Two Time Obama Voters Explain Why They Voted Trump

Van Jones has a new CNN show and he did an interesting segment here where he spoke to Obama voters who turned to trump in 2016 let’s see what they had to say… Trumbull county, farmland and factories dominate the landscape and union Democrats dominate local politics but over the last 40 years well actually the last four years especially Obama’s second-term industry has been hit hard many steel mills, manufacturing plants have been closed and thousands of jobs have been lost I’m invited to dinner with a family of Trump supporters to talk politics. Hello how are you?
Scott Seitz is a lifelong Democrat who voted for Obama twice Cameron, his only son who was old enough to vote in the last election also supported Obama This year all four Seitz men voted for Trump What did you like about obama, and then what did you like about Trump? I think Obama represents a lot of love and I think that he’s a good man and he did all he could and we supported him for two elections yeah
and then when those changes really didn’t come about and Obamacare actually affected me personally with my own mother I think we need to change once again Trump seem to come through here and he speaking change again so i think we still voted for change.
You want to get in here? You know, I wouldn’t vote for either one So you voted for a Democrat all the way But could not vote for Hillary Clinton No, it was just her morals and his morals, I just no They both scared me.
So let me give you guys a chance to respond to some of the stereotypes about all the Trump voters… All Trump voters hate the Mexicans, they hate Muslims, they don’t like black people they’re just, there was the all of his explosive kind of racial talk was what really got everybody going. One of my jobs is helping counseling individuals recovering from drug and alcohol addictions and I’m just going by the statistics at my location most of them are minorities, I would probably go as far as to say eighty eighty-five percent so you know what if that were the case and if I was racist then I just don’t believe that I’d be very good at my job
but I’m not the stereotype that individuals think we are. So how does a billionaire, I mean you guys were serious, like, the working-class backbone of America and the industrial heartland how does a billionaire break through to the blue-collar worker? We put democrats in office and
she turned around and forgot completely about us
we are what makes this world go round We built the tanks and bombs that won this country’s wars and for you to come through here and completely neglect us we would have rather vote for, for anybody instead of her and all the other stuff that Donald said didn’t seem to make a hill of beans, she hurt us and that’s what it is. What a racist,
oh what a fucking misogynist he sounds like he despises Muslims let me tell you okay look I don’t mean to be flippant because the reality is sure there are many Donald Trump supporters who did vote for him because of those horrific grotesque bigoted things he said I’m not downplaying that all i’m saying is there are other people who voted for him who did not vote for him because of that gross shit he said they voted for him despite that they overlooked that and thought exactly what he just said we voted for change we voted for change with Obama they voted for Obama twice
but now we voted for Trump why because he didn’t do anything for us and Trump’s saying i’m going to change things now understand that’s not the case for everybody so yeah Obama did do things for many people if you’re somebody who had a pre-existing condition and couldn’t get health care, health insurance now you can well yeah he made your life a lot better if you were somebody who made a forty-two thousand dollars a year and Obama changed it so you now get overtime pay and before you didn’t he affected your life for the better but if you’re somebody who’s factory got shut down and the jobs shipped overseas under Obama and you know meanwhile he’s pushing for TPP and pushing for even worse trade deals that would make it so we lose even more jobs well Obama didn’t really help you on that front now did he So it’s different things for different people but the reality is what they’re saying is true it is true that in the Rust Belt these old factory towns they’re struggling it is true that the Democrats have used these voters to get elected and then haven’t done dick for them and then that leads to the next point he went on to say “She completely forgot about us” who can argue against that?
I mean Bill Clinton voted for NAFTA, she vocally supported NAFTA, she pushed for TPP 45 times and called it the gold standard so she’s been in favor of most of these free trade agreements and again that’s the heart of the issue for these people so she did forget about them and then he goes on to say the thing that hit home the most for me is he says all the other things that Trump said didn’t seem to amount to a hill of beans so in other words all the time like when Trump said TPP is gonna rape us and the media went on for three days about he used the word rape in an offensive context when they ran the ads of him cursing, him giving see CPAC speech and saying fuck Him, you know, just being a general foul-mouthed kind of dude and then they portray that as How are you going to vote for him?
How are you going to vote for him? He uses bad language
I don’t know how you’re going to vote for him… He goes that didn’t amount to anything to me because that’s bullshit fake outrage we’re struggling over here and this guy went out there and at least pretended to give a fuck where as Hillary Clinton what was the,
what was the central theme of her campaign what was it?
Break down the barriers, Stronger together,
(Those are vague things) and America is already great.
So hold on that’s going to be your counter argument when he says make America great again you’re gonna say America is already great.
What message does that send? hey man America’s already great so why don’t we just keep going on the same path that we’re going on right now and just acknowledge how awesome it is How is that message gonna resonate with somebody whose life is in shambles because their jobs got shipped overseas?
They’re gonna say I certainly don’t feel like America’s already great! So they are too caught up in their corporatist Democratic elite bubble because they look around everybody they know is doing fantastic they’re doing really well, you know, under Obama he’s done many good things,
I don’t want you guys to get me wrong here but, you know their main indicator of how well average Americans are doing are the unemployment rate and the stock market two of the worst indicators for how average Americans are actually doing. The stock market is a reflection of how the richest of the rich Americans are doing and the unemployment rate just tells you fewer people are unemployed which is a good thing but it’s not the end-all be-all because for example higher wage jobs were replaced with lower-wage jobs post the recession
so though more people are employed There are underemployed too
there are people who are underemployed so they’re getting jobs that are shitty jobs that they’re not happy at So that’s not, these are not good indicators but the Democrats were so caught in their own elitist bubble they were like But what do you mean,
What do you want? The fucking stock markets doing great, all my rich buddies tell me they’re doing awesome and the unemployment rates down so get over it, get get over it We’re better than Bush Yeah you’re better than Bush,
that’s not saying much! That motherfucker gets a
F minus-minus-minus so what,
you want a pat on the back for a D? So understand man,
if the Democrats want to ignore guys like this ok, keep losing,
keep fucking losing keep fucking losing
by the way who’s message would resonate with a guy like this? I wonder, if only there was another Democrat in the race who actually gave a shit about factory jobs and actually gave a shit about infrastructure and actually gave a shit about everybody in the country There was And the democrats did everything they could to make sure he didn’t get the nomination Because
Hillary’s more electable,
Hillary’s more electable Hillary’s more electable! How the fuck did that work out for you and now the same people who made the shitty predictions then
are the ones who are trying to tell us which direction the party should go in now not on my watch bitch not on my watch!

