Vote to stop the cuts

What’s the vision of Harper’s Conservative
government for Canada’s future? Cuts. Cuts. And more cuts. Harper’s Conservatives are ransacking our
public services, threatening our country. Harper’s government has cut over $113 million
from the Veterans Affairs budget, closing 9 offices. Canada’s border security jobs are being
sliced, making all Canadians vulnerable. Our environmental protection services are
being slashed despite ever-increasing threats from climate change and pollution. Hard times are about to get even harder for
Canada’s unemployed. Thanks to Harper’s Conservatives, thousands
of Canadians who paid into Employment Insurance are being cut off from benefits. Canada’s food safety services are being
butchered, putting millions of citizens in harm’s way. Our public search and rescue services are
being dismantled. Canadian lives are endangered. Essential public services are threatened by
Harper’s Conservative government, without regard for the safety and welfare of millions
of Canadians. The Conservatives are bleeding our public
services. Vote to stop the cuts. A message from the Public Service Alliance
of Canada.

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  1. In all honesty, how is this even an advertisement? I just saw this as a video advertisement at the beginning of a YouTube video, and now I'm just shocked. I'm not going to state who I want to vote for simply because I'm not old enough, but really? This is kinda evil. :/

  2. What a joke.  These lazy union slugs who expect to get their 15 sick days a year with rollover are fighting because Harper want to cut it to 5 with no rollover.  The taxpayer is on the hook for 5 billion on government workers " sick " days.  Disgusting.

  3. Yet liberal idiots are happy to let more violent, emotionally unstable, backwards muslims in and expedite overpopulation while claiming to want to do something about climate change and border security

    Muslim immigration is destroying civilization faster than climate change

  4. When people do not walk the path of God they lose their spiritual light and after a while it shows up on their faces. I think Harper's face shows deceit and trickery. Typical politician.

  5. I've been seeing Conservative campaign advertisements for months.  It's about time we saw some opposing viewpoints – Good job PSAC!  We all know an election is coming, and I hope the other parties get into the game.  They shouldn't be leaving the unions and the various lobby groups out there to be doing this by themselves.

  6. Public "servants"
    Haven't seen one of those in a while
    If anybody is a servant here it's the taxpayers being milked to death

  7. i actually rather have higher taxes if it allows public building or things that help the people not the corporation

  8. And people really think Democracy can work? This is not Democracy, its a shit flinging competition. Fool yourself into thinking you vote smart while everyone tries to fear monger you into voting for them(or not for the other parties), some of us rather face the reality that our choices here do not matter.

  9. So where do you geniuses propose we get the money for all of these programs? 

    Where do you believe we should create jobs? 

    Also, how is closing 9 offices bad? I am not a pro-conservative as I think they are really no different from the other main parties but I fail to see what in this video was a bad decision.

  10. I'd like to suggest to everyone here on this comments page – before you decide whether unions are good or bad – and whether we are all headed in the right direction – I'd like you all to read this by Chris Hedges, who has been around during uprisings, coups, all kinds of happenings that has given him much introspect on our world today. Please read it, I guarantee it will make you think!

  11. Harper is epic scum. Something this video failed to mention is his billions in cuts to science, and the fact that all our top scientists are leaving.

  12. HEADS UP!!  the comments you will read here are, for the most part, by Con-trolls.  You know, the 3200 'disinfo' shills the Cons contracted to cover the web with their bullschitt rhetoric.  Good luck if you decide to read them!

  13. Fuck Conservative!! WE NEED CHANGE!

    The government of Stephen Harper and the Conservatives has caused so much conspiracy, lies, cutbacks, and i'm so fucking sick of it. 

    Here's a very minuscule list of what his Conservative Government has done for us:

    Gave tax cuts to the rich, adopted policies that are disastrous for the environment, the Harper administration was found guilty of fucking contempt by Canadian parliament.. Turned our surplus into dept, wants US-style bank deregulations, and has loosened regulations to allow more chemical residues on our food.. Please for a hard working Maritimer, Lets make the right choice.

    GO NDP!

  14. Honestly, all what people care about is not paying taxes. It is unbeleivable how selfish and idiotic some people can be. You cant have good social programs and still not need to pay taxes. Paying taxes is what keeps this country running. I would love for this country to be like the nordic countries. No poverty, no homelessness, no inequality, reduced co2 emissions, great social programs and etc. We could have all that if people would stop complaining. What is funny though is that you actually save more money by paying more taxes than paying for all these social programs if they were a private industry.

