UP-Bihar By-Polls: 3 Winners and 3 Losers

India’s politics is getting exciting. What used to be discontent is now translating into anger. As we saw in the results yesterday.
In UP and Bihar in the by polls. There are 3 big winners. There are 3 big loosers. There are also some key takeaways and a warning as we shall see. The 3 big winners: Mayawati, RJD and caste politics. The 3 big losers: Nitish, Congress and the BJP. Will see about each one of them right now. Mayawati won big, by not even contesting the elections.
She has shown that her votes can actually be transferred.
And with this she has raised her asking price for the next elections. RJD is the second big winner. Lalu Prasad Yadav is in jail. But yet the party showed through its performance that it is a force to be still reckoned with in Bihar. And that has big repercussions for BJP and JDUs coalition The third winner is caste politics. The performance of SP, DSP and RJD shows that caste politics is back in the Hindi Heartland.
Perhaps the voters are feeling a sense of dhoka, given the mandate that they had given to the BJP in the 2014 elections and 2017 UP assembly elections. This has big repercussions for the next Lok Sabha election. We come now to the 3 losers. Biggest Loser is Nitish Kumar. What we saw in Bihar is that his votes did not really transfer to the BJP. The BJP perhaps will now start questioning whether it really makes sense to be an alliance with JDU or fight the next elections on its own. The second big loser is the Congress. It really had no business fighting these elections. It got very little vote share.
And it perhaps also damaged its relationship with the SP in UP.
What the Congress should do is leave UP and Bihar to the regional parties and focus on fighting the 150 seats, where it is in direct contest with the BJP in the next Lok Sabha elections. The third big loser of course is the BJP. Given its focus on headline management, narrative control. The headlines today are definitely not looking good for the BJP. And that has again implications for how it is perceived by potential partners if any, and of course by the voters themselves. At the end of the day performance and delivery matters and that does not seem to be happening as per the expectations of the voters. There are also 3 big takeaways from this election. BJP you will now have to think – how it can get 50%+ vote share in constituency. It will not get this by the politics division.
It will have to think of a switch to something else. That something else according to me is PROSPERITY. There’s also 1 very big warning for the BJP. What a promise which was made in the 2014 elections campaign and which they seem to have forgotten. We will see this in our next column and video. Stay tuned. To read this column & previous columns and watch the videos in English & Hindi you can go to nayidisha.com Or you can visit rajeshjain.com If you have liked this video please share it with others. Thank you very much and stay tuned.

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