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  1. The reasons behind President elect Trump's victory are as multidimensional as was Hillary Clinton's loss. But, central and, in Hillary Clinton's case inexcusable, was her's and the Establishment Elitists of the DNC, consciously rejected the simple message which led to her spouse's victory; It's the ECONOMY STUPID!!

    Hillary Clinton and the Establishment Elites of the Democratic Party forgot what a great Republican president said about being two-faced in politics;

    "You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." Abraham Lincoln

    For the past decade President Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Establishment Elite of the Democratic Party betrayed the faith and hopes millions of working class Americans placed in their broken promise of CHANGE.

    Did President Obama "save" the American economy when faced with the greatest macroeconomic disaster since the Great Depression? Yes, Mr. Obama did, but that isn't the WHOLE STORY. The larger more relevant question is WHOSE ECONOMY WAS SAVED? It certainly WASN'T MAIN STREET, USA. Many accuse President Obama of "dividing" America. While the facts don't support the allegation that Mr. Obama exacerbated the "great stain" of racism in America, he did oversee the division of Americans into two distinct groups;


    The Democrats abandoned Main Street and made Wall Street / Silicon Valley the center of their universe and had the unmitigated audacity to be disappointed and surprised when their deliberate contemptuous neglect of their historic voter base forced them to turn to a politically inexperienced former reality TV Star in 2016.

  2. Van Jones says that Democrats don't want to vote "those kinds of hunting rifles." Yes they do. A so-called "assault rifle" is just a gussied-up hunting ruffle with no additional lethality.

