Which key battlegrounds could help decide the general election?

It is important to remember that whatever
national opinion polls may suggest, a general election is really a series of little mini battles
that are very hard fought across 650 seats. We have two very key battles of that sort locally in the vicinity of Staffordshire University. So Newcastle-Under-Lyme, for example, it was
one of the 11 seats in 2017 that was decided by a majority of less than 100. So, thinking now of the majority vote in a
constituency for the persons competing to become the MP, if we look at Newcastle-Under-Lyme
in 2017 the Labour Party candidate won and retained his position as the MP but only by
30 votes. So that’s one of the little battles that will
again happen in December of this year and there are 649 other similar battles. Crewe and Nantwich is another one very close,
just over the border in Cheshire and there the difference between the person who won
and the person who lost was in 2017 just 48 votes and again that was Labour who won and
the Conservatives came a close second. Thinking of a constituency example where the
Conservatives narrowly won look at Norwich North, Labour coming second just 500 votes
behind. If you look at Scotland there are some key
battles there, for example in Glasgow South West you’ve got the Scottish National Party who
last time in 2017 just had a majority of 60 over the Labour Party so Labour are challenging
there. And the most marginal constituency in the
entire UK in 2017 was Fyfe North East, a Scottish constituency where there was just two votes
separating the winner and the loser and the Scottish National Party person became the MP and Liberal
Democrat candidate was second. So i think it’s important to look at it as
a series of small battles across 650 areas of the country, not one big fight.

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