Where Democratic Front-Runners Stand On 2020’s Biggest Issues

With less than a year to go
until the Iowa caucuses, the 2020 presidential campaign is
in full swing. More than a dozen Democratic
candidates now qualify for the debates and the pressure is on to
stand out in a crowded field. Candidates are making their pitches
to voters who have shifted further to the left
in the Trump era. Progressive ideas have moved into
the mainstream, giving centrist candidates stiff competition. Leading the Democratic pack, according to
a recent CNN poll, are former Vice President Joe Biden,
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and
South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Former Texas Representative Beto O’Rourke
has also made inroads in the Democratic Party, along
with Senator Kamala Harris. But they clash on some big ticket
items, like health care and the Green New Deal. Here are their visions
for America’s future. The candidates have different ideas on
how to get more money into working and middle
class wallets. Sanders wants to put higher
taxes on the 1 percent. He introduced a plan to raise
the estate tax including a 77 percent tax on inheritances worth
more than one billion dollars. That population that
inherits over 3.5 million dollars, your taxes will in
fact be going up and they should be going up. Harris’s plan would give $6,000 a
year to families making less than $100,000 and $3,000 a year
to individuals making less than $50,000. That would come in the
form of a tax credit. I am running to guarantee working
and middle class families an overdue pay increase. We will deliver the largest working
and middle class tax cut in a generation. Up to $500 a month to
help America’s families make ends meet. However people who aren’t working
such as retirees or stay-at-home moms wouldn’t get anything
under this new plan. Mayor Buttigieg has said that he
supports labor unions and that trade deals like NAFTA have
resulted in Americans losing jobs. Proposals centered on wealth
redistribution are gaining popularity among the left, so
candidates like O’Rourke who described themselves as ‘proud
capitalists’ would face tough questions from voters. Senator Warren has made a name
for herself as a ruthless opponent of big banks, millionaires and
growing income inequality and wants to raise regulations
on these issues. Don’t call me
the polarizing figure. They’re the ones who want to
take advantage of this country. They’re the ones who
want to cheat. They’re the ones who want to
say that their personal wealth, their power is more important than
building an America the works for everyone. You don’t think
capitalism bad people? I’m a capitalist. Come on. Sanders is also known for railing
against big banks in the one percent, but he’s recently come
under scrutiny for his own wealth, which he has earned
through real estate, investments and book sales. And other candidates have a
closer relationship to Wall Street, and the industry’s
big political donors. Biden refers to himself as ‘Middle
Class Joe’ but his high speaking fees into the hundreds
of thousands of dollars could raise eyebrows. Biden has also received a great
deal of support from the credit card industry. I know I’m referred to as ‘Middle
Class Joe’ because I to talk about the middle class so much. But I know in this town
it’s not a compliment. To say you’re middle class
means you’re not sophisticated. Raising the federal minimum wage
is also a popular policy platform which has been
stuck at $7.25 an hour for a full decade. As health care costs continue to
rise and Republicans fight to dismantle Obamacare, the Progressive mantra
of Medicare For All has gone from a long-shot idea
to a major Democratic policy platform. Sanders introduced a Medicare for
All bill in 2017. The potential law would eliminate
private insurance in favor of expanding Medicare to
cover every American. Senator Harris backed that plan. Elizabeth Warren also cosigned to Sanders
2017 bill and has made it clear that she wants to
make health care more accessible to women of color. We will go further and we
will say that in this country, everyone, everyone gets a right
to basic health care. That’s what Medicare for All is
all about and that’s why we’re here. O’Rourke on the other hand has
thrown his support behind a more moderate plan known as
Medicare for America. It was introduced in 2018
by representatives Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut and Jan
Schakowsky of Illinois. Unlike Medicare for All, Medicare
for America would preserve employer sponsored health insurance—saving
the government money compared to a
single payer system. Buttigieg supports what’s called an
all-payer rate system, which sets a single nationwide price
for a medical procedure. Insurers no longer have to
negotiate discounts, which he says makes insurance affordable
for all. The framework we’re
using is Medicare. A lot of people who
have Medicare also have Medicare supplements, Medicare Advantage,
something like that. There can be a role
for the private sector. Biden has been a strong defender
of the Affordable Care Act created by former President Barack
Obama and it remains unclear whether he’d support a bigger
expansion of government health insurance. While the candidates have endorsed
popular ideas like legalizing marijuana and abolishing private
prisons their records on criminal justice issues could
tell a different story. And it could come
back to bite them. Harris’s time as California attorney
general and a district attorney in San Francisco has
come under scrutiny by progressives who claim she
promoted harsh policies. Those policies included jailing parents
if their children missed too many days of school
and defending California’s death penalty system in court. Now there are some people
who just believe that prosecutors shouldn’t exist and I don’t think
I’m ever going to satisfy them but I will also say that there is
so much more work to do and do I wish I could have done more. Absolutely. And as a senator from
Delaware Biden supported President Clinton’s 1994 crime bill with
its three strikes rule and increased funding for police. Madam President we have predators on
our streets that society has in fact, in part because
of its neglect, created. That tough on crime approach promoted
in the 90s is now widely viewed as a factor behind
the country’s mass incarceration boom. But Biden says that
his views have evolved. There are things I would change. I opposed, for example, the
carjacking provision that the administration wanted. But by and large
what it really did. It restored American cities. Sanders also voted for the
Clinton crime bill, although he criticized its approach
to tackling crime. O’Rourke has a criminal
history of his own. He was arrested twice in his
20s, once for trespassing and once for drunk driving. O’Rourke has acknowledged that he
benefited from his identity as a white male and that
other communities frequently face harsher sentences. I understand now how exceptional my
experience was and the fact that these mistakes didn’t define me
or my future or my options over the course of my lifetime. Now there are so many people
in this country who because their families cannot post bail are unable
to get out of jail. All of the contenders
have denounced President Trump’s immigration policies. They oppose the border wall and
family separations at the border and support a path to
citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Several candidates also have personal
ties to the country’s immigration system. Harris is the child of Jamaican
and Indian immigrants, which she says shaped her identity
and policy views. O’Rourke hails from the border town of
El Paso, Texas and he said that he supports tearing down
the wall that separates his hometown from Mexico. Sanders has argued in the past
that more immigration would drive down wages for American workers. And some criticize that his 2016
campaign didn’t focus enough on immigration in favor
of economic issues. But Sanders appears to be making
a renewed effort in his second go around. I’m running for president because
we need to end the demonization of undocumented immigrants in
this country and move to comprehensive
immigration reform. While Biden was part of
the Obama administration record numbers of undocumented immigrants were deported
at levels not even matched by President Trump. As the race continues and
the candidates include more specific policy proposals, their identities and
path to the nomination will come into focus. Until then, voters will be left
to piece together where exactly the candidates stand on the
issues that will shape America’s future. That is, if one of
them can beat President Trump.

