TVJ Midday News: Claims of Vote Buying in PNP President Race – September 3 2019

good afternoon it’s Wednesday September
4 I’m Herman green with your midday news especially welcome to those of you
watching online at one spot mediacom just three days before the delegates
vote to decide on the people’s National Party PNP president there are some
stunning claims from the doctor Peter Phillips leg camp that agents working
for Peter bunting and his rise united camp are buying votes for $10,000 dr.
Phillips is one PNP camp and discussed the concerns during a press conference
at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston a short while ago or reported Wayne
Anderson is at the Jamaica Pegasus we now join him live for the very latest
Dwayne Thank You Herman so we’re here at the Jamaica Pegasus in Kingston I’m
joined by the vice president of the People’s National Party Damon Crawford
and the treasurer of the PNP Lisa Hanna miss on I’ll start with you first
because you made some comments earlier which about happenings in a party
leading up to this delegates vote on Saturday that you’re not particularly
happy with concerns the use of money what exactly is your concern well to say
that I’m not happy would be a overstatement one of the reasons for us
having this press conference today was to speak about and give the nation and
certainly our delegates an update with three days to go on where we are in our
campaign and we are very very confident of victory on September 7 it’s clear
that the other side has have been using some tactics to try and implore
delegates financially and as soon as the delegates they go to the delegates and
members of the other teams leadership the delegates call many of us in one PNP
and say look they’re being induced to vote for the other side they don’t like
it and certainly the tenets and philosophies that we believe in as a
party don’t subscribe to that kind of value system in our political movement
you mentioned the philosophy of the party the PNP often positions itself as
the soul of Jamaica’s democracy in terms of the use of funds in election
campaigning mr. Crawford what kind of message it is
bill do you believe this sense to the wider public about what’s happening in
the party where they hear about the use of money in this arm delegates are
raised first it depreciates our ability to go there and to campaign against this
but it also no depreciates people’s confidence that we are for a particular
group of people in the main because if you are being funded by those who are
investors in politics then you may not be policies for those who are in need of
your policies and so therefore it did it diminishes our ability to be successful
in an election miss Ana three days to go where’s dr. Phillips no Willie win
absolutely he will win our campaign manager campaign chairman or campaign
team a hundred percent of our senators support one PM p close to eighty percent
of all candidates and members of parliament support one PM p sixty nine
of the ninety councillors minority leaders support one PM p the women’s
movement the president and five of the six vice presidents support one PM p and
certainly if you look across the NEC and what happened at the RBC’s when the
delegates the same delegates who will vote on September 7th came out to the
RBC’s two Sundays ago they voted 1 p.m. P and made sure that her NEC is
supportive of dr. Peter Phillips thank you so much miss hannah and mr.
connection 75% of the candidates for the next election support dr. Peter Phillips
thank you so much guys so we’re getting her up so we have to go back to her
studio so it’s back to you Herman all right thank you or reporter do it and
listen there from the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel now Minister without portfolio and
the Ministry of Information Carlson Morris says the integrity Commission is
high on the agenda of prime minister Andrew Holness in the wake of concerns
about the anti-corruption body on Monday news came that Justice Carl Harrison
chairman of the Commission had resigned that announcement came just days after
the retirement of acting director of corruption prosecutions Dirk Harrison
the parliamentary opposition and civil society group national integrity action
have been calling for an urgent review of the Commission to more effectively
fulfill its objective at this morning’s post cabinet media briefing mrs. Santos
asked whether there will be a review of the integrity
whether or not there is to be an extensive review of the integrity
Commission Act what I can say is that it is receiving the full attention it is
receiving the full attention of the Prime Minister and the cabinet because
it is a very fundamental Commission on which a lot relies depends and we rely
on the membership of that Commission to discharge your responsibilities in an
impartial and professional manner missus amudha was also not able to state how
soon the vacant positions would be filled and I have absolutely no doubt in
my mind whatsoever that the positions that have been made via current by the
retirement of Judge Harrison and and the the the former contractor general Dirk
Harrison I have no doubt whatsoever that those positions will be filled by
persons of high integrity and professionalism there’s no question
about that so it is receiving our full attention as part of Jamaica’s
assistance the Bahamas Tourism Minister Edmond Bartlett says he will appeal to
some 120 countries next week to lend a helping hand to the hurricane battered
Island mr. Bartlett will be making a presentation at the United Nations World
Tourism Organization General Assembly in Russia next week and the UN de Blasio
has their General Assembly in st. Petersburg in Russia and I will be going
to present the case overall for for the collaboration with the center in
relation to dealing with Caribbean vulnerabilities in the process I will be
supporting the Bahamas in their own recovery effort and and I’ll be
partnering with the minister there to ensure that a full appreciation of the
extent of the damage in the area and the extent of support that is required is
realized by all of the partners who will be coming from
about a hundred and twenty countries from across the world meeting in st.
Petersburg and we don’t take a break here on the midday news but stay with us
more stories after these messages welcome back continuing the news the
business community in st. James says the state of emergency in the parish is no
longer working in stemming crime especially murders it’s an assessment at
least one security expert agrees with as concerns emerge that the security forces
are stretched reducing the effect of their presence in some communities and
