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  1. Trump rules the republicans through fear, that’s all he knows….. if they voted against him, he would attack them like Mitt Romney

  2. 😕I feel I have wasted all reason these last 24+ months.
    Being hopeful that eventually all right thinking Americans would realise that the anti establishment vote in 2016 and the star struck small people's cry for acknowledgment would eventually be seen as a big mistake. Yes it was good to stir up the 'swamp'.
    Funny initially, a good alternative to TV soap dramas but whoa!! not what those voters intended.
    Now after the vote about Impeaching the President, the actions of the Republicans just beggars belief
    Some of the Republican representatives who voted supporting Trump, were doing so without knowledge or understanding of the facts. In interviews they admitted to not having read Trump's version of his 'beautiful phone call', let alone the real unaltered one!Others saw nothing wrong and like trained parrots kept saying "but there was no 'quid pro quo'. I doubt if any of them understood the meaning of 'Quid pro quo.' For some, their lack of what would be deemed average intelligence in most developed countries, is quite telling. Holding a law degree is not a sign of intelligence, sometimes a sign of the ability to regurgitate facts, memorised from where ever.
    The republican councillors who voted against the Impeachment, show a total disregard of the law and an inability at critical thinking OR they are so petrified to go against the Party lines, they'd vote just as they are told.
    It used to be said that many of the problems with USA government was the 2 Party system. It's becoming worse. Elected representatives are so divided, it's amazing any important legislation gets done. The days of bipartisan agreements and working together for the good of the people are long gone.
    The lawlessness of the President and his appointed key legal advisors and Supreme Court Judges, together with the fear of the GOP representatives bodes ill for the future.
    The Trump supporters shout about how good the economy is. Where do they get their facts from?
    They don't! They simply reiterate what Trump tells them. So he lies! So what! Everybody lies! So he won't show his Tax returns. So what! Why should he? So he likes Putin and King Jong-un. So what? He's preventing war! Europe doesn't like him! Well we don't need Europe! We'll be better of financially ' cos we do all the paying.
    To all of us who see the danger, warn those who are unaware. Not everyone is into politics and very few have the facts. Watch/read across the tv news and newspapers. Don't fix on one because they match your ideals and beliefs. Always know what different beliefs and views others are espousing to and why.😣 KNOW YOUR ENEMY AND HOW THEY THINK!

  3. You all forget one thing. Trump's got the money and if he sees a Senator swaying to an impeachment vote he'll cut their reelection money and they're out..

  4. we need to impeach all dems who are continually trying to divide the people of america and destroy our country. enough is enough.

  5. But I ask what has the Democrats done….They are promising the world but never deliver. This country is being destroyed from within

  6. Dems are DONE.
    MSM can't spin Dem corruption.
    Libs will be leaping from bridges after the 2020 election.
    They won't be missed.

  7. Jon Meacham is correct: the battle in the House is setting up to be a fight between the Democrats, full of facts and able to draw from, them to present a case, versus the Republicans, who will accept the word from Trump and fight as the last defenders of their kind. Like a Reformation religious group, they will man the ramparts to battle the heretics that come against them, and very little good will result.

  8. There is so much dirt they can put in trump. They can even impeach trump for making money while being president. The guy is making money and using loops holes through his hotel chains around the world . amd using tax money to put his trump hotels out of debt. Why is none of the democrats talking about that either.

  9. I look forward to a time when the republicans own the house as well as the senate. No democrate president should last a term.

  10. No Republicans?? How bad does it have to get for Republicans to honor their oath of office to defend our CONSTITUTION from enemies both foreign and domestic? Do these Republicans want to give up our form of government? Do they want to throw the CONSTITUTION away and start a Dictatorial form of government? Do they, and are they prepared to have foreign enemies attack our democracy as they wish? Trump hasn't condemned Russia for this but has condemned our own law enforcement agencies instead!! So are these Americans ready to give up voting? Ready to let a Democrat act and talk just like the current president? You all better be!!

  11. This says Trump 2020 baby.
    Your childish temper tantrums of underdeveloped pubescent life skills is so sad and pathetic.
    Death to America

  12. Morning Joey "the pants in the family" and his Mika pet. This show is so terrible, even when the content is agreeable. Turn to the alternative press, also known as journalism. These MSN programs are a bastardization of our airwaves. Where's the segment on the hijacking of our 4th Estate by elite/corporate interests?

    The populist press, bagging on the populist POTUS and Congress, quite a horror show.

    Yeh yeh, they're singing mostly the right notes here, but only because that's MSNB's money maker today, and it suits them to sing them. It's not about you, nor us, nor this country.