  3. Haven't done Dick for them? Besides fight the republicans for the social programs and initiatives that are now going to be stripped away in favor of more corporatized control… You Young Turks aren't fooling anybody… Trump has been driving your ratings, Cenk Uyger is busting at the seams with joy about the new subscribers and money that's funneling in as he declares he's going to "watchdog" the Trump administration. .but you guys sure have a lot of damning criticism for the democrats and mainstream media, which only makes sense as you jockey for more media control and money

  4. I live in Long Island NY and feel the same way they do. People here work at least 2 jobs just to try to keep up. That's over 70 hours a week working, being away from their families.
    And by the way, those democrats didn't lose, they r still working and getting paid.

  5. Its so sad to see that people from areas like these believe Trump can bring jobs back into industrial areas. THE WORLD HAS MOVED ON THESE JOBS ARE NEVER COMING BACK. FIND A NEW OCCUPATION AND STOP EXPECTING THE GOVERNMENT TO SAVE YOU.

  6. You voted obama because your just plain stupid as fuck bandwagon sheep. Your type should be double tapped in the back of the head.

  7. The guy literally just said how Obamacare hurt his family, and then Kyle goes on to explain how awesome Obamacare was.

  8. Synopsis: "Why they voted trump"

    Because they are gullible pawns in a con game they were too delusional to understand.

  9. the minute I heard morals I stopped the video. this is why americans are FUCKED. they vote on "morals" over who will actually be able to do the job and move this country forward. Trump is uniquely unqualified and has absolutely not idea what he is doing. these people are morons.

  10. wonder what they think now trumpsters have cut their own throats and signed humanity's death warrant denial is not a river in Egypt comrade

  11. I agree with a lot of the things you say but when I think about where implementing certain things could lead us to that is where I seem to differ with you. I appreciate Bernie Sanders for who he is and what he tries to do but the fact for me is this. he is a socialist and almost every socialist country ends with the same story. look at Venezuela people are rioting and stealing each other's food because of the food lines being so long and when they get their chance to get the food sometimes they are out of food. he wants people to have free college and that's make sense except for the fact you would then have to concede that the government would be 100% in control of the curriculums and everything our kids are learning, like it or not. another example of the Canada, free healthcare also it sounds great but I have seen people that have done hidden camera vlogs as well as written articles I have read and they take the money for the health care out of everybody's taxes so it's not really free. and when you go to the ER you have to wait 9 or 10 hours and I seen this guy trying to get a penicillin shot because he said he stepped on a nail and they told him he would have to go to another physician. When he told them he has already contacted them they said there's nothing they could do outside of him paying thousands of dollars to see a doctor privately. Otherwise it would take a year or more on the waiting list. the main difference between capitalism and socialism even though there are many the one that sticks out to me the most is capitalism being a free market where there is competition between suppliers in order to get customers. and any citizen can do that if you work hard enough. socialism is government control they pick and appoint people and companies for different situations and if you don't like your doctor you really don't have any other choice so in that situation you either wait or deal with it. also if cost are to high oh well. also how can they claim it's free when they take it out of taxpayers money? it's a play of words, making you think it's good for you until you have it don't want it and by that time it's to late to change. socialism cannot compete in a free market against capitalism where people have the choice to go and give their business to whoever they feel it's giving them the best deal. one of the main reasons the Soviet Union collapsed. but when you hear people say how we don't have free healthcare like the rest of the countries of the world it is ironic that they leave that part out. also I wonder if van Jones thought that the people he was talking to were the ones who did the white Lash. he is a close friend of Obama btw

  12. Why did Van wear a suit?? I know there are more important issues to discuss here, but seriously, am I the only one that thinks he should have reconsidered wearing a suit and opted for more casual attire?

  13. I hate when some liberals give all Trump voters a false equivalence about them being all equally as bad. I agree that racist pieces of shit like David Duke would of voted for him no matter who was the Democratic nominee but this family I guarantee would of voted for an actual progressive if nominated.

  14. there's a difference between a Trump Supporter and a Trump Voter. a Trump Supporter actually agrees with the bullshit and the hatred and the general shit that Trump spews out. a Trump Voter could be someone who was just so dissolusioned with Hillary that they felt they had no choice but to vote for Trump if they had any hope for change

  15. white people have the world on a silver platter. all money all political power but they compain constantly saying they want change. change to what you fucking idiots?

