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  1. I love Carlsons standard "look of incredulity " as if he can't believe the ridiculous nature of his opponents argument. Then he makes accusations based on assumptions or based on nothing at all. Whadda meathead!

  2. I wonder how Reiner forgot to mention Hillary Clinton? She did receive 40 million froma Russian company 12 months before the election….imagjne if Trump did that

  3. I. I. I. don't have an opinion about that. talking out of both sides of his mouth. nothing new here. he is a political Meathead.

  4. Reiner is a stooge of the highest order. They don't call him meathead because of the TV show. The TV show called him meathead, because that's what EVERYONE calls him.

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  6. In hindsight you can see meathead is baiting him to agree with the democratic lying narrative that has been proven to be false..unless they can find the DNC servers showing showing Russian hacking ..i saw some videos that showed the DNC server was accessed by Seth Rich…now that would be interesting if it was Seth and not the Russians

  7. The root of the problem is the Democrats didn't cheat enough with FAKE ballots- if the truth were known Donald J Trump won by a huge landslide- Everyone bad mouths Russia yet turns a blind eye to one of the biggest companies in USA – Boeing investing in Billions of dollars to build tech centers to advance Russian technology.

  8. Once again…the staring look and open mouth of Tucker as he tries to make up an argument to support Fox news and Trump. Pathetic.

  9. Hey meathead the DEMONRATS are the ones that colluded with Russia. I guess you just listen to fake news CNN because you would never hear that there

  10. Just have a look at all of these assholes saying about Russia. They all comf from the same tribe. You will not get a mention of Israel interference in the United States politics

  11. He doesn’t say Obama and treason in the same sentence but Obama KNEW about the collusion farce! Would he have been this vocal and outraged about the meddling had his candidate not lost??? Would we be seeing this same display of passion and concern had his side won? Well we know the answer to that don’t we??

  12. Hahahaha all these archie bunker references😂 …are Fox news supporters that out of touch with modern day references??

  13. Its a double whammy with Tuk he makes you look stupid and he looks at you like your the stupidest thing he has ever seen before

  14. He should know that Trump is working on stopping the Russians. Of course, he is working on all the other countries as well. Why is he assuming he is not?

  15. Archie was right about you meathead you are as dumb as a pile of rocks and your ideas are very depressing, anti-american and liberal snobbywood ca. rehearsed.

  16. I never liked meathead or his girlfriend! He was stupid then, he is stupid now! I won't even watch this moron!

  17. 1:25 Tucker is looking at him like he's out of his mind.
    Reiner somehow believes that he's a spokesman for the left.
    4:09 He's reverting to his Mike Stevic roll.


  19. 1:26-Tucker is displaying my facial expression.
    Is this guy's super ego telling the 'meat head' within that he is in a break through
    moment where he can save the world from itself.?
    Where do these self important facades get the feeling of superiority.?

  20. ROB 2019 calling, you were wrong then and you're wrong now. Bet you wont apologize for stoking up hatred. You were doing it yesterday , perhaps tomorrow you will ask for forgiveness.

  21. So Obama was Treasonous because he wouldn’t stop Russian meddling that he knew about while he was president. Make sense

  22. Oh shut up meathead. Trump wins and they dont believe that half the country voted for him it has to be Russians lmao. Mueller was given millions to find russian collusion and did not are liberals still crying about this. Trump will win again and I'm guessing Russia will be blamed again . Let's be honest the dnc only wins if brown and black people vote for them. That's why for the down fall of our country they want open borders. If u say u want people to come illegally u will be called a racist. The dnc and hollywood and media run this country I'd love to know what reason and how it truly benefits the evil faceless owners of this country. That's my question.

  23. Google meddled in the election in 2016 and 2018 to the left's advantage to such a massive degree that makes anything Russia could have attempted to do look pathetic and amateur and not worth mentioning. Notice the left has kept totally quiet on all the real facts & critical info that the public should definitely be up to date on. The left are the most evil, dishonest, disgusting degenerates to walk the face of the earth. Pathetic, petty, crass, disrespectful, immoral, unethical, vile, absolutely incapable of anything even resembling fair, honest or intellectual behavior. Unless it involves violence, derogatory labeling, divisive rhetoric, racial slurs, character assassination campaigns or destruction of anything & everything they set their sights on, then the left can not, will not & does not participate. PERIOD.
    Rob Reiner is the perfect poster child for the ignorance & cluelessness of the Hollywood left. They are all so self-absorbed, narcissistic & out of touch with anything outside the fantasy land they believe exists that they actually think they are really special. I believe they really have no clue that the majority of the world thinks they are ignorant pompous morons.

  24. Meathead is the best tag ever! Monody studies Civics anymore. Failure of the school system. Warping brains of those that do have have fully developed brains yet.

  25. So the Russians have been doing this for years, decades. It's likely true. But, this is all Trumps fault? Give me a break. Reiner, you played the role of "meathead" extremely well on the hit show "All in the family ". I guess you've never left the role of being "meathead ". How sad for you.

  26. So you shouldn't say people are treasonous on twitter? Interesting, this has be called out many times on Twitter by Trump.

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