Trump Pressured Ukraine to Meddle in the 2020 Election: A Closer Look

-President Trump allegedly
pressured the leader of Ukraine to interfere
in the 2020 election by spreading misinformation
about Joe Biden. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” ♪♪ -First, let’s step back
and remember how we got here. You might remember
that earlier this year in an interview with
George Stephanopoulos on ABC, Trump said straight-up
he would openly accept the help of a foreign government
in the 2020 campaign if they offered dirt
on an opponent. -Let’s put yourself
in a position. You’re a Congressman.
Somebody comes up and says, “Hey, I have information
on your opponent.” Do you call the FBI? -If it’s coming
from Russia, you do. -I’ve seen a lot of things
over my life. I don’t think in my whole life
I’ve ever called the FBI. In my whole life.
You don’t call the FBI. This is somebody that said, “We have information
on your opponent.” Oh, let me call the FBI.
Give me a break. Life doesn’t work that way. -No. YOUR life
doesn’t work that way. Noncriminal lives’
DO work that way. You, on the other hand,
have no shame. If a mobster called up Trump and said, “Let’s meet
down by the docks,” I can’t imagine him going, “Oh, no, I better run this
by my lawyer. Quick. Someone knock
on Rudy’s coffin!” [ Laughter ] And, of course,
you wouldn’t call the FBI. You’re the criminal. The only contact Trump
has ever had with the FBI is via notes with letters
cut out from magazines. Again, Trump went out of his way to tell everyone
on national television that if he could get
a foreign country to interfere in the 2020 election by giving him dirt
on a political opponent, he would absolutely do it. -Your campaign this time around,
if foreigners, if Russia, if China,
if someone else offers you information
on an opponent, should they accept it
or should they call the FBI? -I think maybe you do both. I think you might
want to listen. I don’t — There’s nothing wrong
with listening. If somebody called
from a country — Norway. “We have information
on your opponent.” Oh. I think I’d want to hear it. -You want that kind of
interference in our elections? -It’s not an interference.
They have information. I think I’d take it. -Yeah, we know you’d take it
because you already took it. What’s even the point of asking
Trump these questions anymore? It’s like rolling in
Hannibal Lecter and saying, “Okay, if we let you go, are
you gonna eat any more guys? Also, I cannot help but notice
that you’re licking your lips while I’m asking this question.” And this is where things
started to get even crazier. About a month
before that interview, Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani
announced that he was planning a trip to Ukraine
to push for investigations that would help Trump by getting
that country’s new government to dig up dirt on the origins
of the Russia investigation and the family of
Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Now, after an outcry,
Rudy canceled the trip, and after he did that, he went
on Fox News to explain himself. And by explaining himself, I mean he did
what he always does — he made it much worse
by explaining hypothetically how he could meddle in the 2020
election if he wanted to. -The election in 2020
is a long time from now. And If I wanted to meddle
in that election, which I don’t, I could have held for this
for a year and dropped it
right before the convention. -“If I wanted to meddle in
this election, which I don’t,” is not convincing when you’ve put so much thought
into how you would do it. “If I was going to Ukraine,
which I’m not. I’d fly American,
I’d connect through Heathrow, I’d bring noise-canceling
headphones, a nice neck pillow, ’cause I want to be well-rested
for the meddling.” But once again,
Rudy also accidentally said something
very incriminating. As the Fox anchor was trying
to get him to end the interview, Rudy just casually
threw out the idea that if Congress called him
to testify about this, he would cite
executive privilege, which would imply that he’s spoken directly
to the President about this attempt to interfere
in the 2020 election. And when Rudy said that, even
the Fox anchor was taken aback by the fact that Rudy
was making news. -All right, Mr. Mayor. Please keep us in touch
with what’s going on, but for now
we’ll let the world know you’re not headed to Ukraine.
-I’m not going. And so they can call me…
We’re out of time. -And maybe I’ll take executive
privilege or something. -Oh, boy. Oh, boy. You’re making
another headline tonight. Uh, Mr. Mayor.
Thank you for dropping in. -But they are really pathetic. -We got to go.
-And they’re scared. And they’re on defense.
-All right. We got to go. Thank you for dropping in.
Great to see you. -Only, only, only on Fox News
do they follow, “Oh, boy,
you’re making headlines,” with, “Well, we gotta go.” It was like the director
was in the booth screaming, “Go to commercial! Go to commercial
before journalism happens!” So, just to recap, that’s where
things stood before last week. The President said in public
that he would welcome the help of a foreign government
interfering in the 2020 election and his personal lawyer
was trying to get Ukraine to do exactly that. And then things got
even more suspicious. For example,
it was reported in August that Trump was
seriously considering blocking $250 million
