What NC Special Election Could Mean For 2020 | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. Yes the MSNBC boot licking, the high society mirror mirror upon the wall the ugly ugly love of risen beauty the women is more peasant bone crushing horrendous than any one might care to imagine. This mirror mirror of high society beauty is quite possibly the ugliest thing in the universe. Her slavish boot licking, cringing spineless scurrying hurrying footmen, do keep her bloody walking upon the wounded shoe's mousey squeaky clean. Yes her bloody ruby slippers, yes she must have them bloody queen clean, in the mirror mirror green. Honestly I think she's gin widow melting.

  2. stupid motherfukers keep voting for republicans in North Carolina ain't learned a lesson yet and they will pay for it dearly.

  3. As a registered democrat it pains me to say that our party must be in extremely bad shape if republicans are still winning elections during the most unimaginable corrupt presidency in history.

  4. How can Trump who is hanging at his lowest ratings in the MSM poll still deliver NC to the GOP? Just how bad is Dan McCready? How does a married heterosexual Harvard graduate and former USMC combat veteran lose to an opponent tied to white supremacists? It should've been a goddam slam dunk win for McCready!

    NCDNC chairman should be fired!

  5. I think you guys assign reasons to data to draw the conclusions you want to be true. The margins between Trump v. Clinton will not necessarily be relevant to Bishop v. McCready when you try to measure how much trouble Trump is in for 2020. Trump v. Biden, Warren, Sanders, etc. will all have different nuances.

  6. I think the fact that Trump had to go there to give a rally to endorse Bishop the night before and he still only got a 1% win should cause a lot of concern for Republicans next year.

  7. Has anyone done a psychological study on WHY rural conservative voters support Trump in spite of his sketchy moral reputation? T doesn't adhere to ANY of their alleged values and yet….

  8. Democrats got crushed badly. This network were telling the world that this would be an important race. That Dems would win. Now they grasp for straws with a bad lose in both races.

  9. Remember that McCready was a Republican with a blue sign. If he won, he would not be anything like the "America hating" base of the party.

  10. Right guy. Wrong party. Unfortunately the democratic party has turned into a hate filled, lie filled, bigoted, intolerant, violant, racist party, and no decent human being with any kind of morals or love for their country would vote for a democrat at this point. Your party ruined your chances Dan, not you. You seem to be normal, and think in reality, but at this time, wethe American people cannot have a democrat win a Congress seat. You will be bullied into their wacko agenda, and not yours, and if you don't follow suit, they will feed you and your family to the sharks. A word of advice Dan, change parties, they are not going to win anything any time soon.
    You are a good dude Dan.

  11. STOP VOTING AGAINST YOURSELF RURAL FOLKS!! The GOP hate you and keep using you to pass tax cuts for their friends that raise YOUR taxes. If you can’t vote for Democrat, then just stay home..

  12. Even when liberals lose, they try and convince their stupid audience how they’ve won. Trump derangement syndrome Lmfao 😂🤣😂

  13. a republican won in a county that is 35% black voter turn out blexit is real on election night 2020 democrats will see how real it is republicans just need 20% of the black vote

  14. The story is in the details. Dementia 45 is in big trouble in 2020. The intelligent people young and old are figuring out that it is time for Dementia 45 to go. 2020 is going to be a hoot. The conventions are going to be insane.

  15. Yeah, this bozo, Steve Karnaki kept saying during 2016 election week that Hillary would get 350+ electoral votes. What a doofus.

  16. Every day if you count the left leaning and right leaning seniors who die and correlate that with the number of left leaning and right leaning teens who turn 18, the Democrats are gaining a potential 2000 votes – every single day.The millennials have not been great on voting, but Gen Z's are the most politically active young people since the sixties (when the voting age as 21).

  17. For a Democrat to come this close to winning in a Republican stronghold that Trump easily carried in 2016…..wow. Just wow.
    This is a very good sign for the Democrats, as they are slowly but surely turning these red districts solid blue.
    Keep it up Dems! The trend is in your favor. Repubs are feeling the pressure, and are frantically defending their own turf.

  18. I think its only fitting that on 911 that dan mccready will not be representing citizens-actual of NC. This seditious sellout bootlicker would have every 3rd world throwback with hate in their heart and a open hand for freeloading into our country and put its wonderful decendents of the founding people to lose their culture and uniqueness of this great nation so he could achieve and remain in power. I don't even vote Republican. I vote against the digressive movement. Mccready is now vanquished and I will continue to stand against and vote against every single remaining Democrat until they and their hate groups are completely destroyed .

  19. Hillary Clinton, and her friends in the GRU created the fraud of Russian collusion. They diceminated it to US intelligence agencies, and to the media to cause chaos. The Democrats swallowed it like a poison. It's caused a massive disruption in the country's political system. Now that narrative has fallen apart, and the Democratic party is in convulsions. Constituents are walking away in mass. Both the party, and their mockingbird media are being exposed for what they are. Show trials, and open borders are not the sure way to victory they seemed as before.

  20. The Republican Party is SIC. Socialists, Illegals, Communists. Take away those three words and they got nothing – except Putin's trolls.

  21. We know what it means.

    you lost. )
    America wants to keep Republicans in charge, its just that we are better than you………. )

  22. In all seriousness, besides being grossly ill-informed or delusional why would anyone vote to help keep Republicans in power at this point in time?