  15. Harper is trying to do what he needs to for the best, vetran's affairs aren't even good anyways, my father retired from the navy because he has back problems and jumpy legs and they want him to become a secertary so try to think of how this isn't a compettion and harper is trying his best

  16. TW.

    This add should have a trigger warning as dripping blood and cuts cuts cuts, could be enough to push someone who goes to YouTube for a place to escape over the edge.

  17. +Jennifer Dawe, Who BRAINWASHED you? ,Canadians feel sorry for you.
    This is the first video I see that describes the real Canadian facts,
    instead of being constantly bombarded by SS.HARPER 's Attack ADS,
    against TRUDEAU,or against the NDP.* VOTE **HARPER ** OUT***
    Scumbag HARPER ,supporting, training  the NEO- NAZIS in UKRAINE,
    Scumbag HARPER,crawling at the feet of APARTHEID ,GENOCIDER NETANYAHU.

  18. Here's the deal.  I clicked the link to this video from some random site that stated "Border insecurity".  I watched the video until about 0:26.  That being said I would sincerely hope that there is at least the least bit of understanding that I have little to no concern for smear campaigns.
      Again coming from a website touting Harper's Border insecurity issues I disregarded all information unrelated to such prior to 0:26 and anything after 0:26 I didn't bother to watch since I stopped the video, considering the fact that the whole "Border insecurity" headline is what drew me to it.

    I would like to say a few things;
    1)  I always imagined my country to be one that is open and accepting to all who wish to live here.
    2)  At 0:24 the video show an image of the american (note the failure to capitalize the A as an indication of how I feel about those represented) flag being cut away from the Canadian flag and therefore leads me to the question of what exactly is he making ourselves more vulnerable to?  Illegal american immigrants??  Are americans going to come to Canada now?? To wreak chaos and disorder among our peoples?? 
    3)  I personally believe that our political system has devolved to a point of voting for the lesser evil.

    I am most definitely sure that my comment may be misconstrued and that I am likely going to either need to edit it (depending on replies) or that I may need to rectify any improperly conveyed musings through replies.  However before either I would like to stress that my primary reason for this comment is pertinent to point number 1 stated above.

  19. Sadly being treated as everyone else now a days is being tossed aside for someone with more money. If you want to be treated with respect you have to have a lot of money.

    I applied at the YMCA a couple cities away from me that had a job fair for people under 30 and the only way they would accept me since they found I am a "minority" because of my disability they allowed me to try applying but in order to actually get in I had five options to check off and required a minimum of three off the list in order to get in. A) Are you a minority? B) Are you involved in street crime? C) Do you have any addictions to drugs/ past use? E) Have you ever been arrested?

     The government creates youth programs sadly saying they are for everyone when really they are for people they deem weak by stereotypes which is not right! A job fair should be fair grounds for everyone, I am sure people with a background as so do not want to bring up the past yet the government has an ego to stroke by helping "the weak". They use these band aid methods to cover the fact that a lot of cities unemployment rate for under 30 is up to 19% due to no jobs.

    Another issue is instead of creating businesses we have massive amounts of houses in clusters without any businesses near by. People keep coming into areas without jobs, an average 17 year old is not going to be able to pay with a minimum wage job to get to Toronto everyday in order to just have a job.

     I am really looking forward to the elections to stop Harper's dictatorship, realistically he should of focused on our infrastructure when the economy tanked. Instead of taking away jobs making it more difficult for Canadians to live, and taking that cut money and not investing it back into Canada.

    Our education system is a sham, our children are being sent off by age and being manufactured. Despite smart people like Sir Ken Robinson our government does not invest into improving our system. All our systems are out of date in every aspect.

     When companies offer to buy out our hydro from other countries it should be automatically no. I feel by cutting away a lot of jobs that it is a form of social cleansing and all these issues just keep getting pushed under the rug.

    I have tried contacting my representative and I live in a fairly small town and I have never received an email back or even heard her bring it up in parliament. How I see it is

    Harper brings home money but only feeds his family if he gets something out of it, for the most part he gives his food instead to his family but to neighbors so he looks good.

    We live in a doomed country if our people keep being so passive.

  20. This is why all conservative govt should be purged. All they do is make cuts to everything. They will not try to balance. Just how to make money short term at the expense of the lower classes Harris was also horrible and didn't even stay to take responsibility he dumps even onto eves often that.

  21. People like you calvin lagase live in bubbles. Look up the macro-economic cycle. Your bubble pops who are you going to turn for assistance. The private sector. Good luck on that.

