Voters share who they think should drop out of 2020 race

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  1. LOL what the hell is this garbage? CNN would you stop already? Did you go to a Amy rally and snag everyone there for a interview? I bet you did you sneaky brainwashing fucks..

  2. Shove your scripted actors and "reality TV" bullshit up yer asses. We aint trumps lemmings and ain't led by a group of groupthinking morons 👍 you kooks have no idea #okboomer

  3. I'm not trying to insult these people's age but they couldn't find a single college student or younger person to be on the panel.

  4. So you found a panel of individuals who are aware of the demographic importance of black women and the need for prioritizing mental health yet they support Amy Klobachar and want people polling higher than her to drop out? How much did you pay these folks, CNN? Never have I ever met a Klobachar supporter, the only ones I'm aware of are Bill Maher and her ex boyfriends.

  5. What’s funny is CNN has been successful at fooling and brainwashing these old boomer fucks into thinking a certain way and believing their propaganda. So much so that they have been overzealous into thinking you can come on the internet and try and fool us who know the truth, we aren’t buying this Bullshit. FUCK AMY, there is a reason she’s polling at approx. ~ 1%. nobody on this planet with half a brain is in favor of her.

    This is a joke, more than half the people on the panel couldn’t even tell you confidently, who they are supporting. Not to mention the lack of age diversity sitting up there. I cannot wait for the time of the internet to take over and make television obsolete so that CNN can’t buy their way into this bullshit propaganda that the old folks are being mislead to think.


  6. Holy shit this is such a faux setup. CNN is a corporate propaganda network. If you can’t see that then you’re extremely naive.

  7. Dear CNN, stop pushing your Garbage candidates! We ALREADY saw your sellout shrill lose to the racist Pumpkin, it's time for real change! FEEL THE BERN!

  8. I'm convinced that CNN paid this panel to support Amy Klobuchar cause I didn't think it was possible to find anyone this stupid in the real world

  9. CNN found the 6 people in America voting for Amy Klobuchar and thought they represented the majority. CNN has no shame in their game – they want anybody but Sanders or Warren, the 2 candidates offering the most change. Gee,I wonder why 🤔.

  10. As much as I am disgusted by Trump, he is correct to call CNN fake news. Where the fuck can you find 7 people who are still undecided & think Amy klobuchar did really well in the last debate? The corporate mafia mainstream media in this country is doing everything it can to downplay the success of Bernie Sanders, who is having the largest campaign rallies. It is doing everything it can to smear Tulsi Gabbard, who wins in polls with Trump crossover voters. A Sanders / Gabbard ticket is a winning ticket that would bury Trump's lame ass. Sanders & Yang also do well with Trump crossover voters. The DNC / MSM mafia establishment want to get Democratic voters to buy into a corporate Democrat (which most of the candidate are, including Warren). Ain't going to work. The Democratic Party will win when it backs an honest candidates, with bold Progressive ideas like ending regime change wars, Medicare For All, Ending student debt, free college & an honest Green New Deal that doesn't include Fracking for Natural Gas. Klobuchar is for Fracking.

  11. Does CNN pay these people? Yang should drop out? Yang raised 10 million dollars and is polling higher than Klobuchar and Booker combined. None of these people are for Bernie? Not possible.

  12. CNN your Dislikes is reaching far pass the 3k dislikes 😜 Gawd damn It… fawking crazy and it breaking my damn heart to see so many uninformed black folks being fooled over again and again with the likes of CNN and MSnbc. 😲

    CNN is trying their very hardest to rig the voting ❎ system. Where's the hell did they find these Supposedly – or maybe?,.. educated (sry but it so true) black peoples from? 😲

    Nobody including the black panel commentators had brought up anything informing regarding Mr. Bernie Sanders policy. Are you guys even aware that ever single candidates on that stage – – meaning those so-called Progressive Democrats (referring to the corporate Dems) candidates is based off of Bernie Sanders policies but their versions is stripped way down to barely nothing,.. even Andrew Yang is a much better candidate. 🤔

    How do people even voted against their very own interests is beyond me… it's Madness to see CNN and MSnbc propaganda machine actually working.

