offer in the job market. Now they want favoritism simply because they are poor? You are poor because of you didn't study hard enough in high school to get into good universities, not because of government's policies.

  11. I fully stand by, as an American, on the vote against the EU by Britain's Government. Being an American, I can rightfully state Wall Street is just as corrupt as the European Union, and would not doubt they [Wall Street] had their greedy hands all in the mess. Why I believe this, the Dow dropped dramatically moments after this vote. That is not how capitalism works ladies and gentlemen. I mean it does not work on the totalitarianism of a few in the financial system.


  13. Hi – I'm from Hull, soon to be 'City of Culture 2017', and I'd just like to add a bit more info to what has been reported in this news report. We own our own home, which my hubby worked hard to pay for, working for 33 years with the same company (originally British but now French/Swiss) and we are not unintelligent – but I have also experienced life, many years ago, on a council housing estate (and very nice it was, too, with everyone getting on well, minimum vandalism and good services to hand, despite most of us being pretty hard-up). Unfortunately, many of those estates are now run down and full of justifiably angry folk – many of them are those same lovely folk who lived there years ago and worked hard to pay their rent, or their grown-up families – living alongside layabouts who have been 'dumped' there because there's nowhere else left to dump them. I now see frustrated people everywhere (including within the 'more salubrious' areas not shown on this video) and from all walks of life. Hopefully, once the dust has settled, folk will see a return to more traditional values, unfettered by rules and regulations made in another country. Hopefully, young decent folk, regardless of creed or colour, will stop having to accept 'zero-hour' contracts simply to get a job, or being forced to work for someone for less than minimum wages because it's the only way they can compete, will be able to see a doctor while they are still ill and before their leg has actually dropped off, can (if they want to) stick a Union Jack in the back garden of their own home (which has become worth working for because it has become an affordable option) without fearing some 'PC-Brigade' leaping on them, and look forward to something more in retirement than a couple of years of ill-health before they snuff it at 90. It could take some time … a long time … but eventually we'll get there … ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  14. This is my City, I have been born and lived my life of 16 years here. I still live here today. I can say that the European Union have had little impact on the area positively. They say that the Siemens plant will bring jobs to the city… The jobs of which that it does bring will be taken up by the vastly unemployed immigrants because they will work for longer and at a lower rate. We have been left behind by the UK and the current government. We ask, we plead but we are ignored. We have learn to just get by and get on with things. We have resorted to our own devices. A few years ago, the government promised a "Northern Powerhouse". They must be talking about some other country because this "Powerhouse" never came to us.

  15. Sorry you had to come to my shithole of a town. Good people there, just being ignored by the political elite and left to rot.

  16. This is typical of anti-EU movements across Europe – it's always people angry with local politicians, and who feel unable to change their local situation, who lash out against the EU and foreigners because they're an easier target.

    These people will never improve their lives because they can't even figure out why their lives are so bad.

    The vast majority of young and educated people support the EU, it's only the dregs of society who are blindly lashing out against it.

  17. the Right decision was made…a true democratic decision. the silent majority spoke!! However the in-fighting with the current so called political leadership. ..is the cause of the unrest and uncertainty. …they are showing contempt toward the electorate! !! instead of sorting the Exit out….they are embroiled in, in house sqaubles…

  18. If you want to rule properly you must leave your subjects something to lose, thats like divide and conquer 101 E.U!

  19. Sitting on a sofa for the past 20 years, drinking beer. For now blaming anybody else but not their own laziness

  20. I live in Hull & completely understand the feelings of the people. Look at the map of England & see where the leave & the remain votes came from…nearly all the remain votes came from affluent cities/towns. Working class cities are being ignored by the Westminister elite. There is more to the UK than London. This was mainly a protest vote…. 'Haves v The Have Nots' not about Immigration. A vote for people who want to see change.