  23. I have never seen such a pitiful spin job. But who didn't know it was coming?. . .I think we are going to have leftist suicides en mass when Trump is re-elected. The networks, except maybe Fox, will go black around 10 p.m., as O'Donnell, Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper, George Stephanapolis (sp?,) Rachel Maddow and the rest slump to the floor after drinking their cyanide-spiked Purplesaurus Rex Kool-Aid. . . . . .

  24. Rigging the elections is a key feature of the American electoral process. Primaries are rigged, generals are rigged, local elections are rigged. Voter turnout is low because of rampant and persistent voter suppression. And that's how the current, corrupt system stays in place. That's why we need a revolution in America. We need to overthrow this government which does not represent the people at all.

    "If voting made any difference, they wouldn't let us do it."
    -Mark Twain

  25. Trump says "If you are stupid, you are 'good' people". Just like the poor bull charging that flashy red cape never notices the bullfighters knives, Trump's targeted "stupid" base never notices that he has set them up. Even after they catch him with the family heirloom, they will not admit to being hoodwinked. Their parents had more character.

  26. first cnn and msnbc all were saying how bishop would lose and show reps in trouble that people turning on trump lol they dems ran a middle of road guy he loses and they all say of course dem lost why was it close what a joke these media people are if they dems had run a radical they would have lost by 30 points hhow people even listen to this crap is hard to understand

  27. McGreedy had actually won the first election, but Republicans were caught red handed by cheating. So instead of disqualifying the candidate, or the very least automatically give the win to the one who didn’t cheat, NC State decides on having another “special election”. But this time and for some odd reason the voters magically had a change of heart by voting for a Republican? 🤔 Hmmm, If I were a betting man, Republicans cheated yet again with gerrymandering, voter oppression, or possibly testing out Moscow Mitch’s new voting machines in order to get this pointless win. The win was only for a House Seat, where it’s predominantly held by Democrats. Republicans are known for cheating and rigging elections. It’s the only way Republikkkans get votes. #NeverARepublican !!!
    Bernie 2020 USA 🇺🇸

  28. Democrats Lost – the same will happen in 2020 Red everywhere you will lose the house because of the lack of work in the congress and just keep attacking the President who has been working for the people

  29. Despite all the hate by msnbc and all democrats. Republicans keep winning!! Democrats might want to start looking in the mirror instead of blaming trump for everything if they want to win again.

  30. This is a very solemn day today. Hard to believe that kids born then are now 18 years old…I was 14 at the time. For several hours that day we didn’t know what happened to my dad (he worked in the wing of the Pentagon that got hit That morning) feel extremely blessed that I didn’t lose a parent that day, as so many did.. Am very happy to see the wins today in the NC special election. Trumps going to crush it come 2020. But yeah, heart goes out to all who lost so much this day 18 years ago. Never going to forget. ❤️🇺🇸

  31. After losing the 50th special election: Surely Trump is finished in 2020 now! A moral victory for democrats even though we lost!

  32. President Trump is more popular than Chuck Norris … more of a kick too. Good thing he showed up in Norh Carolina. "1" day and he erases all the money spent by the Dems to try to win … a king' s fortune.

  33. Bishop won by more votes than Harris did in the 2018 election that was thrown out. There is nothing good here to see for Democrats no matter what way you look at it. This is biased reporting no doubt.

  34. Trump claims it was his "help" that gave Bishop(R), the win. Wonder if Trump asked Putin to have Putin's hackers, to put in a "fix" ?

  35. Republicans cannot survive without the creations of Liberals: cell phones, iPads, smart bombs.
    Liberals can survive without Republican creations: muskets, Flintstone mobile, can-to-can telephones with a wire in between.

  36. Wrong Morn. Joe … this election was in the South …. It's completely INCREDIBLE that the Dem did that well. That's the news … and it's a sign of a continuous and progressive shift left since 2018. It may be slow …. but you're talking the entrenched south … it's an indication the tide is turning … great news for the Dems …


  38. can't wait to start hearing about yet more GOP election meddling. Last time it was paid absentee vote tampering. what did they do this time? "Oh, sorry, we put the ballots in backwards so the votes were switched. Too bad, the election has been certified. Better luck next time. "

  39. How about a story on the EIGHT illegal immigrant rapes in Montgomery Co,
    MD that happened with the last six weeks? Isolated occurrences by violetn
    illegal immigrants? Nope.

  40. When those "suburbanites" hear (D) candidates talk about how much their taxes will go up paying for illegals and all that green baloney, those "gains" will melt away.

  41. I Love this show but can they just tell us what’s going on! Why they aren’t in the studio…. this set looks like a bunker at the end of the world

  42. I don't know how other folks decisions are made. But an ad, a rally, a lot of media coverage has no effect on whomever I vote for. I see who is running and do my research on the candidates to see where they stand on the policies that are important to me. Republican or Democrat I'll vote for the person that mostly fits my criteria. I'm a registered Republican but have voted for a moderate Democrat on few occasions. But I have my mind made up way before the election.

  43. Wait ok let me get this straight if you lose that means your going to win got it , I'm a Mets fan that works for me world series here we come 🤣😂😆

  44. These MSNBC fools are making good wins for the Republicans sound like Trump and the Republican party are in trouble. Unbelievable.

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