Who Owns Voting Machines?

here’s some interesting information yet
everett we talked to parallel in the week maybe it was last week i’m losing
track of time of of voter fraud voter suppression
confirmed on behalf of the republican party and we talked about the fired
boater registration company now we have uh… a lot of bain alumni better
raising big money has met ron the bunglers and they are also involved in the electronic voting machine
business this is pretty interesting stuff this is kind of a repeat of that
infamous c_e_o_ of d bold waali o’dell who raised
money for bush while his company supplied the voting machines for two
thousand for election worthing almost the exact same thing
lewis we’re going to continue now i mean that that would ban same
thing alright well yeah they’re surprised now
i’ll tell the story in two hundred and thirty-four county
texas the entire state of hawaii the entire state of oklahoma half of washington colorado counties in
swing state ohio votes are going to be cast on these eastlake and eat whole
book machines now who makes those machines and a company called heart
intercepted part intercity machines famously painted
in tarrant county which is fort worth adding ten thousand non-existent votes
the ever study which was commissioned by the ohio secretary of state back in two
thousand seven found that there were a number of security flaws but the heart
intercity products no surprise we hear all the time of these flaws right an
ongoing free press investigation turned the attention to who owns the voting
machine companies you know what’s coming with us we all know what’s coming here
it comes the majority of the directors of heart enter civic come from a private equity for the
private equity for illness called h edgy capital now take a g capital has been
heavily invested in heart since about july twenty eleven just in time for the
current presidential cycle so the question is what who is a tragedy capital fourteen nine partners and directors of
a chechen capital forty eight or nine forty-seven rwhite an eleven of these men including the
founder tony tamer were at one point employed by none other
than bain capital bain and company to be specific two of
those men john paul dot and douglas berman are romney bundle is all long
with former bain and h edgy manager brian short sleeve these employees have
given three hundred thirty eight thousand dollars to mit romney’s
campaign about fifteen hundred bucks per employee bain capital by comparison only
gave romney two hundred and sixty eight thousand dollars each edgy if the eleven
th largest donor to the never on the campaign and they are really working
hard for their man also owning a lot of the voting machines that will be telling
the results ways and john the system is corrupt i don’t care what’s needed is or where
do she’s came from there should not be deceived you think
we just need paper ballots absolutely your line university a this is people are going to you falsify things it’s a lot of our dear to falsify ten thousand hand-written ballots it is then it is uh… doing this or that he wore it yet but local news needs the results by
eleven p_m_ eastern nokia silly john and that’s what’s going on
you to be aware of this need to be aware of all the voter suppression and
election fraud that’s going on

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  1. This shit is insane!!! These Repubs just don't know when to stop cheating !!! Something needs to be done about this now! We cannot let Mitt buy his way into the Whitehouse

  2. Unfortunately the conservative representatives are not among the majority that want free and fair elections.
    They were caught this summer reducing voting times in areas the vote democrat and extending them in republican areas.. Despicable. Not to mention a relative of G W Bush running the elections in Florida in 2000 with ANOTHER relative of G W Bush overseeing the running of the elections… And enacting bills making it harder for minorities to vote this election…. etc… etc.. etc…

  3. Take it up with the Federal Election Commission Moron! What are you doing talking to us? Obviously it's not that important if you're talking to us and not actually doing something about it. You're a fraud paid by some liberal douchebag.

  4. How does this only have 100,000 views?? People need to copy, paste and spread this around social media until a major news network picks it up. Bush BOUGHT the 2000 AND 2004 elections, it has already been proven. How can the American public not be angry about this?! I would expect burning buildings and lynching. Americans are constantly being led blind into useless wars. Wake up!

  5. I hate people saying the machines can't be hacked. My best friends and my dad are computer engineers/scientists. Of course they can be hacked through wireless connection. ANYTHING can be hacked through wireless connection.

  6. The rich man on the hill buying his way in to the Whitehouse. He will do and say anything to get his hands on the power. We cannot let Mitt buy his way to power and start another war.

