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  1. I can see two ways where impeachment would work

    1) There would have to be "shady drug deals" between the house and the senate. A behind the doors quid quo pro of sorts. The same kind of activity Trump is being accused of, McConnell and Pelosi have to agree on something that is so monumental to their self interests that they proceed with impeachment.

    2) Trumps behavior/image/unpopularity becomes so detrimental to the GOP party that a tipping point occurs and McConnell pushes through the vote but asks for something in return, see number 1


  3. This is the end of Trump or it's the end of the Republiklans! Either or. But more than likely all of them. The world doesn't need hate and War Mongering in the 21Century. It's bad enough with 20 Centuries of Religion taking its toll.

  4. The democrats are extremely corrupt. There is a crime syndicate running through the government. They use their bible called "Rules for Radicals".
    Their grand pay to play and money laundering machines are being dismantled by this president. This is the real reason why they wanted to impeach him the day after he was elected. The filth and slime called the democrat party today is the biggest threat to America. They will go to any lengths, like a true mafioso, to get their way.

  5. Moscow Mitch and his morally bankrupt minions are woefully unqualified for this task. They have already shown their disregard for the rule of law, and their lizard-like allegiance to their despicable leader is just more proof that they are posing the greatest threat our nation has ever faced. What this country desperately needs right now is a big heaping dose of Democracy.

  6. Most politicians tell the people what they think they want to hear while making sure they keep their position. Synonym= Lying.

  7. The devil take Biden's conflict of interest. Why TF is absolutely nobody talking about the more immediate and almost daily demonstrated conflict of interest? Mitch MoConnell as Senate leader while his wife works for the man the senate is going to judge? And who's wife, working for Don T'Rump gives out contracts right and left to Moscow Mitch supporters.

    A damned sight more immediate and more poisonous conflict of interest than the worst that even could have happened with the Biden's. And I'm PO'd that nobody is talking about it.

  8. You all have no grounds to impeach they know it we know it. Dems are the corrupt and they cant investigate themselves when their kids are put up to be the ones taking the money out of Ukraine bidens kerrys Pelosi's son just like their parent they must be so proud

  9. Ole two opinions Ms.Lindsey Graham needs another job..where opinions don't mean so much ,to the patriotic AMERICAN people's who are listening and watching…👎

  10. Maybe it's time for the gop to file for moral bankruptcy, and to no longer prevent dr. Congress from possibly performing a presidentectomy on patient USA.

  11. Trump's base thinks he IS being honorable to the office and the Constitution, so they think impeachment is going AGAINST the rule of law; and is also a spite against America for political gain – however small that gain is.

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  13. Putin man milk Trump as much as you can before you cannot milk Trump anymore. Milk Trump for Russia. Swallow and do not choke Putin. At least Clinton was milked by a woman in the oval office.

  14. "I find joy in these proceedings." And I hope they remove donald from office. But "this time" do I think he committed a crime? Who cares? I hope they trash his life anyway-just like he did the life of those "Five" young Black boys-The Central Park Five. I think you're Jesus, donald, and I hope they nail you to a political cross. God Bless you.

  15. Is all about bloody zinosit Israeli controller in USA aipac and Congress the more trumped give to him the more he save his behind.

  16. Trump deserves the same punishment that Julius and Ethel Rosenberg received on June 19,1953 in Sing,Sing Prison .


    A JUDGE…….A……. SENATOR. 🏛🗽



  18. I just can’t wait for this to backfire. You Dipshits are going to have Trump win an impeachment trial and get re-elected within a year lol.

  19. I think that concerning oneself with what the Senate will do is premature when the house hasn't even opened a legit inquiry.

  20. This whole thing is so unfair. The Democrats have a mental advantage over any and all Republicans. The victory will be so shallow but it will be necessary

  21. Where we need a cleansing of the Senate and of this President this racist sexist president in their corruption it's been overdue of a cleansing it is time this president in the Senateto do what the American people want and to stand by the American people instead of this corrupt administration being ran out of the White House in the Senate

  22. A fair trail must start with the Registered Formal name of the Person to make sure they have got the correct Person under legal obligation to defend him or herself against the proclaimed charges.

  23. No, the Senate, Republicans will not convict Trump. Why? , Because they all that are on the same crimes that trump does, especially, trying to extort, and get most of the foreigners oil and gas. They are all greedy, under cover rogues, committing all kinds of different crimes, even tax evasion.

