Tucker: Trump calls Democrats’ bluff on illegal immigrants

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  1. hmm allow potentially extremely dangerous people into our cities AND take our guns and rights to defend ourselves by any means.. democrats do have an agenda and thats fact

  2. The mega rich Democrat poiticians get more people into their region and make more money
    white the illegal immigrants live on tax payers money? This tax payer's money which should be supporting Americans born and bred in America who are then placed to second class status
    due to those who must be seen as economic tourists. Those who travel to countries seen being rich and affluent.

  3. While I understand Tucker's snark, Libby Shaaf never said all good people want ILLEGAL immigrants in their cities. She DID neglect to use the qualifying word "illegal" to describe the issue. She acts as if there is no difference between illegal and legal immigrants, as Tucker states.

  4. She is correctly describing her own real feelings about illegal immigrants! They are great for YOU AND YOUR CITY, BUT NOT MINE! I am waiting for her to take down her VERY high, VERY IMMORAL WALL AROUND HER Home! Pleas Nancy, PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH,!!

  5. I wonder what is going to happen when the Fed cracks down on the sanctuary places. The criminal politicians will be charged and the illigal immagrents will start to scatter like the roaches that they are. A bounty on their heads, like they used to do in the past, would have the bounty Hunter reemerge as a measure to help ICE in inforcement of the law. Open carry would bring the country back to the old West.

  6. We need immigrants who will obey our laws, pay taxes and contribute to society.

    Apparently, for the hard core left, they can’t seem to grasp the above.

  7. The argument that he is a white supremacist is ludicrous. We don't have open borders for a reason and thought we should is disturbing. Does the immigration system need to be reformed? Yes, yes it does. The process to allow people to enter the county legally, needs to be streamlined. However, that doesn't mean we need to open up our borders, period. Either way, this shows their true colors. They want illegal immigrants here, but they want them to be over there, in a different area than their own lol..The left is absolutely mental..

  8. Gavin Newsom you sob hiding behind children. How dear you? You coward. I challenge you to speak on matters of state. To see in an uneducated person can't put you in your place, and void your (bs)

  9. Liberals try to convince us to accept immigrants by telling us it's wrong to be afraid of them or hate them…totally missing that we don't fear or hate them. We just don't want to be replaced by them in our own country and we want them to embrace and learn the American culture and ideologies instead of relying on their own (which destroyed their own countries, so we're not interested in that kool-aid).

  10. A bit of genius I tell you – you want them then you will get them – as many as you want – we will send them to you as soon as possible.

  11. You see the pattern. The Dems are all talk, no action. They bark with their tails curled inwards. They like to play with emotions, when confronted, they fold.

  12. They just want to spread these illegal aliens out across the COUNTRY to have more voter leverage in areas that have been traditionally non-democratic. This is nothing more then the DEMOCRATIC party's attempt to "tip the scales In their favor" in preparation for Election2020…

  13. Is it that difficult to ignore they are a treat to descent citizens around the world?
    That's because they hate the class that Made America Great.
    Losers, that they are.
    Criminals, to Indoctrinate people's minds in supporting hatred for America.

  14. The school district in which i am employed is one of the poorest in Pennsylvania and in the last ten years it's been inundated with African, Middle Eastern and South Asian people

  15. These freaking people are insane obviously someone writes a script for these people because they all say the exact same thing and use the exact same trigger words
    and it really doesn't matter you can give these people exactly what they want and it would never be enough because they don't want anyting they just want their way and giving them things they're fighting for is not letting them have their whole way lol these people are insane and belonging padded rooms because they're never satisfied they should just get a Snickers

  16. where's the process LOL for when a city or state in America denies it sitting president was that process to get them out of there and instead they're yelling impeachment LOL let's deny the sitting president your boss no matter what you say it is your president but let's deny him and we'll try to get him impeached at the same time and hey we want immigrants over here I'm going to give you an immigrant how dare you give us evil people lol u people.r freaking nuts

  17. (Ethnocracy is china's strength) (Not diversity their Achilles heel) So what are the Demorats doing ? Undermining your community's with indigent and diseased Aliens. For china's demorat agents ?

  18. If you ask any of the democrats how many refugees they would take in personally into their own home they would all say no guaranteed. Only quick to welcome them because they interact with them on a limited basis and are not directly submerged in the issues.

  19. You go Trump, send all those huddled masses to those rich mostly white neighbourhood’s. With a big hug and a hardy handshake they welcome you. Who rah.

  20. Boy, the Democrats are squirming now. Nobody, including President Trump, has a problem with legal immigrants. But it is wrong to let people jump in front of those who have "done it right" and waited in line for their turn to become American citizens . Why would this be a problem for Democrats? This is what they wanted.
    Nancy Pelosi cannot be pleased no matter what you do. Yes, she can. As long as they are not in HER NEIGHBORHOOD, At least Miss Lillian, Jimmy Carter's mother, was honest. About the boat people he let in the country, she said, "Well I just hope they don't come to Plains. Really, I don't know who would want to go to Plains anyway.

  21. I would believe what the democrats say about politicians using children as pawns over anyone else. They’re the experts at it.

  22. leftist: we NEED "illigal" immagrants its our strength.
    donald trump: ok here's 10 bus loads of what you love.

  23. Your a dumbass mayor, 70 percent if the cases in federal court involve national hispanics, drugs, weapons, people smuggling, prostitution, , im not saying there isnt great hispanic people, but check the stats

  24. California here they come, free everything. Unfortunately, businesses leaving California, so more of your taxes will support migrants. Buy your tent and portapottie now…..

  25. They're using illegal immigration on two fronts: one, to collapse the middle class and two, to divide the nation with sentiments. All the while the true threat to our existence, seeing us fight amongst ourselves, are sneaking in under the shadows of these immigrants.

  26. Survey the American native Indians, They regard ALL foreign peoples as ILLEGAL aliens. They would like to see ALL thieving murderous interlopers GONE> SO THERE,

  27. Nancy pelosi never has and never will live anywhere near illegal immigrants. She is a rich capitalist living a phony life of lies. How exhausting it must be.

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