Trump says quality of Democratic candidates having impact on markets

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  1. Sorry but this virus has taken a tole on the stocks, and it will become an epidemic. All you mass media outlets are fuckin garbage at down playing the situation lol.

  2. Oompah Loompa Dupitt he do, trump why don’t you do something for you, like lose weight, grow some hair, don’t turn orange and not have an IQ of 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bernie Sanders despises the memory of JFK, and still sides with Cuba on the Cuban Missile Crisis. Is this really a person you want to be your president?

  4. Definitely fair to blame quality of dems, the dems blame him for everything, liberals, socialist, communists , MSM all the cause of all suffering on earth

  5. Everything is the Democrats fault, yep… couldnt be that the chinese economy is being crippled by the virus… trump will never take responsibility for something that does not benefit him or make him look like a god… the guy cant even admit he called apples ceo, tim apple by mistake for crying out loud? Why would you think he wouldnt lie or pass blame on WAY more important things is beyond me

  6. You notice only when the market is good it's all him and he always have blame for others when it's something bad narcisse most billionaires are.

  7. Is there any doubt that if Bernie was President during a pandemic outbreak he would not have opposed travel restrictions. He would have called it xenophobic and the danger to the US population would be 100x greater. That would also be true for most of the Democrat candidates. Every election is a battle for the health, safety, and prosperity of our nation. A prosperous nation is more likely to innovate and therefore fix the very problems the Left want solved like climate change and poverty

  8. Isn't this a Global Pandemic ?
    People are thr consumers. !
    Worst Global Recession is Eminent
    Billionaires Millionaires Yours
    Asset Values SCREWED .
    Salvage While you Can.
    Exodus in Markets .
    Not a bubble but a
    Dynamite Explosion. for the
    Global Economy. .

  9. markets go up and down all of the time depending on what they are fearful of but I doubt seriously that they're going to allow the markets to continue going down for long. Of time. markets are skittish they like everything going their way or they freak out

  10. that's why i'm selling. the fear of a socialist taking over has me liquidating everything. investing in cash and gold and lead.

  11. The stock market has no choice but to crash it's a virus takes control of the world there is going to be no stock market trade anybody would know that

  12. the markets are worried when they see the Democrats debating. I would be scared shittless as well if I saw that there is a possibility that any of these morons could win

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