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  1. They talk about what if Marijuana does brain damage. Funny how Tobacco slows development of your brains nervous system and does permanent irreversible brain damage, but no one wants to illegalize that.

  2. what about if said "Christmas gift" was the coronavirus. It won't affect North Korea because it cannot get to them because of their closed borders and such limitations. They easily wipe out western type societies and their companions.

  3. I liked how at the end, people stop cheering for Bloomberg and started to cheer to an extent; for Bernie Sanders. P.S. I'm supporting and voting for Elizabeth Warren because her legislation only needs 51 votes to pass, but unfortunately Bernie's legislation requires 60 votes to pass. Plus Bernie's legislation will increase our deficit and taxes on the middle-class, while Elizabeth Warren's legislation will Not.

    Also, Bloomberg lost the upper-class vote in South Carolina with this debate.

  4. i noticed when Mr. Steyer bought up reparations for blacks @2:00:58 the whole energy of the place shifted real fast the place got quite like it like he had said something real foul and they tried to shut him down quickly that right there really let me know how everyone feels about the black african americans ADOS ,

  5. these moderators are completely and totally incompetent. but at least they are women and theres a black woman so this shitshow is okay.

  6. OMG…this was as childish…even more so than Canadian Parliment….although if we added canned laughter to the sound track…our government officials would be in a neck to neck race for who's more childish…sad to see this..don't think i could watch another debate…unless it's Biden 1v1 Trump….it's gonna be a hoot!

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