Varney: Anxiety mounts among 2020 Democratic candidates

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  2. The country is in great shape economically, we've almost extricated ourselves from the Middle East debacles that have bedeviled us for 20 years, yet all the press can say is "THE SKY IS FALLING!!!" Once the next recession hits this will be seen as a golden time.

  3. Prager Always seems to have things Up & down. Before THE Europeans entered THE shores of Manhattan were was No slave market. So if Prager want to celebrate THE republican party he can do a history check Up.

  4. I'll bet my life on the fact that the Democrats will continue harassing and crying for the next four years when Trump wins his second term. I'm calling it now. Just wait and see.

  5. Dose anyone remember those peperralley where the team gets up and tells how bad there going to beat the other guys well these are the ones who are still spurring out the same thing but just haven't realized that it didn't happen then and not going to happen now o and don't forget the ones that didn't make the team that just followed.

  6. Well, I agree…but am interested in seeing if there will be a growing list of GOP defections / distancing from Pres. Trump over the next few months. This impeachment trap appears to have a significant chance of hurting both sides of the isle significantly. Perception is what affects votes, not plausible & substantiated facts.

  7. This is the problem with these Democrats, they say that their going to beat Trump, but they have no strategy, and they can't explain. Also these Democrats are like walking Zombies, and the only votes they will get are from the Corrupt, the illegals, and the uneducated. The Democrats don't have a chance unless they cheat. Even if they cheat, there's no guaranteed. Hillary and the DNC tried to cheat in the 2016 election and still lost. Of course she turned the tables and blamed Trump.

  8. Yeah bring her back, because she would make a good dictator. Let's all vote for Hillary to come back laughing out loud. Should be locked up by the time 2020 rolls around. Let's all hope to Hillary comes back to run in 2020 or she going to do give us more lies and deceit? Trump 20/20

  9. The media chooses who gets the nomination. They chose wrong. We need laws to protect us from the MSM. When the Supreme Court rules that they have no legal binding to even report the truth, we have a major problem.

  10. They are all anxious to get at Trump and rip is failing presidency to pieces. Anyone of them would make him look like the fool he is.

  11. lololol will u feast your eyes on all these Satan followers??? they actually they are going to become our president???? never happen ….they can't stand America or the Patriots ..they have been trying to take down our country for years!!! whoever can't see this is also a follower of Satan …they have been lying and cheating their way through 4 years of b.s. trying to convince everyone that our president has had a friggen collusion with Iran …complete BS..just like the Russia B's they wore themselfes out on those lies now it's another friggen witch Hunt…people with a brain can see right through their dirty lies…they don't care about our country…or the people. .they are just using the other demtards to get elected..well if these idiots can't see this they will b heading for the nearest giliteen that Barry Hussain has hidden for that purpose..while the rest of us that walk with Jesus will b protected!!!! u can't cure stupid!!!!!

  12. The demonazis, socialists, liberals and islamics have destroyed themselves by trying to push their idiotic rhetoric on the American people ! All the leftist parties are destined to fail ! Losers lose and winners win period !

  13. No one suspected that Hunter Biden's escapades to earn money he didn't deserve would ever come to light. This, in spite of the fact that Joe and he flaunted their power and position in order to accomplish that. That's how delusional the left is. Creepy Uncle Joe and his equally creepy, smiling through dirty teeth son, are done for.

  14. Joe Biden was Barrack Obama's Vice President there is no way in hell he could openly brag about blackmailing the Ukraine to do his bidding without Obama's support and knowledge….Obama probably got his beachfront mansion from Joes nefarious dealings in eastern Europe and China

  15. Maybe if the democrats put all the money that they raise for the election into building the wall,one of them might have a chance of being the runner up,Trump 2020๐Ÿ˜

  16. Wonder(blunder) Woman is showing her lying face, new book. Does anyone watch see fake debates, more like kids fighting over a cookie.

  17. America needs to REDUCE TAXES! Our tax dollars must be spent on America and Americans. With proper management like our President Trumps, average Americans can prosper as we once did! We can give our children and grandchildren a future to work and believe in again too!

  18. Wait until they realize that since they have been diverting all of their energy into overthrowing the President, they forgot to come up with a credible platform and don't have a single viable candidate. Oh wait. They will just blame Trump and fire up the impeachment kangaroo court again.

    I hope Pocahontas wins the nomination. It will be great to see her debate The Mighty Orange One on national TV and be carried off of the stage in a straight jacket after her head explodes. Most likely though, Crooked Hillary will swoop in at the last minute just in time to be the "master mind" for the biggest fail in Presidential election history.

