Voting Third Party is Bananas

Every four years, Americans are faced with
a choice for president. They typically only have one of two choices. Republicans and Democrats. But, every once in a while, a third party
candidate shows up on the scene and starts getting attention. This is one of those years. Let’s explore why this happens and what
effect a third party candidate can have on the overall election. So every four years, American citizens are
faced with the same choice they’re face with every four years. Apples and Oranges. Now you can sit there and say that these are
just two sides of the same coin all you want. That simply isn’t true. Yes, they’re both fruits, they both grew
on trees, they’re both generally sweet, and they’re both politicians who have been
paid by large corporations to run for president. But their policies are completely different
– they are anything but two sides of the same coin – they’re different coins entirely. They have completely different platforms on
most issues. Sometimes the apple candidate is a red delicious,
sometimes it’s a granny smith, and sometimes it’s a honeycrisp – Sidenote, have you
all tried a honeycrisp apple? It will change your life… But in the end it’s always some sort of
apple. Anyway, the apple thinks that closing the
borders and not allowing any more figs and dates into the country is a good idea until
we know what is going on. The orange candidate is sometimes a navel,
sometimes it’s a tangerine, or sometimes it’s those cute little delicious mandarin
oranges. But it’s always an orange. It doesn’t think global warming is a big
deal because it would allow oranges to be grown at higher latitudes, which would increase
job growth. On these made up issues they couldn’t be
more different – but it’s the same for the actuals issues. This year, many people consider it to be a
bad apple season, bad orange season, or both. The apple has a few too many bruises and the
orange has seeds in it – seeds?! We got rid of those years ago, what is this,
1860?! Obviously not, but that’s an interesting
date to bring up, because it’s the last time the country had an election with not
three but four running parties. Not only did we have an apple and orange candidate,
but also a banana party and lemon party candidate. Which severely messed things up for everyone. I shouldn’t have to remind you what this
election ended up causing, but just in case… Abraham Lincoln won this election. But because of the party split, it was anything
but a landslide. All four parties won Electoral Votes:
Lincoln (R) won 180 votes, with 1,866,452 popular votes. Breckinridge (SD) won 72 votes and 847,953
votes. Bell (CU) won 39 votes and 592,906 votes. And Douglas (ND) won 12 votes, with 1,392,713
popular votes. That means that Lincoln won the Electoral
College, but only earned 39.6% of the popular vote. Douglas, who had the least Electoral Votes,
had 29.5% of the popular vote. But Lincoln won the Electoral College by an
absolute majority and therefore won the election out right. But had the election been decided by popular
vote, things would have been much more different and possibly much more violent. So let’s look at the election of 1824. Another four-way race…. They were all from the same party; the Democratic-Republicans;
imagine four grapefruits running against each other – and the results reflected that. Jackson won 99 Electoral Votes, Quincy Adams
won 84, Crawford won 41, and Clay won 37. As you can see, nobody won the required, at
the time, 131 votes to win. So what happens in this situation? Well, It goes to the House of Representatives,
where they get to choose anyone of the top 3 Electoral College winners. In this case, they chose Adams – who had
technically won second place. Keep this in mind as we move forward. That was the election that finally split the
party into the Republicans and Democrats we have today. But let’s fast forward to the most recent
election that had a serious third party candidate. And the last time a third party won any electoral
votes. 1968, in the middle of the civil rights movment. The Democrats has fractured and instead of
endorsing their main candidate, Humphrey, the southern states supported Wallace, the
pro-segregational racist. Because of that split Nixon won. If you add the popular votes for Humprey and
Wallace together, they would have beat Nixon by almost 10 million, while it would take
far too much math to figure out, this likely would have changed the electoral vote as well. But as it stood, Nixon won the electoral vote
