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On this episode of China Uncensored, Hong Kong just elected a new leader, and the winner is… Beijing! Hi, welcome to China Uncensored, I’m your host Chris Chappell. Things have been a little on edge in Hong Kong lately. And I’m not talking about David Beckham posting a video of his trip in Hong Kong and saying he had a good time in “China.” I guess it’s true what they say. No one can offend it like Beckham. Anyway, even more controversial than David
Beckham, is the election of Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, which is basically like their governor-slash-mayor- slash-leader of the undead. That’s current chief executive CY Leung. Clearly a man beloved by the people. But moving on to the question of who the next chief executive will be: polls were showing that John Tsang, Hong Kong’s former financial secretary, was backed by almost half of adults, while his closest rival Carrie Lam had the support of only just over a quarter. But the Chinese regime wanted Carrie Lam! So they decided to give her a helping hand. The top Chinese officials in charge of telling the future Chief Executive exactly
what to do, made it clear that Lam was their choice for the person to tell what to do to. Fortunately—the most popular candidate won
anyway! Haha, in the crazy alternate reality Hong
Kong that has universal suffrage, that is. But in the real Hong Kong, the people don’t actually get to directly
vote for their Chief Executive. It’s done through an electoral college-type
system. And if you think America’s electoral college has a few holes, well, Hong Kong’s is one giant crater. In Hong Kong, a city of more than 7 million people, only 1,200 representatives get to vote for Chief Executive. And get this: The vast majority of those representatives are not even elected by the people. They’re special interest groups like the
hotel industry, or the transportation industry, plus a healthy dose of representatives from the mainland Chinese government. There are historical reasons for this structure: namely, Great Britain. But it was supposed to be reformed. Back in 2007— so long ago that the 1st generation iPhone was the hottest thing on the market— the Hong Kong government was like: “Hey, we wanna have direct elections for our Chief Executive in 2012. One person, one vote.” And in December that year, the National People’s Congress— a.k.a. the Chinese government— tentatively agreed. But they wanted to push the goalposts back to 2017. Because you know, elections are really complicated and this
sort of thing takes 10 years of careful planning or whatever. But in 2014, the National People’s Congress realized their distant goalposts were actually getting
close. So they changed the rules and announced that “The Chief Executive shall be a person who loves the country and loves Hong Kong.” Which is Party speak for, “We’ll pick the candidates and then you
can vote for one of them.” Which is like your parents taking you to Baskin
Robbins and telling you, “You can have any flavor of ice cream you
want… as long as it’s Pistachio, Licorice, or
Rum Raisin.” Seriously, who puts raisins in ice cream? That announcement was followed by 79 days of mega protests. Shot on my iPhone 6. The Hong Kong legislature eventually rejected Beijing’s our-way-or-the-highway proposal, but that still left Hong Kong without universal
suffrage. So by the time 2017 rolled around, it was still the old system. Basically, the Communist Party won by proposing an alternative so bad that no Hong Kongers wanted it, and in the meantime, quietly moving the goalposts
back as far as possible. So by the time I can pick peanut butter chocolate for Chief Executive, we’ll probably have iPhone 13’s. So it comes as no surprise that in this year’s March 26th Chief Executive
election, the candidate who won was the one Beijing wanted all along. Carrie Lam won with 777 votes. That’s a two-thirds majority— despite her only getting around a quarter of popular support in pre-election polling. She was a gracious enough winner, though. She commended the other candidates, saying, “They ran good campaigns that taught me
a lot.” Namely, that you don’t have to be popular to win a rigged election. A major student-led political party called
it “a nightmare to Hong Kongers.” Which is ridiculous. You wake up from nightmares. But the new Chief Executive has promised to heal Hong Kong. “My priority will be to heal the divide, and to ease the frustrations, and to unite our society to move forward.” And maybe she will. Who knows? It’s just that the last candidate backed
by Beijing was CY Leung. Last December, he announced he would step
down and not run for reelection for, you know, “family reasons”— which is code for: He’s so unpopular among Hong Kongers that he basically can’t do his job anymore. Oh, and he likely pissed someone off in the Communist Party leadership. You see, the battle over Hong Kong isn’t just played out in the election for Chief Executive. Hong Kong has been a thorny problem for Chinese leader Xi Jinping. Within the Party hierarchy, the guy in charge of Hong Kong affairs is head of the National People’s Congress, Zhang Dejiang. And the guy who controls Zhang Dejiang from
behind the scenes is former Party leader and Xi Jinping’s amphibian
archenemy, Jiang Zemin. For the last several years, Zhang Dejiang has seemingly made a pet project of destabilizing Hong Kong. After all, if Xi Jinping has to deal with
Hong Kong, that takes his focus away from getting rid of his political enemies with his anti-corruption campaign. Like I said, Zhang Dejiang is in charge of the National People’s Congress. The same congress that issued the rules in
2014 about how Hongkongers could only vote for preselected chief executive candidates. Which sparked the Umbrella Movement. Zhang’s National People’s Congress also last year issued an “interpretation” of Hong Kong’s constitution that let them throw out two recently elected Hong Kong pro-democracy legislators. A move guaranteed to put the city on edge. So since Zhang Dejiang wanted Carrie Lam, was her win a loss for Xi Jiping? Not necessarily. That’s because Xi Jinping already won his
battle over Hong Kong’s Chief Executive. The one who’s about to step down, CY Leung—the guy reviled throughout Hong
Kong for ordering police to use tear gas against student protesters in the Umbrella
Movement— was also in the Jiang Zemin camp. Everyone expected him to run for re-election. And let’s face it, if he had, he’d have won. But according to what an inside source told the South China Morning Post, Zhang Dejiang “had recommended to the Communist
Party’s Politburo Standing Committee that the central government should support Leung’s re-election, but this was rejected by Xi.” And then Leung “shocked” everyone by saying he wouldn’t run for reelection. Interesting. As for the election, a source close to the Xi leadership told the
Epoch Times that Xi had “no preferred candidate,” but was only concerned that, “Hong Kong must remain stable.” Which seems to me to suggest Xi is choosing to pick his battles, and whoever is Hong Kong’s Chief Executive isn’t a big concern from him now that he’s ousted CY Leung. So what will happen in Hong Kong under Carrie Lam? Well, it’s pretty clear now that Hong Kong’s
Chief Executive doesn’t have much real power. She’ll probably just follow Beijing. And what Beijing orders will depend on whichever side wins the power struggle. So what do you think about Carrie Lam’s
victory in Hong Kong? Leave your comments below. And remember, we can keep making episodes of China Uncensored because of support from viewers like you on Patreon. If you can, contribute today. Once again I’m your host Chris Chappell, see you next time.