TV jays Giovanni Denis reports Montego Bay San james is unquestionably
beautiful but the center of tourism in Jamaica is also an epicenter of violence
ninety people were murdered in the parish up to August 31 it’s 23 more than
the 67 of the same time in 2018 a 34% increase president of the Montego Bay
Chamber of Commerce Janet Silveira says the figures show the state of emergency
is no longer effective maybe the police have just become stretched and that they
need to bring back the numbers that we had started off with when the SOE
started over a year ago if that is not done we’re going to continue to have the
situation that we know have four people were murdered in the parish between
Friday and Monday including a well-known businessman security consultant Robert
Finster Smith speaking on smudge Jamaica Tuesday morning
explains why he thinks to the SOE s may be losing their potency the Provident
issue is that it’s like certain medicines you can administer medicine
for short-term relief situation then the body starts to become used to the
medicine so after a while the effect of the medicine for missile virus says the
fear gripping the parish is no forcing business owners to implement measures
for their staff safety and number of our members have said that
they have to be transporting their employees to work and they also have to
be providing security for them when they’re leaving work at nights she
insists the business community in st. James is willing to help in crime
reduction initiatives what we have to sit at the same table currently we’re
asking for a meeting we need a meeting to discuss where we’re falling down
co-best we can help Giovanna Dennis TVJ news human rights advocate Susan Goff is
raising concern about several unfinished roads in the cooperate area which she
believes pose a threat to both pedestrians and motorists the details in
this report even though the roadworks in the corporate area are incomplete human
rights advocate Susan Goff believes that road markings and signs should be
installed to prevent safety hazards to pedestrians and motorists Misgav
complains that not enough emphasis is being placed on the safety aspect of the
roadworks especially with more children now traversing the streets she explains
that pedestrians have a difficult time navigating the roadways and things are
worse for vulnerable persons such as the disabled and elderly while speaking on
our jaws beyond the headlines on Tuesday Misgav said she has been informed that
what markings and signs are not yet placed on the roads because work has not
been completed people have said yes but you wouldn’t expect them to put those
until the roads are finish but no I do because people have had to cross those
roads throughout the road construction there wasn’t a decision on the part of
people in that area we will not cross roads we do not need to cross roads
people have had to be crossing the road what temporary interim provisions have
been put in place and a lot of those points couple of churches a bank of
Plaza shops accessor people cross Amy meanwhile misgav concluded that the
current situation stems from a lack of consideration for
I continue using the road in the Bering Sea the project throughout the duration
there has been this disregard for the public and part of my difficulty is that
this is not isolated they have been highlighted certainly in social media
Indian media and there has been no change Rasheed masters TV 10 years and
now for a look at what’s coming up in this evenings Health Report in the next
edition of the Health Report we look at postpartum depression there’s no
question that postpartum depression is under diagnosed as with the opéra types
of the pressure and throughout the island and this is because people lots
of people do not think that depression is an illness and should be treated and
therefore when somebody is treated even doctors they will tell them to snap out
of it that’s the health report this evening in primetime news and to know
for today’s healthy living tip build a secure bond with your baby take care of
yourself slowly reintroduce exercise build a support network and try
psychotherapy and medication we go now to news and sports CEO of
Mount Pleasant Academy football club Peter gold says he had to do what was
right and making the decision to dismiss head coach Donovan dookie dookie was
revealed relieved rather of his duties with a club on Monday following Sunday’s
2-1 defeat to Harborview in the red stripe Premier League
if Donovan Duque thought Sunday’s defeats to Harborview was a shocker then
just imagine his mood on Monday when he received an email that his services were
no longer required at mom peasant Academy but CEO of Mount Pleasant Peter
Gould says while Sanders a 2-1 defeat was not the only reason the terminate
dukey’s contract it was the last straw I’ve got direction I want the club to go
I thought we were going the right direction but certainly I don’t want to
be eight games in like everyone else does eight games in and look up and the
table I think there’s a huge you know a huge crime I want to try now and then
look we love us Gould says he was also tired of the excuses and to hear excuses
I just thought I’m no colonel and I heard the same excuses come to me you
know it starts him to come I think I’m not the man whose own sense of excuses I
want action and the excuses were not Duke his only problems but it seems his
ego as well I like the man personally but when someone thinks that their baby
ego has actually overtaken the club and themselves it’s nothing I’m going to
stand there and watch I’ve got the biggest thing you go in the world
poor tiga Davis and now return as head coach a decision Gould says was easy to
make it coming here to trading and sayings he gets a vez being pushed over
to the side and not involved and I told the manager Dukey get him involved right
and I asked him personally I said you’re disrespecting the club putting him out
out there he’s coming in from obey every single morning and not getting involved
and I felt disrespected and I’m sure to get felt
suspected and everyone else behind and it’s something that was one of my made
my decision to cease his deployment and as for t guard who took charge of his
first session on Tuesday he was happy to be back at the helm anyway I have to do
what you know take or Demong to know it’s a challenge again
yeah the challenge but you know I think it you know we’ll gasm add up to my
style and my principal party team set up in the full interview can be seen on
Thursday during send a circle on TV J starting at 9:00 p.m.
J remain Brown reporting for TV J sports and that’s the midday news I’m Herman
green join us at 7:00 for primetime news on behalf of the new sports and
production teams

