Tucker: Democrats defeated and humiliated

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  1. No Spanky has been defeated not the Democrats. Trump is Impeached for life. It is a stain he cannot get rid of. In the history books the first thing that will be said about him is he is the third President to be Impeached.

  2. Did she say "over 300 years"? Maybe I'm missing something, but July 4, 1776 was just under 244 years ago… or is that how the new common core math works?

  3. Democrats are modern day Communists, they care about NO one , but themselves. Power hungry Loons, all old Geezers, We need Term Limits. Democrats have been put in they're place, in a Dog House.

  4. Right On Tucker , keep informing us of the TRUMP, Winning streak. Another Big One across the Goal Line for our President TRUMP.

  5. Its NOT a conspiracy! I know of a few ILLEGAL immigrants that voted for Hillary in the 2016 election… They cheated & still lost! Wake up people!

  6. Democrats are only obsessed with Trump and not doing their jobs because they know this is the end for their party. The Democrat Party needs to be heavily reformed. Trump reformed the Republican Party and got everybody in line when he won the election in 2016.

  7. Still, lots of oatmeal thinking here. I not understand what makes people think this way? I was a Democrat, not a liberal by any means, but I refused to vote for a criminal, Hillary.

    The only thing the Russians did, was prove that Hillary's e-mails were indeed caught in mid-air. (AKA Snowden.) Remember him? And justifiably, they handed them over to the corrupt FBI, just as they should have, because the CIA and FBI were not about to. They knew.

    She was told not to do what she did, but she did it anyways. (AKA criminal) And, she was forced to QUIT. 2016, I hated Hillary more than Trump, because I knew the truth about Hillary, and Trump was a man's man, and had balls. NOW. He is my president and has done a great job. Look at what a mess California is thanks to the liberals. RICH liberals.

    This Hillary mental retardation and a mental defect, is getting gross. Forget the high-school business of red or blue, democrat or republican, let's stay with right or wrong, good or bad. Let's make America great. America is great thanks to Trump and his party. Watch 2020, what how many new republicans there are

  8. The problem is truth but also bias it's ok for Obama to lie about health care and zero media coverage or hate but the second Trump says anything the media will go super Saiyan!

  9. 0:54 When it comes to shopping, doesn't matter if your repub or liberal, your mind is gone as you shove people out of the way to get that 60% off item. "Oh My God!" Mobs are so dangerous, and that's what most people will become part of once the SHTF.

  10. We no longer have a democracy we have a low life grifter in charge of the white house. We. Need. To dump his grifter ars now. A filthtu corrupt piece of trash. Bernie now.

  11. Country is 244 years old, but we’ve enjoyed 300 plus years of democracy. Well, that and we’re actually a constitutional republic with semi-democratic elections using safeguards to keep a small area from determining the lives of all areas.

  12. these people are so narrow minded they dont even understand that america is a republic and not a democracy im 13 and even i know that

  13. Affirmative action is shining bright with how people get into places they have no business being in. Just childish rhetoric from the Dems that make no sense. Thats what happens though when you put people who doesnt belong in the driving seat.

  14. Congrats to the UK for Brexit The UK is a mess but Brexit is the right move – This is a huge victory for Trump, justice, freedom, and America.

  15. A trial with no witnesses? And who stopped them? Oh… man. "All hail Trump"? This is not a news chanel, it`s an advert channel based on emotions not facts, for Trump. I must say, it is sad to see a country that i have admired for so long, fall (Because that is what you guys are doing). Just like every other empire in history. You are now in the beginning of that fall.

  16. lol tucker with the internet culture style jokes, we take you live to the senate floor (shows jerry springer footage) hahaha get a load of this guy….still its weird it feels like a youtube video….i mean like lol im so stoned.. i mean like..a real youtube video, not fox..

  17. obviously a lot of illegal immigrant vote in comiefornia- they specifically set up sanctuary cities, give them drivers licenses, then make it so all you need to vote is show photo ID

  18. I'm only 17 years old, and my brain cells tells me that the Democrats are going to do more stupid crap like always, and the California election is going to be total chaos with the cops Democrats.

  19. Democrats simply cannot accept that they lost the election in 2016 to someone like Trump. Whatever they say about him, the're worse because they lost to him..

  20. dinner at 430 at golden coral… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Tucker has really stepped up his game through out the years. This whole segment was spot on!

  21. Tucker carson is the last remnant of sanity in our main stream media. For the sake of our country may his career last long and his common sense endure.

  22. So what about abraham Lincoln he broke the constitution like 1.5billion times during the civil war but cause we did it for slave its different

  23. The only things Democrat’s seem to care about is LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 and forcing that crude down people throats

  24. Our government is way to big and We The American People really need to cut our government way down! I want to vomit 🤮 every time I see a Democratic Presidential commercial, it doesn’t really matter which candidate! 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  25. This video made me genuinely laugh out loud.

    My recommended videos is full of thumbnails of smiling right wing new reporters and I love it. It's a bad time to be a Democrat.

  26. At around 3:33: "…after 300+ years of Democracy…". Since July 4, 1776, about 243.6 years. Come on! We could do better reporting!

  27. Hell, California SHOULD face extreme vetting during voting. I live in CA, I wouldn't be surprised if there were millions of fraudulent votes.

  28. "300+ years of democracy" The United States of America was founded in 1776, making it 243 years old, not 300+ just goes to show the lack of intelligence that thrives in the democratic party

  29. I genuinely watch Tucker not to be informed on events in the country, but to be entertained. He is absolutely hilarious.

  30. Hmmmm……..300 years of Democracy? In a country that is almost 244 years old. This lady sounds

    like AOC……..no grip on reality and REALLY bad at basic math.

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