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  1. I thought that Chinese people did not care about democracy or voting as long as they can make money. Hong Kong knows sense of freedom.

  2. Let's see…
    Corporate leaders has more voting influence than everyday citizens.
    Parties nominate their candidates.
    Opponents argue the systems are rigged against them. (*cough, Trump)
    When your candidates lose, you protest (NOT MY PRESIDENT), or claim Russia(China) controlled the election.
    That's pretty much the gist of modern day democracy.

  3. F*** Carrie Lam and her supporters for being close ties to the Jiang'Zemin's factions. How come local boy John Tsang didn't get the nod over Lam ??? After all hasn't he took control over Hong Kong's finance for over 10 years in the office ??

  4. "Which is ridiculous because you wake up from nightmares." That says it all when it comes to china. Well said Chris

  5. British never dealt with Republic of China or People's Republic of China, they made treaty with Manchu Qing Dynasty, so technically Hong Kong was Qing Dynasty's territory, Hong Kong can declare independence.

  6. Chinese government is like "The Empire", china just needs a skywalker to throw Emperor Palpatine aka Xi Jinping into reactor shaft.

  7. I have a suggestion to make. You should create a second chanel and do everything the same except do the show in chinese. Then you should advertise the channel in Hong Kong and Macau. Do this please. Your channel will grow if you do this. And more people need to know of these things and how currupt the CCP is.

  8. I'm now convinced that Jiang Zemin is the son of a Deep One. Though his process of transformation has been quite protracted considering his current age. Who would have thought they would have moved from New England to China?

  9. Alright, I'll ask:

    If say a fuel-air explosive detonated in the CCP's HQ in Bejing while Xi was addressing the entire combined political body and killed the entire federal Chinese Government…

    …would either the World, or even the Chinese People actually suffer for it? As opposed to say having a dead weight unclasped from their neck?

  10. Frankly I don't think you have the right to diss China when you americans somehow elected the worst possible president..

