Voting Machine Immediately Starts Flipping Votes

this video surfaced at the beginning of
today on reddit alleging pennsylvania touch-screen voting machines altering
boat specifically when you tap rock obama’s name placing a boat for mit romney now we’ve
now got more information about what’s going on here the validity of these
claims let me first display the video for you here and we don’t need the audio
here we can just show the video and as you can see touch-screen voting the individual
appears to hit brocco baba and it’s select committee romney which
is above and uh… and and presumably that’s that
let me give get you one more look at it just to get give u just one more chance
take a look at it and appearing to press barackobama this
is a voter claimed to be in pennsylvania and it is selecting mit romney now right
away people started going crazy over this obviously i did a clip uh… earlier today about it and when we
discussed it it there’s a lot of of questionable things that popped up right
away number one that the reddit account that it had been posted from was created
only specifically to post this video number two that the voter was in
identifying himself number three but the timing of the post suggested that the video had already been taken before
the polls opened or at least posted within seconds of the poll opening now
that being said mainstream media started reaching out to this individual who is
as of now still undone unattended fight to me i’m not sure who he is what but what going on here if this is a legitimate video in other
words if the camera and not realizing that
illegitimacy did not shut the recording down in the reminiscent of ta taken we
also don’t know if it’s just a simple calibration issue the narrative that the
individual posted with his utube video said it is not simply calibration
because when i hit jule styne it didn’t select hillside so it wasn’t that the
entire uh… uh… calibration was simply off
by an injured worker a centimeter whatever it may have been arnelle this is exactly what we were expecting
so it’s very easy to get people to buy into it is it a practical joke is a pap
salute leon s we just don’t know right now i think in general if you’re going to
hit em this voter fraud what you’re going to do is you’re not
going to sabotage every machine right because that would just be way too
obvious to going to do with you machines here in their at the same time though
the other argument is if you’re going to tamper with the machines you don’t need to temper on the front
and make it so that the person thinks they voted for obama but do the
tampering on the back end that’s one argument on that i’ve been hearing which
is if you’re good enough to mess with these machines make it so the voter
doesn’t even realize it so we don’t know if this deal is
legitimate it may not be uh… and even if it is it’s unlikely to
change the outcome of the election but certainly uh… this is probably going
on add other places across the country let’s just hope it’s not significant
iraq while there’s that

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  1. this can't just be let to pass. People need to go to prison for this and if those machines turn out to make romney win illegally, he must not be recognized as president. A new vote MUST be called.


  2. If you want to rig a voting machine, you'd do it so you DON'T see that it flipped your vote. It seems not to be a calibration error either. Probably a hoax.

  3. Anyone who defrauds an election should be tried for treason. Maybe there will be less manipulation if people realize they can be executed for monkeying with the process.

  4. this is why we shouldn't use just computer voting.. we need a hard copy of the ballots.. this is too important to leave up to the computer.. yeah its faster to use computers but this isn't something you should rush

  5. interesting actually 🙂
    looks like I did the right thing to subscribe to your channel david, short pieces of interesting video, I like it, even if I don't like in the US 😉

  6. "Good enough to mess with the machines"? Romney owns the machines. Literally. Mitt Romney/Bain Capitol owns majority shares in Hart InterCivic. Hart InterCivic is the nation's third largest voting machine manufacturer.

  7. "Tampering with the backend" might not be so easy.. IDK, but possibly the machines have a simple Operating System.
    Any change might always appears on screen due to the simplicity of the program/memory usage.

    Open source would be better.. then people could check & test voting programs for integrity at elections.

    Using proprietary software (greedy hoarder cult) for a public service seems nuts.

  8. Actually paper ballots are also quite fraudulent, since they have to be counted by humans or scanned with scanners. Both can be used to change votes.

  9. come on guys, if they were going to cheat there are way better ways of doing it! just mak it apear as an obama vote and then count it as a romney vote, easy. why would they give themselves away?

  10. Actually, your dead wrong. You must be to young to remember the paper ballot days, a representative from each party checks the ballot before each vote is confirmed. It`s the only way to ensure democracy.

  11. There's another one posted on vimeo from Union County PA.

    Republicans SUCK. They can't win honestly, so they try to cheat.

  12. Ok not a hoax, Msnbc reported more on this and the machine has been scrapped. I'd still not attribute this to malicious intent. The only thing I could think of if some low level poll worker intentionally calibrated it wrong, but that would only work if you have multiple touch points to calibrate. Probably a production flaw of the screen.

    Any programmer would tell you that voting software HAS to be OPEN SOURCE. Machines may only be produced by independent non for profit companies (or something).

  13. Please approve my video response to your video about the voting booth having an altered voting machine. I went to a voting booth and the same thing happened to me. I thought this would be the best place to share this video and see what kind of responses we get.

    Have a great day!!

  14. I just checked your video. I checked it back and forth and compared the two. Some of the motions and the tip of the finger looks identical in the two videos. Your video is just more cropped. What the hell do you think you are doing? Are you really that desperate for attention that you actually fraud a video, and put yourself in it??! You really intend to go with this? Do you understand what you are getting yourself into if this is proved to be a fraud? BTW. I downloaded the clip.

  15. The guy I commented on has put up a edited version of the same clip and put himself in the clip, on his channel, with 9000 subscribers and now is trying to get Midweek Politics to allow his video as response to this one. So desperate for views that he is attempting to fraud ppl and get this show in on it.

  16. So are excessive patriotism, emphasis on religion, excessive punishment for criminals, and military supremacy… and the US has all of those.
    Whenever Jesse Ventura says that we're approaching fascism, many people dismiss him as crazy. I, however, think he actually has a point.

  17. Something I like about your videos: you all speak clearly, you use correct grammar, you avoid profanity. You must be the only YouTube channel with these qualities. It is so refreshing!

  18. I wonder if he's going to file copyright strike on all the other videos of the machine or just the ones that were uploaded by companies that make money.

  19. Whomever posted this original "fraud machine" vid has a great sense of humor. Even though it stinks of fake, the sensation media just can't let it pass. 😀

  20. Have you ever played cheese??? Dems 5steps ahead.. of course some have show votes flipping for Romney by design and it throws the heat of them. Most of us Americans are sooooo SHEEPISH and beloved everything they see and hear. Whatever happened to critical thinking or just thinking period??????????????????????????????? WOW.

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