  22. You know one of the Major campaign issue the Harper Conservatives originally came in on was that the Canadian Military needed to be boosted and improved with modernization spending, our NATO alliance summit recently called for 2% of GDP spending on military by all our partners, Canada under Harper was supposed to increase it's military defense budget to 2% of GDP for force modernization, but instead they reduced it from 1.4 to 1. It's a very important project if we want to keep our national sovereignty but they have in every way screwed it up and launched horribly run procurement projects that have wasted so much money and failed to properly modernize our military to the specified standards. This conservative Government is inept and pathetic in every way, no body but the ignorant likes them.

  23. So you're against cutting spending which will lead to lower taxes and create a balanced budget. However you want Canadians to pay more taxes so these services can continue to function on overpriced budgets. If you ant all of services to run with an overpriced budget Canada will be in huge financial trouble like the province of Ontario and EU "member" Greece.

  24. The Ad must be create by bunch of Ass brainiacs thinking after taxes cut, social services will remain same as used to be or improved. Same bunch if liars compare apple to Orange.

  25. No Bias to see here folks… just the Public sector union complaining about cut's to the… umm…. public sector union…. Hmmmm

  26. insecure without border security HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is canada bruh nobody wants to attack us

  27. democracy is a scam to distract. don't vote for things that won't be counted. just burn politicians. eat the rich. guillotines.

  28. STOP THE CUTS fuck we cant barley live as it is. I feel like a war is going to happen if this shit keeps getting worst.

  29. What we need is to get rid of all of this useless bureaucracy… that includes propaganda like these stupid PSAs

    Modernize the government, thus lowering the taxes, and stop trying to turn canada into nazi Germany.

  30. GOOD! I want cuts! Massive sweeping cuts! I want a 10% state as a start. Let's have a kick starter government where every tax season Canadians pay out their 10% of yearly earnings to the government for Military, police, and courts to enforce contracts, and then have the option to pay additional taxes to support the government programs they want to support.
    Also, no government employee should be making more than 90k a year. That's more than most of us make.

  31. "Cuts, cuts, cuts" means low taxes for hard workers.

    "Social programs" means half of pay cheque will go for taxes.

    Make you choice…

  32. Bullshit propaganda…

    Why cant u say things positive about what your party is TRYING to do and work with the opposition in order to authentically make a better society!?!?

  33. There is such a thing called the free market. Maybe you socialist statists should try that.

    Centralized system is always bad due to it's terrible economic calculations.

  34. Vote to stop the cuts. Vote to stop the family tax cut!
    The family tax cut is a proposed non-refundable tax credit of up to $2,000 available to eligible couples with children under the age of 18, and is effective starting with the 2014 tax year.
    Vote to stop the Children’s fitness tax credit
    A non-refundable tax credit of up to $150 per child for eligible expenses (maximum $1,000) of enrolling in a prescribed program of physical activity.
    Vote to stop the Children’s arts tax credit
    Families may be able to claim a non-refundable tax credit of up to $75 per child for eligible expenses (maximum $500) of enrolling in a prescribed program of artistic, cultural, recreational, or developmental activity.
    Vote to stop the First-time home buyers’ tax credit
    First-time home buyers can claim a non-refundable tax credit of $750 for the purchase of a qualifying home.
    Vote to stop the First-time donor’s super credit
    First-time donors may be eligible for an additional non-refundable tax credit of $250.
    Vote to stop the Family caregiver tax credit
    A non-refundable tax credit of up to $309 for taking care of an eligible dependant.

  35. Enough with the mud slinging commercial bullshit. We're not Americans; stop acting like them by ragging on an opposing party like this.

  36. Guys none of this is true! If any other party was In power they would have done just as this false advertiser said.

  37. Border Protection cut? LOL… vulnerable to what? Americans wanting to go to canada?  please…  Canada is grossly underpopulated.. it has a smaller population than all of california.. They should drop all borders..More working people in in Canada would probably boosts its economy dramatically.. Just tax internationals..  do funny..

  38. Interesting how people complain about the national deficit, then turn around and want more and more public services. Spend 2 seconds looking up how finances work and you'll see how this doesn't make sense

  39. booo stop the lying ! 
    Canadians will all lose jobs under a liberal gov like Ontario and Canadians will flood to USA like mexicans! Third world country ! 

    environment ? WTF are you talking about ? Canada contributes 1% of all the green house gas emission around the world ! how the hell spending Canadian tax payer's money can help !? 