in military aid to Ukraine. And then last week, we found out that in a phone call
with an unnamed foreign leader, Trump had made a promise that
was regarded as so troubling that it prompted an official in the U.S.
intelligence community to file
a whistleblower complaint. So an intelligence official who heard Trump’s promise
on the call found it so alarming,
they reported it. Now, at first,
Trump’s only response to this was to insist that he would
never be stupid enough to make such an illicit promise on a phone call when
other people were listening. -He tweeted his first response,
writing, “Another fake news story
out there. It never ends. Virtually any time I speak on
the phone to a foreign leader, I understand that there will be
many people listening from various U.S. agencies, not to mention from
the other country itself. No problem.”
And then he goes on to say, “Knowing all of this,
is anybody dumb enough to believe that I would say
something inappropriate with a foreign leader while on such a potentially
heavily populated call?” -Of course, you would say
something inappropriate. You are always saying
something inappropriate. You have no filter and no
ability to restrain yourself. Just last week when you were
touring your stupid border wall, you blurted out something
about the technology built into the wall that even
one of your own officials said should be kept a secret. -One thing we haven’t mentioned
is technology. They’re wired
so that we will know if somebody’s
trying to break through, and you may want to discuss
that a little bit, General. -Sir, there could be some merit
in not discussing that. -Okay. I like that.
That was a great answer. I’ll just tell you
they’re wired. -So that guy… That guy just said, “Don’t
tell him about the wires.” And your response was,
“Cool, cool, cool, cool. But, uh, just saying,
though, they’re wired.” I think your brain is wired. Just the wires
aren’t in the right order. I mean, he did that in front
of cameras and microphones, so I have no problem believing
that Trump would try to extort a foreign leader
with other people listening. That would not be
surprising at all. And sure enough,
over the weekend, we found out that not only
did Trump pressure the president of Ukraine into
investigating Biden and his son, he did it over and over
and over again. -President Trump urging
the president of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden’s son,
Hunter, multiple times. That’s according to
“The Wall Street Journal” in a breaking news story
just minutes ago. Sources telling “The Journal”
that President Trump made the request about eight
times on a July phone call. -He brought it up eight times
on one phone call. Eight times makes it seem like
a pretty obvious crime. It’s like if you went on trial
for stabbing a guy and said, “It was an accident,
he fell on the knife.” And they said, “Eight times?!” “Yeah.
He was wearing roller skates.” Now, that report came after Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani
had all but confessed in an insane meltdown on CNN. In fact, at one point
during the interview, Rudy went from denying the story to admitting it
like 30 seconds later. -Did you ask the Ukraine
to investigate Joe Biden? -No. Actually I didn’t. I asked the Ukraine
to investigate the allegations that there was interference
in the election of 2016 by the Ukrainians for the
benefit of Hillary Clinton for which there already is — -You never asked anything
about Hunter Biden? You never asked
anything about Joe Biden? -The only thing
I asked about Joe Biden is to get to the bottom
of how it was that Lutsenko, who was appointed,
dismissed the case against — -So you did ask Ukraine
to look into Joe Biden. -Of course I did! -What? You just said — You j– -I’ve seen witnesses break down
under cross-examination, but never the lawyer. Sometimes I can’t decide
with Rudy if he’s really
a confused old man or if it’s all
an intentional strategy that he keeps [bleep] up
because he’s a confused old man. It was sometimes impossible
to follow Rudy’s logic and syntax
in this interview. Just watch as, within
the span of one sentence, he calls the allegation
ridiculous, says he’s proud of it,
then calls it ridiculous again. -You want to cover
some ridiculous charge that I urged
the Ukrainian government to investigate corruption. Well, I did,
and I’m proud of it. -Well, then, it’s not
a ridiculous allegation. You just admitted it.
-It’s a ridiculous allegation. -You just admitted it.
-It’s a ridiculous allegation. -Rudy, you just admitted
that you did it. -I mean, that’s like the easiest interview
Chris Cuomo has ever done. He doesn’t even
need to be there. Just put Rudy
on both sides of the screen and let him debate himself. “It’s a ridiculous allegation!
But you said you did it! I did, and I’m proud of it!” Cuomo also tried to point out
that Rudy had contradicted himself,
but Rudy denied it. -Rudy, I have no problem with you launching
the allegations, but just be careful
about what you say. I asked you, “Did you ask
Ukraine to look at Joe Biden?” You said no. Then you went on
to say that you did. -No, I didn’t say that.
-It’s all recorded. -“Recorded?!” [ Laughter ] “Ohh! I thought
we were having dinner. This isn’t Tavern on the Green?! I’ve been eating a steak
this whole time!” And, of course,
because Rudy was making wild and baseless accusations
