What Happens to My Ballot

From the moment you have finished
casting your ballot at your polling place to the moment it is counted, your
ballot is securely stored. After the polls have closed, the ballot box is opened by pollworkers Pollworkers account for every ballot
cast. All voted ballots are then placed into a
security red box and sealed. Vote by Mail envelopes and Provisional
envelopes are sealed in the Green Striped Envelope. These materials contain
live ballots that will be processed and counted at the Registrar of Voters office in
Norwalk. The Red Box, Green Striped Envelope and
Polling Place supplies are taken to a local Check-In-Center. The Red Box and the Green Stripe
Envelope are placed in sealed grey transport bags, where they’re collected
by Deputy Sheriffs and moved to an adjacent airport. The bags are counted.
The number of bags is radioed to the landing site in Norwalk. Each bag is
loaded onto a Sheriff’s helicopter. A temporary heliport is created in a
large parking lot across from the Registrar of Voters office in Norwalk. The bags are counted as they are
unloaded unverified with the number of bags loaded. The bags are then taken by them from the
landing site to the Registrar of Voters Office. Here every Red Box is accounted for and
scanned the to confirm receipt. The Green Stripe Envelopes are also
delivered to the Registrar of Voters Office where they are scanned and
sorted for processing. Soon after the Red Boxes arrive in the
Ballot Inspection area, they are unsealed and the ballots inspected. Ballots are
inspected to make sure they are not damaged. They are sorted into trays and
taken to the Microcomputer Tally System room, where high-speed readers read and
tally the votes. The Vote by Mail and Provisional Ballots,
which are delivered in the Green Ballot Security Envelope, are also being processed. Results are not official until all these
ballots are processed. The Registrar of Voters has twenty eight days to finalize vote. Before counting, every signature on the Vote by Mail
envelopes must be verified. Once the signature is verified, the
envelopes are opened and the ballots are loaded into trays to be counted. The signatures on the Provisional
Envelopes are also verified. However, the eligibility of the voter
must also be verified before the ballot can be counted. Once the Provisional
Ballot is cleared the, ballots are removed from the envelopes and loaded
into trays. The Provisional Ballots and Vote by Mail
Ballots are counted in the same way that regular Election Day ballots are and
added to the official vote count. Once all ballots are counted, they are
stored under lock and seal for a minimum of twenty two months.. Every vote counts in an election. The Registrar of Voters takes great
pride in protecting and counting your vote. We encourage you to exercise your
right. Vote! You Count!

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