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  1. Love how they say Sanders voted in the crime bill but failed to mention it was because their was a provision for a ban on assault weapons and the violence against women act.

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  15. Americans need to realise that a lot of these candidates are career politicians who have most bad policies they have credit in making law and not much else oh apart from the fact they're all millionaires now. So the way I see it they have lined their own pockets and made promises they had no real intention of keeping and will change their point of view depending on the crowd they're speaking too…. President Trump on the other hand has done and is doing what he said he was going to do….

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  18. In the 60's it was."free love." Now, 50+ years later, it free medical, free tuition, free border crossing, free living expenses, free pharmaceutical, free citizenship, etc. When someone has to dangle "free" before you, look for the bricks to drop on your head. Wake Up! Nothing is FREE!!!

  19. I suggest you read the club of Rome or 2030 sustainable development to find out what climate change is REALLY about. It's about a global carbon tax.

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  24. I am wrong, or is higher taxes simply a rhetorical device to seem People Centric? Sure Billionaires can afford to pay more. But they traditionally can also afford to pay for an army of accountants, lawyers, financial planners, brokers, agents and lobbyists to help them avoid paying any taxes. I would argue instead that higher tax rates are not effective. I would again offer a very simplistic tax idea, that of FLAT TAXES with NO EXEMPTIONS OR DEDUCTIONS. Would a flat corporate tax rate of 8% and a flat individual 4% tax with absolutely no deductions or exemptions make more sense. Let me site one example. AMAZON corporation. It paid $0 in federal taxes on $11.2 Billion in profits in 2018! If that is right, that seems to be a problem for the next President in 2021 to address. So I would prefer Amazon corp. pay 8% on it's TOP LINE gross revenue number. What is 8% of $232.8 Billion? It definitely is not ZERO. It is roughly $18.6 Billion. Doesn't that seem fair? So if I worked and invested my money, and I earned in one year $100,000.00 I would pay $4000.00. Isn't that better that Large Companies pay their fair share? And little people like me pay something, nothing crippling, but still something.

  25. And then there is the Don! We can't know what he paid in taxes and what he earned, because he will NOT release his tax returns. So let's speculate. Let's say in 2015, the year before he became President, his gross income was $45 Million. Not his net worth. Just his Gross Income. So as an individual, he would pay 4% in my plan. That is $1.8 Million dollars. Does that seem fair? Certainly it seems that he is financially able to pay that. So that is paying his fair share. Did he in fact pay his fair share? Or did he as so many other rich people paying lip service to being a Patriotic American, but actually pay $0 taxes? I remember growing up and as a child, I would overhear Men talking. And they would boast that they paid their taxes! And they would argue over who paid the check at a restaurant. They actually had this tug of war over the check! And it could last for several minutes! It was sort of embarrassing. But it was also very good to see people willing to be generous and responsible. Those were the days!

  26. So how about this? Let's say a company can't depreciate a building or a piece of equipment any more? Why? Because it fosters waste and abuse. Let me give you an example. Commercial Real Estate. I live in Florida and I see so many strip malls along highway US 1 with really high vacancy in the units. And yet, down the street a new strip mall is being build on vacant land. Why? Because it is cheaper to depreciate the existing business and take the profits to build a new mall? So let's destroy more vacant land, would if it were to sit naturally idle, actually might be habitat for something other than vacant buildings and miles of asphalt. We may not have so many endangered species if we stopped encroaching on habitat unnecessarily.

  27. I wonder how many Latin people seeking asylum in America could be housed in vacant shopping malls? Not that that is a practical solution. Neither is America annexing the upper half of Mexico and creating an asylum region for all the people from central America to live it. But it is tempting to think outside of the box.

  28. So on the issue of health care and minimum wages. If working Americans have a fixed minimum wage that has not increased at all in TEN YEARS, and the cost of health care expenses have increased and average of 4.775% per year from the years of 2014 through 2017….it does not take long to realize that a key component of staying alive is rapidly becoming UNAFFORDABLE, to working Americans. All that will lead to is millions of people living destitute and in bankrupt. But hey, that is Capitalism. Sorry, but that sucks. If that is the free market, then watch out. You can't have millions of disenfranchised people. That will lead to revolt.

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  33. I actually like warrens points on the economy and how there is so many loop holes that only help the companys and the higher ups

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