  16. Sorry not buying it, sorry but, yes these are good people, but most Trump voters are racists fascist pricks, sorry but not sorry, these people are still ignorant fucks who thought "meh racism doesn't affect me so fuck it" FUCK THEM, they deserve to be FUCKED OVER HARD

  17. Time for a new party both Democratic and Republican party are made up of liars and cheaters beholden to big banks, corporations, and the wealthy. Hillary is two faced and no better than Trump. She cheats and lies just the same. Remember that guy Bernie Sanders, who in my opinion won if it wasn't for all the corruption with DNC remember Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Donna Brazil colluding scandals, and the mainstream media which tried to shut him out. Trump is what America got and what America deserves. Now you see what us Bernie supporters saw all along.

  18. This starts with " Steel mills closing down under Obama "   lying bullshit, they long closed before Obama.  These people didn't get mad at The Republicans for preventing Obama from doing an infrastructure bill that would have put them all back to work. They chose to screw these people and say it was Obama's fault.  You piece of shit so called journalists don't have the balls to speak truth to Power and chose rather to leave the dumb ass voters ignorant and let them  put Trump in office period.

  19. listen to what the father said Obama was good man and Love. But as a parent that does not pay the bills. I have meet Black parents who have said the same thing.

  20. At least you seem to know what the heck is going on. We can have a good conversation unlike other liberals who just keep labeling without any substances.

  21. America IS already Great. We need a leader that's going to help everyone. Those weapons' factories is NOT going to help America. You should've never voted for this Orange dementia…NEVER.

  22. The Democratic Party of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman was the party of the union working stiff of ANY race. The Party of the AFL-CIO, the party of teamsters, steel workers, coal miners, car workers, manufacturing workers, but noooo the party is now the party of leftist snowflakes of the software industry and Hollywood, not to mention the Wall Street stock brokers. The party of California and northeast coast. The party of urban America…. The Democrat Party is NO longer the party of rural America. When a factory or mine closes in a small town in rural America, another factory or mine does not necessarily open…. Not like a large city where a new factory or store does open…. The city slickers says why not move to the cities? But someone has to buy their homes…. Without more rural jobs, there is NO one to buy their homes…. How many city slickers are willing to forgo their investment into their homes? Lose their homes for nothing? $200 to $300 hundred thousand? Kiss it goodbye? No wonder middle America was a sea of red states….

  23. She didn't even campaign in Wisconsin. Trump was holding rallies in front of closed down factories promising to bring jobs back. Hillary wouldn't even visit Wisconsin. She barely visited Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. She lost because she neglected democrat voters in blue states that she NEEDED to win. She spent too much time courting donors on wal street, celebrities in Hollywood, and deplorable republicans she insulted in red states like Texas, Georgia, and the Carolinas.

  24. One thing unemployment isn't how many have a job. It's how many look for a job. If 1 million people give up and stop looking for a job unemployment goes down because the people gave up hope. Obama and Hillary bragged about lower unemployment when the same number of people were unemployed on his first and last day in office. Unemployment is even worse and more useless than you made it out to be

  25. Awww, poor fools, so now America should be concerned about poverty because low-income Whites "feel" disenfranchised? What about the African American population that has disproportionately been worse off historically and still today? Newsflash. Voting for a billionaire bigot isn't gonna bring jobs back to your small towns. Dismissing immigrants, minorities, and gay people won't either. Save those crocodile tears for Oprah.

  26. While Trump was talking about currency manipulation, the unchecked flood of immigrants across our Southern border, and the shipping of jobs to Mexico, Hillary was talking about what bathroom people should use – and the Democrats wonder why they lost…

  27. "We built the tanks and bombs that won these countries wars…And for you to come through here and completely neglect us, we would of rather voted for anybody instead of her and all the other stuff Donald Said didn't matter."
    There you have it folks, Hilary literally ruined everything.

  28. If America was as racist as they say, they wouldn't have voted for Obama, Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Herman Cain…i'm not saying racism is not an issue, but democrats are using it as a shield for their failure!