  24. Congress, is talking about the impeachment of trump, some how, ZI don't know how, but I feel the Republicans and Trump is going to find a way to lie, undermine, and pay his fixers which is in on all different kinds of criminal acts with him, wiggle his way out of the impeachment. If you'll notice Trump always pick do boys, to fill positions in the Whitehouse, and every hand pik so called officials he picked, are all under cover criminals, and some how, he search around and find something on them, as a mob boss does, and then push them to the limit to do his bidding, as long as they does his bidding, oh they are the greatest, such fine people, but whenever they get caught up in that under cover crimes, then he don't know them like that, then he throws them under the bus!!!

  25. Why don't they select and independent jury for the impeachment process of the president if he are she is removed from office because I don't think that senator will do the right thing for the good of the country and remove him from office so honor can be restored and heal the country

  26. We all know that the Evangelical Christian right traded in their souls to get their judges that they believed would lead this nation to a world view that they wanted, not what is reality. The GOP is wrapped around that blanket as a form of protection in order to preserve what the politicians of that party believe they need to maintain.Yet the leader of the GOP will be tainted by his own attitudes, hia own actions and what he has made others make the choice to defend–use the government system for the personal benefit of someone instead of all the people of the USA.

  27. The difference between Clinton and trump is Clinton was impeached on personal short fall, but trump is impeached on corruption, abuse of power, coverup, campaign election fraud and investigation tampering.

  28. The Whole World 🌎 is watching this series of embarrassing moments in the United States History!
    Wagging finger > Lyndsey Graham has No integrity to voice his opinions
    America puts “shame” on him

  29. Liars. DNC talking point hacks
    Great books. Heavily sourced. Russian Hoax, Witch Hunt by Gregg Jarrett. Clinton Cash/Secret Empires Peter Switchwitzer. Deep State & Power Grab by Jason Chaffetz. Ball of Collusion. Obama's Rising Star. Obama Nation. Utube Clinton Chronicles, Clinton Cash movie, Obama Nation.

  30. McConnell and Graham are like conway.

    And conway. Well,

    Conway is like a prostitute; a mouth for hire.

    Here is what she was saying about trump when he wasn’t porking her pocketbook.


  31. I like the show but please spend less time calling out petty stuff the trumpanzees care about and more time calling out the TRE45ONOUS TRAITORS in the rethuglikkkan party. GOP+NRA+KKK=KGB

  32. The Congress is in Trumps pocket an they are all spineless also they are all paid off plants they dont work for the people an the constitution.

  33. Clinton didn’t do half of what Trump do and he was impeach so what about trump if trump not impeach America gone to the dog

  34. Lindsay Graham is the most annoying person in Congress. If he could ever be consistent on his views that would be nice. He should apply what he said regarding Clinton’s impeachment to Trumps impeachment. He needs to get displaced along with Trump, Pompeo & Giuliani..!!!

  35. This is quite fascinating to watch – sad of course but fascinating to see how one man in the space of less than 4 years has brought what we are constantly told is the greatest country in the world brought to its knees – created chaos around the world just as Putin ordered! So mighty are they that they cannot control one old white fat guy who has been a lying corrupt cheat and thief all his life! That he has brought along a whole group who would defend him even if he committed mass murderers beyond comprehension but is no doubt gleeful to Putin Erdogan and all the dictators around the world! I wonder how long it will take to repair the damage – if ever – why would any country trust the Americans again!

  36. I am concerned that since Moscow Mitch and the Sycofant Senate have failed to secure any voter security legislation, Putin will steal this election too and put King Trump back in the White House.

  37. We are very close now to losing our Republic. Trump is telling staff not to comply with subpoena to testify. If the House asks the courts to then issue an arrest warrant and Trump/Barr refuse to have them arrested, which they will, that will be the end of our Republic. This happened before and it ended in the civil war with 650,000 dead. Trump has already threatened civil war. If civil war happens or any general unrest across the country Trump will declare Marshall Law, he will suspend elections, and the US will become a fascist state. We are very close to having this play out right now.

  38. Transparency is fair for anyone who is doing the right thing… & in doing the right thing, following the rules makes a person want full transparency of what they do …of course

  39. Ok impeachment fans, chew on this: the supreme court CAN and WILL overturn any,any,any decision on what the Senate decides. In short forget Trumps impeachment and stop wasting government money!!!!right?

  40. The judge said he thought decorum must be part of an impeachment. There is no hope of decorum and Trump appearing at the same time under any circumstances. He is a backward thinking criminal dinosaur and has no understanding of the word decorum or of any other words which are likely to be used during the impeachment proceedings. Trump is just plain ignorant.