  11. Haha the 'people'- what they all say in America. Unfortunately your people are racist and arrogant, I think I like the 12000 voting system better

  12. I know that this comment will get deleted, down voted, reported and generally hated by all parties, but I stand by it: China needs a few dozens of nuclear bombs dropping down from the sky over their main military facilities, their damn and the place where the communist leaders meet every month, and the bombs need to be dropped right in the moment when the government officials are reunited, so that all of them die at the same time.
    A few million innocent people will die for a grater good.

    Before people start with moralistic crap, remember that sooner or later China is going to dump a few nuclear bombs over Korea, Japan, India, Taiwan or even Russia.
    It is just a matter of time.

    Let the hate replies start…

  13. Following Hong Kong's controversial election of Hillary Clinton's Establishment, Democracy is dead.

  14. Rip Hk so sad that it's not even 50 years yet but the Chinese government had already invaded into the HK government.

  15. 山西浮山深夜爆炸震感强烈 民众怀疑地震纷纷 …

    山西省临沂市浮山县县内一街道突发爆炸,新京报记者从多位当地居民处获悉,爆炸造成部分房屋和车辆严重受损,由于爆炸威力强劲,大量居民怀疑 …

  16. I love the toad jokes, please keep them comming, the video shelly did where she said "his toad-like predecessor" made me laugh so hard.

  17. Still China bashing. Please go to Tienanmen and stand on a soapbox and see how long you last sprouting your anti China talk. Hong Kong was returned to the mainland after the British was kicked out after their Opium ran out.

  18. "Resistance is futile. You WILL be assimilated." Mmm… How does one say "You've been Borged!" in Cantonese? 🤔

  19. The same situation happened in USA as well, did trump win? So please shut the fuck up, HongKong is a small place so 1200 votes is totally ok.

  20. Hong Kong is one of the world's most significant financial centres, with the highest Financial Development Index score and consistently ranks as the world's most competitive and freest economic entity.[23][24][25][26] As the world's 8th largest trading entity,[27] its legal tender, the Hong Kong dollar, is the world's 13th most traded currency.[28] Hong Kong's tertiary sector dominated economy is characterised by simple taxation with a competitive level of corporate tax and supported by its independent judiciary system.[29] However, while Hong Kong has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, it suffers from severe income inequality.[30]
    Hong Kong is renowned for its deep natural harbour, which enables ready access by international cargo ships, and its impressive skyline, with a very high density of skyscrapers;[31] the territory boasts the second largest number of high rises of any city in the world.[32][33] It has a very high Human Development Index ranking and the world's longest life expectancy.[34][35] Over 90% of the population makes use of well-developed public transportation.[36][37] Seasonal air pollution with origins from neighbouring industrial areas of Mainland China, which adopts loose emissions standards, has resulted in a high level of atmospheric particulates.[38][39][40]

  21. 1. This fucking channel is still ongoing thing? I thought this dude got retired after being indicted for molesting his sister.
    2. Hong Kong will always bow to the mainland. They're nothing but a slightly better Chinese province with a dying language. I agree that it's gotta hurt though.
    3. Who gives a fuck about what's happening there really?

  22. This channel is full of bullshit for uneducated Americans. I first thought this channel was like one of those comedy shows that no one takes seriously, yet found out in the comment section that people actually believe the bullshit. I laugh so hard so many times on the self-contradicting contents on this channel when the host shows something(a piece of news article in Chinese for example) that says completely the opposite of what the host saying, or things that are simply false. You can wrap yourself in this little "America is the greatest nation and China in the process of self-destruction" bubble, but for the sake of your what's left in your intelligence (though I doubt any was left since Trump was elected which basically guarantees that China will overtake the US in the next four years), try to get your information from vloggers(there are so many) who has actually been to China or are living in China, or watch some academic or business conference and talks on Chinese politics and economy, instead of these stupid propaganda. The truth hurts, for you, not for China. If you just believe whatever this guy says, you are just being ignorant and sad.

  23. I have faith in Carrie lam as she seems capable and not just simply a puppet who doesn't do much like CY Leung. the second most popular candidate, had a tendency to go aganist china as hkers are generally racist towards the mainland Chinese. I'm happy with how it turned out.

  24. The British never gave Hong Kong democracy. Every governor of Hong Kong was British, appointed by Hong Kong's white masters. What's the difference?

  25. She looks similar to Park Geun-hye, the president who got impeached in South Korea just this year (officially) lol.

  26. She another hillary, who won with the rig system . Even here in the USA the democrats( Which only in name when in fact they are socialists) tried to rig the election and failed, they even tried to force the electors to vote for hillary. Corrupt democrats will try again in the next elections.