  7. First of all, please explain to me how Mitt Romney or the Republican party is suppressing votes. Secondly, Mitt Romney relinquished control of Bain Capital before 2000 and before he got involved with the 2004 Olympics. Your intimation of conspiracy is even less factual then Obama saying he was born at Kapiolani Medical Center and having Barack Hussein Obama as his father. Interestingly, in 1961, the term Afro American was not used and my Hawaii birth certificate does not contain any 9s.

  8. How do we stop it? That's what baffles me. We all know this is going on. We knew it with Bush, but nothing stopped it. Being aware isn't changing anything. At this point, it's becoming clear that Romney is gonna win this election and it won't be because he was voted in or because a majority of citizens wanted him to win. They are openly crooked and have no shame. They don't even try to hide it. What can we DO besides post videos on YouTube? That doesn't help, nor do memes on Facebook.

  9. I live in WI in Paul Ryan's congressional district. Very often we in Wisconsin get treated to conservative politicians screeching about rampant voter fraud -well, in WI there were 6 cases total and out of those only 2 were prosecuted. ALL the cases in Milwaukee were attributed and verified as cases of data entry personnel typos & buildings recorded incorrectly, etc. So, why put financial demand on people to vote when we know it's directed at people of color and people in poverty specifically?

  10. Can anyone help fact-check this? I'll help spread the word if its true. Tagg can own as many machines as he wants, but using them in this election should be illegal. It shouldn't matter who you want to win. Question: Can you impeach a president whose son was found guilty and convicted of voter fraud or tampering with his election results?

  11. This case is very weak to say the least. Making connections between Romney and former employees of a firm with which he ceased control well over 10 years ago is far-fetched. They are unfounded allegations at best, and nothing beyond claiming guilty by association is offered as proof of this conspiracy theory.

    That said, I cannot fathom why the company can't produce a better product and why states aren't able to check the product better before contracting.

  12. They have no shame, will do anything to win the presidency even rig the voting machines! And do it right in our faces and say we can't do anything to stop them! People vote! Vote Democrat all the way!

  13. Claiming everything is a conspiracy is naive. Claiming NOTHING is… That's EVEN MORE naive. These are people with close ties with a candidate in a critical election. This constitutes a clear conflict of interest. If those machines were owned by someone who so much as went to high school with Obama, Faux Noise would run the "controversy" 24/7. This is a valid issue, and I agree that the primary voting method should be pure paper ballots. Electronic voting CAN NOT be trusted.

  14. It alk comes down to greed corporate greed and rich fucks that want all the money for themselves. On top of that why do u think repukes r so bad with education… they want to keep as many of us dumb as fuck so we keep voting for them. Look at all the morons that voted for McCain.

  15. Plus if anything goes wrong like something noticeable abnormalities guess what ? They can blame it on the machine versus a person Good job covering your asses
    Rich people always have the upper hand

  16. Well with so-called journalist like Chuck Todd saying that this is a voting machine "conspiracy" just like Donald Trump and birtherism, I wouldn't count of the MSM reporting on this.

  17. You people are IDIOTS. But if this is true and not liberal media propaganda, then horray for Romney, maybe I'll go help him rig the votes.

  18. This is bad for the US and her citizens that as great as America is to other nations, and this fraudulent and criminal act is happening in a well developed and industrialized nation…if the American people and legal system can not stop these folks from doing this evil; i think the US should stop meddling into electoral affairs of other nations across the globe. The man whose house is on fire can not put out the fire in his neighbor's house. UN and International Observers in US elections..lolz

  19. well that something can happen becasue of somebody, you are somebody, what will you do abuot this? get organized with friends or other organization in your area, do something about dont just post a comment on yt

  20. Please go to change.org to sign this petition! 50,000 people have signed it in protest to the Romneys owning private equity firms tied to voting machine companies! It will be sent to the Dept. of Justice to investigate. Copy, paste and raise hell! I can't post the link cause youtube won't let me, but it's easy to find.

