Tucker: The Democratic Party is now a religious cult

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  1. Tucker you talking about it, is part of the mason plan, they tell you to debate, but your prepping up for Tierney, your on the side of censorship and so it for and cnn, republicans know the democrats are ORDERED to say bizzar things to sway opinion but for who? Masons

  2. The squad is ridiculous. Anyone who doesn't agree with them or their followers are identified as racist. They claim to have been oppressed yet they all went to great schools and have been given every opportunity the rest of the country has received. It's how they stand where they do socially. Their childish and ignorant behavior shows the people they do not deserve their platform. The squad seems to think that because they're trending that people believe them. We will see next election. They claim to be the victims while they collude and continue mislead the people while creating issues and division with propaganda. It is an insult to their district and the rest of the United States.

  3. Has anyone ever asked these dumb-ocrats who think it's a travesty that there aren't enough "people of color" in US government positions what they think about the fact that there are absolutely zero white people in seats of government in nearly every South American, African and Asian country?

  4. I'm going to cry. I feel your pain. You should come together as ONE super hero. Call yourself "THE SQUAB". Next thing you should do is eat Nancy Pelosi alive and burn our flag.MAGA2020

  5. 1. A cult typically has little to no dissent about leadership, so turning on Pelosi is a mutiny not a purge.
    2. How is Tucker going to unironically call dems a religious cult if everyone has to fall in line with Trump or your political career will take a hit AND 30% of the country follow Republicans based purely on religion?

  6. Pelosi's daughter said of her mother "She'll cut your had off, and you won't see the blood".
    Well, not any more. She's the one fearing for her head it seems, as the four women of color are going for her throat.

  7. Felicity Hoffman just wanted her kids to be a part of that "elite", but nope… there's also a glass ceiling there…

  8. These women are going down in history. Not beside classy women such as Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman, but the women who made a circus of the American Political System.

  9. These so-called women in office are completely insane and obviously oblivious to reality!!! They must go! ASAP!!🇺🇸🇺🇸✌️🙏

  10. The squad need to wake up to the fact that it is their attitudes and policies that people are pushing back against. If Candace Owens was in congress she would have massive support, because she is smart, articulate, rational and speaking the truth to the entire community regardless of race.

  11. I laugh every time I hear them call themselves "a woman of color". I'm suggesting their so called "color" is "GOOK YELLOW!" My dictionary's definition (Funk and Wagnells Standard College Dictionary) of that is (copied word for word) "A dirty or slimy substance, as sludge or sediment. " As for yellow, (also defined as) "Offensively sensational, cowardly, lean and dishonorable". And that's exactly what they are when they open their mouths and spew the hated for this country they feel every single day .

  12. FakeCongresswoman"More people like us.." They are singling themselves out from the normal regular American Citizens, and doing shitty job. Huh?

  13. Congresswoman need a stop Blizzard behaviours n begin proving their actual worth to American Citizens. Can we fire them?

  14. The question is when with the Jewish donors bankrolling the democratic party realize their time is over, and that they will be driven out like leper dogs just like Corbyn's Labor and the Nazional Sozialist parties?

  15. People of color are doing just fine and I’m sick of hearing about it. I’m sick of hearing privileged people earnestly declare their pretend oppression just to gain more power.

  16. I think if lady Obama plans to run for president she’s going to get a very different reception than her husband got. It’s a far different world then it was when he ran and she doesn’t have an ounce of the charisma he had. However I would love to see Trump debate her.

  17. Hispanic people are white and part Asian. They are descended from Europeans. Their "native" ancestors mostly died of smallpox. There are only 3 races. Most of the black people in America are more white than black. This whole race bating argument is flawed. Their argument isnt even about race. Its about skin color. They think their skin color somehow makes them better. Sound familar?

  18. How are they suppressed they were elected, is that suppression? Now just shout racist no matter what the problem it is working for them and others have allowed it.

  19. Haha what a load of horseshit. These so-called “extreme” Democrats in the US would be considered centre-left in most countries.

  20. No comment on Biden from Michelle Obama because she is waiting in the wings until the 20 candidates cut each other to ribbons and there's only a couple left, then she will declare herself a candidate and swoop away the nomination with Barack.

  21. Rashida wants preferential treatment based on race. Glad to see the Democratic Party has dropped the pretense.

  22. These foreigners who come here from a poor country want to wrap themselves with the African Americans and their history so they can use their skin and ideology of hate to get what they want…..We need to deport them all….

  23. Bunch of freakin toothless rats…I remember the last season of Stargate SG1 there were these aliens called the Ori and if you didn't prostrate yourself to worship them you had to be killed

  24. You have to love how the four Idiots are using their typical Liberal tactics against one of their own. "Nancy is a Racist" That proves how stupid and Dumb they are. The Democratic Party is the party of HATE. Vote Trump 2020.

  25. The Democrats are the single worst and deadliest threat humanity has ever faced in its history. I am not kidding when I say this. The past 2-3 years have opened my eyes to the horrors this party is responsible for in its long history. Like a plot twist during the climax of a movie, the Democrats have been the villain all along.

  26. Bringing everyone equally to the table and discuss the issues and work together solves problems. Disenfranchising individuals that are targeting as the problem from the discussion is the conduct of a jr high school kid wanting revenge, not justice and not solutions.

  27. Tucker. Trump just lost my vote due to this Epstein suicided. And Fox lost my sub due to comments disabled. Sad because I was a loyal supporter of both.

  28. Watching far-left politicians it's like watching the left wing lunatic nut Drive a burning bus into an ammo dump of black powder kegs Claymores and grenades

  29. Race has nothing to do with being President. However an I.Q. test should be mandatory for people elected in The House, The Senate and even the President. I guarantee Trump would pass the I.Q. A test with flying others. I dont have a good feeling about the other 2 branches

  30. Probably feels alot like being White, broke and overlooked. While at the same time being labeled a racist and intolerable for being white.

  31. This poor, sad, terrified squeaky little reactionary. Good on you for making so much money by screeching about the real issues…Like, not covering the POTUS unless he manages to string together some words into a sentence.

    And even then…

  32. I wonder how many people are aware of the fact, that white people pay for 78% of the welfare in the United States.

  33. " The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction". Proverbs 1:7

  34. Women of “colour”, it’s always brown or black and never white or yellow, like their not a colour. It goes to show they never really care about other beside using them to progress their agenda

  35. Cry me a river, they just want to be victims, they are sooooo racists and they don't even see it, thank GOD there only in Congress till we can get some real Americans in there

  36. These old timers are the politicians who have beginning stages of dimensia and/or alzheimers. Their brains are old and they are constantly looking bad. They dont know half the things that are coming out of their mouths.

  37. Michelle Obama should have defended Biden but I don’t see her wanting to comment as a condemnation. She doesn’t want to be involved because hopefully she understands the toxicity of it. There’s a reason she isn’t running! (Besides that she’s not qualified)

  38. Guys, we are 50/50 now, it blows my mind. Lets stop insulting the Democrats, maybe we can gain a few independant voters by showing some class.

  39. Woman of color don’t you know that Pelocy is WHITE and white is a color! Pedobiden like to tell story! Imagine what story he’s going to tell American IF he’s elected! …………Mike where did you take your Afro?

  40. How did we drop so low so quickly? We've done something wrong when offending someone of a different race than ourselves = "A Hate Crime"! We might as well tear the First Amendment off of our Constitution! It seems like that isn't even good enough for the Liberals, they want to burn the entire thing! Democrats would love to abolish the Constitution so that they then could become our Dictators! Politicians have forgotten that they work for us, not the other way around! Patriots need to take a stand and be ready for anything that follows…

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