  41. I keep seeing these clips of a younger Graham standing on his soapbox and saying what he says in this clip yet I haven't seen anything that shows him being asked why he has done a 180-degree flip on what he was so passionate about back then. Did I miss something or hasn't he been called out on it?

  42. Lindsey Graham should be strapped to a bed of nails for three days and made to watch, on a continuous loop, that clip of him back in 1999 wagging his finger and acting self-righteous. That, or put a hose in his mouth and turn the water on. What a creep!

  43. Oath of Office

    I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

    History of the Oath

    At the start of each new Congress, in January of every odd-numbered year, the entire House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate performs a solemn and festive constitutional rite that is as old as the Republic. While the oath-taking dates back to the First Congress in 1789, the current oath is a product of the 1860s, drafted by Civil War-era members of Congress intent on ensnaring traitors.

  44. People has to understand! Vote Blue in 2020 to get him out, because the crazy Republicans are going to defend this corrupt President no matter what!

  45. The Americans better get use to living under dictatorship and start dismantling the Statue of Liberty seeing there will be no Liberty🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽


    Btw . . . Graham is a two faced CLOWN who is the most partisan of all the CLOWNS in the Repugnant Party . . . HE MUST GO . . . now he's kinda 'GOWDY LIKE' with no message and no clarity . . . UNDER THE BUS !!!

  47. Is the repubilican willing to let a lying dictator unfit unstable unhenge person who is faking himself as a president who keep on breaking all the rules of law and let him destroy the country and get away with it with out any consiquince or repercussions or accountability to the American people's and our democracy and the Constitution that we live by the way we governed our selves from a dictatorship

  48. Your forgetting, It only takes 4 Republicans to get the Senate impeachment vote to be anonymous.
    Jeff Flake says if the Senate impeachment vote is anonymous Trump WILL be impeached!

  49. Lindsey Graham is not going to do nothing about Trump. The Republican politician cult will never stand up for the United States of America. They are about their corruption.

  50. Ari, you and others at CNN have the annoying habit of cutting guests off just as they are about to make a point. I find myself struggling to hear their final words as you interrupt and talk over them. Bad form or bad habit?

  51. This is dumbest Thug Gangsters I ever seen. If I was that powerful.I would have never got in front of cameras.Not for the public leadership. When

  52. Very sobering thoughts from these Esteemed Gentleman. When Trump's Impeachment comes to the Floor of the Senate it will be a tipping point in the history of America & Democracy World Wide. To say that the world is so disappointed & disgusted by Trumps Non-Presidential and Corrupt Behaviour is an understatement. We are Sickened and Appalled that Trump and Putin were able to game the system so successfully. The only saving grace is that the American Democratic System of Government, when navigated by the Appropriate Law & Order is Self Healing. We live in hope. Cheers from Michael. Australia.

  53. Republicans were so different. Imagine Phil Gramm and Ted Kennedy reaching CONSENSUS! It would seem like an alternative universe. This repulsive con man has COST us much….

  54. Regardless of the outcome of Impeachment and/or deposing of this WH resident; our Nation must not implode out of frustration or delight in the opposition losses. We should be resolute in our decisions, be it up ending the Constitutional direction or following the prescribed rules. We must accept the decision and move on. As long as we still have a Constitution that leads us forward.
    Accepting a charlatan and manipulator with an authoritarian mindset will produce cost of lives, changes into an unknown end game. If this was intended to give the American public an understanding that new comers into our system, accepting rule of law, may take a long time to adjust then education would be a better role, instead of a dictatorial regime and a ruling class that has the interest of ALL members of this Nation. Currently, We're slipping and sliding, vasilating in and out of confusion. We can't come to a solid reasoning and understanding that the forefathers intended, not some imagined dystopian ranting of a dictator's illusions of grandeur.

  55. Sec Bolton will bring this corrupt president down whether he brings Pence down is still in question

    Will we finally see the first female president

    All this and finding justice in the long list of crimes this corrupt president his administration and several corrupt gop members in congress will test the truth of whether Justice Roberts will hold these truths to constitutional law and the democracy of our nation

    We will find out whether justice will rise above party or will the Chief Justice corrupt the rule of law and allow McConnell to discredit the American judicial system

    Justice Roberts will determine whether we are a banana republic or a federation of states where the Constitution rises above all else

    Will justice Roberts prove this nation is a banana republic of the likes of Venezuela or Russia

  56. Really simple: in the Senate Trial SECRET BALLOT. It only needs 51 votes to agree on “process.” Then the GOB could ditch Trump and get their boy: MIKE PENCE

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