and the election. Which leads us to one of the biggest ways
that third parties can affect elections – through the states. Because of our winner-take-all system, if
we shrunk down the same dynamic and played it out in a few battleground states, 32 people
for Nixon, 30 for Humphrey, 10 for Wallace… but Wallace didn’t exist, those votes would
have gone to Humphrey; he would have won that state. But because the two existed and were from
similar parties, Nixon won the state even though he did not have an absolute majority. Having a decent third party candidate takes
away votes from other candidates. Because remember, you only have one vote. Which brings us back to now. For the last 50 years or so, we’ve had a
choice between apples and oranges. Sometimes a banana comes along and messes
up a state or two – which Nader was accused of doing in Florida in 2000 – but for the
most part, most people don’t take very them seriously. This year is different though, this Banana
is being taken seriously and is getting a lot of attention. Perhaps it’s because people believe it’s
a particularly bad apple season or bad orange season and are therefore looking for a third
option. Which is fair. Some people are probably looking at the banana
and really believe in its policies, which is also fair. But if you’re simply wanting to vote for
banana because you’re tired of the two party system, please pay more attention and think
about what you’re doing. I am all about voting your conscience. It’s one of those things that I just feel
in my heart to be true. But in my mind, I know the mathematical reality
of the situation. And so do you. We’re going to end up with an apple or orange
president. It doesn’t matter if you vote banana, or
lemon, or grape, or sit at home that day – we’re all going to have to deal with that apple
or orange for at least the next four years. Normal apple voters may be turned off by this
year’s apple, but they absolutely cannot stand oranges – perhaps even, they’re
allergic to citrus. Or orange voters who are used to a more sweet
flavor are finding that their pick this year is a bit more sour than they’re used to. So, instead of their usual “lesser of two
evils choice” – where they’d normally just go with the fruit they always do – people
have started looking around the grocery store and found people talking about Banana. The people haven’t had a banana in years. Many people believe it be the moderate, center
candidate, and here is yet another one of the fallacies. This banana, the current front running banana,
was a Republican governor of a state for 12 years, ran for president twice as a Republican,
and this year, decided to join the Banana party. If you look into its policies, which I highly
recommend you do, you may find that it sides more with the Oranges or Apples – depending
on whoever you assigned which in your mind. But the banana is getting a lot of attention
this year, likely due to the toxic nature of the political climate. So more voters – many of whom have never
seen an election with a legitimate third party candidate and therefore think it’s an impossibility
– are warming up to the idea. But many are also just voting Banana out of
spite. Some men just want to watch the world burn. The Banana knows it cannot win by normal methods. Here is a quote from its campaign’s facebook
page: “We can stop Hillary and Trump from getting
the critical 270 electoral votes they need to win.” Here is where I would normally ask – do
you know what happens if nobody gets the critical 270? But you already know, because I told you just
a few minutes ago. The Banana knows this as well. “If no candidate receives 270 electoral
votes, the election goes to the House of Representatives. From there, the House selects from one of
the candidates that received at least 1 electoral vote”
This is incorrect, they choose from whoever placed in the top three among candidates who
received electoral votes. The Banana is assuming it will be the one
and only third party candidate. However there is a… grape party candidate
running in Utah who is pulling significant numbers may win that state, making there be
four potential electoral winners. If the grape candidate does not win Utah,
he may pull enough votes away from their usual choice and Utah may vote for a party it has
not aligned with since the civil right’s moment. But Back to the Banana. If his only true goal is to disrupt the political