  40. This is a powerful message to ALL sane Canadians about what danger are conservatives for our country. The cons will NEVER be elected again, and they will pay back for all the damage that they did to our democracy. People of Canada, GIVE YOUR VOTE TO NDP and Mulcair! NDP is the only party in Canada that cares about people like you and the people's well-being. Let's CRUSH conservatives and harper forever, because they DON'T care about people, they care only for corporations! That's why they deserve and they will be destroyed by people too! Please vote for NDP, because NDP will restore everything that conservatives did to damage our Social-democracy. NDP will make Canada a good welfare country like Sweden, Norway, Finland, and many more NORMAL democratic countries, where everyone is happy and with all human needs satisfied. Please spread this message and VOTE NDP! Thanks and with NDP to the Victory! Regards.

  41. Unfortunately cuts are an important part of running a country in deficit. If you don't you end up like Greece…

  42. Don`t vote for Harper. I`m personally going to vote for Justin Trudeau in the 2016 election. 

    Harper and his Conservatives are liars and just want to steal.

  43. cutting taxes will cut our heath care services  EZT…DA! Harper can't fool all of the people all the time.

  44. um… the public sector is threatening our country at this point… financing indolent, corrupt and log rolling bureaucracies.. employment insurance was unsustainable to begin with… not that I'm a conservative.. but are liberals this immune to reality?

  45. Videos like this bitch about problems we all know we already have; none of them actually offer real tangible solutions to fix any of these problems. Why do we have spending cuts? It's because we have no money left to spend, especially during a time when the nation is tipping on the verge of another economic recession, despite interest rates already being lowered to all time records (one of our largest exports is crude oil and we all know what happened to Alberta and the rest of the country after oil nosedived). If you want the keep the level of spending at this current level, then you need to either find ways to generate that money, or borrow on your sovereign credit card and hope that a future generation can somehow pay it off; well whoever made this video sure didn't tell me how they plan to make more money, so I can only assume that they want to borrow more now and enjoy the benefits, and have the next generation pay it off. Well I don't want to be left saddled with the debt someone else irresponsibly borrowed.

    "We're going to raise taxes to fund our programs?" Canada's tax rate is one of the highest in the world and nobody wants to pay more taxes. "We will only tax the rich?" Rich people are not dumb; when they are asked to be taxed more, they simply pick up their shit and leave the country, likely to head down south to the States.

    I'm not saying austerity is the only way; however, until someone can offer a real tangible solution to generate the money we need to sustain these programs, then we need to cut budgets on programs we can't afford. That or we borrow until we become like Greece, and then become a shit show that even an entire European Union cannot fix.

  46. The government must cut spendings and stop making people poorer because of taxing. All the problem is when government cuts benefits but does not cut taxes.

    Cut taxes!

  47. Glad to see the unions pooling their money for this add. It's a shame that you criticize the conservatives but don't even offer any solution. This is a typical left wing move! I hope Canadians can see through this attack add and vote for the government who puts the people first (conservatives) even though they are far from perfect.

    – Econ Major

  48. What about a party that allow an unelected and useless senate with members that rips and steal from all of us of our tax $? 

    It is disgusting and while harper can claim all he wants, he is nothing more than another idiot that appointed those thieves in the senate. If this is not enough an insult to the injury, the crooks will be allow to come back as senators after 2 years so they can continue to bleed us. 

    This stupid senate cost hundred of millions for doing absolutely nothing while very essential services are cut. 

    I don't care what party wins but let's ABOLISH this idiotic institution that is no more than a house for crooks.

  49. All I know is a group i know was 6 people now down to 2 and they don't get nearly done what they used to…so how is that efficient?  at best you will wait longer for some services, if getting them at all.

  50. Politicians need to stop saying what others do wrong and start talking about what they'll do right.

  51. Guys, you need to know that this is where our taxes go.
    Harper did exactly as you asked.
    "Make the taxes lower"
    He did.
    See what that does?
    We want our taxes to be raised back up.

  52. You know small salary reductions from the people on top would probably provide the money needed to stop and cuts. I suggest starting with the MPs salaries since all they do is squabble and attack one another. In March this year MPs were in line for a 2.3% pay raise, about five times the increase the Conservative government is offering public-service employees.The increase means an MP’s base salary jumps to $167,400, from $163,700, while senators will move to $142,400, from $138,700.

  53. You can feel that the economy is bleeding out, I could not agree more with this add. The CONS and NDP are not willing to raise taxes on the wealthiest, but are ready to provide them with additional "breaks" or loop holes. That is why we have billions missing in reserve, thousands laid out from federal positions. On top off all; educators, teachers, EMT and public servants are fired and don't even receive raises anymore. HARPER NEEDS TO GO.

  54. Shut up! You idiots! And you people plan to spend money you don't have!!!!! Listen people! HARPER does this for a reason because he knows not to spend money we don't have!

  55. Yes, everyone have more kids!  We need them to pay for all of this!  This election, vote to sell your children into economic slavery.

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