Vote Child Care 2015

I have three children. This is Rosie and she’s three months old. [baby sounds] [laughter] Child care costs $1800 a month
in my neighbourhood right now. All three of them in the summer would be…
probably $2500. Right now, daycare will cost us
more than our mortgage. It doesn’t make sense financially
for us both to work full-time. You don’t even notice it. It’s just… like… I don’t know, I think that’s the cost of diapers for… maybe a month? It pays maybe two days, three if you’re lucky… …per kid, before you have to pay the tax back on it. I think that this government should have tried to raise children themselves on $160 a month — AND tried to find affordable daycare. I could go back to work and, even if there
was a break in my employment, it would still be something that we could afford. [laughter] This is how happy Zoya would be about
the universal child care system! Yay! [laughter] She’s celebrating already! [laughter] I think it’s better for kids, it’d be better for the economy,
better for the people that work in it… you know… I don’t see the downside. Subtitles by the community

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