process enough that we must invoke a rule that hasn’t been used in 192 years… that
is not a noble goal. People are already jaded and feel that the
system is rigged. There are many faults with the Electoral College
System and our voting system in general, I recommend checking out CGP Grey’s videos
on these topics. But it’s the fourth quarter and we can’t
change the rules now – this is the game we are playing. And if Banana gets its way and neither of
the major parties candidates wins by vote of the people… it goes to the currently-Republican
controlled house, where I assure you, even more people will consider it to be rigged,
no matter who wins. Especially if they don’t choose one of the
main two candidates, the apple or the orange, who will likely earned the majority of the
popular vote – but instead go for a smaller third party candidate. I can’t say that we’d go into open rebellion,
but the word chaos seems fairly appropriate. And that seems to be the Banana’s only way
to win. I don’t believe that it truly wants to win
by that method as I’m sure it knows what kind of a disaster that would create. Which means there might be a more sinister
motive behind its ambitions. If a party receives at least 5% of the national
vote, that party is given access to federal funding for the next general election cycle. So as usual it comes down to money. Some say this means the third party will have
a stronger chance next year. Personally, I think this election is far too
important to start messing around with future checks for political parties. We have a two party system in this country,
not out of choice or laziness, but because it is a mathematical eventuality of our voting
system. The Electoral College and the Winner-take-all
method it uses lends itself to there being only two parties. Throwing a wrench into the system by trying
to elect a third party candidate, will do little good. At worst, it will put the election in the
hands of the most hated Congress this country has ever seen, and at best, it will let the
candidate you least want in office win. Apples and oranges are the only real choice
you have. I said it before, but I’ll say it again. I know in my heart that voting your conscience
is the right thing to do. But it’s not the smart thing to do. Take the presidential quiz that I link below
and find out who you most align with. If you honestly still feel that the Banana
candidate is still your choice, by all means vote Banana. But if you’re only voting Banana because
you don’t like the apples and oranges this year – beware… because you will be stuck
with an apple or orange for the next four years, whether you like it or not. And your vote could have changed that. And much like having to take a class from
a professor you hate, you need to find a way to make it work. And this is for everybody, Apples, Oranges
and Bananas. Do not spend the next four years whining and
crying about how much you hate this professor, and actively working to make sure nothing
in class gets done. Because in the end, we will all end up with
that Failure on our report cards. You don’t get to complain for the next four
years that you had a bad teacher or that you voted for the banana – nobody cares. If anything, they’ll blame you more than
if had you chosen the other legitimate candidates. And complaining about the election, especially
if your plan is to actively work against the orange or apple so that they look worse in
the future, is quite possibly one of the most damaging things you can do to this country. Just look at the last 16 years or so. So if you or someone you know is considering
voting third party just because they are tired of the current two front-runners, ask them
to think long and hard about the lesser of two evils argument. Do they genuinely want the Banana? Or do they just want to watch the world burn? Know who you are voting for beforehand, and
do not let this be another Brexit situation. Because now, you know better. Hey guys before I get into my usual outro,
I just wanted to let you know that I will be live-streaming during the debate on Wednesday,
so if you’d like to hear my thoughts or get some clarifications during the debate,
make sure to tune in. I’m also considering making the bumper stickers
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  1. Nah, if nobody even remotely shares my political stance on issues (which is too often the case, almost all of our politicians LOVE endless war) I will NOT vote for them.

