VIDEO: Voting Machine Switches Votes

this has happened before and it’s happening
again. And in fact, we’ve covered this before on actual election days. Video has caught an electronic voting machine
switching votes and we now have at least three reports of this happening and at least two
different Mississippi counties based on the latest information. And this could still change a, this was the
republican gubernatorial primary runoff. We have one video of it for you posted to
Facebook by Sally Kate Walker, which shows a man attempting to vote for bill Waller and
the machine selecting instead Tate Reeves multiple times as the person taps the screen. So a few things here. This particular video is from the Burgess
voting precinct in Oxford. And the same machines that are in use there
are in use in lots of the state of Mississippi. The Secretary of State’s office has put out
a statement saying they’re aware of the issue and they dispatched a technician as soon as
they were told about it. Uh, this was a TSX machine. It’s owned by the county. It was tested by local officials to machines
in Calhoun county have reportedly shown similar votes switching behavior. So, okay, this is a republican gubernatorial,
primary runoff. They’re fixing it. What happens if this takes place on presidential
election day in November of 2020 when turnout is higher, when the stakes are, yes, they
are higher. Even though of course we want every election
to be secure. When one precinct or a group of precincts
could conceivably turn a state and one state could conceivably decide the presidential
election, what do you do now? As of right now, there’s no reason to think
that this is foul play. Uh, this is most likely the screen being miscalibrated. So when you tap on a part of the screen, it’s
interpreted as you tapping on a different part of the screen. It’s simple enough, but it’s potentially 110%
chaotic on election day. If one wanted to manipulate an election, you
only need to interfere with some portion of the machines in some portion of precincts
in just one or two states. And you can hypothetically turn the results
of a presidential election. And this is where the left and right are truly
different. I talk so many times on the show about there’s
lots of areas where left and right are basically the same perpetuating the status quo. There are other areas, a are areas where Democrats
and are very different when it comes to, uh, sexual harassment by people within their party. Democrats and Republicans are very different
when it comes to net neutrality. Democrats and Republicans are very differently. Republicans have made it clear for more than
a decade now. They are simply not super concerned with election
interference, election tampering, voter suppression, et Cetera. As long as their candidate wins and they understand
that a lot of this stuff helps the Republican over the Democrat helps the more conservative
Republican over the more moderate Republican within Republican primaries. But in principle, they don’t care as long
as they benefit from it in some way, shape or form. The left. On the other hand, we just want 100% secure
elections. We want everyone who wants to vote and attempts
to vote to have their vote counted. And the reality is of course that the left
benefits from greater turnout and more votes being counted because the country has moved
to the left. There is no, you know the right will say,
will you guys just want more people to vote because it helps you. That’s right. I want the highest level of participation
in the system that we have with the understanding that the will of the people will be most accurately
reflected when as many people as possible actually go out and vote. When the right hears about this stuff, they
say, well both sides do it. Even when it’s not totally clear that something
is actually being done. And when you zoom out it is far more red states
that have the electronic voting machines with no paper trail, which if one wanted to tamper
with an election through the voting machines that have no paper trail, it would be a really
great place to start. So this is again just another one of the many
anecdotes of this taking place. It’s not presidential election day, but we
all understand the risk here, or at least we should understand the risk here. What’s the next step with these particular
voting machines? I don’t know, but these types of voting machines
are in use in a lot of the United States.

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  1. Paper Ballots needed to back up count of votes. Of course there will be manipulation of our votes. Expect it to happen to you!!

  2. And this is why Trump lies saying he's polling well despite even fox's own polls saying otherwise. He's going to win regardless of a majority of our country being against him. We are no longer a democracy. Our president is listening to our largest adversary for the past 100 years, and our Congress is making sure it's possible for us to not have a voice. Literally treason by our highest ranking offices. Guantanamo and lynchings are beyond justice for these people now.

  3. (Guy from a normal country)

    Put paper in envelop

    Gets id checked by Town Hall officials

    Slips envelop in transparent ballot box

    Signs electoral list

    If paper is not conform (written on, two papers in one envelop etc = vote not counted)

    What most of the democratic world has figured out

  4. Paper ballots might seem safer to us now but they'll just throw them away.
    The only thing we can do is record the voting process if we want to take control of the elections back.

  5. I left the same comment elsewhere I might as well leave it here too:

    I'll be playing devil's advocate.

    If they really wanted to change your vote they wouldnt show you the vote changing right in front of your eyes.

  6. "I've seen a lot of elections. Most honest, a few fixed. And you can always tell the
    fixed ones because they don't make sense."-Richard Hatch as Tom Zarek
    Battlestar Galactica.

  7. "The more they overthink the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain." — Captain Montgomery Scott, "Star Trek III: The Search For Spock". Paper ballots. Now.

  8. I'm so… Weary with people chanting "Vote him out! Don't impeach! Use your vote!".
    We have every reason to believe our votes dont matter and nothing but empty promises that we have to use faith in our system.
    Russia hacks the election.
    Fraudulent recounts.
    Voting machines literally changes votes.
    Then the electoral college just ignores the public vote..not once, but twice… For the last two Republicans.
    So…why? Why should we continue believing suuuuper hard that the ones breaking the rules everytime will be defeated by us if we just follow the rules?

