Why Did Mitch McConnell Choose Thursday To Support Election Security? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. She's being very selfish toward the people everything we do can't be counted by numbers, PLEASE IMPEACH THIS MAN! HE IS CALLING YOUR BLUFF EVERY TIME! Or find a way to eliminate him, he must go.

  2. $250,000 million for election protection. How many billions so far for the wall? For the trips to various self-owned golf properties………….Your emperor god has his priorities straight. All Amerikuns bow down before your lord the chosen one strumpet trump.

  3. finally. someone must have sat down & talked some sense into his head. even he has to understand the seriousness of don's continued actions of subversion against the u.s. that this cannot continue. he needs to be removed from power. he is extremely dangerous in his recklessness, his either cluelessness of the absolute extreme danger he is putting america in, or he just doesn't care. so now, what's next? he needs to be impeached. this is a step in the right direction, but he still needs to be removed before he does any more damage.. he needs to be stripped of his power, & the repubs need to cooperate 100%.

  4. Too little, too late, Moscow Mitch. You aren't just complicit, you are a co-conspirator. Off to the clink with you, and your lovely wife.

  5. Moscow Mitch is starting to realise that he is going to go down in history as a TRAITOR to the United States of America and he is freaking out. When a man reaches the final years of life, he starts thinking about legacy and Moscow Mitch has realised that his legacy is toxic due to his years of corruption and dirty dealings and that is how he will be remembered. And he deserves every second of it.

  6. More talking and no arrest, no impeach! And McConnell walks around like a God.. listen someone breaks the law and is not arrested. Ofcuz he is going to keep breaking the law and feel untouchable.

  7. T makes perfect sense if you assume he's an organised crime boss. He's trying to setup everything to work in a "you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours" pattern.
    And Giulliani is a mob lawyer. He did lock up people….some people. He cleaned up the city of some criminals in his glory days. He picked a side. And now he's old and senile and confessing all over the place. And just like that it all fits — into the most horrible pattern EVER. But, it does all fit. Unfortunately.
    It doesn't matter bc gross incompetence and inciting criminal acts should be enough to impeach any president. Ideally before his incompetence leads to wars….Try saying it like this: "its…uhm….bad for buziness, boss. Let's just uhm…sleep on it, no? Maybe you don't want the NSA and FBI and all them by the rules ppl looking too closely at ze businesses – best to resign and take your chances in the courts, eh?….too many eyeballs in that office."
    …. Hey, as long as it works :D! He can say he "tricked" the democrats by resigning before they could impeach him 😛

  8. Oohhh. That was the saddest face (Al Sharpton) I have ever seen and then they show Moscow Mitch with his whole face puckered up as if an alligator has bitten into his privates

  9. Oh the loney toons on the left never ceases to amuse me! Oh my, and exactly who created the Whistleblower committee and hot line? Higher under President Trump indeed! Firstly, NSI works for President Trump, not the other way around, let that sink in! While I'm sure there are a few unconscious thinkers who will buy your tale hook, line and sinker (all pun intended for your fishing expedition) most of us see it for what it is, another Democrat 'Wrap and Smear' job just like the Russia hoax starring the same exact characters, NYT, Washington Post with good old C(ommunist) N(ews) N(etwork) and other Democrat Tools to run the tale 24/7, and of course Drama Queen Adam Schiff (I have Proof.) Never mind that Adam Schiff was a member of the Gang of Eight and has been intentionally lying and misleading the public at large for over three years, he is once again the Democrat Poster Boy! October is getting very close people, but if these Clowns can keep you distracted with their false flags, you won't bother to read the IG report coming out, and that's the REAL TRUTH they don't want you to know! Will their Clown Show stop justice? No! Will it win them elections? No!
    Two years ago, Joe Biden willingly went on a public forum and openly bragged that he as VP of the United States blackmailed Ukraine government with billions of tax payer dollars, that if Ukraine government didn't fire the prosecutor who was investigating Hunter Biden and John Kerry's stepson in 6 hours, he would withhold the funds. You can twist the story any way you desire and it comes right back to Ex VP Joe Biden bragging about blackmailing Ukraine government to protect his and John Kerry's stepson from prosecution investigations of serious crimes! If there is nothing to hide 'Democrats', what is your real fear about President Trump speaking with Ukraine government? After all, that is within the Presidential branch of power and duty! If you want to demand private conversations of President's between other countries, lets go after ALL of them, not just President Trump's! I personally would like to know what Obama promised Putin after his last electing as was caught on camera!

  10. trust & believe moscow mitch has a strategy. i believe he's trying to save face. & he's trying stay in power. intelligence committee said it was foreign interference in 2016 so why now the change of heart mitch?

  11. he trying to save face that what that about.he trying to do damage control cause we see you.the corruption is just so bad they all got to go

  12. Do Nothing Pelosi will let the Orange Overlord get away with this, I thought the last Speaker of the House was a waste of space but Pelosi wins hands down.