    Lesser evilism does not work for me, tried it, hated it, failed no more.

  2. At 2:20 you make an assumptive blunder when you state that "Now imagine of Wallace didn't Exist"

    The intrinsic problem is your blasphemous assumption that if Wallace hadn't run all the people who had voted for him Would have automatically voted Humphrey (Which cannot be proven or even assumed)

    in the 2000 election I know a number of Floridians who voted for, Nader. After Bush Jr won they stated categorically, that if Nader hadn't run they would NOT have voted. Now let us take a step further, If Nader hadn't run, who is to say that every person who voted Nader wouldn't have voted for Bush? Can you give evidence that supports this fallacy? Why do you automatically get to place every Nader vote in Gore's Tally?

    I know a Bernie Supporter who voted for Trump when Bernie fell off the ticket (Yes it happens). Do NOT hypothetically assume how people will vote to fit your narrative. Every human has their own agenda, whether or not, and people who vote independent all the more so…

  3. The political left and the right have become increasingly polarized over the years; this is partially because political candidates entering the “market” seek to grab voter demographics, and candidates will align their “beliefs” and political stances so as to grab them. Candidates such as Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have embraces demographics on the very far extremes of the political spectrum. By comparison, someone like Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton would be right in the middle between them.

    By voting third party, you incentivize candidates to adopt more centrist positions on issues. Candidates will not abandon one extreme or the other if they know they can’t win by doing so. But taking steps to move away from our polarizing two-party system has actually been incredibly successful in other countries. Take Ireland for example. Their elections are now far more civil, and the results of the election are far more palatable for the populace. Even if your candidate didn’t win, you’re happier with the election result because you’ve influenced the candidates who DID win and made them aware of the people who believe as you do.

  4. And that is why the US need a new election system. The electoral college is practically calling for cheating and consistently renders the popular vote invalid.

  5. Wow I'm watching this in 2019 and the left has done everything he says not to do at the end of the video lol

  6. 1:05 yeah it would change my life… as in end it due to allergies lol. Just found your channel, and you made a subscriber out of me.

  7. I was in the Libertarian party for 33 years as an activist and candidate, and I agree with the content of this video. In fact, I learned some good history here.

  8. Your non preferential system sucks, though. Unless D or R votes to change this, the voters have no real way to elect a 3rd party, so perhaps "screwing things up" and seeing what happens is the only thing voters can actually do?

  9. Your Brexit comment at the end highlights that you don't really understand the Brexit situation.

    The Brexit referendum was a yes/no or apple/orange referendum, and voters on both side of the issue have since stated they would have liked the option of voting bananas or lemons.

    A two-party system or referendum inevitably always leads to polarisation and gridlock.

  10. If you do the math on how fucked all of the political parties are, you’ll find that absolutely none of them represent the masses of people, most concentrated in the working class, or their ideas or desires. Therefore, VOTING is bananas.

  11. Would you rather I didn't vote at all?
    Edit: Don't let this be another Brexit situation??? REEEEEE The people of Britain voted to leave the EU let them be!!!

  12. I thought the point of an election was to vote for someone you feel most closely represents your values or whom you think would do the best to uphold the rights of ALL Americans. Not to be socially pressured to vote between two people you dislike and perpetuate a flawed two party system.

  13. no, republicans and democrats are functionally identical when compared to actual political possibilities. even now, since the depression has made everybody "extremist", it's still literally a choice between people who either will or won't cut social programs, except the people who claim they won't always tend to "make compromises" by cutting social programs.

    both parties:
    -support capitalism (specifically neoliberalism)
    -support imperialism/"intrerventionism"
    -increase the military budget
    -decrease spending on social programs
    -do bailouts
    -refuse to tax the rich
    -support international institutions (IMF, WTO)
    -support outsourcing/de-industrialization
    -are bought by lobbyists
    -will tell you literally whatever you want to hear to get elected
    -sincerely believe there is no difference between them and actual outsider politicians, and that the outsider is just playing a game of one-upmanship

    literally the only shit that's changed with trump is that he's got nationalist rhetoric. if you look at him on a policy front, you probably wouldn't even be able to tell.

    I'm a communist, and the way you two think you're polar opposites when there's literal white nationalists walking around, it's absolutely fucking silly

  14. You seem like a really smart guy, I would have expected you to try and educate people about how the entire political system is bought off anyways and that actual change is not going to come from it..

  15. Just so stuppid an undemocratic. Its nothing more then a yes or no vote.
    Both parties strech with there ideas from far left or right to centre. I don't say the the Belgium system is perfect. But at leas i can vote for a party that is green and more climate themes or right or centrum if i want a more liberale or left if i want more social ideas. So you know much better what your people want if green like it now looks like more the 30% is going to get forced it even the right to follow a more green direction.

  16. I believe that as time goes, more people deviate from both main parties. Some republicans are more radical and will probably end up in creating a libertarian party, whereas some democrat folks look for socialistic mentalities. I think blaming a loss to tbe lack of voters is an exagrration

  17. Here’s some fun democracy/republic facts!

    – North Korea is technically a democracy (I’m assuming a representative democracy as pretty much no one has a true democracy now), but there is only one legal political party

    – in France, they have a lot more parties than we do and they all actually have more of a chance. However, I think they also have more rounds of voting to narrow it down.

