Why are Democrats still nuts 2 years after Trump’s win?

Pirro: Filmmaker and “New York Times”
bestselling author Dinesh D’Souza joins me now. First of all, Dinesh,
congratulations. I understand you’ve had some incredible premieres with
some very distinguished guests at those premieres. But how do you
interpret what the President said tonight based on your book, which I have read,
I have actually read it, “Death of a Nation,” and it’s excellent. Talk to me. D’Souza: Well on the movie poster,
of course, we morphed the heads of Lincoln and Trump, so it’s kind of
appropriate that Trump is picking up this theme. Now of course,
this outrages a lot of people because they think, “How dare you
compare Trump and Lincoln?” Now on the face of it, Trump and Lincoln,
temperamentally, are quite different. Here’s Lincoln: he’s brooding, he’s
melancholy, he’s philosophical. So I wouldn’t say that temperamentally
they’re the same, but their situations are eerily similar.
Pirro: How? D’Souza: In 1860, an outsider,
a candidate, a Republican, enters the race, wins narrowly. In fact,
wins it only because it’s a three-man race, and the moment that he’s
elected, all hell breaks loose. The Northern Democrats openly
call for his assassination. The Southern Democrats prove that
they’re willing to break the country up rather than abide by a Lincoln
presidency. So here we are, 150 years later, and we have an
outsider, Trump, who wins unexpectedly, a close election, and
the same party, the Democrats, go nuts. And to this day, two years
after the election… Pirro: They’re still nuts.
D’Souza: They’re still nuts, and so the movie looks at the themes
of fascism and racism, which are the two incendiary bombs that the Left
is using to try to delegitimize Trump. Basically saying he’s ineligible
to be the the president, even if people voted for him. Pirro: Even if he’s got, what, 307
electoral votes, or whatever the number was. But why is the issue of
fascism so on the tip of everyone’s tongues? How does that connect? D’Souza: Here’s why: where do you
get the license, if I may say so, to trump an electoral majority
in a democratic society? There’s only one place. The only
analogy that works is Hitler circa 1933, because you and I would agree
that if we were living in Germany and Hitler came to power, and
remember the Nazi party was the largest party in Germany, so if
Hitler was democratically elected, I think you and I would agree that
would be terrible enough that we would be justified in using
“any means necessary” to get rid of him. So the Left is taking that
logic and applying it to Trump. Pirro: Based on what? D’Souza: Based on the fact that
they say he’s a racist and he’s white supremacist. So all this
kind of incendiary poison is used to, basically, legitimize all
the craziness that the Left has been doing from violence to attempts
to engineer a legal coup. So our movie basically take them at
their word. We say, “Okay, let’s look at fascism.” Is it not a fact that
Mussolini, the founder of fascism, was a leftist? He was a Marxist,
he was a life-long socialist. Let’s look at Hitler. What’s the name of
his party? The National Socialist Party. Let’s look at the Nazi twenty-five point
agenda because they campaigned on that: state control of banks, state
control of healthcare, state control of education, state control
of religious liberty. Pirro: What does that sound like?
D’Souza: Exactly. No sane person can read this and say,
“This is on the right.” And then I look at the fascism of
today. The Left using the weapons of the state against their opponents.
I mean the key move of the Nazis was the party is the state.
Remember, the Nazi party basically became the state.
Pirro: Right, right. D’Souza: This is what the Democrats…
Pirro: Socialism. D’Souza: Yeah, and also using
the state to neutralize your critics. Pirro: Okay, and now when the police
are standing down in some cases, that’s neutralizing not just the critics,
but it allows the Left to go forward with illegal activities. And also, the
whole idea of shutting down free speech, vandalizing the
property of anyone on the right, assaulting, you know, “creating the
crowd,” as Maxine Waters calls it. D’Souza: I just wish… Mussolini
had these paramilitary fighters called the “Blackshirts,” and I just
wish Mussolini, if he were to see what’s going on today with Antifa,
these guys wear black costumes, they carry bats and truncheons,
they beat up their opponents. The only difference between them
and Mussolini’s Blackshirts is that these guys called themselves
“anti-fascists,” but they look like fascists, they act like fascists…
Pirro: If it looks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck… Alright, Dinesh
D’Souza. “Death of a Nation.” Thanks so much for being here.
Congratulations on your movie.

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