  9. Lets be honest here. Left or right wouldn't care about voter fraud, suppression, or interference as long as their side won an election. Its disgusting. I am speaking about the politicians not the voters themselves.

  10. I could write you a programme in an hour or so that would switch votes and you'd never even know. This doesn't feel deliberate to me, purely because there are far, FAR easier ways to switch votes than having the UI update to display the incorrect vote.

  11. We need a double check system. Paper to verify the machine vote! I have ZERO faith in our voting system.

  12. When on earth have you ever seen the screen on a similar touch machine (queue, tickets, lottery, ATMs etc) not being "calibrated", let alone in 2019? Never. It never happens… unless someone intentionally design it like that.

  13. When this happens in 2020, the votes will be switched to Crooked Donald Trump and the screens will display something different. The vendors of these machines are HUGE Republican donors, and their vote-switching won't be obvious, which is why Republicans are UNANIMOUSLY opposed to paper ballots! The only way Crooked Donald can win in 2020 is through vote manipulation at the local level.

  14. Tate Reeves ended up winning too. So its going to be Him vs Jim Hood. Pray to the Sun and Earth that Jim comes out the victor!!! #FeelTheBern ✊

  15. Studies AND court cases has established once and for all that VOTING MACHINES are deliberately RIGGED, with NO paper trail, backup, or recourse. Tulsi Gabbard has tried to fight this, but the establishment sabotages any attempt and people in general are in denial:–Q

  16. Well America you could just use paper ballots and a pencil. Australia has been using this simple 'tech' for ever and we haven't had any problems of note. Simples

  17. This is a simple touch screen problem and a non issue. Sometime before election day have someone test the equipment to make sure it is working as it should, no problem. A work around would to tap the screen just below the intended location one is trying to interact with in the event of a malfunctioning screaming on election day.

  18. If someone would rig the machines, why do it in such a way that the voter sees something fishy going on on the screen?

  19. Yeah but when the democrat wins OMG they want recount DNA they want to dig up Ken edu MUTHAFUCK them republicans are some shitt

  20. At 1:20 he states "they're fixing it" at 1:47 he states "there's no reason to think that this is fowl play".

  21. Use blockchain. Unforgeable. Open source. And everybody can check his / her vote has been registered as it should.

  22. We don’t have a democracy. People are cheating and we are supposed to just assume everything is on the up and up. Doesn’t matter if we have paper ballots. Courts can turn the election to whom they like Bush v Gore.

  23. Typical from the left.
    Straight out of Hillary's playbook Rules for radicals.
    Rule #1-blame the other side for what you yourselves are guilty of.
    We all remember,as much as you'd rather we didn't, how many people complained about their vote being flipped to democrat.
    The software in these voting machines is Soros owned for crying out loud.

  24. I'm in the UK. I'm disabled, and housebound for much of the time. I have registered for "postal voting" for years now.
    I am assuming that you would be able to do that in the US too?
    Just a thought….it would eliminate this electronic voting problem, that's for sure.

  25. Mississippi is a deep red state that Republicans have run into the ground
    1. Mississippi has the highest obesity rate in the nation.
    2. In terms of completing high school, Mississippi ranks dead last.
    3. Mississippi students ranked last in school performance.
    4. Mississippi has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.
    5. 24.2% of Mississippi residents were living below the poverty level.
    6. Mississippi has the lowest life expectancy in the country.
    7. Mississippi has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the nation.
    8. Mississippi's economy ranked the worst in the nation.
    9. Mississippi is home to some of the worst drivers in the nation.
    10. Mississippi has one of the highest rates of food stamp enrollment in America
    11. Mississippi is considered one of the country’s most miserable states
    12. Mississippi ranks 3rd in violent gun death rates
    13. Mississippi is the 2nd most racist state next to Alabama
    14. Mississippi is currently considered the most corrupt state in America
    15. Mississippi has the highest poverty rate at 22%
    17. Mississippi has the highest infant mortality rate in the country
    18. Mississippi has the highest mortality
    rate due to car accidents
    19. Mississippi has the lowest average IQ of any state next to Alabama.
    20. Mississippi & Alabama are considered to be the most "Christian" & Conservative states yet have made being homeless illegal. Don't even get me started on Alabama which is the only state to have conditions worse than 3rd world countries
    Etc etc…

  26. This makes Trumpykins very very happy,… now you Republicans had better make sure that every single electronic voting machine gets POWER HACKED AND POWER JACKED AND TRIPLE DOUBLE LOCKED INTO FORCED SWITCHING OF ALL VOTES TO GOP CANDIDATES!!


    Isn't that right TRUMP supporters? Hmm? Oh yes it is,… Trumpykins 2020!! Maximum power rigged, HYPER GOD DICTATOR MODE GO!!

  27. When the Republicans steal the election from us — and they will either through rigging the system like this or Trump refusing to concede — we are simply going to have to take it by force of will.

