Tucker: Democrats pin their hopes on flimsy ‘evidence’

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  1. Yea tucker with trump confessing to extortion of a country to interfere in our elections sound like the russian are you listening all over

  2. I would be surprised if the so called whistle-blower doesn't turn out to be an hysterical, maniacal woman (or, at least, some cheesy speaking, effeminate man). Those are the kind of people you really need avoid these days, because so many of them will do or say anything to get their way

  3. So when they ARREST Hillary CLINTON and those involved in the coup against Trump with the RUSSIAN COLLUSION HOAX then the democrats CAN'T PROTEST.. LOL

  4. It's like the CLIMATE CHANGE HOAX…
    They keep repeating it over and over until you submit even though the facts and evidence are against them…

  5. It's impeachment time! Yeah!!!!! Finally. The dark ages of the grump GOP mafia are coming to an end. May justice and the constitution prevail ⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️🇺🇸

  6. Thomas Jefferson > Quotes
    “I cannot live without books.” …
    “Do you want to know who you are? …
    “I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” …
    “Honesty is the first chapter of the book wisdom.” we did have wise men as founders and wisdom is God-given.

  7. Tucker, I had to watch your show twice this evening, you were awesome! You had Joe G. on again, talking about Judge Dap and Shepard! I love how Joe G. made those two men look like fools!

  8. If Trump saw there was a need for him to step down because the country was about to erupt…he'd prefer to see it burn. It would be his ultimate ego-high and he mentally masturbates to that unlikely scenario…I have no doubt of it.

  9. Flimsy evidence my butt. He admitted seeking support from a foreign power against a political opponent. That in itself is a crime.

  10. ….yet the evidence for the existence of god or Jesus is a BILLION TIMES FLIMSIER…and so many dumb hillbillies believe it!

  11. I wonder what kind of dirt the deep state intelligence folks have on Adam Schiff? He acts like a craven dog, barking ever more desperately while trying to make something happen for his masters. The constant look of desperation and fear in his eyes makes me think they must have something pretty evil on him.
    I'm pretty sure he understands how increasingly unhinged he looks with these constant BS allegations, sort of like a modern day Joe McCarthy. Even so, it's not stopping him from continuing to push the false narratives, perhaps because he doesn't actually have any choice in the matter. I hope there are some well qualified people looking into Schiff's background to see if they can find out what's being held over him.

  12. Hey Senator Schumer, I need to see what actually happened to Hillary Clinton's deleted emails. Why is she always above the law???

  13. Quite frankly the biggest punk job of all time ! in less than 24 hours President Trump punk the entire mainstream media and liberal socialist Democratic Party ! THIS IS THE GREATEST SINGLE DAY ANY PRESIDENT HAS EVER HAD IN AMERICAN HISTORY !

  14. The slightest impression of the possibility of current or future punishment for non compliance is all that is needed to satisfy the legal definition of extortion.
    The altered transcript the WH released has more than enough impression of a punishment for non compliance to throw the criminal trump in a jail.

  15. i smell a stench in the air. oh i know what it is- you silly little trumptard jellyfish have already started shitting yourselves LMAO!!!

  16. I think they are actually getting stupider. I didn’t think it was possible but they just keep proving me wrong. They are absolutely blind to there arrogance and stupidity. I would hate to be them because our descendants are going to learn about this time period one day from the history books. People are going to ask how is it that people that are so stupid managed to get through each day ? Truly amazing stupidity that it is going to become one of the greatest questions of future civilizations of how did these people become so dumb.

  17. It's this simple: when democrats are accusing you of whatever it is, rest assured that it's exactly what they already did and are blaming you for it.

  18. what other hopes do they have?? ……………………..truth over facts??……………hard to believe they still dont get it.

  19. Trump is a corrupt criminal, decrepit old man with a severe degenerative brain disorder. And that’s being super nice by his standards.

  20. I have ultimate faith that stupid will not prevail. Slowly as facts continue to come to light, people including those in the GOP will turn on and savage trump. Those standing with him still at that time will have their reputations in tatters, careers destroyed with no chance of salvation.

  21. The other thing, there’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son, that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that,” Mr Trump said on the call. “So whatever you can do with the Attorney General would be great.”

  22. Popcorn is popping …we are watching a movie! The demorats are a joke! They are truly exposed for the Criminals that they are. Adam Shifty is a delusional fool!

  23. Dem's look like complete asses! I have never seen a group so desperate, they've stopped at begging the American people not to re-elect Donald Trump. Lol pathetic losers

  24. Damnit!… im running out of popcorn!!!
    Seriously… the World Health Organization needs to descend upon Washington in hazmat suits to test the water for lead…

  25. I have WAY More Evidence than the MSM and DEMs!All I had to do was LOOK at a TRUMP Hotel MENU and YAP You Guessed IT!Russian Salad Dressing on Everyone of Them!Next time you Dine at One ask for the Borscht and Tell them Ivan Sent YOU!Good Stuff and the Staff sings the Russian Anthem for YOU!COMRADE!Wink,Wink,Nod,Nod!

  26. Pres Trump will win the 2020 election! Praise the Lord for the infantile stupidity of Nervous Pelosi, corrupt Joe Biden and all the Democrats! Praise the Lord for a confident, honest and competent President Trump! It doesn't pay to be corrupt and all wrong doings must be investigated and the guilty party must be held accountable.

    We can easily see through the irresponsibility, erroneous judgment and total unprofessionalism in the conduct of all the Democrats and time and time again the amateurish conduct of Speaker Nervous Pelosi. They have themselves to blame for setting themselves up for complete failure.

