U.S. House votes to impeach President Trump, process moves to Senate

we start with the big impeachment vote
against US president Donald Trump has widely expected the House of
Representatives has voted to impeach President Trump and the ball is now in
the senate’s Court our you know men starts us off the majority of the
Democrat controlled House of Representatives approved two articles
abuse of power and obstruction of Congress to impeach President Trump on
Wednesday night after several hours of heated debate
the first article abuse of power was confirmed by 230 votes for and 197
against the second article obstruction of Congress was confirmed with 229 for
and 198 against with that Trump became just the third president in US history
to be impeached by the House following Bill Clinton in 1998 and Andrew Johnson
in 1868 the Democrats say president Trump solicited Ukraine to open a
politically motivated investigation against his potential rival for the 2020
presidential election Joe Biden and his son Donald Trump used the high power of
the presidency to pressure a foreign nation to besmirches perceived primary
political opponent he corrupted our elections and compromised our national
security so that he could keep power it’s a sham a witch-hunt and it’s
tantamount to a coup against the duly elected president United States this is
a sad day for our nation when one political party along with their cohorts
in a deep state and the mainstream media try to hijack our Constitution since the
articles of impeachment were approved in the House President Trump will face a
Senate trial possibly in January it’s likely to be a different story in the
Senate as Republicans have a majority there at least two-thirds of senators
have to vote in favor for the president to be removed from power President Rome
has been lashing out at House Democrats on Twitter over the impeachment claiming
they are telling atrocious lies you know means Arirang news

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  1. Demo-rat never get tired to harm President Trump and harm the United State of America! They are very proud to get moneys from tax payers for doing nothing for this country!

  2. For too long, our country has been stuck in a bitter war between right and left. Andrew Yang can unify and heal the nation and move us forward.

  3. Demo-rats must impeach President Trump, Otherwise, Nadler, Joe Biden and Biden’s son, Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Dianne Frankeinstein, Chuck Schumer, etc…will go to jail, because they got bribed by China, Iran, Ukraine and Russia! so hurry up no matter what, demo-rats !!!

  4. Nadler, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and demorats, and fake news, they afraid President Trump will win in 2020, so they scheme to impeach President Trump!

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