  13. I heard Republicans can’t call any witnesses and they don’t have any subpoena power. If this is true, how are Americans supposed to hear both sides of the story and decide for themselves what’s the truth is? Is this how impeachment works? Is this how impeachment proceedings were carried out in the past, like for Clinton and Nixon? Shouldn’t both political parties have the same amount of power, especially in impeaching a President who was elected by the people? I don’t pay much attention to politics. If someone would be so kind to explain, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

  14. Message to the Trump supports please ask Trump and his layer to participate in Trump's impeachment open hearing. Therefore, Tump's boot lickers in congress can see the light and do the right thing for the constitution and the america they claim to love. Which will be to impeach and remove Donald J. Trump!

  15. I have realized Republicans have marched in lockstep at least 98% of the time since Bill Clinton kicked Bush 41 out after one failed term. Today they are 'Trumpublicans' – just spinless enablers of Putin's filthy lying clown puppet. They can't handle the truth! >>>> GOP = Government Of Putin <<<<

  16. M ghana president speak clear and coherent english than this trump,the republican dnt undastand quid pro quo bt bribery and black mail.impeach and imprison

  17. "We give MORE opportunity to his(the president's case)". The Republicans scream "no fair" no matter what Democrats do. EVERY TIME the Dems fall for it and cave, giving an already overly advantaged president with his very own propaganda "news" network more help. It laves the Democrats far disadvantaged from the start. As with Mueller who "bent over backwards to be fair" to Trump. Are we really expecting a better outcome?

  18. The only lies we have proof of is a video of Adam Schiff reading a fake transcript..and Joe Biden lying about what really transpired with Bribing Ukraine

  19. The Republicans is getting paid by Donald Trump and getting paid big bucks. Donald Trump pay all his supporters what shame to world.

  20. I failed to hear direct or cross examination under oath. So where is the lie again? Any Questions? You media personel are crossing ++++ +++++ the aid and abetting line of law. See Title 28 U.S.C.A § 3002 (15), be very, very careful!!!!

  21. If John Meacham wants to give examples of corruption and crimes of the Governments and the elitists, why does he look abroad using his biased and therefore broken knowledge of history? He can find a lot of cases in the US: Nixon, the Clintons, the Bushes, Rumsfeld, Cheney, the Epstein case cover-up, the torturing of Assange for telling the truth about the US war crimes, etc. He's just the typical American hypocrite brainwashing other Americans about the US's "pureness". A real honest person looks at themselves in the mirror to find their own sins. What a joke.

  22. The Republican members of the house are scared of repercussions from POTUS and their constituents. The Republicans in the Senate, who will make up a portion of the jury, will hold their tongues right up until they cast their vote. I pray, that at that time, they do the right thing.

  23. Throw out those Dem Congressmen who voted against the impeachment. They are traitors of the Party and should get out.

  24. Treasonous Trump, Treasonous Pence, Moscow Mitch and ALL of their enablers belong in PRISON! Thrown them out of office and LOCK THEM UP!
    Lock them up!
    Lock them up!
    Lock them up!


  26. Trumps impeachment case is far more worst thn Nixon or Clinton WTH Republican ?are you out of your freaking mind… bunch of morons in Repub house.

  27. Bottom line, Sniffy Joe and the Democratic establishment are as corrupt as Republicans. More corporate news distractions from issues important to Americans with no regard for human life, Profits before people. Morning Joke, Joseph Goebbels contribution to society.

  28. The G.O.P {Grand ole Party) is afraid of the truth because they know the truth,that #45 and all he stands for is corruption.Real patriots know the truth.Lies will only fall when truth is evident.

  29. Nancy pelosi says that Benjamin Franklin said we have a democracy if we can hold onto it… i think Nancy needs to worry more about holding onto her dentures than the democracy. Trump has the democracy under control. Democrats are full of crap lol

  30. No Joe, thank you for allowing me to subscribe to your videos. You're always there to provide an outlet for the days when I'm really down and need a place to go to grab a good chuckle. Again, thank you.

  31. The vote shows you have 2 choices be an American or a Republican, Americans value and protect the constitution Republicans are bought and paid Russian assets working to topple the freedoms democracy holds dear

  32. Folks at THIS point ? I won't be surprised if that mango madman actually tries to fall through on his threat of a civil war😞…


  33. Wow, what an insightful and eloquent argument! Thanks, but no thinks. Take a refresher on the progressive movement. That’s my advice.

  34. Trump popped the top off the pressure cooker on order to move forward. Money hungry men in power that had placed their bets around maintaining the status quo are reacting to that with false values they seem to think they can turn the switch on or off! You try runner for president and see how you fair. You wouldn’t make it as president of your neighborhood sanitation committee.