  18. I don't give a shit. I was not going to vote for either the apple or the orange. They were both complete shit… they were both such crap that it doesn't matter which one you idiots pick. The fact that we are ok with voting lesser of two evils is awful. We should be voting for people actually fit to run this country…

  19. I would rather not vote for the lesser of two evils because then the evil perpetuated against me is of my own making

  20. Electrical banana, bound to be the very next phase.

    Someone must've spiked my Mello Yello.

    But seriously, KB, are you NUTS?! 1968: Do you really think if Wallace hadn't been in the race, that most of those votes would've gone to HUMPHREY? 4 of the 5 states that went for Wallace also went or Goldwater in 1964. Can you say "Southern Strategy"?

    And the US has had a 2-party system for 50 years? As one pedant to another, thou hast a mote in thine eye. Maybe thou hast a plank. Define "system." There is nothing about parties in the Constitution. As for the ground truth, we've not had a third party candidate elected President since…well, I think you mentioned the time, in the early 1900s. Almost 200 years ago.

    Let me make a suggestion for those who are tempted to vote third party. (And I totally understand the impetus.) In circumstances where there is enough of a third party bid to "send a message," maybe those are the years to be focusing all your efforts on OTHER races, to build for future elections.

  21. Your logic is flawed . If a third party candidate didnt exist it doesnt meccessarily follow that the voters would vote for any other candidate. Or even if there are 2 candidates in the same party if one didnt exist or dropped out tje other wouldnt meccessarily get all those votes.

    Also with that mentality bo thirs party candidate will ecer win because ppl like u spreading this prop.

  22. I’d really love to see you explain what the Democrat party, Republican Party, and Libertarian Party believes to so people can better understand who they want to vote for.

  23. I am so disappointed in You, you had a perfect opportunity to make a "Trump is Orange" joke and you wasted it. Shame.

  24. haha, and look what happened. Democrats have been complaining for the last 3 years. Don't get me wrong, I voted for Clinton, but I'm actually a conservative (who thinks Trump is immoral and I can't vote for him on moral grounds).
    And the funny thing is it was the Green party that caused more havoc that election, not the libertarian party that KB seems to have a problem with. Jill really affected Hilary's votes in the upper midwest. While it may not have been enough to cost her the election, it certainly had a significant impact in Michigan most of all.

  25. I took that test you put in the description for the uk. I got SNP

    I don't even live in Scotland xD

  26. the is a solution to this: if cou can vote for multiple people putting them in order so you vote for banana as first but you know that he probably wont win so you vote for apple as a second for example. when they count the votes, if banana lost apple gets your vote instead

  27. I’d rather vote for someone I genuinely believe can help provide some well needed change than vote for someone because “they’re less of an asshole than the other guy”.

  28. Everything I previously knew about American politics I’ve learned from Designated Survivor & EpicRapBattle videos, thankfully, now, I know better 😉

  29. The voting for the lesser of two evils is a fundamentally flawed idea, that reinforces the corruption of the existing political machines. Perhaps you are right and there will be two parties always. But I vote for the candidate who is most in line with my ideals and I believe is best suited for the job. I will never vote simply to appease the mathematics of it. Nor will I ever feel good about reinforcing the polarizing nature of the big parties to represent the people of ideals they claim to serve.

    I understand your argument and I believe it is sound. But I make great efforts to be an informed voter and will always vote for the best candidate, because that it is how it should be. If I don't have my ideals to fall back on, then I have nothimg . I may have lost faith in the government, the process, and the bureaucracy. But I can still hold on to the idea that someday we will have leaders who truly care for the well being of the people they serve.

