Volunteer with Indivisible Austin for the midterm elections!!

Hi, I’m Tony with indivisible Austin and today I want to tell you about a few new initiatives that we’re taking on for the midterm Elections where we really need your help indivisible Austin is dedicated to making sure all of our voices are heard both here in Texas and in Washington DC and that means really boosting our voter turnout for the midterm elections in November So there are two things that I want to ask you to do today The first is we already have phone banks scheduled for every Tuesday night between now and the elections I wants you to go to the first link below and please Go ahead and sign up to join us for one of those phone banks, one or more. I’m actually hosting the one coming up this Tuesday, August 21st. So I’d love to see you there. The second thing that I want you to do is click on the second link Because that second link takes you to a survey that has a list of volunteer opportunities We want to know which ones you’re interested in. There’s all sorts of things like post card writing, phone banking, of course, text banking, Canvassing (that’s block walking), working events, and other things as well. So go ahead and click there Tell us how you want to be involved because we really do need you in it. And I think deep down you probably know that you need you to be in it, too So thank you for joining us, and together, we’re gonna make November happen.

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