  19. About all she can do is to raise taxes because she has to offer more goodies for votes, and then find a way to PAY FOR THEM BY RAISING TAXES! THAT'S the difference between a good , experienced businessman, and a normal plolitician! The only for them is to raise $$$$$$ on everybody else, but a good business make the $$$$$ circulate through many hands where it helps many people !

    It be sure there are still enough

  20. """The Left has never had anyone from the Right stand up to their Bulling the Nation for Seventy Years…..Finally a Man of the Right, and American who tells the Marxist Democrats that the Bulling is Over and the Democrats can't stand it. They're getting back what they've been giving us for seventy years."""………[email protected]โ€‹@tโ€‹

  21. Not one of those people has the kind of experience in running a large business, politics, trade negotiations with international groups, international negotiating with not really friendly countries, or much else past possibly college elections! It would be similar to taking your kindergartener to be enrolled in College economics!

  22. Donald Trump destroying Biden? How about be sure your sins will find you out. Biden's past actions will tell the tale whether he stands or falls by his own actions. Why are Democrats always so defensive when their alleged sins come to light? Prov.28:1 The wicked flee when no man persueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion. If Biden is proven to be corrupt,watch how Fake news will blame Trump. Never take responsibility for your own actions….Blame Trump!

  23. Hey guess what mr. Bernie Sanders if the Socialist medical system that you strive for was actually in play when you had your heart attack it would have let you die because you're too old and they would not have seen it worth it to let you live remember that when you preached about socialized Medicare and health care

  24. I have news for you all. None of these so called candidates ever had a chance. There is another one waiting in the shadows, being protected and isolated from scrutiny. She will pop out at the last minute to "save the day".
    Only, there is a surprise waiting for her when she does. These people are so stupid and predictable. How do they ever get away with their lies to their base. People are smarter than that. If they just take the time to find the facts for themselves.

  25. Bernie is out, Joe Biden got multiple money laundering scams, Warren is caught in cycle of lies, Bookerโ€™s girlfriend no can do, Buttigege got race, crime problems, Beto wanna legalize nutmeg, Kamala hates black men & Julian Castro wants drug cartels takeover air traffic control ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  26. American nose impeachment is a bunch of bull malarkey the Democratic candidates are a joke none of them are good for America

  27. BE SURE YOUR SINS WILL FIND YOU OUT…God put Mr. trump in office for a reason…Put your full trust in God not in man,

  28. Pfff they all have anxiety. I get it, life is tough but these ppl srsly don't know how good they have it in this country. It's a real shame.

  29. I was working in a good factory job in 1980 when The Carter Administration and Democratic party put millions and millions out of work….WHY can't people see not to vote for that party

  30. The Democrat policies higher taxes all round I must have taxed the most wealthiest people out of America and then we'll start on the middle classes and tax them to the point where they will be poor it is all about the seizure of property and the creation of a communist state in America once you have a common Estate you will have have the situation where more people would die in America they never died before these assault policies that the Democrats are pushing on the American people

  31. Hilary is going to run, she will come in and run to try and save the race. She has been planning this all along. Bernie had a heart attack, Warren caught lying again, and Biden getting investigated. Hilary will run.

  32. Andrew Yang will beat Trump, but the dems dont want someone that can beat trump. If Trump looses then they will have nothing to talk about anymore. If Andrew Yang is not the nominee my point will be proven. DT will win against any other candidate running. Just my opinion though.

  33. The MEDIA are just using Trump's meltdown as a distraction! When will they (the fake news 'media') admit to their FALSITIES

  34. Mr. Varney, Did Disney purchase Fox News so that they could withhold footage of Mrs. Clintonโ€™s inappropriate behaviors should the Democratic Party nominate her over those running on that party ticket at this time? ๐Ÿค”


  36. And yet, Maj. Tulsie Gabbard is surging and you must block that out by your silence. We will forgive your boring medical expertise in dismissing the overwhelming favorite to defeat Trump. Keep up as you can sir !

  37. The Ukrainian dam has burst fooding the Obama administration with all kinds of issues…. the dems have a HUGE problem.
    Theirย Russian collusion smokescreen just turned into democratic collusion, treason against America!

  38. Trump 2020.
    Democrats and false media are the biggest criminals, highbitchual liars, racist, coldblooded, coldhearted, corrupt, hateful, Communist people of America, and they need to be removed from America permanently!!!!!!!
    These terrorist attacks against Our President and Americans must end now!!!!!!

  39. God Bless America and God Bless President Trump and his family.
    Love My President and 1st lady. Also love vice president Pence.

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