US Midterm Elections 2018: What are they about? | DW English

the midterms are first and foremost
about Congress and they can make or break a president’s agenda
Republican control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate has made
Trump’s life relatively easy so far but if Democrats flip one or even both
houses the good times may be over the entire house all 435 seats are up for
election and they are every two years Republicans currently hold 235 to
Democrats 193 seats that’s a lot of distance to the 218 majority mark but
Democrats hope that the slew of Republicans leaving their seats this
year along with enough anti-trump fury among voters will deliver them the house
so all eyes are on the 30 or so toss-ups race is that polling data have is too
close to call on the Senate side Republicans rule with the slimmest of
majorities 51 of 100 seats sounds like good news for Democrats but only 35
seats of those are up for election most 26 are ones Democrats and independents
allied with them need to defend that makes victory harder polling data
suggests maybe just six seats in all our toss ups as the minority party Democrats
have been limited in effectively resisting Trump but what if they win in
both the House and Senate they could block his agenda and introduce their own
they could investigate the myriad allegations of abuse and misconduct
facing Trump in the Senate Democrats could reject Trump appointees up for
important positions and they could impeach a long and fraught process that
starts in the house and ends in the Senate Democrats have history on their
side as the president’s party usually suffers in the midterms whether that
trend stays true won’t be clear until ballots are in

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  1. Here is a passionate Canadian woman who sings the National Anthem to motivate you to go vote:

  2. Election ?? Lmfao the faultiest chair n fall down the stairs. Politics is appointed. Choose between this psychopath or this psychopath. Hmmmm. How bout we Choose none.

  3. the BLUE WAVE is here to stay folks! trump, knowing that House indictments will be coming his way, probably already hid his tax forms/papers! Dems WINNING! MAGA…without trump!

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