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  1. It means any voter can easily take the picture or video of the polled vote and disclose the polled vote in the front of polling parties/agents to earn lots of money……Kindly, stop this process. And, Iff you want to only ensure the voters that your vote is done then only

    1. one buzzer/speaker(with thanks for your voting message) is sufficient.
    2. change the blue switch (polling button) it should be transparent with led light ……….. (Master Trainer bhagalpur)

  2. I've a doubt. What if the voter, claims that the VVPAT printout is NOT showing the right choice he made. His/her intention may be to create chaos?
    What if the vote is cast but the thermal printer fails? Would all the vote cast in the EVM is discarded & voting is rescheduled?

  3. Print barcode or machine readable Optical marks on paper trail alongside current content.  Do not cut slip paper from paper role, make it continuous paper trail which will be visible to voter for certain seconds and will automatically role without any direct handling of voter. 
    E.g. Tape recorder and Magnetic tape/ cassette.. Only difference is it will have machine readable as well as human readable printed paper tape.

  4. are evm ke dhokhe se darnawale logo vvpat se ab mat daro kyuki ye atleast kuch second ke liye to dikhata he ki humane kya vote kiya agar hum dekh nahi paye to mat daro vote dene ke pahale mobile video recorder on kardo idhar button dabao udhar haath me pakadake record karo aur dekho ki tumane kisako vote diya he aur agar humare saath kuch galat hota he to hum is baat ka dawa bhi kar sakate he

  5. Whole Machine design and engineering look exactly like SARKARI work Highschool project will look better simple & sturdier.. Cable connecting is not so secure. take cue from Robust Monitor connector from computer. Choice of thermal printer which will last only few month is not brainy. Why machine needs to only powered by Battery. Just educated, Not tech savvy election officers(usually teachers) find it too complicated to operate I.e not a simple foolproof machine. Too many components.

  6. whether the visible screen can be converted to readable file and screen shot count by programme of vvvpat machine can also be dne or not since hard print copy not feasible or not enforced for tally contestant wise by ec/cec/curts of law? some coputer check mechnaism of evm and vvpat machines must for re-count/re-check?

  7. బొక్కిసం Bokkesam बोक्किसम ボッキサムకిరణ్కుమార్ Kiran किरण キラン says:

    VVPAT is not reliable!

  8. బొక్కిసం Bokkesam बोक्किसम ボッキサムకిరణ్కుమార్ Kiran किरण キラン says:

    Oh yes, the billion plus diverse people of India will understand this video 📹! 🙄😔🤦🏽‍♂️

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