  21. A cheater A stealer a liar a guy that doesn't pay taxes a guy that when America is in war he hides his ass in Europe just like he did in vietnam war a guy that hides his money in banks that are located in other countries a guy that flip flops a guy with multiple faces a guy that will say anything that sounds good but with no facts… cant run a fuc.king country

  22. A simple "fix" to protect the vote while still providing immediate results is PRINTED RECEIPTS on every voting machine, which prints out your selections, which you can then review and drop in a sealed BALLOT BOX. So if there's any question about the results, a paper recount is possible. It would provide the same instant results w/the security of paper. And people would be less likely to try & steal an election if a paper recount reveals massive fraud. Would you trust an ATM w/no receipts?

  23. Given your account here, it sound as though the water is in fact muddier than at first sight, however I've been unable to find thorough accounts of this case in terms of this as well as the connection to Romney's campaign – if you know of any credible sources with citations I'd be happy for you to suggest some searches on Google to find these. Thanks.

  24. Wish I could like this multiple times lol. But that'd be YT fraud, wouldn't it? It's so obviously a good practice; ridiculous that it's not in place everywhere.

  25. That was a particular type of paper ballot, and one that's more vulnerable to tampering than some. As well as being oddly-designed in the other ways.

  26. Go to change dot org/petitions/attorney-general-eric-holder-investigate-tagg-romney-owning-voting-machines-in-ohio and sign the petition demanding that attorney general Eric Holder investigate. We have over 50,000 signatures so far and are calling, emailing, etc. the attorney general.

  27. … the reason why they no longer use paper is because when bush beat gore they found thousands of paper ballots floating around the swamps in Florida…

  28. There is an official petition for the Attorney general to conduct a formal investigation on this.

    There are already over 52,000 sign ups, and we need about 23,000 more to get the investigation started.

    Go and sign up; here is the link:

    change dot org/petitions/attorney-general-eric-holder-investigate-tagg-romney-owning-voting-machines-in-ohio

    Please "Vote Up" this comment so it becomes a "Top Comment" and people can see it as soon they come in.

    We can’t let them still this election.

  29. Good Reporting guys I wrote to the White house my specific request -advice -Solution ?Solution ? The federal Justice department needs to order A SECOND MANUAL VOTE count ,This MAY BE NEEDED-

  30. i'm not an apologist for Romney, but this is INCORRECT:
    go to snopes.com and type in politics romney voting machines

  31. Better to review and KEEP the receipt — so if a recount is needed, you can submit your own. Or have a unique ID for each voting record on the receipt, then put the records online, so each voter can reference their own ID number and make sure the votes in the DB match what they put in — use the receipt to prove it if there's a discrepency. They'll manage to lose the boxes of paper…. it's been done before. For now, use a paper ballot if you can.

  32. Actually, you're responding to a different accusation — that Tagg Romney personally holds an interest — and that's not what this video is claming. This video states that Bain Capital people own interests in H.I.G. — and the snopes article verifies that.

  33. No, you don't want anyone removing completed ballots/receipts from the polling place. If a recount becomes necessary, the only way you could confirm the electronic tally is correct is if you ACCURATELY collect 100% of all the receipts. Some people will lose theirs, others won't bother to return, plus you insert a possibility for fraud (people turning in receipts for ballots they never cast.)

  34. The Tagg Romney stuff started AFTER this information got out. I wouldn't be surprised at all if it was started by Mitt backers, so that they could deny THAT rumor, and have it look like this had been debunked by association…. much like the fake W national guard memo that no one looked past to the real information underlying it…. dummy up a fake memo with the same info, call it a fake and people think the information must have been false by association — worked then, hopefully not now.

  35. You can't have a logical argument with a fool, the only thing they understand is a swift boot in the patooty. Why anyone wouldn't advocate a vigilant scrutiny of the ballot system is self explanatory.

