Who needs to prove the most at the Democratic debate this week?

Hi. It’s Ben White, Chief Economic Correspondent for Politico with your U.S. Politics In just 60 Seconds. Alright, let’s start the clock. No, it’s not. We have a truce now, a temporary truce, a pause in tariff hikes but none of the major issues have been dealt with. Trump could change his mind at any time. I think he realizes though that if he presses on with a trade war, he is looking at a recession going into his re-election. So, we may have a truce that lasts for a while. Yes. The question is: Does Congress pass a very big, bipartisan set of sanctions against Turkey tougher than what the
Trump administration has proposed, out of outrage over his decision to remove troops from northern Syria and essentially abandon the Kurds? So, I think we could see congressional action. Definitely Bernie Sanders. He needs to show both, that he’s healthy and
recovered from his heart attack and that he can challenge Warren
for the left in the Democratic primary. So big pressure on Bernie Sanders. I’m Ben White,
Chief Economic Correspondent for Politico.

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