Virtual Classroom Tools: Surveys, Polls & Feedback Tools

When designing blended and online
learning, instructional designers recognize that the virtual classroom is
radically different than the traditional classroom. So we adapt our engagement
techniques in order to create meaningful, learner-centered programs. Platforms like
Adobe Connect and Cisco WebEx include tools that can be leveraged to create
participant engagement, and offset the absence of eye contact and body language
signals that facilitators usually rely on. For example, Surveys, Polls, and Feedback
Tools help facilitators create engagement, and determine whether participants
understand the material. Conversely, participants can use these tools to tell
the facilitator what they think of the pace and clarity of the content. Let’s discuss the instructional uses of
this group of tools. Surveys are a great way to re-engage participants who don’t
seem to be involved. They can also be used to transition to a new topic. Feedback Tools in many virtual
classrooms allow participants to provide anonymous feedback about the event. Additionally, Surveys and Polls can build
a sense of community among the participants when the results are shared
with the group. It is imperative to know that the capabilities of Surveys, Polls,
and Feedback Tools impact how you can use them in your virtual learning
program. We recommend asking the following questions about the technical
aspects of these features: What survey and/or polling tools are available
with the platform? Can I share the results with the class? (individual and
aggregate) Can I create Polls or Surveys spontaneously? Is the feedback anonymous
and confidential? Can results be displayed anonymously? Can I export the
data to spreadsheets for analysis? Our “Virtual Classroom Instructional Designer
Certificate” course provides this example of generating participant engagement
using a Poll. So let’s step back for a moment and
let’s think about those tools in the virtual classroom that support
collaboration. So Mark’s going to go ahead and launch a poll for you. It’s a multiple answer poll. So, again,
you’re going to have the opportunity to select all that you believe apply. After you’ve done
that, go ahead and click “submit.” Once Mark has
launched the poll, there you go. Mark, when you see that you’ve got your answers,
you can go ahead and close the poll. Alright. There you go. So it looks like every every tool there got at
least a vote. Now these are all tools that can be used to create collaborative
activities. Leveraging Surveys, Polls, and Feedback Tools help you reach ideal
engagement in the virtual classroom, because it’s easy to make sure that
participants are asked to do something every three to five minutes of
instruction. InSync Training provides more information about virtual classroom
features, including Surveys, Polls, and Feedback Tools, in the whitepaper
“Virtual Classroom Tool Design Basics: A Virtual Engagement Primer.” Download it
under “resources” “whitepapers” at WWW dot InSync Training dot com. Additionally,
our “Virtual Classroom Instructional Designer Certificate” course provides in-
depth application and design instruction. To learn more or register, visit and select “certificates” dropdown on the top left-hand side of
the homepage. The links for both the whitepaper and
course are included in the video description below.

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