  36. That has been debunked repeatedly — the real cheaters are the repubs… 10,000 W votes preloaded on voting machines, boxes of democratic voter registration applications found in dumpsters, and people being removed from registration databases…. that even happened to me recently — I showed up when I checked in June, last month my name was missing and I had to reregister and call the county over it. But hey, like a cheating spouse, you just keep accusing the other party and hope to fool all.

  37. What happens to the machines after voting is done? Couldn't the totals be tampered with at that point, when the tallying is done? Is anyone watching that part of the process? And if it's all just electronic, how can a recount be done and be trusted?

  38. Results need to be independently verifiable. People could be given a unique number when they vote which could be checked online to see who they are recorded as voting for, and the full dataset available so it can be checked that they are all there and correctly recorded.

  39. thanks you for bringing this to our attention. I have read the SNOPES review of the story which concluded that TAGG's Solamere linkcage was too tenuous and just merely "appeared improper." This link is more direct.

  40. we made up sample ballots including write-ins of 30 pieces, fed them to machine which tallies results blabla…zero out machines (like setting odometer to zero to check your mileage) wire lock is put on machine.. Yes if the BOE director is crooked, they cud stay all nite etc be up 36 hrs straight etc, in our county all ballots must be accounted for by a voters signature from a book they sign in a different room in front of trained poll workers…..etc…

  41. State board requires random hand count of one precinct after elections to verify that the machine counted accurately… like a random IRS audit. The Dems and Rep wud have to be in cahoots or you'd have to have a real slacker on the board. It's not impossible if you have a bully and a slacker on the board it cud be trouble etc

  42. I got a bad feeling about this fucking company… i think that this is getting arranged so Republican steal the election.

  43. So the Romney Family owns the company that makes voting machines that will be used to count the votes of Romney's own election for President. This arrangement is an obvious and gross conflict of interest. Even if Romney doesn't rig his machines, the appearance is that he could if he wanted to. Any judge would recuse his/herself to maintain the court's integrity. Unfortunately Romney, and the New Republican Party, think that integrity is nothing more than a regulated obstacle to power.

  44. I'm sick of these damn petitions. I have signed at least 15 over clear fraud, discrimination, etc and nothing happens. I signed petitions for the Ohio Debate from the election in 2004!!! We are no longer in a democracy. Sorry to bust your bubble but it is what it is….we can sign petitions but they will get filibusted. Do you know what a filibruster is????

  45. /watch?v=QdpGd74DrBM#
    Way to predict exactly what would happen. Good thing Obama had such a landslide victory that Romney still couldn't even cheat his way to the presidency though.

  46. Been debunked, repeatedly — but don't let reality bite you in the ass and screw with the source of you "information".

  47. Wait a minute, we have testimony proving the opposite,  140% of registered voters in Ohio all democratic.  You  brainwashed children.  The fraud in Florida.  Obama is lying snake.  Man can't get a lie out fast enough.

  48. Paper ballots don't solve the problem, they only multiply it. What do you think underdeveloped countries use where there is so much vote rigging? Paper ballots! Of course. since they cannot afford to dream about voting machines anyway. There just needs to be clear cut rules that excludes anyone involved in politics from being directly indirectly involved in anything that has to do with the vote tallying process including machines and these rules should also cover federal secure code testing and verification.

  49. This guy is such a leftist, he offers no proof, just talking points. In Chicago last year the machines changed Republican votes to Democrats, so what was happening there? That news was on main stream media, so is very credible. If the voting machines are rigged for Republicans, what happened in Chicago? That voter fraud must go both ways. Let's not forget ACORN was indicted for voter fraud helping Obamas campaign.

  50. anyone who votes is a moron. Theyre going to put control of trillions of $ into the hands of the retarded American citizens? Think about it. That people would actually thin their vote counts tell you how stupid they are.

  51. Well the evidence is now irrefutable that many voting machines have proprietary code that can be easily hacked to allow votes to be swapped on a statistical basis to favour an alternate choice. A strong marketing feature in corrupt democracies like USA.

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