    We get more and more backward every time we hear from nervous Pelosi or liar Joe Biden or AOC+3 or any of the Democrats. These Democrats just don't have brains to process ANYTHING, any event, any situation, any foreign relationships, any subject, any analysis, etc. It is very true that the Democrats never learn a thing. They are a pure waste of taxpayers' money and time. They are a bunch of "know nothing" trying to find relevance in every situation but failed miserably.

    All the Democrats should do themselves a great favor to accept their 2016 disgraceful loss and not hold any Office. All poor performers should be removed and clearly Nervous Pelosi, corrupt Joe Biden, foolish AOC+3, unstable Nadler, incompetent Bernie Sanders, and many more should leave Office by yesterday.

    Sins are all over the planet and they will have to be dealt with by God. God allows the Congress to be elected to bring out their own sins to the whole wide world. It's sad to see every government is a crooked government but Pres Trump & his Administration is an anomaly. God intervened and put Pres Trump in Office in 2016 and Pres Trump consistently performs like a miracle worker. Pres Trump is the only President who walks on water! Pres Trump has the backing of God Almighty (Romans 8:31).

    You cannot trust man to rule man because man is greedy. Everything we are looking at today is setting the stage for the Seals mentioned in the book of Revelation to be unsealed by Christ Jesus.

    Come Lord Jesus, come quickly!

  27. you guys in the USA need take this serious, the left are out to get power by any means and you will pay, this looks like it can only end up one way and its not going to be pretty

  28. Truth is democrats impeach Trump, Democrats will lose, if they don't impeach Trump, still democrats will lose. Trump did a good thing, he showed us that he tried to change our Corrupt America! Joe will lose. We don't want that thug.

  29. Here it is, the only reference to Biden,"The other thing,
    There's a lot of. talk about Biden's son,. that Biden stopped the
    prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so
    whatever you can do with the Attorney General would be great.
    Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if
    you ·can look into it… It sounds horrible to me."

  30. Democrats are a very real threat to your national security. They are now openly calling the President of Ukraine a liar, and I dont have to tell you how serious repercussions this could have if the President of Ukraine took these slurs seriously. Ukraine could cut all ties to USA, and jump in with the Chinese, who aggressively seek to increase their influence in Europe.
    So, with their wild accusations and slurs, your democrats might cause USA to lose an important ally in Ukraine, and cause Ukraine to fall in with the Chinese. Not that they care.
    Indeed, its thanks to democrats that the USA-Russia relations became so icy. After losing the elections, the democrats started calling Russians cheats and hackers and trolls and so on, and Russians did not take too kindly to it. Hence the worsened relations, which also are a threat to national security.
    So, your democrats in their madness are a very serious threat to national security, and to the global balance of power. You better do something about them, and soon.

  31. How and why Pelosi and all the Democrats are still in Office today puzzles me because their poor performance is measured by a very, very, very, very, very low standard (including interpreting the Transcript), whilst Pres Trump's performance, a miracle worker who walks on water, is held to a very, very, very, very, very high standard. We cannot trust any Democrats anymore.

    Americans must learn never to vote nor ever trust a Democrat again. The Democrats show their true colors that they want Americans to lose their jobs because they are so crave for political power that they feel like that is a collateral damage. They don’t care if millions of Americans are going to lose their jobs. They don't care if America will instantly collapse under their destructive policies. That is subversive and unpatriotic of the Democrats. We have to take back the political power by voting Pres Trump again and again.

  32. Shiff looks like a real life South Park cartoon character if South Park made a sleezy, pencil neck, balloon head, lying, corrupt, politician.

  33. AOC (polling at a whopping 21%) is now the most powerful person in the Democrap Party. They must be really happy about this going into a big election year.

  34. Fox is reallllyyy hoping you guys don't actually look up that transcript. It's pretty clear what it says. It's bad. It's illegal.

  35. Everyone here must pressure traitorous senators like Rubio, Ben and Romney from turncoat during the impeachment battle or they will face primary and anger from their electorate.

  36. I am surprised that nobody caught liddle Adams lie. When Trump askes for a favor he asks about crowdstrike server not to investigate Biden. Biden topic comes later.

  37. THIS GUY SAID TRUMP WON ON THE ISSUES LMAO! Trump has literally never had a competent conversation with a political adversary, at least not on the record. Imagine being this brainwashed.

  38. What’s ironic is that they are pissed at Trump for something he didn’t do and happy with Biden even though he actually did what they accused Trump of doing.

  39. Flimsy evidence is still evidence. I see that Republican has become so racist they allowed a criminal to occupy the white house

  40. You just proved how the Democrats party can extort anyone, but Donald Trump can't even ask an Ally to investigate a problem? Democrats think they can pull the wool over "We The People." But "We The People" see right through their shenanigans. Al Green proves that the Democrat Party is Running Scared! But it's their own fault! If they quit claiming Donald Trump was guilty every time with out facts or evidence I would be able to look at their view more reasonably. Democrats are unreasonable!

  41. Here is a news flash for Schiffty and big Al Green, the American people will re elect our president to finish the job he promised us, drain the swamp of criminals like you!

  42. I'm guessing if there was a video tape with Trump murdering someone this fool would still defend him. I say one thing about Trump he sure as hell told the truth when he said he could shoot someone and not lose support!!

  43. Democrat members missing the kickbacks because they no longer have power, where did all the Democrat House money get their $Millions from, Ask Nancy and Obama

  44. Is it legal or illegal for a President to ask a Foreign Government to investigate an opposing candidate in a Federal Election?

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