Voters Back Top Dems Over President Donald Trump In General Match Up: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. Proves that women have better social capabilities: They recognize what a monster this man is.

    Men fall for his pretense to be the strongest man ever.

  2. WTF Msnbc? Where is Yang's survey result? Joe, you are unwatchable now! You also called Bernie a socialist, more WTF to your fake biased news organization!

  3. in a hypothetical match-up….you mean where every vote counts ? It hardly matters how the country votes if 5 states decide everything

  4. Keep that Bernie blackout going it’s only making the media look more suspect. And mike Bloomberg?? That’s really what’s surprising about this poll ??

  5. The only reason Biden is still there is because all the lame stream media keep pumping him up and stoking people's fear of losing to Trump. Ignor these morons. Vote in the primary. Vote for real change. Vote for Bernie Sanders!!!!

  6. #Bernie2020 no one else
    Not again
    Bernie or Burst and we mean it so the Democratic party better be paying attention

  7. As a European I find this channel to be really scared of Bernie Sanders!!! Also in relation to Europe msnbc seams very right wing and a channel for the 1%

  8. Lmfaoooo, yeah right. You will see Democrats in cuffs and as far as I'm concerned half the media should be with them for missleading the country

  9. We Dems cannot get complacent ! – These poll numbers mean very little.  
    What matters is how many people ACTUALLY VOTE, and the brainwashed republicans have been told that if Trump loses, the USA will become just like Venezuela. These idiots truly believe this, just like they believed Obama would have their grandparents killed. Add into this the interference we KNOW Russia is bringing (Thanks to Moscow Mitch McConnell) and the likelihood of electronic voting machines being tampered with, plus the liklihood of not enough polling machines in heavily Democratic districts, etc etc etc, and Trump could literally end up El Presidente' for life.

  10. MSNBC 🚨 putting up fake polls like the ones in 2016 that had Hillary up 12% over Trump. Trumps is going to win re-election in 2020 in spite of the fake news morons.

  11. Bernie is not a socialist. Can’t offend your corporate alliances, MSNBC. Bernie might take their ability to buy candidates away!

  12. I now understand why Joe Biden had the investigations into Burisma because of exactly what happening now his son joined Burima after the alleged corruption occurred but it doesn't stop the Repubs from slinging the mud at him

  13. Fake news lol. Biden and his son are dirty. He openly bragged about a quid pro quo to give Ukraine money in exchange for firing someone investigating his son. There is video of him.
    Enough said. Nobody wants a guy like that for president.

  14. Biden is soooo old and sooooo white. I will vote for him if he is the nominee, but I only do that in defense against enduring DumpsterTweet Freek.

  15. Ever since Michelle Steele left the Republicans he looks terribly handsome and his style is really on point!! The Whole Thing Jacket, Shirt, Tie and Pocket Square ooow wow..Love It! You Go Mr. Steele!!!

  16. and these are the same idiots that said Hillary Criminal would win……WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE THESE FAKE POLLS!!!!!!!!

  17. More fake polls. They don't mean anything. The people dumb enough to believe the fake news. Are too stupid to go vote.

  18. FRAUD! The poll ignoref asking about YANG but included Amy when she is polling lower than him.

  19. Why are you folks still slobbering over Joe Biden? The poll you discussed showed definitively that both Sanders and Biden would win 51% of the popular vote in the general election and other polls show Sanders winning decisively in the Rust Belt states; yet you mentioned Sanders name only four in this clip — once as a socialist and the other three times only his name — of a much larger segment of the show. And MSNBC managed to leave out of THIS clip a small part of the whole segment when one of the contributors finally spoke about the Sanders campaign with more than one or two words.

    Joe and Mika, just when are you going to stop ignoring or making light of Biden's obvious cognitive impairments, his misrepresentation of facts and outright lies, his poor debate performances, his sparsely attended town halls and rallies, his inappropriate and even abusive behavior toward people who question his policies and past actions, even telling at two people to "Vote for Trump"? When are you going to face the fact that while people may "like" Biden, even his supporters — mostly voters over the age of 59 and the donor and corporate elite, the latter of whom are reassured by his promis that "Nothing will fundamentally change" (i.e., you'll keep your huge Bush, Obama and Trump tax cuts) and the former who show very little ENTHUSIASM for his candidacy, amply demonstrated by his poorly attended town halls and rallies And no, Joe, Biden's bus trip through Iowa had no effect on his poll ratings — you just made that up with no poll numbers confirming your obvious lie.)

    In short, Mika and Joe, when will you two admit that Trump will mop the floor with Biden in any debate? And wiil you ever admit that a Biden candidacy will generate little ENTHUSIASM in the 2020 general election, all but ensuring Trump's reelection because voters — desperate for change and overwhelmingly supportive of the progressive policies advocated by Sanders and Warren which Biden rejects — already know NOTHING will fundamentally change in a Biden presidency that will result in any real p [sitive impact on their lives, and so a huge bloc of people will just stay at home on election day, just as they did with Hillary Clinton — the epitome of a corporate centrist Democrat, as is Biden — in the 2016 election? When will you two admit that Biden is just Hillary 2.0 with obvious cognitive impairments with little chance of winning in 2020?