  27. Glad Trump won. He the outsider unlike obama and hillary who have control of the 90% media and big companies and wanted to control everything people do like dictators.

  28. Didn't Beijing criticize Taiwan's new leader for being a woman? Now they're putting a woman into office in Hong Kong. It's almost as if gasp Beijing if full of hypocrites who will use anything to slander those they don't like!

  29. Best Comment Ever shut the fuck up, china is in the same situation with USA ? Do you vote for your boss in your company ? Chinese political system selected Xi because his past record was better than any other province leaders. The selection standard is virtue and achievement, Xi has not been corrupt and he achieved brilliant GDP growth rate in the province he governed. What did trump achieve in managing your country before elected? Your fucking one person one vote is the best system among all possibles? There is only one way to generate good leader? Answer me , you stupid Americans, world is more complicated and diversified than you think, china will create the model later other country will follow this model not your fucking stupid one person one vote which means stupid people can vote and the majority people are stupid that's why the 99% money is accumulated in 1% people's hand.

  30. Best Comment Ever shut the fuck up, china is in the same situation with USA ? Do you vote for your boss in your company ? Chinese political system selected Xi because his past record was better than any other province leaders. The selection standard is virtue and achievement, Xi has not been corrupt and he achieved brilliant GDP growth rate in the province he governed. What did trump achieve in managing your country before elected? Your fucking one person one vote is the best system among all possibles? There is only one way to generate good leader? Answer me , you stupid Americans, world is more complicated and diversified than you think, china will create the model later other country will follow this model not your fucking stupid one person one vote which means stupid people can vote and the majority people are stupid that's why the 99% money is accumulated in 1% people's hand.

  31. every single one in the election is basically Beijing's lapdogs, the only difference is some lapdogs are much more favoured by their owner over the others.

  32. I swear to god, China's politics are more complicated the the plots of Game of Thrones, The Matrix and Final Fantasy combined

  33. 应该给香港居民普选的权利,也算是民主化的一个试点,为可能的全国政改吸取经验教训。一国两制的范畴应该是允许这个的。



  35. So they hate the guy because he uses tear gas? They would despise my goverment. Every time there's a student protest, he enables the use of military weponry against protestors. Many have died in the past 5 years.

  36. It was reported that Lam had to move her family from Cambridge UK to Peking China, well as hostages, to show where her loyalty stands. 😩

  37. lol hongkong belongs to china ~ china can do whatever dafuq they want with it~ i dont get the point of those videos ~like this can make a difference , instead of focus on china why dont this fool do some video about America lol ~

  38. This is the what happen when a country like HongKong been taken by great power, who you can blame? China? No, only people you can blame is you HongKong People self, "weak gets eaten"


  40. Here come your choice :
    1. Noodle topped with spam and egg (餐蛋麵)
    2. Spam topped with noodle and egg (麵蛋餐)
    3. Egg topped with spam and noodled (餐麵蛋)
    "Only if you have a choice and make you like a boss" (有得揀, 先至係老闆)

  41. Jackie Chan was right, Hong Kong is a city of protest, the Catalyst for this were definitely the British and the CIA for sponsoring the Umbrella Movement.

  42. Using teargas on student protesters? That's nothing. Seen a protest in America? Police beat and punch anything in their way then pepper spray them and arrest them for daring to excerssise their rights.

  43. haha , the GovernorS during British Hong Kong not even elected by the people of Hong Kong, they just airbourne some white men from Britain .

  44. chris the Constitutional Representative Republic of The United States of America isnt a mob rule democracy so we arent directly elected by the popular vote for a damn good reason and by design of our founding fathers. the electoral college is by design not a pure democracy to prevent the minority in our country from being beholden to the majority and the only holes in our electoral college are the ones the demonkkkrats put in them in places the demonkkkratic mafia has full control

  45. .43, not a smile in the crowd. What if the demoncrats force the United States into communism? Deuteronomy 28 applies.

  46. This is so funny to watch now as HK is in turmoil again and HK people wants Carrie LAM to step down

  47. 2 years after this thing,we now can clearly know that this shit does not heal anything.Instead this shit makes everything worse!

  48. Looking back at this two and a half years later…oof. Yeah, you didn't do so well fixing that divide did you Carrie Lam.

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