  30. Better title would be: Why there is no democracy in the US

    I mean it has as much democracy, as much freechoice of clothes a kid has when her/his mother tells him/her, that he/she can choose between two options, selected by mom

  31. Dude. I love your dispassionate look at topics. But I couldn't disagree more strongly with you on this one. I have voted for the lesser evil for 40 years. IT DOESN'T WORK! It's just been a long slow slide into an obvious plutocracy.
    I voted my conscience — Jill Stein. I got no problems with apples or oranges, but the choice between THE GIANT TURD and THE SHIT SANDWICH is totally unacceptable. If I'm to blame for HRC's loss, then good! And if the Dems put up another shit sandwich in 2020 then I hope I'm responsible for their loss too.
    I look at my vote for a third party as a vote for "NONE OF THE ABOVE".

  32. 2016 had one of the largest 3rd party turnouts. 3rd party earned 8 million votes total, between Stein and Johnson. Cost Hillary the election through electoral votes, even though she still won 3 million more popular votes than Trump.

  33. Side note: Wallace chose as his VP running mate, former Air Force Chief of Staff, Berlin Airlift architect, and WW2 veteran Curtis LeMay. LeMay was by no means a supporter of Wallace's segregationist views, but he believed both major party candidates would mismanage the Vietnam War. But at LeMay's first press conference as VP candidate, he basically implied his preference for using nukes against an American enemy than fighting a longer conventional war. It was a disaster that essentially doomed the Wallace ticket, which scrambled to do damage control.

  34. I think we should have ranked choice to determine which two people go to the final election, regardless of affiliation. Maybe then, some of these candidates will have to make their policies more palatable to the moderates.

  35. Voting for a major party when they don't represent your values is a throwaway vote. Voting for the "lesser of two evils" is a throwaway vote. In 2016, Gary Johnson was less than 2% away from making it to the debates, which would have changed history, and it's thanks to this "throwaway vote" "lesser of two evils" mentality that keeps the duopoly in power!

  36. do you live in a swing state? no? THEN YOUR VOTE DOES NOT COUNT.

    if you do not have any real electoral power then consider the election a poll and answer it honestly because fruit of the future will use previous elections to gauge what policies to peruse and what rottenness they can get away with.

  37. I voted banana. I voted banana mostly because I do not see a future in this country voting either apple or orange. I voted banana because ultimately I feel that is a party that may have answers and solutions to situations we keep asking ourselves on a daily basis. I voted banana because ultimately I no longer believe in the viability of this nation in the hands of Republicans or Democrats. I voted banana because it is the lesser of two evils. And if the country does burn as a result, it will be because of Democrats and Republicans and there inability to govern, not because I voted banana.

  38. So- what's your solution? If it's true that most of us do not share the interests of the wealthy companies/governments who purchased the apple and orange parties, we are not being served our democractic dessert. It most of us would prefer candidates that match our interests, is there some way to work towards that other than voting third party? Could un-united citizens get together for a FixIt Party that promises not to change anything partisan but just to remove the corruption, establish a CGP-grey approved voting system, and then get out of the way? Or… What has a chance of healing this mess?

  39. Ya no. ill continue to not support the two party system. A vote is a show of support, voting the “lesser of two evils” is still supporting evil. Even if evil will get into power if you vote against evil, its still worth doing what is right.

    Edit: I should also say honestly the 2016 election really did not have a lesser of two evils tbh, with the info we had at the time, they were both by all measures equally shit. So I dont get your argument that our vote “takes away other votes” as if thats some bad thing when if you have two terrible candidates anyhow it does not matter which one wins.

  40. "This election is far too important…"
    You do realize that this line is used for EVERY election, right? 2020 will be far to important, 2024 will be far too important, 2028… etc. It never gets less important.

    We've had Trump for a few years now and we're still here. I very much dislike the guy, but even he hasn't managed to ruin everything yet. Neither have the "socialist" Democrats. America is a big ship and it takes a lot of time and effort to change direction or sink it.

  41. Supposedly, I'm 85% similar to Hillary Clinton and 40% similar to Donald Trump. Something's off, especially since I'm 86% similar to Jill Stein, who is a far different candidiate to Hillary Rodham Clinton. It's insanely difficult to quanitfy someone's political stances. If I could vote in 2016 and had the choice between the two main candidates, then I would vote for Donald Trump (then and now). A lot more plays into voting models than supposed alignment on political issues (especially if one candidate has issues with sincerity, honesty, and corruption).

