What We’re Voting For

– I’m voting for the soul of this country. – I’m voting for health care. – I’m voting for my right to own my body. – Better public education. – Immigration. – Equality. – My child’s future. – Gun control. – Prison reform. – I’m voting for the passage of the Disability Integration Act. – Equal rights, civil rights, especially for people of color, but especially for LBGTQ folk. – Medicare. – Social justice. – I am standing up against
racism, xenophobia, homophobia, Islamophobia, ageism, ableism,
misogyny, and bigotry. – How did I get involved in activism? Actually, this has been a lifetime. I come from a family of activists. – I felt like personally,
my life was at stake, my family life was at stake. – I’m a mom. – My mom got me involved. – I grew up privileged because
of the color of my skin, but I also grew up very poor. – We went down to DC when we
were fighting for health care, and that made me realize my purpose. – My first advocacy happened when I was 13 in Orange, New Jersey. We had a police shooting, and we did a sit-in at the mayor’s office. I was the youngest person. We actually sat in for five days. – The more I’ve learned
and the more I’ve seen about the reality of the
way people live around me and the struggles that they face, it has motivated me to
stand up for what’s right and to support the people around me. – We live in a world that
there’s still so much oppression and it doesn’t need to be that way. We’ve known that it doesn’t need to be that way for a long time. I got sick of not doing anything. – There is power in our stories, in our lived experience, and that corporate money
cannot take that away. – I have a lot of privilege
as an older white woman and so I realize now that
I can use that privilege to help those, to lift up
their stories and their voices. – Move On challenged me to do that by doing more community-building
and doing more listening. Being able to go to the community
and see what was needed, and to actually, hopefully,
help empower them to be the voice and the change that they are aspiring to by giving them the tools to actually do that. – As a volunteer organizer with MoveOn, I have been participating
in different trainings and getting to know more community members and volunteers with MoveOn
around me in central Texas. – My biggest takeaway from
the Resist & Win program has been to be able to take your message of hope and inclusivity to the politicians and let them know that
this is what we stand for and we will keep you accountable.

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