    But, Mika and Joe, why should you two care if Biden OR Trump wins? You're making millions working as status quo loving members of the elite pundit class with nary a bit of worries about putting a roof over your heads, being able to put food on the table for you and your hungry kids, or paying for health care. As such, you are totally clueless about the lives of the 50% of the workers in this country who work at low wage jobs with a median wage of around $18,000 per year and what THEY want and need. And so you favor corporate Democrats who promise that YOUR lives won't change even a tiny bit. Pathetic, just pathetic.

  20. Bernie being blacked out? How about Yang left off completely by MSNBC AGAIN. At least Bernie was on the graphic……this is such crap

  21. God I hate polls, 2016 is a perfect example! If we want trump out dont listen to the polls and just go vote!!! I hate that some Americans will just look at the polls and feel like they dont need to vote.

  22. Lying to us is just driving more and more of us Dems towards Trump again, haven’t the media learned anything? How stupid do these ppl think we are??

  23. Why do S. Carolina and Iowa matter to democrat pollsters, as there's little chance that S Carolina or Iowa goes blue in 2020. Democratic candidates should be dealing primarily with the blue states on the map, and 3 or 4 others. Deep red states are not going blue this cycle no matter what happens. So, why do Dems identify their candidates early in the sampling based on s Carolina and Iowa. They should be polling the states they need to keep blue


  25. i guess nobody believes that stupid story from 5 years ago. Remember 1b had to be approved by the republican congress including Lindsey. Biden did not walk out with 1b in his pocket. Any rep that was there 5 years ago knew about Hunter being put on the board. I bet Lindsey went into Joe's office and asked him what happened in Ukraine. What was trumpee doing-the Apprentice.

  26. Trump WILL LOSE in 2020, there is NOTHING he can do to change these number from now until November 2020, the numbers reflect the damage he has done since January 2017 and the disgust and loss of confidence of American swing voters!!!

  27. Congress call 'Early Election' !!!!! Under the Constitution, Congress should be able to call for an early election after 3 years of previous election.

  28. Please please don't get too comfortable with the polls, make sure YOU vote and try to get as many people in your entourage to vote too. And remember no matter who gets the nomination we gotta support him/her. Let's put country before party and ideologies. Lying Trump is a danger that we cannot afford for another 4 years, he will get even more reckless and out of control and you will regret it if you don't help getting him out of the WH next year.

  29. Regardless of which candidate to vote for in 2020. Vote blue no matter who. 4 years/1 term is enough to how divided we have become in our country.

  30. Joe Scarborough: But Bernie is a Socialist Mika and so is Warren, Mika: I know. 🤦🏼‍♂️ Really??
    Yes Joe, we know that Biden can do no wrong in your eyes. Sheesh!MSNBC sounds like Trump TV. Joe would be the Hannity, and Mika is Janine Pyro. Minus the whisky/cigarette voice.
    You’d think that MSNBC would be tired of always propping him. But I guess they’re carrying him to the finish line. Biden and Bootieplugs numbers are taking a hit. Remember the accidental point climb which fell steep.Lol Guess what? The big scary “socialist” named Bernie is +7 in National polls. Loudmouth Joe Scarborough wouldn’t dwell on it too much. Joe only gives negative news with Bernie or Warren. Corporate Democrats and Republicans hate on Bernie. Mainly bc Bernie wants to get back to what our Gov was intended. Which is to help out Americans. Trump and GOP are trying to take SS, Foodstamps etc… Bernie will save that and give us Medicare for all, advocates Climate Change, pushing for Wall Street and the 1% percent to pay their share in taxes. Above all Bernie wants to rid corruption from politics. (dark money/lobbyists) They’re truly tearing and ruining this country. Republicans alike, MSNBC, CNN, Joe Scarborough, Biden, Bootieplug, Booker, Klobochar, sounds to are for keeping money in politics.
    Bernie 2020 USA 🇺🇸

  31. Money is not speach,corporations are not people. Lobbying is bribery. If your candidate doesn't support these things all you are voting for is more of the same.

  32. The Democrats apparently didn't learn their lesson in 2016. Biden won't inspire young people. The man is completely out of touch.

  33. Trump Lead of 9%points among men not worth mentioning?? What is the Sanders breakdown among genders? I fear Biden will get Trump win again…

  34. Nonsense. These same people said Hillary would win. Bozo Biden. Quid pro quo Joe is a disaster. Can’t even talk straight. He’s got nothing to offer. Just more of the same crap from
    Obomber years. He’s a moron

  35. We need to stop giving any credence to polls. Look at how utterly inaccurate polling was before the 2016 election. Polling people who then don't go to the polls to vote makes no sense.

  36. As the Beasty Boys said – "Scheming on a that's a mirage; I'm tellin y'all it's sabatoge." MSNBC doesn't deserve to exist anymore. WTF is wrong with you people? You DID SEE what just happened in the U.K. right?

  37. i see msnbc still hanging their hat on polls that mean nothing. I guess they learned nothing from 2016 or 200 years of history. It is a republic style vote for potus, not popular vote. hello, again….

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