about Joe Biden and Ukrainians somehow colluding
with Hillary Clinton to set up a rigged investigation
or whatever, Cuomo asked him
for, you know, proof, and, of course,
Rudy could not provide any. -And you know what
you’re gonna find out? It was the Ukrainian collusion
with Hillary Clinton. -Look. You want to give me
the proof, that’s fine. -I don’t have to
give you the proof. -I’m not saying you have to.
It would be nice. -It’s written!
You just won’t read it! It’s all over the Internet!
Go read it. -That does not mean anything.
Everything is on the Internet. You can probably find
a listicle called “30 times Rudy sat on his balls”
on the Internet. Doesn’t mean it’s true. Then at one point, this
interview got so off the rails that Cuomo and Rudy were
just shouting at each other after Rudy said Cuomo was biased
and called him a sellout. -You want to distort
what I’m saying, because you’re totally biased. -I’m not biased.
-You are, Chris. It’s sad. -Why I would have you on
if I were biased knowing that we were gonna have
this kind of conversation? -Because it is sad to watch
what happened to you. It’s sad. -Sad what happened to me?
I’m a sellout? -You are a sellout. -YOU are telling ME
that I’m a sellout? -[ Shouting ] If you guys
are gonna talk like that, we’re gonna have to move this
interview to a butcher shop! And invite Joe Pesci.” So, knowing the damage
had been done, Rudy had to once again engage
in this ritual walk of shame from the CNN studios
over to the Fox News studios, where they played
his CNN interview for him, made him watch it, and tried
to get him to explain it. And I love that Rudy
tried to pull a Clark Kent and put on glasses… so that people would think
he was a different guy. “No. No, watching this tape, I don’t know who
that lunatic is, but he’s speaking nonsense
and he should be fired.” Now, once we started to find out the truth
of what happened, the same routine played out that has happened
with previous Trump crimes. First, he denied it,
then he admitted it, and basically said, “So what?” Watch the progression
of Trump’s changing story from Friday morning
to Sunday morning to later that same Sunday. -Did you discuss Joe Biden,
his son, or his family? -It doesn’t matter
what I discussed. I had a great conversation
with numerous people. I don’t even know exactly
who you’re talking about. -The conversation I had
was largely congratulatory. It was largely the fact
that we don’t want our people like Vice President Biden
and his son creating to the corruption
already in the Ukraine. But just so you understand, the conversation I had
with the president of Ukraine was absolutely perfect. -…on this call, did you raise Joe Biden or his son’s name
with Ukraine? -Well, I don’t even
want to mention it, but certainly
I’d have every right to. And there was no pressure,
no nothing. There was no pressure.
Uh, that was not pressure. I know when I give pressure.
And that was not pressure. -So he went from “it doesn’t
matter what I discussed” to “I don’t want
to talk about it” to “we talked about Biden” to “it was
a perfect conversation” to “if I did talk about Biden, then I’d have the right
to talk about Biden” to “I didn’t pressure anyone.” I can’t believe I’m saying this, but maybe you should let Rudy
step in here. The President of the United
States allegedly used his power to extort a foreign leader
to meddle in the 2020 election on his behalf, and his
rabies-brain vampire lawyer is going on TV
and admitting to it. If this isn’t impeachable
behavior, I don’t know what is. The House should impeach him
immediately, or, at the very least,
someone should pick up
the phone and say… -Oh, let me call the FBI. -This has been “A Closer Look.”

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  1. We have an imperative to impeach to preserve law and institutions. Even if they don't "get him". Nixon was forced into resigning after the impeachment process. What I find hard to imagine is two fold, a) how they didn't hang themselves earlier being so corrupt and incompetent b) How our country is still running and we are so far ok. I just hope no decisions will be made by these loathsome selfish clowns that get people killed. Its bad enough that asylum seekers have been sent home and been murdered as they said they would be. Some very honest and young and could have been wonderful to live with if they had been allowed to stay as they would in Canada or England. Putin has his dream Democracies in crisis in US, England and Isreal. All of us struggling. Plus he has the Italian Prime Minister and the Hungarian in his pocket. But the Italians are giving that guy The Boot.

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    Left media is putting a spin on the purpose of informing Ukraine on who to investigate. Media has mastered marketing and bombarding head lines with false sentences to sink in the minds of people. The average person only remembers headlines and never researches. Headlines of slander are remembered and new ones get created by the time the truth surfaces and by that time corrupt politicians have laundered the money and no one actually cares.

    If you're not a Right or a Left you'll see between the lines. Politicians get rich while innocent Russians and Ukrainians are dying in a bullshit war.

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