Why America needs nonpartisan elections

The American people are fed up with
partisan politics. In a recent Gallup poll Americans name dissatisfaction with
government as the number one problem facing the country today. Americans now
believe our government is more of a problem than the economy, education and
terrorism. To change the way our elected officials
work for the American people we must change how they are elected. We need to
start with the first round of voting, the primaries. Thanks to gerrymandering and
other factors the primary election is often the only election that matters. In
many states less than five percent of the electorate are actually deciding who
represents 100% of that district or state. That means our elected officials
are actually chosen by an increasingly tiny, often incredibly partisan, slice of
the electorate. Today 42% of Americans identify themselves as independents. Most
states exclude independent voters from voting in the first round, the primaries,
and in states that do allow them to vote in primaries, they’re forced to
temporarily join a party that they don’t believe in. A top-two nonpartisan primary
eliminates party control in favor of a single nonpartisan primary open to all
voters and all candidates. There is no longer a Democratic primary and a
Republican primary. There is one primary open to all voters
and all candidates. The top two vote-getters, regardless of party, then move forward to
the general election with nonpartisan primaries everyone gets to vote. The
winners are more accountable because they have to speak to all the voters in order to
get elected. Elections are more competitive.
Legislators are encouraged to work across party lines and focus on issues
we care about. Top two nonpartisan primaries are now used in California,
Nebraska and Washington. You’ve probably already voted using top two. Most
municipal elections nationwide use the simple, nonpartisan system. Today activists in all 50 states are working
to bring this crucial system change their state. The movement is growing. Join
us and help us create a government that truly is by and for the people.

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