  42. How about we just get rid of political parties all together? What good do they do for the voter? If you cannot identify whether or not you agree with a candidate on the issues except by the color of their tie than you lack sufficient ambition to be an informed voter, all political parties achieve is for opportunistic organizations motivated by self interest to monopolize political power and divide americans along dogmatic political lines in the sand.

  43. I truly believe there shouldnt be any parties at all.. The 2 party system is already broken as it is, and the fact we continue on supporting our parties through thick and thin is asinine.. You should be given the candidates that choose to run, they run on their platforms for whatever change they want to make, and we choose the best candidate.. We also need to stop placating to the fucking religious jackasses who constantly try to push their agenda into government, which they have been doing with great success lately… Im sick of our voting system, Im sick of our constitution that allows no term limits for congress members, and the electoral college needs to take a hike and popular vote needs to come into play… No more gerrymandered congressional districts, just popular vote, but I digress…

  44. Why would I vote for the two party system especially when both candidates agree with me on lesa than 40% of the issues? The problem isn't third party it's people choosing the lesser of two evils. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting evil. We'll always have a 2 party system until people stop settling for less.

  45. This video, for some inexplicable reason, is really awful. You show things that are the opposite of what you say within the video, you make points that don't make any sense (like blaming the Civil War on the fucking election of 1860 being there were 4 different parties running, when we all know such a conflict was bound to happen given the sentiments of those involved of leading that conflict and what was needed to change the economy, you needed at least five more generations before you don''t have a civil war by removing slavery), and this video is so full of shit in the first 4 and a half minutes, that I'm surprised you aren't filming this while you're taking one.

  46. Get rid of the electoral college and this wouldn't be a problem. I'm tired of the partisan bullshit both sides create, but when one side, the right is so extreme it makes things impossible to work out as far as government goes.

  47. Republican & Democrap parties are antiAmerican antiscience anti-technology anti-progress anti-freedom hypocritical terrorist organizations.
    If republicunts hate socialism & communism so much & espouse free market anarchy, then why don't they all quit their GOVERNMENT "jobs" as politicians, or in the police, or in the military?
    Cuntservaturds do all the bad things Communists & Marxists do – force anti-pornography-choice anti-drug choice – onto taxpaying citizens
    – but none of the GOOD things Communists & Marxists do: guaranteed EQUAL pay for all, healthcare for all. And Democraps are too cowardly to stand up to the extremist republicunts.
    If government won't help everybody equally then government has no right to exist.
    If government won't mandate vasectomies & abortions to stop breeders from forcing new humans nonconsensually into the country, and won't guarantee housing & healthcare for all the nonconsenting offspring, then government has NO business existing AT ALL, NO business & no right to collect taxes.

  48. VOTE GREEN PARTY or TRANSHUMANIST! But Marxist, Communist, Libertarian, or anarchist (no voting) would be better than the extreme hypocrisy & extreme evil of the 2-party dictatorship.

  49. This infinite hypocrisy called the USA is why I support ANY patriotic hero to nuke it: to nuke the prisons to free the prisoners, to nuke the factory farms to free the nonhuman prisoners suffering needlessly for selfish anti-vegan hypocrites, but most of all to exterminate the extreme rightwing 99% population that worships the status quo & keeps voting republicunt or democrap.

  50. Watching this in hindsight is a little bit funny, but I have to wonder if you would have added that whole “let’s work with whoever wins” bit at the end. I do agree with it, but then again I voted for the banana (I felt his experience as governor could have been an asset.)

  51. I like to vote for the minority, because minorities are always oppressed and discriminated and I like to support them emotionally.

  52. The only important thing to take from this video:

    Don't vote for a third party only to spite the two big ones.

    The rest of the video is actual garbage.

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