What Istanbul poll defeat means for Turkey’s President Erdogan

When President
Recep Tayyip Erdogan lost a local election here back
in March he decided to gamble. Citing claims of fraud and
widespread irregularities he and his party pushed for
a re-run and the country’s high electoral council agreed. That election took
place on Sunday and it backfired spectacularly
for President Erdogan. Ekrem Imamoglu, the
opposition challenger who had fought the contest
the first time round, not only won again, but
he increased his majority to about 800,000 votes. The symbolism of
Imamoglu’s victory for the Turkish
opposition is huge. President Erdogan has basically
dominated this country’s politics for the last 17 years
and the opposition have really struggled to make inroads. Now they’re in
control not only of Istanbul, Turkey’s largest
and most prosperous city, but also a string of other
cities across the country. Losing Istanbul in particular
is very painful for Mr Erdogan. He himself began his
own political career here 25 years ago when he won
election as mayor of Istanbul. He often touts his
policy that whoever loses Istanbul loses Turkey. Losing Istanbul also has
practical significance for Mr Erdogan. It’s the richest city in
Turkey with the largest GDP and it has a huge municipal
budget of around $4bn a year. Losing that means losing a
very rich source of patronage that has helped sustain the
party structure over the years. And although it’s
very early days, many opposition supporters,
who were dancing in the streets here last night,
now hope that this is the beginning
of a new chapter for them and for their hopes
and aspirations for Turkey.

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