  21. They voted to leave because they are THICK! have not got a clue and it's all about immigration, narrow minded and nasty, mostly English, worse than the Irish, closet racist. Placing the future of the UK in the hands of such people is shameful and crazy.

  22. You see, why places like Hull and many others around the UK struggle, the selfish cunts in London who have everything feel they have the right to protest and call Brexiters racist, say they want more migrants through utter arrogance and ignorance while the people who have it hard just want change and want better.

  23. I think the problem is that most people in the UK just don't like the EU, but they can't tell you why so they vote leave and blame their social problems on them. I voted leave because I took the time to read up on the EU and came to the conclusion that it's undemocratic and racing to drag us in to a European Superstate nobody here wants. The tensions between leave and remain seem to be occurring because the remain camp hear these people in low income societies stating that they've voted leave for reasons that have little to do with the EU and naturally feel robbed of their victory, not knowing that their are overwhelming genuine but complex reasons to leave.

  24. "The immigrants are uneasy"

    Must be the packing, for when they fuck off back to where they came from, worried about leaving some of their tat behind. Who cares what they think?

  25. I'm from Hull and I ashamed of my people, they voted with their hearts because they hate the government (which is fair enough) and they want their voices to be heard. Well what a way to prove our voices are worth hearing; let's vote on something with serious consequences without actually looking into what the effects would be. A half-baked decision and irresponsible vote. You don't think things can get worse? Wait and see…

  26. There are some sad pathetic remain voters on this comment section.And they say the vote leave were ignorant.Pot calling the kettle.People in area's like this have been ignored and not listened to for decades.While parts of London and the south East have enjoyed wealth generation no surprises they voted remain.While 85% of England and Wales land mass voted leave.Cynical Stuckup toffee nosed snobs on here.So glad I'm not like you.And I voted leave like 52% of the country.

  27. Most know polls are institutional brainwashing tools to softly point public opinion, and propaganda agendas. And the only way for anything to get done was to take back sovereignty for parliament to bring back truth and integrity.

  28. The EU is a completely corrupt, bloated and largely unaccountable institution which is long past its sell by date. Reading the treaties from Rome 1957, via Maastrict 1992 to Lisbon 2007 reveals just how much power we've given away to Brussels, and we need it all back!

    The caricature of Leavers as stupid and uneducated is itself stupid. It's the Remainers who are on the wrong side of the argument, and 99.99% of them have probably not read through a single EU treaty.

  29. Anyone that voted leave because of immigration wasted their vote and blamed the wrong authority! They shouldve layed blame at 10 Downing Street

  30. Brexit need not have happened, for decades the public were not consulted over immigration and when the political elite took their eye off the ball for a second by having the referendum the public at last took their chance to protest. Immigration wasent the only issue but it was probably the most important. How the political elite must rue the day they let their guard down and allowed a referendum.

  31. I originally voted to be in the Common Market great idea. I did not vote for a EU or Federal Europe and was given no choice, so i voted leave.

  32. CNN trying its damnedest to pretend it's presenting an unbiased, balanced discussion. Try harder, dickheads.

  33. people in Hull are in majority retards and morons, people with good paying jobs in the port of Hull that trades 90% of the cargo with EU countries due to existing free trade agreements, still voted to leave. Even when they're jobs are literally dependent on the UK being in the free trade area and customs union , they still don't care and want out. You explain to them this, they understand to some extent but they still want out for some unknown reason even to them. Even folks with good jobs at the EU company of Siemens that provide for families and put food on their tables , they still voted to leave , such is the arrogance and stupidity of some in this city. They are poor and angry at London's politicians, and somehow in their twisted delusional minds , leaving the EU will somehow fix this. Stupidity at it's best, and such is the case in most of UK

  34. Stupid people believing that they deserve to command some sort of voice of theirs being heard, motherfuckers you can't add up in your useless mind and you believe the government owes you money and care, Hull is Hull because of Hull's population, not because of EU.

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