  29. Wrong. You are sexist because you dared to criticize the first female candidate in history. SEXIST! #IBELIEVETHATSHEWILLWINIBELIEVETHATSHEHASWON #Fucktheworkers #AnyWomenIsBetterThanAManEvenSarahPalin #IPreferSarahPalinToObama #satire #sarcasmftw

  30. Notice that Van Jones brings up racism first in his questions. Tells you everything you need to know about where these "stereotypes" are coming from (from people like Van Jones).

    You can just hear the resentment in his voice when asking these "HOW" questions with regard to Trump.

  31. None of this surprises me. For the individual, especially breadwinner of a family, employment trumps everything. Who cares about sexual oriented bathrooms, the stock market, or an orange haired baffoon making sexually suggestive comments if you can't afford to put food on the table for your children or pay the rent. If that orange haired baffoon said he was going to help me while the other candidate ignored me, guess who'd get my vote too?

  32. I stopped watching cable news after the election. I couldn't stand to listen to bullshit excuses as to why Hillary lost the election–a bunch of delusions and scapegoating. Not a single one of them would face the truth. They had to scramble like cockroaches scattering when a light gets turned on. They had no idea what direction to turn or why they failed. These people thought they all had it figured-out and told everyone why Trump was going to loose. Big egos and hot air. They didn't have a clue.

  33. Perhaps you're not a racist or misogynist, but if you'll condone racism and sexism so long as it benefits your family, you have no moral high ground to stand on. That's just as selfish.

  34. This mc is fucking clueless as to the NWO CFR and the Puppet Presidents like Bush and Obama and Clintons, that follow their NWO Globalist Masters and agendas.

  35. I'm getting tired of kyle….


    selfishness is what motivated ALL TRUMP voters!!

    Everyone who supports Trump is a selfish human…. no two ways around it…
    there is no " humanizing" Trump voters.. they KNEW his policies would hurt millions but in their minds "well, at least I WILL WIN AGAIN, I don't care about who gets hurt just as long as I win".

    bottom line, kyle needs to stop making us feel sorry for these Trump voters…they knew all this was going to happen and they didn't care..

  36. every reason a trump supporter gives of why they voted for trump is always the same answer "i don't know why"

  37. oh no dumbass, you did not put the democrats in office, you took them out in 2010, screwing the middle class over letting the republicans shut government down for 6 long years

  38. Change didn't come because every time Obama tried to do something Republicans and Congress wouldn't let him. You can't blame him for not getting certain things done when the opposition literally did everything they could to stop his policies.

  39. voted Obama 2008. wasn't impressed his first 4 years. I went romney in 2012 and now trump in 2016. You have to focus on the people year round not just during elections.

  40. I think you are wrong, no one voted for Trump because he was "Racist, or any of the other things he is called" it was all political talk to paint him into a person he wasn't

  41. Trump never said anything grotesque in his run for the presidency. Allegations to the contrary have no bearing on the facts.

  42. They basically didn't have a choice, either way they were fucked. There's no democracy for these people.

  43. Ok so just over 2 years later, and how many of those jobs and factories have returned? Few if any… The affordable Care Act had bipartisan support and still does – Drumph made it a political issue and failed to repeal it because it benefits millions of Americans. In fact enrolment in the exchanges has increased by ~9 million. Drumph lied to these people. At least Clinton told the truth and planned to roll out Infrastructure and training programs, but they bought into the Orange faced Con man's lies.

  44. Looks like MW3 on the screen lmao, but Obama did cause issues with my family too. My grandma with cancer’s payments shot 400% once Obamacare was passed. She liked the Democrats and is one, but she felt the knife in her back and turned. Unfortunately partisan politics forgets the common folk.

  45. I dont trust a politician if they say this country is in the shitter, unless they bring something that makes sense, not "jobs down, me make good again"

  46. Dude the reporter wasn't saying that the family was racist, islamophobic, homophobic, what have you. He gave them the opportunity to show that the average trump supporter doesn't match the stereotype. None of the comments or questions he asked were out of line.

  47. Oh what do you know, the people that swung the election for Trump where it mattered say that the problem was Hillary. I wish my fellow Democrats would understand that the centrists have failed us.

  48. 4:54– What about all the jobs that rely on international trade?

    7:48– The stock market shows how well anybody who owns stock is doing. About half of Americans own stock. I know I do.

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