Why the U.K. establishment is terrified of Jeremy Corbyn

In Britain, you have thousands of people taking
to the streets, particularly around the climate crisis, not only when President Trump made
that state visit to London, but you have Extinction Rebellion. Yeah. That has been huge, very well-organized, unpredictable. Attempts to delegitimize it have failed because
the courts have ruled that the police have no right to ban these demonstrations, which
is one of the few legal victories a movement has won in this country in recent years. So that is happening here. And, you know, let’s hope it ties in with
the election campaign. I think the figures are that over a million
people have registered between the ages of 18 and 34. They’ve kept to the date, they’ve registered. So I hope that that helps. It would be amazing. Also, Amy, if Corbyn wins and begins to implement
the program, it will have a big effect globally. If it can be done in Britain, why can’t
it be done in France? Why can’t it be done in the United States? Why can’t it be done in country X or Y or
Z? It will show that it is possible to reverse
all the damage inflicted by the neoliberal system, its economic policies, its wars, et
cetera. Corbyn would be the first prime minister of
this country who has been an anti-war activist and president of the Stop the War campaign
for some years. So that is one reason the right is so upset
and the establishment has been trying to destabilize him and this absurd, absurd accusation of
him being anti-Semitic has been thrown into the ring by right-wing and liberal Zionists,
which has unfortunately had an impact. But you know, people are fighting back, including
large numbers of Jewish activists from Jewish Voices for Labor. But they’ve hurled every possible charge
you can imagine at him. He’s a terrorist. He’s an anti-Semite. He’s a communist. He’s going to be like Stalin. You cannot imagine it outside this country,
what they’ve thrown at him. And he’s come back fighting. Well, this is probably his last fight politically
to win this election, and let’s hope he succeeds.

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  1. Man come on Britz! Get Jeremy Corbyn in there so we stop these worldwide right wing fascist policies. Shout out from Fort Worth TX.

  2. The very fact that the establishment, the wealth hoarders and all the puppet politicians are fearing Jeremy Corbyn…. should be enough of a reason for the majority of citizens to vote for him. Time to kick the trash to the curb!!!

  3. Stop all the illegal wars, stop the legalised mass murder. Vote Labour, Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister. Join 'Stop The War Coalition', say NO to N.A.T.O.!

  4. The late Australian broadcaster/writer Clive James commented on Corbyn thus: "I admire the way his principles are uninhibited by reason."

  5. It is important to remember that a great deal of the press is London centric, Xenophobic and right wing.
    They think of other areas of Britain as the 'provences'.
    Not of any importance.

  6. If you let the people elect their own leaders and don't interfere, true left wing politicians win every time.

    Bernie in the US, Lula in Brazil, Morales in Bolivia (all of whom were cheated in some form), Corbyn in the UK.

  7. The UK power structure is terrified of Corbyn for he has decades of consistent anti war activism – for this reason alone Corbyn is of massive interest to the survival of the human race. The US is owned by REZ (Radical Extremist Zionists) – there has to be someone like Corbyn to standup against mindless destruction and mayhem. Corbyn is also against acute inequality of income – a sickness which has got its stranglehold on nearly all war mongering nations in the west. Corbyn is for the people and the power structures are desperately trying to smear him. Irrespective of political orientation, what is blatantly evident is that war, mayhem and destruction serve REZ and the elite billionaire club and not anyone else. Corbyn is therefore a good option for the people. Just the act of doing nothing and not partaking in illegal foreign interventions will be of massive benefit to the world. All else is of secondary importance. Free Assange and lock up the war criminals.

  8. Jeremy Corbyn is a good friend of our mexican president AMLO! Corbyn is a man that works for the majority not for the elites, that is why the MSM don't like him… And the same happens with the mexican president every day the MSM publish fake news about him.

    Build Society not Empires.

  10. I'd say the communism, identity politics and anti-Semitism, not to mention his love for authoritarianism… So there's that lol

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  12. “You cannot imagine it outside this country what they have thrown at him, and he’s come back fighting.”

    This is it here. Corbyn has been attacked relentlessly for the last four years by our media and press. Even when the Tories fuck something up, somehow it’s brought back to Corbyn’s doorstep. But there are those here that see through these lies. I don’t expect him to outright win the election, but I have hope that he’ll be able to run a minority government supported by other parties of similar ideals.

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