Trumpist Caller Turns on Trump, Won’t Vote Trump in 2020

Let’s go next to our color from the three
zero five area code. Who’s calling today from three zero five. Hey David, this is Brian. Hey Brian. Hey, what’s going on? So, um, I wanted to ask you how well would
you say you have gaged the average Trump voter from 20 sixteens outlook on the election? Because I was eligible in 2012 to vote for
Obama around me or whatever. I was 18 at the time. I didn’t vote and I really wasn’t very interested
in the whole, uh, polarization of really supporting Obama to reelect him or going from Romney. Yeah. So I thought the one that I sat out the midterms
in 2014 and then I ended up voting for Trump in 2016 simply because I didn’t really want
another Clinton in there. And he was saying all this stuff about not
wanting to get into Wars and be things. And pretty much as soon as he bombed Syria,
I kind of just regretted the whole decision. And then just in spite, I just voted straight
Democrat on the midterms. Although I’m not a Democrat, I’m an independent,
I have some problems with the democratic party. Okay. But so Brian, are you a conservative guy or
are you more of a progressive guy? Um, I would say I’m pretty much a little bit
of everything. I mean, I come from a family that is traditionally
religious, but my grandfather, um, supported socialist, uh, leaders throughout his life. Right. But what I guess I’m trying to get at is like
on tax policy, do you think that the rich should pay to get a tax cut? Is that something you support? Not necessarily. Well, I’m just asking you in practice, do
you support the fact that that’s what Donald Trump did? Did you support that? No, I didn’t support that. And do you agree with Donald Trump’s strategy
with North Korea, for example? No, I don’t at all. Do you like the China tariffs? No. Okay. So I mean, I, I just, I just don’t get why
you’d vote for Trump. No, I’m not like, that’s what I was about
to say. I’m for sure not going go for dog shelf again. I’ve already decided that like 2017. Um, but I, I don’t feel like that, uh, enthusiastic
about voting Democrat at all. So I may just, all right, Brian, I’m going to let you go. It sounds like you’ve got a lot going on in
the background there. You know, don’t, if you don’t want to vote,
I guess don’t vote. I would, I would encourage you to vote. I think voting is good and it’s good that
you’re not voting for Trump.

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