  35. Wow!!! Meecham succinctly summarizes the foundations of reason whose seeds were presented centuries ago by Kant in a way that establishes the basis, meaning, and importance of Western culture – the fundamental belief in the prioritization of individual freedom, equality and faith in social, scientific, and technological progress and the development of representative democracy and public education. Are we supposed to allow this individual to take us back to an age of ignorance, tribalism, and feudalism and make that the philosophical, aesthetic and normative ideal? Really???

  36. Not a Dem fan nor have I ever been BUT – Trump, Pence and about 1/2 the Republican congress should be tried, convicted and summarily executed for high treason.

  37. Honestly it truly doesn't matter when you really think about it. Let's look at history, Nixon didn't know he was done until they had their "come to Jesus" talk with him. What I'm saying is that it makes sense for GOP members to pretend like they're with Trump until it becomes obvious he's done. Seriously, look at how Senate members claimed to "stand behind" Nixon just a week before they informed him that he would be surely removed from office.

  38. Look at the way msn words this ok it is not whot this says about republicans it is whot it says about the demacrites ignorant donkeys all of AMERICA is laughing at democrats cnn msn so disgusting and desperate so gutless turmp 2020baby

  39. Blue Wave 🌊 coming in 2020 it will be the biggest Democratic win in US 🇺🇸 History, every state except Alabama will be blue in 2020. All this thanks to Trump exposing exactly how corrupt Republicans are. 😂

  40. You are all guilty of covering up the 911 inside job . Alaska University report proves planted explosives were the cause of free fall speed destruction of building #7 on it's own foot print . Joe is most corrupt with Trump .

  41. both parties are corrupt . do not fall for the dualism . get out of that cess pool you are flushed in to .global corporate media is treasonous propaganda on both sides . you are the ping pong ball in the room .

  42. Very true about the enlightenment and the revolution and our founders. Republicains will go down in history as having put party over country. Shame on them! They shouldn't ignore the emperor has no clothes!

  43. Those 2 Dems look like left-over Republicans. Not surprised they coward like tail between their legs. Vote them out of office they don’t deserve to be a Patriotic proud Democrat seeking the Truth.

  44. I'm dutch and I've stopped watching drama tv-series to start following american politics when Trump took office….. you can't make up the sht that's happening over there!

  45. Let alone all this other stuff, how can they stand behind a president that they know is lying to them on a daily basis?

  46. What I don’t understand is how MSNBC can see CRIMES for a current president but can’t see ANY CRIMES from a former VICE PRESIDENT? I’m no fan of Donald Trump but do you really want us to BELIEVE that Hunter and Joe are SQUEAKY CLEAN?

  47. I just feel so sorry for Ukraine. Their country being invaded by Russia, America is blaming them for the interference of the election system, crime committed by Russia. Their newly minted president is being bullied by the America drug thugs (republicans). Where can they turn for support? Germany, France, please, please help Ukraine. Not just Ukraine, the world needs you.

  48. No question in my mind trump did it that's just about how he ran his businesses he's been corrupt all of his life & it's about time he pays the piper but the spineless republican's r just scared to lose their jobs

  49. So its bad that all the republicans voted against but yet Shiff had the whistleblower on lock and key so any info that would be damning isnt available because hes playing partisan. Smh all this talk about him targeting a politcal opponent, but Obamas admin was spying on Trump. And Biden boasts about his quid pro quo against Ukraine to fire a prosecutor investigating the company that his son sits on the board of. And apparently thats ok to let slide as long as hes running for president smh

  50. They have their jobs, lives, friends, families, buisinesses, everything they are would be literally destroyed by the 2 Richest people in America -the Koch Bros. and Sheldon Adelson who gas pledged 500 million-his wife 500 million-1 billion to the next election (dont believe it 184 million in the mid terms, 200 million to Santorum, $ is a toy to them

  51. No Democrat in this Senate or House or any of you on the crowd would vote against their leader under those conditions ( praise your God that you got lucky and did not have to act lime you had to think about or act on it-Luck) Fraud-Our Party-The Americans have been Trumpinated-There is No Truth anymore for the Democrats, we have flipped

  52. Fenomenal. The way the first 2 guests lay down the historical facts its all we need to teach our children so they take on the world with open eyes! Thanks.

  53. Tell the Truth, you would not amd could not, walk 15´ in their shoes and De-Trumpinate yourselves-admit you would not even think about it for 1/2 of a Second.Shove your Bull Patriotism-You are lying because you are not in their shoes-Mueller is probably the only person who would sacrifice his existence for America. A Mieller in Congress

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