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  1. Regardless who win the delegates support.Sadly the PNP will be wondering in the political woods for at least another eight years.

  2. The soldiers alone will vote how the JLP, Andrew Holmes failed to address corruption and crime. Which is a big ISSUE in Jamaica

  3. The gunmen out do the Police, No crime plan, No INTELLIGENCE. We need plain clothes Police on the street selling Skelion and thyme. CCTV monitors,

  4. Like it's kinda understandable to see party vs party. But in this case it looks terrible 😂. They are literally at each other's backs barking and are publicly bashing one another.

    Also on this current government. We have no crime plan and our security minister is a doctor 😂. Another joke. If I laugh I die

    I'll just stand and watch these drama queens

  5. Wow! Everyone in PNP WANTS TO BE SEEN WITH
    NOT HER!!!

  6. There's war in the PNP party already, that only shows exactly what's going to happen if they should win the election. From I was a child I never believed in that party, even though I would not vote for neither of them.

  7. Phillips need fi step a side now we need fresh face to lead the pnp alot of people dont trust Phillips I wish if they can remove all those ho are long serving like Phillips and let some new faces come in the party

  8. Lisa and dread is it something we should put out in the public. How will you heal this after you guys have gone so far. You cannot create enemy with your own. This goes out to both sides. We in the disapora are watching closely. The PNP just lost the next election. People cannot now decide which party is better. So they will stick to the devil they know. Shame shame

  9. The PNP practice over the years to used money to influence an election but we’re hearing about this now because of the same party running against each other.

  10. From the jlp take office stealing and resigning all around everyone resigning left right and Center and crime taking the rise it's only leave now for the prime minister to step down I wonder why is he waiting so long


  12. I advised comrade Peter Bounting from the longest time to withdrew his candidacy, because he is going to be beaten very badly on September 7th voted for Dr Peter Phillips. After the PNP party unanimously approved comrade Dr Peter Phillips as the president of the party, all of comrade Peter Bounting followers.
    They are going withdrew themselves from him,and left him in the wilderness. It is really sad that because of his egos over shadows his performance, will leads him a stray.

  13. That lady from Montego Bay was talking about the situation in that town, and the government needs to put that the amount of the security forces in the areas.
    But what she fails to admit that all the blames should be labeled at the government, because he failed to provided the vehicles to the police officers over 3 years now.
    To have the security forces in just one area lady it is not going to worked, the police officers needs their vehicles to do their regular patrolling on the streets and. That will helps to cut down some of the crimes lady, if you were watching the foreign news from the United States.
    Then you will realized that if the United States cannot control crimes, which country in the world can control it.The only countries you have less crimes is the communist countries, because their people is under a more stricken laws.
    In the United States some people have more than 12 guns,because some people are guns collectors. There is nowhere in the United States right now, listening to the news in those bigger States up in Texas is a while, while West.
    But the Government of Jamaica should be holding accountability for the crimes, because during their campaign. The PM Andrew Holness is saying that he has the remedies to control the crimes, and what his remedies.
    By not giving the police officers the vehicles to do their regular patrolling on the streets, there is no vehicles to do their job.

  14. I was listening to the news that the chairman for the integrity committee is resigning, because he cannot do his work properly. Because the PM Andrew Holness refuses to turned over the trouble minister to be investigated, by the integrity committee.
    So the guy saw that it is all nonsense about crimes, some people strongly believe that is only killing a person with a gun is a crime.
    That is one of the biggest mistakes with a some people is making, because there is bigger crimes than fraudulent conversion activities. There is a lot of people in the United States got life imprisonment for fraudulent conversion activities, it is the same thing like murders, rapes,robbery with aggravation. But some people in Jamaica believe it is not really a crime as dangerous, like shooting someone killing them.
    Stealing from people money is a very dangerous crimes putting millions of people to suffer, it is no different robbing a man with a gun.
    I am looking forward to hear from that man, to come forward and tell the reason why he is resigning. Because I already said it,but you want it out of his mouth.

  15. Was this the same PNP that that bawl out about the JLP buying votes , which camp is it happening now Lisa and Damion ?

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