  28. Want this fixed? Start a petition to fast track Tulsi Gabbard's, Elections Security Act that makes paper ballot back-ups mandatory nation wide so that rigging is impossible.

  29. This can be as simple as a calibration issue, or very much more. Assuming this is not intended, do the people that manage these machines on election day even know how to fix it if it is just a recalibration?

  30. This is what you get in a Republican run state, they don't care how they win just as long as they win. The Republicans threw honesty and integrity out the window years ago never to return, they will sell their soul for 20 pieces of silver. I hope you don't expect the Democrats to win in a state with no paper trail. 40% of the people in American don't care either, by hook or by crook, just as long as they win, they don't have to think, or seek the truth, or be honest about anything, just win.

  31. With no help from the government, thanks to Moscow Mitch, to stop cyber attacks from Trumps best friends, Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, etc. we are in for a fight of our lives to get rid of the orange buffoon. LOL

  32. Programmer here. Those things should not happen. They are supposed to pass through A LOT of testing before release. It's shameful. It looks like WAY too suspicious.

  33. looks like a calibration error to be honest.

    Idk about this because cell phones are a thing. everyone can take a video

  34. In SC, you can do absentee voting through the mail. You can just say you plan on going on vacation and won't be in your county on election day. It's nice not having to stand in line for an hour or two.

  35. Look at this facking corporate shill!!1!!!! Republicans and democrats are exactly the same David u whorre! Let’s start a new party a year before election and if bernie doesn’t run in it he’s sheepdogging us into the Democratic Party!! EVILL!!

  36. Greg palast and matt taibbi have done great reporting on this. Its a weirdly forgotten story that there was rigging of voting machines in the 04 elections, and I believe others. Outright cheating in elections is a lot more common than even progressives like to admit I think. It can be hard to definitively prove, but the body of evidence seems pretty clear in sum that it’s an issue that deserves way more attention than it gets. Also very telling that the russiagate hysterics haven’t actually done shit on election security, eventually they proposed a bill republicans shut down but to my knowledge it was weak and dems did it in part because they knew it wouldn’t pass

  37. epoch times, youtube controled by the alt right and I am so sick of seeing this alt right geek lying in every ad. If you agree contact youtube/google and demand they remove this alt right propaganda and fascist lies

  38. ….and Mitch McConnell gets money from voting machine lobbyists…

    . Don't expect the Republicans to protect your vote, it's not in their interest….. and call them out about election fraud, they're the ones that have committed that….. and voter suppression tactics are their specialty…..

    ….. Bring your phone into the voting booth with you, video your vote and raise hell in the polling station when/if the machine won't let you vote for your candidate or it switches your vote.

    …..see what Georgia is doing about this at

    ….Have you been purged from the voter's roll? Are you a first-time voter? Check your status and/or register at
    …..Is your Rep really working for you? Actions speak louder than words, check out their voting records at
    …..Where do all those donor dollars go? Find out who's taking money from who, then wonder why…… See
    …..For election dates and info, see

    Vote IN the Progressives and vote OUT the Republicans at every opportunity – local, state and federal.

  39. Y'know we laughed in 2008 at the Simpsons poking fun at the election when Homer tried to vote for Obama on a rigged voting machine.

    …it's not so funny now.

  40. When rightists say that America is a Republic, it isn't because THEY are naive…
    It's because they think YOU are naive.

  41. Homer: "Oh! An electronic machine. I want to vote for Obama!"
    Machine: "You have voted for John Mccain."
    Homer: "Hey! I wanted a change!" (presses multiple times)
    Machine: "You have given 6 votes to President Mccain."

  42. This is how the election is going to be compromised the putting your results on a barcode nobody could read it how could this even be allowed?

  43. Why is it everytime they investigate voter fraud it is always showing a democratic advantage? Where do you get these facts? I would be happy to debate you on your channel live

  44. Every election fraud I've seen has been favoring the Democrats why don't you explain that and show it to your audience It's All Over YouTube anybody can Google it

  45. If you guys needs EVMs you should get analog type ones like we have in India , not digital ones. You can add things like Trail paper which is a physical representation of your vote that is printed everytime you select your vote just to check if your vote actually matches what you selected.

  46. Voting should be done on a blockchain. That way it would be an immutable public ledger that is entirely visible by the public, decentralized, and would not be able to be tampered with. How do we do this? They make a "votecoin" blockchain. Every person that registers to vote gets a votecoin to cast there vote. Distribution of coins would be handled by a smart contract that cannot be manipulated or changed. When the person registers to vote, the contract would give them their votecoin. That way those who dont register would not have their coin distributed and therefore could not cast a fake vote.

  47. We use paper ballots in California but fuckery still ensues. In the previous election(gubernatorial) more than 100,000 votes in LA weren’t counted. I think the people at the polling place called it a provisional vote. They told me votes would be counted a few days later. However the results were out the same night, so my vote along with many thousands more were not counted. I told them to keep their “I voted” sticker since my vote was void anyways. Supposedly it was due to a voter registry misprint…

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