  13. I wish someone would knock his jaw off with a baseball bat, but let's be honest, he doesn't have one, just a hole for his leech mouth…

  14. Donald Trump is now clearly guilty of gross corruption, fraud, and abuse of power. When will this administration come to an end? Anyone who continues to support Donald Trump needs to explain themselves, #MoscowMitch

  15. #MoscowMitch did this election security 🗳 fake out to soften the blow of Trump’s treason and to hush 🤫 a particular GOP member that was about to ring the alarm 🚨 on this nonsense

  16. He changed his mind because he heard from his own state that they will vote him out, and elect someone else. Moscow Mitch is nothing, if he's not in office..he can do nothing. He also knows that many GOP will not be reelected, they will lose the majority in the Senate, and both the House and the Senate can then undo everything that the GOP had done. 22 GOP seats up for reelection, they will lose most of them.

  17. Hopefully Moscow Mitch's decision to support is also because polls are showing Amy McGrath closing in on Moscow Mitch chances of reelection. Goodness I sure hope she wins. Vote 'em out…All of them!!

  18. He chose yesterday because he knows they could dump ten BILLION into election security right now and it wont matter

    The election is already in the bag and Mitch knows it

  19. Trump is like R Kelly, God didn't give me a second chance my money did. Where is R Kelly now. God can't be bought stupidity will be his down fall.

  20. Trump actually believes he can commit treason in broad daylight on Fifth Ave and not lose any support… which makes him and his supporters a conspiracy in the service of foreign power(s)

  21. So who if not the congress and the sensible people in our country are going to say enough of this corrupt president are we going to allow on our watch?

  22. Cory has been whining and crying about his mama and daddy didn't have enough money to send him to Harvard poor poor Corey

  23. It's obvious that Donald Trump can only elevate his status by making other people look bad instead of doing the right thing that is sociopath Behavior

  24. Well, now we can see why Moscow Mitch has been blocking proposed protections for our upcoming election. Moscow Mitch was protecting Dotard tRump's ongoing criminal activity.

  25. Another two-faced crooked Republicant. Imagine my surprise.
    MoscowMitch must really want to keep his hands in the Russian aluminum oligarch's pocket. And, his wife out of jail

  26. Don’t crooked democrats ever get tired of losing to the Chosen One ! It’s hilarious watching their heads explode ! 2020 landslide coming !

  27. Don't expect Moscow Mitch to do the right thing while our President is trying to blackmail the leader of another country into giving dirt on his political opponent…the Republican party has become a bunch of shady crooks.

  28. I hope all western foreign security services have downgraded the intelligence given to America from Top Secret to just barely interesting. Putin wants payback for the help he gave Trump in stealing the election. I wonder how many agents have been compromised by Trump, we will never know.

  29. It’s time Moscow Mitch is investigated as a foreign asset to Putin.
    He too has Putin love, and is willing to sell USA to Russia.
    Keep Russian businesses OUT of America!
    How is this USA Nationalism?

  30. Gotta hear this but i bet it has to do with protecting his seat.
    And now the flames are to high, its time to drop Trump in the fire pit on his own.
    Otherwose with his wife still being investigated its apart of a deal to keep him and her out of jail.

  31. It's just a gimmick. He wants to act like he's doing good but in reality will do nothing. Just telling the public what it wants to hear. GOP thinks we're stupid.

  32. I love msnbc but what the f is morning joe supposed to be. What a bunch of imbeciles. Especially that woman who just says the wrong thing from out of nowhere. And said mmm 3 times. And pretended to drink coffee🙈.

  33. Be wary of McConnell! They infected electronic voting machines before with malware to change your votes. Just ask Jeb Bush!!! Remember Florida!?

  34. Dear Moscow Mitch: TOO LATE — WAY TOOOOO LATE! You thought you had this country in your back pocket. How's THAT workin' for ya? What's that song — "Bye bye Miss American Pie?

  35. I do believe Treaduo was dressed up for masquerades….we use to dress up as Aunt Jemima but not to be racist…also as marine Indians and Chinese…but we were not putting them down or being racist….we were brought up to understand that everyone was equal but wore different kinds of clothing! With the work he has done to better the lives of Indigenous and refugees from every nation, I would say he is the least racist person!

  36. He needs to go. Being part of the good fellas gang or manic mob did not help him Moscow Mitch. This is the worst mob gang ever. You got Teflon trump , rambling Rudy , who snitched without know he’s doing it, spin master Barr . I want deep throat to testify

  37. “A Few DUMB Men” -starring Donny “Bonespurs” tRump , Moscow Mitch, Ridiculous Rudy, and special appearance by William “Give it to Me Daddy Trump “ Barr

  38. moscow mitch ‘s wife elaine chao makes him eating too much of her “chinese tofu “ , that’s why it’s only chinese tofu in his turtle 🐢 head ….vote this sleazy old NUT out of his shell to “make America safe again “ !

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