  13. This election will be decided by 18 to 49 year olds who have the most to lose if we fail. We will suffer the consequences most. We want a leader who understands how to tackle the massive climate change challenges and the AI & Automation displacement of jobs for our childrens. And how to win the race in AI dominance before its too late. Most Americans outside of this age group are uninformed the above. That's why they are voting for the candidates who don't even know that automation is taking over and AI is one of the biggest threats to our national security.

  14. U all just agreed on amy having a good night and supporting her then you say the candidates that arent polling well nationally should drop out and recognize it isnt their time but mention yang, who is polling well above amys 1-2% polling, should drop out!?!?! Riiiight…..

  15. CNN the runner up to the plate that fox news is stepping down from. And the messes tuning in. Do yourself a favor America and use your guns flr a real good cause and shoot your television.

  16. These people are completely brainwashed by CNN. Tulsi Gabbard drop out? Her & Bernie are the only honest candidates on that stage. Maybe these potential voters need to drop out.

  17. Please don't vote to those people on the panel. They literally have the stupidest people in the country, if not and if this is the average American we are doomed.

  18. I like how many Millennials you're tracking.
    (I'm being sarcastic because their were zero)

    Also, Yang has actually never fought anyone during these debates and he is about skyrocket in the polls so get ready for that. Let's go yang gang!

  19. No one talks about Klobuchar, or Booker. All I really see nowadays is bernie and warren. Andrew Yang is the underdog doing the best right now under higher candidates and they want yang to drop out?? jesus christ, we're fucked

  20. The woman said Bernie didn't have anything new. WHYYYY do you need to say anything new when your message all along has been good???

  21. I don't get this. Every time I see Bernie speak, he's talking to friggin' thousands of people of all ages. Yet every single time they bring on some old farts to a CNN panel, none of them say Bernie. NOT ONE. I have nothing against Globuchar or Booker, but don't fucking tell me that either of these two are anywhere NEAR favorites at this point. CNN's editing and top brass are suspect.

  22. Why is everyone hating on Amy Klobuchar? She’s got one of the most practical policies and goes for realistically possible solutions, rather than shoot for the moon. Other candidates promise things like — Free college for all ? Great idea but highly doubtful it will go through.

  23. Staged. Bernie didn't say any thing different cause the problems are the same, You should deal with the issue that is hurt people, who should drop out everyone but Bernie, Warren, Yang and Tulsi the rest bring nothing to the debate other than we can't do this, cheap one liner and bad acting. #Berni2020

  24. Rather than acting like this is some big conspiracy, you should realize that this is a random sample of Iowan voters! The likelihood of them equally reflecting polling numbers is very unrealistic, especially if you're basing it off of national polls.
    Amy Klobuchar is polling higher than Andrew Yang in Iowa. She's actually got a solid base (better than national polling) because people in Iowa are willing to at least consider her, unlike most of you


  26. I’m a nice person and all and I see the good in all people, but something makes it so that I really really really don’t like these people. Their vibes are really really off. They like, emit negative energy.

  27. The fact that the woman in the back nodded when the other woman said Andrew Yang should drop out, WHILE SHE'S WEARING A SHIRT ADVOCATING FOR THE MENTALLY ILL" is just proof positive of the effect of the #YangMediaBlackout. We need to find that woman and her male partner Scott and inform them!

  28. Mayor Pete is the best candidate out there-but unfortunately America appear not to be ready for a president who happens to be Gay.

  29. Did you see Klob’s expression when Andrew was talking about women in politics? Sheer creepiness. It was so creepy that the director ordered the cam in her direction. She is not a nice person. Reports have already revealed how she’s thrown binders at her staff. We don’t need another temper tantrum POTUS. Read the story here:

  30. Sanders, “didn’t do anything different …”
    Exactly…. Bernie is consistently speaking up for the working class, the environment, and world peace. Honest and dependable for decades… that’s one of the reasons I WILL Vote For BERNIE. She

  31. We need voting reform at the caucus level to remove the "wasted vote" issue. Move to the "instant runoff voting" system so that the peoples choice is truly represented.

  32. Quit shoving us Klobuchar and Biden as your top favorites because they're the most moderate. Your propaganda and bias against the progressive candidates Bernie and Warren astounds me. Tell your executives I said that.

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